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4-21-14 2:10pm Angela: on sugar and salt cravings

Apr 21, 2014|

Angela talks with Molly Kimball of Oschner's Elmwood Fitness Center about what you can do to beat cravings for sugar and salt.

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I really hope you got to hear those incredible women's stories. Three women young women athletic women. Who each had a stroke and a bad stroke. And each of them today phenomenal. If you remember the lady who was the runner and was gardening and had a stroke and now she even though with a -- She walks up the stairs at the -- high school every day. Just all three of them living their life and just so to be admired. But you'll learn a lot that to stroke does happen and and it can happen out of the blue clearly with the doctor was sang in his quit smoking. And don't have high cholesterol watch that high blood pressure there's things we can do it we're gonna move along though however because. To possibly my favorite subject. Are you addicted to sugar or salt. Whether you -- deed on Easter candy cakes or pastries are got a belly full of crawfish are juicy steaks and burgers on the grill. The sugar and one and the salt and the other can be equally dangerous and addictive. What do you do. Well we have a very special woman here is gonna help us Molly Campbell registered dietitian at Oscars ailment fitness center. And we're gonna talk about the symptoms the dangers. And how to beat those cravings and addictions to both sugar and salt. Do you see me waving my banner help help help help. So she asked as she walked and how did you do giving up the sugar for -- I've finally cracked and said I'll give it up 80% because I'm not gonna pull myself anymore and I really did cut down significantly and I truly -- it. But it. -- -- I get on Christmas Day. A five pound thing of Godiva chocolate. It's never end it is never it's never and sell somebody delivers this heroin typical and I'm looking down at it. I'm not alone I need help. So let let's talk about let's start with sugar we're gonna talk salt too is an awful lot of people who had issues with self. And that is so dangerous -- let's talk sugar first. Because we are not finished with land and people are now gobbling us chocolate rabbit. What do we do how do we know. How -- -- know. That can be dangerous first. We'll let you know when you mentioned -- or -- I would say there's actually -- -- -- singer and saw those two things together when we look at. Sugary cards combined with salt and fat. Who can actually be they they actually hit the same areas of our brain. As addictive drugs like -- -- so they're lighting -- these same areas of our brain that are affected by these very potent addictive Jackson and Simon Says. I feel like I'm addicted to cards -- feel like I'm addicted to sugar act like I'm addicted to sought. There is a legitimate physiological reaction it happens. In our brains and our bodies when we consume these things and and some people it's extremely. Strong at. -- -- Ruled her life just like they do have a -- action with these states for other people it's it's a much more mild response that we actually to have seemingly combined. This carb foods with fat salt and fat now when you think what does that mean for some people that might be cookie -- We don't think of that it is being salty. Be heavy sugary carve the fat sought and may be French Fries in my be any of these things that we usually think of these crazed mobile crane -- foods. Are some blend of carves fat and -- that can be highly addictive to a lot of people. It is. Not ice cream with the cookie underneath -- weakened do all kinds of combinations here you know intellectually I can. You know hello I know exactly when I'm doing. Not to the full extent of -- impairing my brain or how it's affecting my -- but I and I want to stop. And I I know the benefits of it. But I'm I'm just struggling and that's why am like tennis start with there is any reason this happens because people saying. You know what's wrong with me just like -- and I know what I should do why's it so. Hard right does it feel nearly impossible communicate these things out and the hardest thing is when we're when repeating ourselves up and we feel guilty about it. That makes it that much harder -- only. Are we feeling. Rundown and rotten because -- might -- you know on the -- hiding crash but now eight through an -- on top of that for beating ourselves up for going you know as I can do on his other things in my life like united as. I think it desktop to understand it it's not just. This year will power issue or acknowledge that there is a reaction that we're having you know -- physiological reaction and our bodies. That once we kind of start to understand that we can understand. The powers that it has over allotments and some of my clients. You know you kind of jokingly -- -- the ice cream with a cookie under in this summit so I have some clients that we -- we consume. Such large amount of science and foods that would be that sugary salty Carvey fatty things just gigantic -- it would leave anybody else sick. When these clients