WWL>Topics>>4-21-14 12:35pm Garland: on NOLA festival season

4-21-14 12:35pm Garland: on NOLA festival season

Apr 21, 2014|

Garland talks with New Orleans Tourism & Marketing CEO Mark Romig about the festival season in New Orleans.

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Welcome back primarily where -- they can about Jazz Fest. But also. All the -- along with that of how important tourism is what does that jazz as do for the city. An Arabian for your pocketbook you all would when we talk about this kind of thing. -- go to -- -- the presidency -- of New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation. Mr. mark block of the show. A beautiful time of year beautiful weather for Joe's. It really is we've got a nice long range forecast. Just heard that. The weather forecaster -- get a couple sprinkles tomorrow but the rest of them the week into the week and it looks great especially good suggests that but I should know that. PGA tour event Desert Classic starts up this week as well so they should have some connection that the TPC. How important is jailed for -- mean to us. -- know it it. You can look at it and number a number of different ways one obviously the amount of people who come in stay in -- hotel rooms. You know restaurants. By retail. You know they've they're in the city of providing. Fuel economy for the folks who work in the industry. They can sustain jobs and you know is business increases that helps create jobs so about standpoint it's great as an economic. Engine. But the fact that it brings in people from all over the world. And those individuals and leave and become what we could -- ambassadors they. Go out after the have had a great -- in the world and and in the region and they talk about Louisiana the talk about it Portland's. And they share this difference in family and at least two revisits and other people saying you know what I'm gonna try to world as well so. It it really helps -- spreading the the good news about. What the world means to so many people. And don't go there constantly fighting get a little wounded to promote the state promoted to city in here. Always come up short on. He went -- a look at of the possible dealer around her. Tell porn nude. Chicago where things got a big -- and a tendency Austin. How are we managing to compete it. Well I think Buick as Quentin has -- history that have been able to do over the last. Several decades they've. Put together a quality product so you'd start with the fact that. With a great show at the at the fairgrounds and dead do you two that the authenticity of our city a few cities in in the nation let alone the world can compete with. What you can find here in the world -- -- that the richness and a and all the different things that one can experience. And you know it's the geography of the world and it's the fact that it's a great walking city it's a walk Kabul city. Yep they're there festivals and -- all over the country -- just completed without California this past weekend and that's. The -- I think it's called but. It is it is about what bounces and I think it is it there's no other city that can do it as well as what we do. Do your other vessels heaven. A nationwide regional advertising budget oriented all. Like you said. -- -- become ambassadors. Well I'd like you do here you know it's Coachella mispronounce the that the event that just concluded California but. I'm sure that -- a good healthy mixture of of both paid advertising. Social media and then. The spreading of the of the worried that we do as individuals we go to locations or concerts. I think that the war once it has been blessed with this particular adjustable so many years. And the word is out that you can be guaranteed a quality experience. And you know that. That means a lot with people putting down in other dollars to come and experience something like -- adjust fast. All right let's let's take our first break him we're gonna come right back we got the man in charge of tourism and marketing in this city. Got questions or comments Gibbs called troops had 0170. I don't think you won't believe right now boo -- com and and that's the reason got to give way -- tickets to suggest. All you have to do lose gimmick all right 260. Wins W -- and that's. Or 2609467. Right now if you wore color number eight. You wouldn't -- -- jazz. As it. And congratulations. To Rodney Taylor well prepared to execute as it is about 170 -- don't forget to go -- -- video review page page. For a noble where it went we randomly select and like you -- midnight Thursday April -- -- content rules apply it. All of -- -- double. Pro -- -- with the huge is big man the president well. New Orleans tourism marketing corporation. Markets. Are donors to others in embodied in the deaths in the -- how many people go to festival. From Louisiana from New Orleans or from out of state -- the country anybody ever try to bring today. You don't have gone to very good question I'm sure there's been some intercept surveys done over the last several years. If you -- is specifically jab -- I would imagine. You've got you've got to obviously. A great group of of the locals that make it part of their count each and every year