WWL>Topics>>4-21-14 1:10pm Angela: on strokes

4-21-14 1:10pm Angela: on strokes

Apr 21, 2014|

Angela talks about strokes with Dr. Ramy Khoury of Tulane Medical Center and stroke survivors Sarah Abrusley, Michelle Martin, and Michelle Sapp.

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Well I certainly hope you had this beautiful weekend decided and it was a gorgeous weekend. Actually got to go out and -- the Chris -- parade which was breathtaking in the quarter. And I don't know which is peaceful hold the whole week in the space and I hope yours was as well and if -- in the Crescent City classic congratulations to you. You and the other 24999. People. Isn't that to respect that it has grown that much. I think we have three very interesting shows coming up the first one of absolute vital importance it is about strokes. But our second hour is going to be something. That is also of great importance frankly for all. Were talking about sugar and salt addiction but what we're really talking about is our health. And our third hour as we have continued to do it's good to be from the front porch. But as we've gotten to know all the great neighborhoods in our area. We're going to go to the lakeshore area and an issue no. Something interesting happened last week where they have now opened lake shore drive even on the weekend so we have lots to talk about the year. But we're gonna start with something near and dear to my heart. I have often said that one of my worst fears health wise is having a stroke. Probably because it seems like it comes out of nowhere sort of like an earthquake. And can leave such devastating effects. We're going to talk. About strokes for the next hour with three people who -- had survived and carried on with their lives. And with a Doctor Who can help us all understand what's happening in if there's anything that can be done to prevent them. Made Michel Martin who was runner and a fitness buff and was gardening. When she gotten unbelievably bad panic. Sarah Bruce -- about arena. Just how old were you 20/20. Nine years old to -- -- up out of the sound sleep. And had a stroke. And Michel -- Has had two major strokes and for many strokes. But not for the more common reasons. What was causing her errors was a mystery for a while. I really appreciate the three coming in as I said before we started we can talk diseases all day it is how does it impact life. Real life people I'm gonna start with -- national -- You runner you fitness spa feeling you're healthier gardening. I was gardening in my -- in the backyard. And I just got this unbelievable and -- and I knew something instantly was strong because it was like a nauseating -- So I was able somehow to walked back into the house but I was listening from side to side so I knew something was going. Sat on the couch and then fell on the floor that couldn't set a racked. And my son found me on the floor. My husband was not home at the time he came home within a couple of minutes. They call 911. And -- only thing I really remember is being in the ambulance are remembered hearing EMTs say activate the stroke team. So when I got to -- they were already there waiting for me I got the TP a drop right away. I went into rehab in patient -- two lane and then went to turow outpatient. It was about two months for both of -- are outpatient it was -- eighteen months. So it was a lot of work hard work but I always looked -- I was fortunate. I had not site I had my ambition. I can drive independently. I work full time. There EC so many people in rehab and who have such a haulers to have to go there. Did you ever -- Luther speech. Now now. May ask how old you were when I was forty I comic. But I told my husband many times. I am glad I was 45 instead of fifty because I had more stamina. And I saw a lot of the elderly people trying and just suffering through going through rehab not having next stamina to get through everything. Being on Ron. So it was easier for me just. It was hard to adapt to be handing. The loss of bill. Left arm by. Again you realize how fortunate you really. That is phenomenal story I mean from being so active and just getting this. Huge fanatic yes it was just very quick and I just made 29 years of service with my employer so I am fortunate. I also was able to go back to -- fulltime job continue fallen in employment. -- not a lot stroke patients who are able to do acts it's not about feeling sorry for yourself and my life is not over. Not buying out -- showing my children. Life doesn't always go like you want it to that you can make the pass them. I'm Sarah. Yes -- and I have known each other for a while not it was actually your mother who came up to me right after this happened here after that happened. And here you are literally a professional ballerina. I had just returned from a into international ballet and character against tour. And Italy and Bulgaria from my second time and about a month later on September 7 of 2007. I awakened again with that what's called the thunder clap headache. And I was sick to my stomach as well but it's a headache unlike the kind of headache he may get it after profits -- -- From having enjoyed -- any crawfish and beer. But it's a headache unlike anything else it feels like a lightning ball striking. And for me it was directly behind my right -- I tried to rise to walk out of mind that for him and already the left side of my body was paralyzed. Just like -- channel thankfully I have a husband he'll learn to act fast. Which is a good acronym for strip and her face eighth three times as free speech and T. Time to act fast. Time lost is brain months in this case luckily my husband threw me into the