tell me that they feel honest euphoric after and I realize it -- they are among those that are wired. And such a way that they are very. Sensitive to this reaction that is happening in their. And they are. Battling all the battles. Eating large volumes of that food colors exactly exactly so they may have. You know a full large pizza followed by that unit three bags of chips -- by the full bag of Snickers not just -- stickers apart but the whole bag and and account of ice came just these gigantic vast cries of -- it. Mr. it was a -- even imagine eating that I would feel sick. And -- they describe the feeling of euphoria after that. And sometimes it may not be such an extreme example is that that something that might leave one person feeling kind of and a national fitness must -- after that. When it gives another person that rash or that I as a big red flag to me that were working with somebody hit. They're gonna have a very and can be very hard for them have a little bit. As something of sugar you know that handful of NN -- to someone else that might be. Seemingly Aniston are benign and it just at a party might be almost. Like crack for this other person and they react that's what I call -- on her. And it's Eminem's. If hit the -- Do you know me -- I like hearing and tears into it and I did just and then others and others out there I've never thought that I was alone but -- but she was very sweet when you were here for another reason and I -- -- -- -- -- real issue with sugar she was sweet and sent to me. How that detox myself from the sugar but your whole lot is. Given up completely. Especially when we're talking about some intense and highly sensitive it is the effects of it not have back -- apple event on what is triggered -- when he unit sent. We meet each sicker and when we talk about -- it could be in the format and honey molasses. It could be your organic begin cane sugar you know sugar is sugar as far as our body and is concerned. There are going to be some their lyrically scenic meaning they have such a rapid spike on our insolent and Pletcher levels. That might be hearing god say -- easel -- I scenic. But they're still are considered added -- and they can opt to some victory had the effect cousin that rapid release of energy that rapid Russian Pletcher. Followed by that crashed leaving you feeling bottomed out and when your Pletcher is plummet. We went more for a pick me up so when we eat that -- -- starter -- with senator we get that release of energy followed and I crashed leaving is looking for. -- -- Now when we look at a case -- clearing it out entirely that's gonna be the ideal especially for some of his very sensitive that even looking kind of taken it as a McCain instead of saying forever and I can answer what can do today. Even when you look at how are you starting your day some -- has ethnic and creating shaker on day. Would it mean for breakfast is it -- fat free yogurt a lot of you know the 99% fat free entrance -- have a -- on the front of the package. Thirty grams of second there. Thirty -- their children and so we -- that with a banana which yes is natural senator -- it's not it's trying to fire ever. And with that with the top glass of Orange juice they might have the equivalent eighty or more grams of sugar some naturalness and added that -- starting your day went. Yes it can only be bottomed out -- someone does. Alatas movies either and it -- boss -- -- -- planning if you have a lot of sugars added sugars and there might seem like Health Minister today. -- -- Eagles set a lot of these things -- you know you through what -- have a lot of issues that have a lot of -- cards -- you look at white cards. Are gonna have such a drastic response like sugar and those people that if we start our day with. A giant bowl of cereal a lot of these cereals that have names that sound like the Smart way to start your day as are in obvious Ali's names it sound. Like great cereals a lot of sugar a Lotto like cards and so when were starting your day with white cards or shooters like. Even if that sent someone says I'm having that fat free -- but -- -- -- -- you know so these are things that. Starting day without cards during your days with our senators we're gonna -- this rapid release bottomed out by the time lynch gets there and it sounds like McCain had -- were starting this. Up and down this rollercoaster. Fletcher energy. Appetite cravings so when we say what can I do to make this easier than forcing him look at -- clear out what is -- cards or shooters aren't that you might be having especially. When your starting your day -- much of the bagel even if you put like peanut butter on it. That'll help missionaries so when you looking at cars and not to get to number easier science even a slice of bread has about fifteen grams of carves. A tablespoon of honey your sugar at tables and has about fifteen grams of cards. A lot of bagels and had. 6079. So if you're starting your day with that that system being carved -- they can again Posner rapid release and that drop. I wanna take a break here because I know where you're going with this and we need to hear. We know we