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4-21-14 5:10pm Bobby & Deke: on Thunder-Grizzlies Game 2

Apr 21, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with Craig Humphreys, OKC Thunder studio host for WWLS "The Sports Animal," about tonight's first-round Game 2 between the Thunder and the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And gaining a lot of -- on the two of sports saw tonight. And Oklahoma City. The Fonda -- to extend their lead in the best of seven series Western Conference first round against the Memphis Grizzlies create Humphries on the studio host of WW LA as the sports animal. Joins us now getting -- to get in pregame cub today game tonight great thank you so much for the time. And -- that took. -- 34 lead and a half then Memphis goes on a 3113 run in the third what happened in a third had to allow mammoth give back in the game. Are everything. The undergoes got out of the count -- a couple of bad iron over skirt the third order. West were. Here to -- bad shot Sunday at a game he'd get a Joba. Up or late and four -- could go -- court and members. That are not in the shop. And saw -- was there -- a combination bank. I -- But I get credit -- got out I had a horrible first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the current public aren't around the park or a great so everything in the third quarter outscored thirteen point spread. But scored 31. There in the tournament and you know like I am. Between points on my Miller -- And had all the momentum was still like what are going to. And I'm a solid down to the from the bunker on thirteen one run -- but fourteen point lead -- restrict -- to go out there and never got it under doubled that at that. Now I've Craig Witten when you look at it in Memphis -- -- have a chance in a poll -- -- -- of sand in. In a seven game series. When you look at a game any game out is that all about. Woods Zach Randolph for what -- the -- gonna do you look Benet in the lineup together how they feed off of one another. And to -- -- Zach Randolph who plays well to be in his in his -- Perkins and Ibaka. How they match up against them. But if Zach Randolph plays like he bowler when he's on a roll. I think they have a shot to win what what did you take on that or anything to. -- -- I don't but it's part but I mean -- the -- -- whatsoever game correctly I'll let him and I came here. What. Way -- you. The fact that you are on me and I'll have that great -- it meant a went and I'm pretty -- or Saturdays game that. That I'm not a sport but I got -- and a lot shot to get there and -- and -- scored 21 points. What it looked like just about game double double. But he was seven point one the real deal so it's not welcome outline what you if you are 21 shot at one point. John Connolly at the -- sixteen -- to -- hit sixteen or. And so on the pick nineteen shots to get hit sixteen or put under. Have done a pretty decent job against. Zach Randolph in recent years since the last maybe more than 28. In -- legacy and ran -- -- our report changed course thirteen points on the one sport. Or the back -- goes chart for cooking Turkey or a short period that sport and the like Batman shop and at points I got hurt or mediocre. Great companies -- a special game is getting set for pregame coverage of thunder in game two tonight in OKC -- one to zero over Memphis in the Western Conference first round. He's -- WW LS these sports animal in oak KC. Great -- what is this -- on the team I mean -- finals a couple years ago a dim and the Spurs have been the top two teams in the west. I would say though they weren't in -- GA you throw in the fact that you -- have Russell Westbrook -- they go to the best teams. In the west this ballclub over the course of time we know that the usual faces but in the mix. They've been able to and guys like Jeremy lamb they've been able to bring in a guy like Ron Barton. Another good young player in Perry Jones that it -- a lot of talent so they got a good mix of young players veteran than an older statesmen. And a guy like that Derek Fisher. This team seemingly has everything may indeed. Is this team did they need anything else to win a championship I do they have enough expands. Because you know when you think about it I mean this is this a team it. May be in the course of time. They just got caught up in a wrong there I -- -- Drexel -- trailblazers like Patrick Ewing New York makes it may become today. You know I don't think that there were ready to win a couple of years ago and I hit mine in the final wondering why not it almost. Took game two and a final of your remember that turnaround yeah on the bite on a lot of people pointed out by LeBron. Got the under actually met -- Somehow it all -- But they perhaps are better change the -- finals team each of the last -- year last year. I went sixty. And you know I it would mr. San Antonio no -- no I'm old now what happened. -- -- that team are better than the and it went to the finals and then bit stinging. And in the part of the year where Russell Westbrook is critical late pick them. Are better than -- and a couple of pocket as far better than what Lester Westbrook has played at a high level a year national people's pockets out like. He can't play -- Kevin Durant and -- -- -- player efficiency was over for number seven in the late in. Up but he played great when he played this year -- -- -- short game. But he's healthy now so I Colombo has been a great a -- like you're not to say much of Jeremy lamb in the playoff burn injury. Up the coast around Butler is a -- that the partners cannon on the bench a lot like Reggie Jackson marriage is back on the bench are Smart brought -- back. -- -- -- -- -- -- As Ben and valuable. Extremes are -- I think that came out and it -- -- and it went at all. Now Craig you bring them Westbrook came in and worries that I was he said he's healthy ready to roll. So do you think. Was the advantage you would say him over Mike Conley is that is that my -- Are how close are they when you look at them match. Well there aren't -- you know -- and currently has a distributor of the other night I'm at. Bottle -- an -- against one on -- that are -- the other night. Out are better than Russell are not one as well the other night traveling that also actually Spurrier and -- and I have a bit. But but the difference as -- Westbrook has better in enforcing the pressured and pressure the ball lower and of course game where Perkins. He's bigger and stronger than probably any impact in down on the post relate Erdogan has a last couple years. In the post. Our -- I don't know disperse the way -- Westbrook asthma and it took a like a light over the last couple years I -- you turned into one of the better point guards. In the league. I don't think I mean I think Russell Westbrook. It right well it was second team all NBA two straight year or this year this year into -- -- out. Because of -- injury -- -- -- and BA -- all curt being a couple of the year on the upped her three point guards and during. He's great conference of WW Ellis -- sports I'm getting -- For the thunder pregame show is Oklahoma City entertainment -- Craig how can people follow me on Twitter. I'm not in -- letter -- you do have a throwback. That. Bob that. Yeah and I -- about -- I'm going to bury you got to hand fully. That right that art I'm you'll go right now you know. About people. And people. While so while we were in the. Yep it certainly got off to a good start that way with the first games this past week here and Craig thank you so much to jog game two tonight. All right thank you very much.