car. And rushed me to tour -- from there I was stressed to west Jefferson medical center where doctor frank of IKEA. Immediately proclaimed a lifesaving. Cranium to me it turns out that I was born with a happiness and then TM. This is a tangle of blood vessels. That they're not linked up properly I should have had symptoms my whole life. Seizures migraines etc. instead I had enjoyed beautiful life for 2060 years as a professional world touring dancer. Say you can imagine how humbling it was to -- on the morning of September 7 I'm sorry September 8. Finding the entire left side of my body is useless. Having to -- to walk again has been so -- thing. Bide my greatest bit of advice is. Don't try to recreate your past self discovery your new -- self. And part of that journey has brought me to celebrate the third month birthday of my new son yes. Which is really aside from learning to walk again and yet more than learning to like get the greatest achievement I have. And I just feel so strongly in imparting to myself and just as Michelle said. That sometimes life does not hand -- hand that you expect it to. Life's circumstances. And the expectations of others may set -- To expect less out of ourselves than what we really happens -- So -- the emerged on the other side of this experience. Yet stronger than I ever knew Iowa -- I call myself the steel magnolia. And you -- that and let me tell you Edmonton at any number apart association things where she is a model. And frequently it is your beautiful husband that Washington I love that he thought that quickly. Were you able to communicate yes luckily I did not lose the powered -- and you collapse I thought I was having a nervous breakdown about. I was very stressed juggling a full time job and a full time dancing career. I want everyone to stay with this we have another story from Michelle sat. Different than players and I think this is very important to point out and we're gonna meet a doctor who's been explained it all right after this. -- we have just heard two incredible stories from Michel Martin and Sarah brutally. Young women who had strokes and have overcome moment are carrying on Michelle south. You've had two major strokes and then for many strokes and yet you are young moment. Yes yes you are. -- -- only two ones both times -- -- -- 108 and so my symptoms war vertigo. Nausea and meaning it was an and I -- client means so I'm one matters so automatically without me beyond my book thing. Home. But as time pain as like maybe -- 1015 minutes a study gain on the team willingness and the slurred speech. So they called 911. In the first time I was TPX. It was it was -- that was TP and the and that is the drug that does it right to dissolve the car. And woke up on of them lead and they told me I had a -- layer artery stroke in and we it was explained to me is that the way you know the opening. -- -- -- -- -- People usually don't even so viable if the affair the media -- On that time I didn't have any residuals. I'm the last time was 2011. Thing thing now with -- church. -- and I began to feel the symptoms. Of the vertical -- -- nausea and vomiting and slurred speech so I. Com without them walking down the street -- expect hill. They call and the land. Will this time I was two -- three car it's an excellent. And they always with treble that Beckham my boring and they couldn't figure out why because it wasn't typically high blood pressure and diabetes. While my -- kept clapping and I also at the time with on a black and Coleman and and my levels war filing through. -- in this district. What you know I keep throwing these strokes and when I had to learn how to walk it it did affect my speech -- irons. It was it was a hard time but I think the biggest thing is you have to have that support system. Because it it helps he keeps inquiry to you have they have figured the law must defeat kept telling myself. This will not be the cause in my -- Because they're powerful statement is not it's not easy is not easy. And you know the for a semi at a stroke -- prayed for a neurologist that would help me and he fit me into you and you. This is such an Angel because as a women. -- thinks some time is always thought we we have stressed all week is home won't you need anything that is packed with enough. What we have with this doctor -- -- who was with the Tulane medical school who has been listening to these 23 stories as we all have sort of in rapture. This is unbelievable. What has happened to these three young women. -- thank you for having me here. First. Puzzled -- to CE. -- the the unbelievable them -- -- pro before the TVDs the amount of free calls Hillary and as Trent and that they have. And they they seem to be doing very very way and they seem to be -- teams who clearly was too. And the first thing. In and do what we -- to -- -- we have three young ladies was a school more happens who. As usually the this to happen and that and older people. However. It was them. It happened young -- and we're recognizing. Strokes more and more in in younger population younger people. And this is where. Stroke awareness. And is important -- national stroke is extremely important. And that fighting through. Accused me and on the -- tomb was we have. -- is is essentially and as you can either through three -- these were able to do let me interrupt you right there when you're saying. What could each of these three women have done. To prevent -- very very good question. Tell you what what could have been on. Two that the plea in and prevention. That this rule is. Normal -- rule. In and in the brain and it's divided into two big categories one of them is a -- That blocks off the vessel