you've got a great truck market it's easy city to get you on the interstate. And then of course. -- market doesn't like markets have expanded. But I I will produce a researcher -- that and and get back to your office that you can share with your listeners but my senses. If that follows the same model that our research we get from the universe in the world and every year on visitor. Activity. A good majority come from the state of Louisiana. And then Texas State's general on the West Coast -- and a lot. Chicago. East Coast as well but Louisiana would be probably -- -- a good portion of dissertation. And yet if Barbara correctly view of the Maryland was that the legislature. Trying to convince him to grow letters put two or referendum on the ballot in November. -- resetting three year per remembered quickly three taxes to be bruised and was a hotel motel taxes and I think my understanding is. They have already voluntary leave rates that -- recently. If that's true does that have any effect on tour isn't toot -- tour has noticed that. It's certainly that the tax structure on any. Item that the terrorist or anyone else buys as it is it is noticed more and more these days and -- it would it would typically have an affect. The the recent optional assessment that was placed on the portfolio for the -- those dollars. Or being used to help for the market the city's so that we can increase the of the visitors spending here in the at a piece of what. Is being set aside for French Quarter. But improvements -- infrastructure sanitation. Security so. Those. Tax rates get out but it is noticed in the book groups and individuals Annika take a look at that. You know that the -- in a very very tough situation with with the expenses that are on the on the books those that are coming down the plate can. The mayor and his -- -- looking at all sorts of options to try to figure that out and down. You know that we're trying to do the same thing on the industry's side and work out what we need to do to help increase the update the economy and our job to go along with itself. You know that's that's a lot more than have to be dealt with that and we just try to keep focused on. Getting more more visitors spending -- because that supports these jobs that. Relying on the hospitality industry all of us know it definitely members or friends or neighbors that work in the industry and our job each and every day is -- Sustain and that'll hopefully enhance those opportunities. -- for -- to resume is that are biggest moment. Yeah I'd you know it's a lot of well a lot of ways of looking -- it is it is certainly the largest such force and industry employing people and the in the area. Portal again as educational course played big -- and implement as well but. It's certainly -- a lot of dollars into the into the city coffers and not as much as -- like -- those taxes are spread around a number of different entities including convention center in the superdome and school board and the arcade. And the city gets a small piece of very small piece of that so it's. The more we get more visit the more we have visitors coming in the mortality we can throw that away. We're good -- -- tourist when it comes to fishing and hunting and. You know what we're base camp we sure we do see people coming into the city and then going either north south. Itself obviously mentally -- put them north south east to west into a joy the breeding the fishing hunting. And of course it just enjoy what we call that echoed terrorism going out and seeing -- flora and -- but. We do see the world as a base camp that's that's what the city helped. The region because people company here but they get out on the road they'll still go on a boat and enjoy the the nature and that way. He can damage -- -- who I mentioned to you and your listeners the fact that. -- -- yes that's happening this weekend we've got to really. Great pick up -- hotel occupancy. But add to that the American Association orthodontist. -- hole in their national convention here. Over the same date suggest -- the 25 of between nine and they'll have about 5300 rooms at peak. So you've got a very strong convention and count plus. It's got jets' best and so will be running anywhere between quotes -- percent occupancy on Fridays Saturday and Sunday. And that the following weekend you'll be in the -- nineties and then and midnight. Hi guys in the nineties but through the and to vote. Suggest that -- in the fourth of but I so it's a very strong time for our city here. Gold during the brings included few people and. Yes it does that you've got a number of people who filed PGA toward. Natalie them participants. The sponsors soared. Makes this a major annual event for not only their employees but their customers and they will come in and do well -- we'll have several several thousand people visiting for the PGA -- them. Market some I'm sure. Clinton soon I'm sure I'll call you -- news. Only meeting more tourism promotion dollars more than we can do right now rather than always been the and what are -- I can. Have a Google agreed to take it. More room reviewed president in the war against terrorism and marketing corporate funerals. -- the saints in the super.