shouldn't need what should we eat so everyone stay with -- for talking to the great -- Campbell -- activist. We're talking about addictions to sugar and salt and their real. And who better to talk to than Molly Campbell who was such a renowned dietitian at gosh here's elm -- fitness center. And a friend of the station and you you really have helped an awful lot of people. We're laughing at parts of this it's really not funny because it really does affect our health battling and I I'm hearing my own aggravation. At myself. Opt for if I said do you. I'm old enough I should know all of these things and on one level I did it's the practice and what you're saying is the brain. Is sort of if you're hooked on. The sugar at the fat and salt. There's a reason because your brain is saying thank you. Right bright it lights at the same areas of our brain as is addictive tags like McCain and so wine for the person who's listening. There symbol for heaven's sake Angela just suck it not been in B tough. And disciplined. And there's some of that. Now and like we -- just and a little bit against amendment is how are we starting your day which was is are we making. That are causing us to crave these cars -- senators or whatever it is leaders say in today -- -- as a -- in -- cards or shooters on day. Let's start and -- in the better choices in the morning that are against -- -- for success later so if we start our day with white cards or sugary cards. We're pretty much guaranteeing that are again and be reaching from the news throughout the day as a about our Pletcher is trap and we look for more -- for pick me. So what I'll look for is OK yes it's fine to have some cars there's nothing wrong with that. But instead of the -- that might be at the equivalent of six slices of bread and let's have one slice of whole grain brown or let's have. One piece of fruit that's an against the cards you haven't. A smaller amount of cards that making shortly here and that pre teen with some -- with that and so. Adding preteen to breakfast to snacks and just bumping up the preteen and take eight games so far. To keeping you Fuller longer keep -- -- and cravings that day. Says -- -- and in my fat free -- fat free Serafin honest and -- craving through the day. Take an ounce at a junior to Apple's issued a free Sara let's do one lawful and used him matters when -- -- on the matter are let's use incentive. Three different types of fruit -- for it mentally but strategist bay areas which you get a lot more fiber and low sugar for what you're getting. And -- parent cottage cheese apparent Greek commanders are getting cement that. Eighteen and with any of listings I recommend low fat instead of fat free but has that fat again and is gonna help the state Fuller longer. And help fight this cravings. Is it true that when we went on this Rampage against fat. They -- to sugar and everything to make things taste of the sicker and have the right cards absolutely and and in the became much more acceptable. You know I'm not I'm having my big giant bubble of fat free you know there's no oil on my cost -- -- -- example -- -- -- brown -- -- -- -- So we did get on to carve -- -- that pendulum is starting to swing back but I think it's still important for people to realize that. Huge huge effect that preteen is gonna happen if a company fend off these cravings and arsenic issue -- to include some fat that we do not. Do with a -- factors a new fat. Mueller's. But the we were talking about angst thanks very important and you know they got a bad rap too yes yes now what we know and now for about the past ten years or so over channel lotteries -- that says for the majority of the population. In agony as fine meaning that whole bag today is fine. And we look at wet raises on cholesterol levels the cholesterol that's an defeated hasn't minimal impact on our cholesterol levels and says that Angus science -- -- -- -- do it. One and inhumanity that Daley from -- people that's okay. If you like haven't 34 rags and maybe do one -- lag and the lights on the other is that also helps to keep calories and check. But still getting is good nutrients that are in the yet it's hard to find and other places less the -- plus the -- that your getting. It's absolutely mention and -- is -- Delhi's in the east in a snack shops that are in the bottoms and of buildings. And -- -- to -- it around in there and get a bag of pretzels. I say pretzels are basically just like their white bread they're just our size by Pratt that with better PR. -- ingredients the nutrition label looks just Agassi get a big rabbit pretzels. He basically now that the equivalent of three sizes for sizes of point spread between would never think it's game that the pretzels seem like. Healthy choice frozen brown if -- There on the outside. So getting in a pretzels or bagel that seems like healthier option that if elect Kennedy in his tennis in shops -- snack shops. Cabinet in the string cheese scanning even a couple of hard -- have an again one holes some of the lights from the others. May be is that with a piece of fruit and be -- recommendation more than the pretzels or lower. -- -- We're gonna