and when this vessels -- than you don't have through completion to deceive your food to grant. And then. The schools -- through. Cools no more oxygen in normal nutrition for the -- and the brain dies and then to also purple stroke is a hemorrhage is Wendy's best school. Ruptures in the rain and then I believe and then caused damage to an area where do the bleeding and for prevention and the main. And domain -- domain. Way to prevent stroke is. Recognizing risk factors. And risk factors do not own respect twos which. Foley is not the case in and he strongly -- but do enormous factors as high blood pressure. Is a high cholesterol. Is that bad -- -- and his smoking -- -- to be. -- in the -- organizers factors smoking diabetes and high cholesterol and have brought pressure -- to -- And these needs to be very that he will -- told them. -- -- Two prefect and these are my own risk factor -- course troops. And these young ladies they told you seems -- a bit different one -- that vegetarian Valerie. Okay it's. And so healthy lifestyle in general rule is it's polls affordability and they think -- pope's controlling -- factors. And it helps. Overall health and prevent -- through it helps so much in rehab does well absolutely it has ups and we have. Positive children -- in young people and young people is. Possible. We'll be called -- chew over some they section. Where somebody has very -- Brooke -- movement. Is doing abnormal. Nick activate the and these can cools we're equal they fictional or optional the vessel. And then. With this vessel there's its chemicals called going up to a brand and the ankles troops. And -- reason is people born who is. Abnormal the foreign vessels and unfortunately -- of very very difficult to recognize. And then the only time that present themselves is win. It is the -- noticed stool. And they and and miles her. And -- Holes of stroke in men and young people is what to quote -- team. Cooking -- manatees it means the beloved. Has the tendency to be thicker. Then and then -- and also people and then when it's thicker it's gonna have a tendency to form clots. And and and -- these. -- conform anywhere in the -- they can form and the legs stick reforms will be equal if Venus close of the kind of form a few quotes -- and the heart. Or form. In and go up as a brain and unfortunately -- -- in little bit more difficult. Today and also home to the present and they expressed themselves you can have a clot in your -- -- all the way to your brain and I get the -- absolutely. -- it's sometimes you hear about people having a small hole and the hauler. And what happens is that this clause in the leg. Is gonna migrate to go and dislodged from load the delay and schools through the veins schools will be -- And then from the hard being pumped immediately to the brain. And it's all these low risk -- news. There weak car is in respect to -- is a risk factors that -- polls people to have strokes and death and the beauty. An equal. And be able to recognize this risk factors and address them immediately is this is gonna prove. Stay with us everyone will be right back we need to go to the newsroom now. I am so I'm really thrilled to listen to these women and to listen to doctor Corey. We're talking about strokes up the spokes. The what's happening strokes. To strokes and I'm I'm overwhelmed listening to what you've been through where you are today. And your attitudes. Michel Martin who was a runner fitness -- -- stroke when she was gardening. Sarah Bruce -- true ballerina. I woke up from a sound sleep and was having a stroke and the -- sap. Two major strokes for many strokes that you haven't had any since -- twelfth. What's interesting listening to you what you're doing for now could you tell me what you were saying in the commercial. About the process you had done periodically. Although I get relocating and I'm infusions every eight weeks and that is like a shot well no I go it's -- I get it done in the chemo infusion is not a key mode of somebody is you know they put IV in me in the -- fuses over two hours. And then what happens. Well I'm kind polite maybe six or seven weeks and then I noticed as start getting some and those residuals back like that -- I'm the some of the symptoms that I head before I went to -- hand. Com I give and give this -- headache I can't I can't explain it in makes me feel like I'm sweating. But I'm not. Black constantly. -- a white MySpace or something. But as soon as I get that infusion. I feel bad. Are you -- doing that as well. No actually my greatest hurdles to overcome right now is highlight tone ores tested saying in mine hand my left hand. And in my left ankle that's what I've done Botox treatments to overcome this but after on the same -- years is. As a -- survivor -- instead chosen. Undergoing -- procedure and strict survivors which is called tendon lengthening -- I was scheduled for the surgery which I canceled last year teach my pregnancy. I think I'd like to have another baby before -- actually get it done. But my left hand tends to -- very tightly. I had -- Munster grip but unfortunately I can't release my finger is due to the time and the constant stimulation. Of my brain to my muscles trying to say do something. I'm like cash and and would you do. I hit Botox injections every three months through two plain and -- -- I have a lot of specificity in the left me and and also in the foot I do a lot of physical rehab on my own I go to the local. High school football stadium and I walked up the stadium stairs. And I walk at the battlefield. Opened and the Levy. And I have a wonderful support system at home my husband -- me out every night. Never misses. And therefore you