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4-21-14 4:35pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints w/ Mike Triplett

Apr 21, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with ESPN.com's Mike Triplett about the Saints' needs in the upcoming NFL Draft and the contract extension for Cam Jordan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike Triplett don't just now all things black and gold becomes a Saints will ESPN espn.com. Tribute thank you so much for the time and now. Team gets back to work some and they shore up perhaps their best defender and exercise an extension on camera Jordan's contract so he's. In black and gold from at least through the 2015 season. Pretty easy decision. It's certainly there are people used to this targets in the future -- this is the first year in the league at these same David and existence. Instead of signing you to bite your view their ordeal. Here extension -- teen friendly thing added to India. Collective bargaining agreement few years ago. No -- At a year important -- now. To make this into -- what Mark Ingram as he was also that same here in the first round. I doubt -- will Mark -- I do think there's still Ohio. It'll cost over five million dollars and that's just not the going rate for any free agent running back now much again is sort of a part time player. And out Mike Ellis -- and he got a lot of fans don't realize that and I believe them crank it does then the Saints their only team that had to individuals with twelve sacks or more. And that being junior delay and cam Jordan. When you look at where rob Bryant has the defense. It saves like bill. That they still could news that maybe that other outstanding edge pass rusher in the rotation. What is your take in the draft and could that be maybe on an outside linebacker. And not necessarily -- have in the first round. Pick at number 27 but somewhere in the draft but do you think -- maybe leftist -- and -- pass -- We mean. I don't think there's really any need to let the Saints that they are the door and get prepared. I think. The one position really spread that they don't draft him early -- receiver speak mostly because. Everybody's just stand alone in this draft class is -- receivers than they should grab on the value because at that position. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sort of an athletic outside linebacker young corner. He well into alignment and there's a lot of areas where they get younger. But to as usually done a pretty good job you know so and so that prevail are currently or -- -- As -- the past portrait do agree it -- it yeah yeah what. Are still high gears you have Victor Butler my he had a chance to be that he he he told me. You're career. -- I would do well. Yeah especially you know -- jar and even when he's coming out of cal. He was every down Davidson and have been voted in a noted more of program run -- and crying and throwing at that level. Now -- Republican -- the center position. Tell me oh what is your feel and timlin lead to a busy keep the job while are obviously a competition. Could come about there but are you high on him are did do you think. That -- maybe be some one else. Well -- I get to do and gonna probably sign Jonathan Goodwin. I would guess since it brought -- that to take a look. -- like that prior agreement. Whether that competition or insurance through -- put -- that they're gonna -- it every chance to win that job. I can't -- pressure -- you know we really haven't seen him we have simply setter at -- EU really showed good development though from. It's -- start to his second start last year when he gets thrown into the fire and and struggled a little bit September but then when they brought him back in. To the starting game in garden. Apparently no member at a Miami played very well. And you do certain now and on this from -- on they make them about it Toledo so. Clearly they really liked him regularly -- potential and I think that transition they're gonna try to make. -- not a center so he's he's got every chance to win that job and you know ever and guys you to take that -- -- -- -- -- so. I guess I'd label him that are -- -- any big signs out although that that would that would make it you know out you know option. Now -- I guess is obviously do or die. And you look at the cornerback situation coming off injury. A 20101. Round of Patrick Robinson do you. Consider him a buzz considering where he was drafted and and the and and Champ Bailey will what did you take when you look at that competition. It's a great question Patrick rounds and now and in the morning knew how to order out. To come in there at one really bad year Saints and it -- 2012. Every hour on the -- pets at a bad year. That programs and looked so promise saying. In 2011. Now last year under Gregg Williams. I thought he was a solid sure things starter. And then you really regressed -- that well last year who knows you know rob Bryant worked wonders so many guys -- Patrick wrote in that state L debut that had a great year last year so I understand what they're given him another shot and -- -- -- -- or doubt and now it's -- You know ease into much more talented Shaq in there much. More functional defense and and so they'll have a chance to succeed that. Obviously the injury completely still out. Now Mike when you look at obviously are different scenarios. You know staying at number 27 movement back. Is there any scenario may be that you see them. One player and ages club and and really could put him over the top. Not market in the future. The maybe get that back in Canada top ten or even top five in the draft to get a particular player you think that's two of forfeits. Probably not that high and thirty did that -- free agency would jurors -- analysts essentially like you know trading up and I first round or you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- Equivalent of that so. Well I'm never rule out an aggressive trade out though from the -- I mean they're clearly. To win right now. And sink in short term as well long term. And look what we've seen their past stated -- -- -- -- -- that are -- it they traded up -- around one or. -- But they're not afraid you're going to get together -- art art there aren't a lot of people look at the trading down as bill Belichick's popular. We've got a team like saint I can -- right. 45 guys -- down in ten that are gonna make this team that there are. Here and connections strap it. Really probably want quality or so I wouldn't be surprised at all -- I would think they might -- Hitters that it sure seems like there's a time. -- -- At the end of the first round I mean it a lot of people say that the depth -- expert on early so they. You know they might out by some guys are great and he'll need to move up but it is one there are at all or are there. -- how can folks volley on Twitter. Mike Triplett make our mark that year and -- common they're -- to thank you so much for the time we appreciate. It.