stop for a the news when we come back we're gonna talk about is -- calorie -- accountants. And that's important -- stay with us but let's go to the newsroom. So -- with Molly Campbell who is a nutritionist with the postures moment fitness center. And as we left we were talking about is a calorie is account. Is a calorie. If I have a hundred calories of chocolate. Vs a hundred calories of peanuts. Says the answers when we look at how our bodies are going to either store fatter burn fat in are we creating. Calorie deficit that are taking in more calories and we need. To some degree the calories they did they do matter I mean if we taken far more calories and we need we're gonna storage to body fat and vice Versa if we if we consume less and we need. Will burn -- body fat. What I looked as like what the quality of this calories arsenic were saying earlier that choice that someone makes in the morning. Of what that breakfast might be can make a big difference in what their cravings are or aren't later in the day -- I'm looking at. 100 calories a 200 calories of something that's -- rich. Vs something that sugary I know and that that preteen rich for some fat scenarios and ago lot further. And keeping Simon Fuller and sending out those cravings. Justice has taken action went fishing with my dad my husband and friend and I. And you know we've left a lot earlier than I had thought we're gonna really event and -- As a nutritionist you know usually packed snacks like we're gonna you know like you aipac like they're meant undefeated in America I'm well. The place that we went the boat launch I was starving atomic that there and there is the packet peanuts. Where there is just little snack packs of crackers or pretzels. And says as peanuts had a 170 calories -- 120. In these pretzels and crackers and stuff but Dominican for the little bit higher calorie but as a preteen fat that fiber. There's going to be more sustaining choice. Then the pretzels and their regular crack percent when you look at McCain making these choices to the day. It helps to negotiate to some degree calories but don't let that be the end of the year so a lot of times -- on Weight Watchers points you know one of the things I'll encourage them as. The -- is on your points on. Something that might be primarily cards a lot of people may negotiate their. He's in their points on May be kind of bait and sore even if it's lower fat items that it might be crackers that might be -- pretzels whatever it has. Instead even -- and it -- cost more points to do and not butter or full fat cheese maybe it's a little evidence that would set. For your points because it's gonna get a lot further to keep you Fuller longer so if it's almond butter peanut battered Greek yogurt. Since Turkey whatever it says that making sure we have that preteen and there. With some fat is gonna to stand. Miles. To sustain your energy your Pletcher. And prevent this cravings. Would you say that having bacon -- in the morning is a wonderful thing. And I would say is not a bad thing and but I can have my butt in and said. It's and if you have one bag and then in anybody's book republic going to be OK as far as cluster August if he -- extra bags as to the whites and a big fan of -- bacon. -- there's also Turkey baking you can get it with no added nine each rights or nine trade says there's. On different ways that we can take bacon from being something that started out not Korean at all and a lot of people's -- but. Our Turkey bacon or -- -- vacant when we get a nitrate free -- and it may be 2530 calories per slice. Less than half a gram saturated fat on her -- send out there most of them are higher in sodium says that can be an issue for someone that if we're looking at. From a saturated fat and calories in point two sides and that would yank is not a bad thing. Not talking about sodium. And in salt. Because I do know people who could care less about sugar itself does their thing and they are as ravenous design on the shorter side. So they have the same issues of trying to get off of it. Are you saying. How do you eliminate or minimize. -- it first depends on on the person and how much they really need to land or at their sodium intake. Says the the average American is estimated in seeing at 3500 milligrams a day of sodium. Or more 3504000. Milligrams a day. The USDA recommends about 2300. Milligrams a day in here and a on -- risk for hypertension forever 51 and if you have diabetes. That's even land or 15100. Milligrams today now something like frozen dinner. Can easily get more than halfway there and we're not even adding any -- there. On the flip side if I have somebody who doesn't have any of these risk factors for hypertension. They either aren't athlete they're outside exercising a lot or they work in the heat and their losing lids of sweat buckets of sweat. Salty sweat then I didn't need to really limit their sodium. We just had a Crescent City classic here this past -- and it gave a talk at the expense before. And when -- things as for just their race that's at ten came in on the development of next to cards that they do need some of the salt as there many