WWL>Topics>>4-21-14 12:10pm Garland: with Quint Davis on Jazz Fest

4-21-14 12:10pm Garland: with Quint Davis on Jazz Fest

Apr 21, 2014|

Garland talks with Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis about the upcoming seven-day festival.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did you go reduce oil block hours side from the actor give -- Wear a pair of tickets every decade jazz that some will give way. Couple of those -- right up -- via a 1230. Part of this sour. We have just referred to answer Quentin -- who Chief Executive. Officer of -- -- productions in. Is -- -- late or already. -- you rub it's illegal and things like this Tuesday. That it feels like. Coming up out -- like I'm coming up in the world now that common in -- You'll Garland. If or cure you. Do you do if this doesn't pertain to this jailed for a bootable always wondered. -- argue like a professional athlete -- get a couple of months off through a twelve season Obama. You know on the field or is it just. To school. Well -- Took a lot of -- don't force right now because we do these countries who profess and practice stadium Baton Rouge. About seventeen days later and we have a country to protest in Jacksonville but eighteen days after that. What they have is totally bought. You're doing the -- nightmares. Bob good -- more truth than pounding. I say what does this 45 anniversary -- best. It is a dream come true and it's not a nightmare. Forty yeah. Do we give me and I do so Baldwin name were Edward Teller. Well this year we got if you don't like anything this year you know like -- any thing. Does in the blues can't we -- -- -- is coming back. It has been there they handed out to rotate Korea over on the fate of those states John have. And then you move out to the other big stages you know. Condos where it's probably our best years. Because -- Currently about Charlie Charlie Wilson's for the first time. Robin -- -- all Frankie -- in the eighties. And it that far and it's a combination of young adult because we have David Brothers and Robert Plant. We have no evidence in Alabama -- And then we have this other kind of bigger stage to -- that the issues in -- in Tampa Eric Clapton Christina and you'll era. Bruce Springsteen Aaliyah and Arcade Fire so it you know it -- 45 anniversary really wanted to look back. Through -- see you know don't blood lines in the end where we came from and people that work. What would it say about a -- subtitle of the news of the borrowed something blue so com we we really try to come up with. Gupta special you know news. Do things for a very weapons -- have been here Christina regulators haven't been here. It out to ruin jazz and because their -- day in the blues -- so you know try to connect art history. It isn't really 45 years. The first step of actually it's 45 vessels and 44 years which took me about twenty years to figure out that worked. Because when a person is born he's zero. At the end of one year he'd turn to want but would have festival was born in -- one. The first year -- that crazy sells the first vessel was you know in Congo square by the auditorium in 1970. So here is watching sports teams. It's 44 years but at the forty they have no access -- And grab my computer room and figured that now do not run away you we got she at least for another fifteen minutes is so we've corn -- does the man. The brings -- jazz for us every year and portable lineup. A Euro to ever have one match this year you've got questions according we got him trapped -- and 017. Incumbent right. Where oh we're going to be given where a couple of pero bureau office tickets in just a little -- as we do every day but even better than that and we've got command and sell the jokes for his producer Quint Davis the -- on all the talent to bootsy there would be food music. Or whatever also chief executive also -- officer of the possible productions think they're real. You had so many of the principles. Yeah I don't realize -- -- is out. And we did some wonderful things to do here in New Orleans through the years to win the Super Bowl game. Think it was an opportunity do that creek festival all along the riverfront. And and BA all star it is is -- -- chose -- So what we love doing things here in new -- when when the big guys come. He do -- explain something to him here I've known to a couple of members of a couple of -- famous bands. And in -- booked up some time for a couple of years in the particulars do the European. South America and Asian market soon they're traveling constantly. How would you have a list of Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen. And stand and and Robert Plant and owner on. How do you get to them early enough given that they want to come. Yeah and you know there's so many. Variables to put -- Robert Plant was in London in the -- report is -- record you know that we've been trying to get Eric Clapton for about twenty years. And he was doing concert over in London all of that on. Yet Garland in order to -- Festival. Not only 89 so you know national -- But now that -- new politics trombone shorty -- rough and you know dirty dozen rebirth. -- -- there now staples on other vessels around the World Bank good -- we all hoped for so there it fail they've got to do. So we have. Is. Every one. Of these tax. Every one of these major -- everyone will collect all out there tour. To be in the city of new loans on the same day on the same week. So is you know we we we could do it it stay. It ought to they did try and get some cases like this and Christina Aguilera. -- not -- tour is that only show that there is doing right now Christina Aguilera are to have done this show a couple of years. She's bright. And so in some cases is it it's a one off I think Eric Clapton has a one off. And then in some cases -- they're touring. And that we have to get a ball. Here on the same day. A good crew can be former all bird. I've seen do over the years read about. Young arms up so our principles that sort of a whole lot later than jazz posted. And -- real focused on the certain type of music. A journalist. Being born died music or -- -- certainly warned John room. And they all seem to be doing more adjustments is done is mixing every kind of genre you can think -- how do you compete with. Well we don't mean we have to be who and what we are and you know along with that -- -- and that's a great. Point for a debate because. 