or I have came which you walk here living a productive life I get down and I are on my own -- when I first came home from the hospital -- couldn't quite figure out how to get up because it's in the grass. I used to roll. And my neighbors but I'll come over and make sure I was okay. So it's what is triumph to be backing your garden yet it's getting up and -- on my -- is quite a test. I also am fortunate I have a ten year old neighbor next door comes over and helps me -- I'll conscious and cooks with me and gardens just that's fantastic -- I don't have any children how many -- Against the doctor if you were saying the things that we can do. If we have not had a stroke -- -- keep our weight down and not tried not to get diabetes weakened not smoke and keep our cholesterol. These women were active didn't have any of those symptoms. And the it happened to them so. Now knowing what your. Nothing could have prevented what could happen to. And case who just hate when people ask how. OK. And as if that is the good news. The in the strokes years we have all lived with eight to comply because of age. That all the different -- -- -- lose. That ensued and two. Is dead and anything we can have gone to prove it and probably in that case probably not. Because the way to prison does however food. Having clots in the Lang. Seeing family he studio strokes. In young people. And avoid being. Compact sports that equals the infections. And it's that it's -- of those things we can all and -- Broke that maneuvers. Can prevent these penciled the social. So I think healthy lifestyle and listening to lower body and listening to changes and take everything seriously. Ten posts to pick. Something in the future. You know when we were talking also in the commercial about you essentials that you had three healthy pregnancies. When you have heard that. People with miscarriages often this can be a warning. Yes I have been. Diagnosed with ape like clotting disorder. And typically. You don't have successful pregnancies and that's how you find that you can't this racquet very successful pregnancies. With no issues. So that doctors were just very amazed. With this stroke that I head and that I had never had any complications with pregnancies prior. And other Michelle Michelle sent. Yours was a mystery for so long but now they're kind of mirroring it down to a couple of things in narrowing down. Auto immune disorder. And when was that diagnose Tom DeLay this year. Okay and was there something about. Prior to that they thought it might be related to. -- -- college. -- yes he had collide they steal that that is auto immune disorder are like they'll know that -- com. So. The treatment. Would wouldn't change. The remote cave infusions. -- wouldn't change if you came could be another audit these new. Disorder and that that was my question light. I don't have a deep affinity of auto immune disorders so what might treatment changed and I was -- don't know. Everyone stay with -- we'll be right. Hearing these incredible stories from these phenomenal women. But it's interesting to note that 800000 Americans will have a stroke or a recurrent stroke this year and roughly 140000. Will die. And that is a lot better than it was ten years ago much less twenty years ago so we are clearly making headway and one of the ways we do it is were searched. And -- have to mention that there's going to be a beautiful fund raiser in June. It's called heart and soul gala it's going to be the convention center this year on June 7. And it's gonna honor in this is appropriate all the -- mass of district one. A 100% of the money they raised stays in New Orleans -- to work so again that's. Go to American heart association for the some final thoughts from the good doctor about about stroke. For our listeners what should we know. Two things. Juan. If you have respect whose post -- Go to primary adulthood and have them control. Cordless tool -- -- pressure diabetes. And do not small okay. And access quote too. Number two which is crucial. Time is brown okay. Wants. -- you all your loved one have strokes symptoms. In a simple way fit eight facial asymmetry. Are all leg weakness. Speeches of normal. Then. Time you bring the patient immediately to the halls as a witness to the ticket. OK so. We're FDA it's three lose and you're American Heart Association and and American stroke association would go up to four and a half hours. From last seem normal. However even if its past four and a half I'll -- come immediately all its all time time time time time time to time as -- It's the organizers throw recognized who loved -- stroke and bring them immediately. To the Tuesday emergency room because if we most time we lose a little portrait. And I and we don't wish to get that shot if we're having a brain hemorrhage on the other -- -- -- so unidentified type it straight you have before -- getting TP at. Absolutely and we do this and emergency boom. By doing -- can and she's totally correct. This that the two felt so stokes to. OK so 41 time it's right for the other times it's not it will kill you okay. Very important thought I again applaud each and every one of you and your just heroines and I know you -- to your families. And and to the community that you talk about it so candidly. And help others by doing that we're all going to be more alert now. And just continued success -- beautiful thing this is terrific and he's him and I certainly think the doctor coming and he just and yes he is now headed to rehab it Tara. So with god you pit lane -- if something happens the news. At tooling that to me at two line. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you we'll be right back.