of them Unionists not. As there out there in the heat and -- and so. At first look at the individual and I would say most people are really. And more damaged by sugar says the show where we think -- seen increased risk of heart disease. As well as diabetes inflammatory diseases. Like rheumatoid arthritis and so much that singer's Linkedin obesity as well. The city and I if someone doesn't have a reason to learn yes -- and keep -- moderate but there's a lot of usually reduce sodium alternatives. And it's. Again kind of pick and choose and how much of a balance that that they need to fight right. Wouldn't let this go back to the sugar and how -- weekend off of it so. For starters make insure their cable went in my starting went into ethnic and says that's going to be huge now when I have that afternoon slump what I'm reaching for. In the getting enough preteen at breakfast at lunch what usually aimed for at the lunch and dinner as palm size amount of pre -- And it's altitude persons invited -- take your fingers off your hands it basically. How -- your promised a bigger rounded as. Let's add that to whatever you have in front lines. That makes a big difference in the afternoons a week skimp on -- at breakfast and lunch when you know over really crashing in the afternoon. And we're looking for that sugar or cards for picking up. Anything is making shares at number one pre teen. Negotiate they're healthy -- staying well hydrated. So being dehydrated when the first signs of that is being tired. And so when we feel tired. We reach for sugar or -- an epic yet -- making sure that you around hydrated can also help with this carb cravings and sugar cravings. So you suggest for someone who is -- like myself. Give it up cold Turkey forget the eighty financially go for the kill I I was curious when you said you gave it up 80% -- was a 20% that she capped. It was candy okay so I think there is kind of the answer so let's say. If -- cold Turkey 100% and his team much let's find may be some other alternatives that might be could is there something else besides just pure sugar candy. They can because it would not pure sugar ice. So that would if I'm looking at how how people are affected by senators. If somewhat innocent and Lancaster streets whistler -- adjust your shirt candy sugar candy actually rather something like chocolate or especially. May be the 70% dark chocolate. If Zach can get -- -- that suite that they're craving it's still Ganassi -- a lot lower and senator and also has a host of health benefits as well. So maybe if there's ways that Simmons as a cat. 100%. Well let's find ways if we can get a 7% had him in there or. There are excellent is an a K with and maybe even -- martian -- Kramer. Go into the ice cream shop in getting the small -- of July or the singles has kids sized cube of ice cream. This can be ways that can be much more controllable and manageable and have -- -- half gallon in your freezer you know. Return to help. But you know I'm I gave up cigarettes 25 years ago and I've never had one cents if I have one I'm going to have to pacts. And I know that that's why I'm never gonna have the one I'm just worried does this mean that I have to really give up sugar there are some people who. They're certainly it may not be sugar in general and again and we talk a -- mischievous -- We know we mean added -- seven recycle the natural fruit -- no intent that in this umbrella. But there's there may be certain foods that you never trigger foods. That it might be best if you just an independent or again but hopefully there'd be something that you could find -- could be kind of a -- compromise there. And again -- and even if it means going out CU we have -- is little boutique. Dessert sweet shots now if it means go into one of those once a week or twice a week in getting a small. Single amount that you're going to be purchasing an at one individual unit that are going to ice cream shop wherever it is it is getting a single ski. That can be. Billiton portion control for people's -- having it but they're doing in anyways that's because -- the mind is as soon as we deny we want right. Exactly -- game. Exactly now that and you know the going back to the things that we talk about what to do that limiting is like herbs are especially early in the day limiting their shooters make history have that pre teen -- -- hydrated. Making sure to have a -- rich meal or snack every three to four hours of the day that's another -- went so you're never letting your body gets in depleted. In venture craving that so intensely says we kind of look at stepping of these things throughout our day and kind of putting on these and measures in place to help. Offset those cravings then the goal is that they're not so overpowering team says that we aren't in a situation where you feel completely helpless. Wanna scream. Take control take control over and take it commercial and then we're gonna take control will be right back. We -- back with Molly Kimball who was a nutritionist at option or at elm wood and we have a collar marry you had a question for Molly. I'll. They don't refrigerator where I am you know to dip into