45 years we now have festival grandchildren. Right what we have three generations of people who brought up the company is that possible. And we've sent out to be handling of this mean early in the early years what we will lose money. We could have -- you know wanted to be rock band and made money. George Utley did you do that you'll be lost forever dude just BO rock fest and we want to be immediately that not only -- and we. -- festival so you know these other. Vessels yet -- rocket may have this same sort of demo of kid but when they put on. You know Charlie Wilson for instance or issue we have Ruben Blades they've put that on -- Interest for the kids well for us when we have that states as -- -- -- trade songs and Robin stick. Frankie Bentley. African American community is here they're coming. You know to participate in their music they've been in the gospel and went away we have a major rat pack C. Out of Hispanic they wave the flag and things. So it really also said that apart you know we abusing this comes here -- community follows. And -- -- could have done to build that up evidently openly -- we have what we call wheels to wheels. We have people that. And that really. Makes this and that kind of part of this culture that. That it ought to -- He did it -- some absolute bureau of people. Performance this year. A dual premium -- -- and regular basis I've played Keb Mo. Just don't -- have a big worldwide audience for a national audience. C does and he spent part of -- career. Here in new loan as a special connection. But they can't you questions yet he. Will tour Europe he go to Japan he'd be good anywhere in the world. And he's gonna say of those debates. You know so it's it's great. I'm I hate to admit it is but I'll always forget. Jazz -- nonprofit. You'd help a lot of charities and. Well again the of 501. You won't -- Heritage Foundation and that bubble is the name of the organization as well actually -- the acceptable and it. At the proceeds. What they'd do -- -- -- here were you know work seven days a year round. The -- wanted they own and operate radio station WW and Z which is like Jazz Fest value ramp musically. -- they have -- music. Schools where they teach young children. And so our greatest musicians like. Activity that though. -- in the end to Jordan -- teach them. They they have a grant program every year he collected about dollars where anybody can apply to get those grant. And it even. Comes over into the festival side but they have an outreach they have. 9000. Free tickets to this festival freaknik. And update does it as a foundation. They wanted to reach people who may be good otherwise com and they take applications. From churches from community groups from all kinds of groups are -- bring them into the festival so it. It's a great marriage really is. Of the for those who would have been. Retail brought drugs period say they've been in that they've treated them married or food. Ideas that they've created made. Is that door pretty much closed total all those slots and it's -- if not what would you base the influential. Wealthy -- Do other aspects decide abusing. -- we have three. Major arts -- contemporary art -- easy at a marketplace. And Congo square. And -- Yet. That -- -- that date for that is under blues. And date change. From first weekend the second so a lot of people are reached with that up and said that you'd -- you know it's. It is up blind Jerry is that it provides you work. -- Gerri great view and so is at the B. And it has to be you know artists paid work and we required artists themselves. To be at the blues. Went there are obvious now liked print guys we sent somebody yet. And that so that -- -- every year according to judging the food. Which topic is one of the miracle of this festival -- just. The greatest food desolate world was an acceptable. -- that the eyes brazen act given his baby but those days. The best restaurant in oral. If you could say that has no higher grade who. And built those standards they work both weekend. Aunt has a lot of those that have built up over the years. With the issue is that of the com. You know statement that the that we get it yourself show grant and we two properties Monica vote no if we tried that -- brutal. You know. And -- pretty pretty neat stuff up out here so I want you figured out how to you know we're serving. Hundreds of thousands of -- may issues like you know oysters back. In pastry. Opt out of paper plate for. And -- you know out of -- so if it's a lot elected is to figure out how to do that and and every year there there there's something is that they'll come back. There's some bit -- change their business and wanna have a different. Two different things on the menu. So it is not as fluid as as the France but. Yet so openings a couple of. Tell me admire memory is wrong to -- -- -- there last year you told me his story about. Very interesting trip you took on a musical tour -- -- domino notes at. That you write a book are addictive if you did write a book is there anything that pops in your mind that says. A nugget this snippet. That people would read like -- told me about bad elements -- would while you're kidding really. A bit of luck and there's a lot of real reason and and if that is it as a lot of troop -- -- fiction yeah in. -- in my life which is spent just such an amazing blessing. I've got to work with you know the music in the -- Most admired all my life. I got that -- -- in Africa for the first time in history. In the seventies and and Israel -- the first history and and there. There's a week and what is that thing -- being being in in in Africa we've played. At the top -- at the impact US ambassador. Cops right and we hit it with the ambassador but -- set up a little age. Out in the in the in the yard under a tree and so the pain in that play a little bit apps -- So we get out there we can all that up on the little stage and sort of being in the day it was a big thing for -- comes out. Well what nobody told this flawed system. African bat that's probably the odds of it ego and about a hundred level in the tree that over the fate that. I'll debate it that are being held up in the -- -- And what most. Do for a -- being fired. And that the -- that it will block it yeah. Everybody is running. Elated that the Marines they get it back the day -- haven't thought along. Bring your missing the boat I know you've got a lot of spare time and ought to be writing a book. Look at -- always an honor to talk to you on -- -- Euro were retrieved the time. Tell -- lob -- the whole level of the that I'm available curious give tort -- or clean the hotel room. Well. Yeah it does. July that was on is on this Thursday. There we only it once before. And and at that you know sort of the depth and breadth of of this festival -- -- greatest people in the world and an every genre. -- -- of pleasure congratulations. You drew an unbelievable. Just keep it up -- and other reported by abusers. Governor of the obligates celebrity immoral 53 of it and don't get and give it. Jazz Fest tickets and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- meg. Have the New Orleans tourism marketing corporation. Talk about what this festival of approachable and want tourism. Is meeting more and more to the city into the state stay with.