the treasury about fifteen hours today. And I have -- don't want that kind of outlook does not go argued about cocaine you know what town today. What got trial what made that no refrigerator. No it. -- Don't show up out of propane. Right -- -- it when you look at the different things that are on the shelf stable basically that don't require refrigeration. The the protein bars that I like there's one called think and it's -- when he -- twenty grams a preteen and zero sugar and you can even buy at its Sam's. There's another bar called power crimes they can buy at Wal-Mart. Those that there's a high pre -- is very very they share and no artificial sweeteners. Nature valley has their granola bars but he hasn't -- nature valley pre teen granola bar. That has more protein than it has sectors such -- those -- B three bars and I like. There's also individually wrapped cheeses have -- -- is a cheese person there's and individually wrapped baby bows or even -- and cheeses. And the baby bells have a little bit of a wax or sold -- cabinet that the that wax around them really kind of for Texans where if you had it. Out for the day it's still going to be fine from a safety standpoint. And then there's peanut butter if there's it's it may not be possible to have the charm at the stand right there on time. They can also -- The smaller little peanut butter at times are packets and that's what I started doing downstairs -- individual things are perfect an almond butter some and as a day peanut butter and then there's also the little single serve -- hundred calorie packer 170 calorie pack. -- all different types of Knutson combinations of that that she can buy. And so if if if time is of the essence a lot of people may find it better to buy them are ready you know little single packs. -- can buy them and Balkan of course -- the American south and a little snack pack but I'm so whether it's nuts or cheese -- the -- bar. There's also some pre -- rich cereals on special -- makes a preteen. Version of their special cake so I have a nationals that blocks a Tupperware can be an option as well. Thank you very much Mary I appreciate the call. You know I think were also having to change her mind again. Because we were sort of inundated with. No fat no fat no -- -- -- saying with cheese's it's good. The peanut butter it's good it's everything small. Right when you look at what an ounce of -- says for a lot of people's about the size of their their -- -- a couple of -- but together. So when -- elected cheese if you have the fall flat real thing -- you have just offense -- assert it if you're not create a portion control. Asking the Delhi to slice that she's four usage you've got it you know kind of and half ounce for ounce portions. And -- the key there is to have something whether it's. Did she is or whatever it is that you find it satisfying enough that you don't need to have these large quantities. Or if he knows -- weakness of years mixture that you are buying it and the way that. Has that -- and pershing and we're talking on ice -- earlier raft had some low fat ice creams that you know we may have samples of them -- tasting and he can't even. Tasting you're trying to kind of lost the flavor into your mouth yet people are having this an -- have to calories of regular ice trains at. There haven't have to gallon or half the half gallon and Hamachi you are really getting pleasure from that and that and that -- to -- the word of room were really doing. Whether it's Eminem -- achieves its pleasure. It's just picking the right place and interestingly a lot of times and -- -- kind of carving out whether it's on chips or ice cream salty savory sweet. The worst time I'd say the roughest time -- that does witching hours for people -- in the evenings sale lot of people would not consider they wouldn't even be tempted by something in nine or 10 in the morning. But after 5 PM in in 9 PM on instinct there's a bunch of different things that panic come into play wine. When you've got -- distractions during the day he gears are Hastings can take an affront -- -- your attention. What out chatting courage from clients to do -- when they are at night camped out with whatever their -- be thing as a choice. Be aware of why they're Dennis analyze hands I find that their ominous. Please turn stress eating but promised kind of numbing out says they're using message as a distractions have their board they're frustrated they had to than his brother and then went to work. That act of just eating this is for that moment a temporary distraction to -- tuning into that as well and then. What kind of physiological reactionary getting -- -- EP scarves causes of serotonin release in our bodies. That calming soothing sensation. So there can be physiological. Benefit people get that again is very short and left to kind of tuning into why why you're having a numbing out. Why am I eating miss right why why why the day with this will be right back. A major thank you to Molly Campbell she is the best a dietitian we're gonna get her back next month I appreciate our callers I'm sorry we -- time. Thank you Molly -- stay with us we'll be right back.