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4-21-14 5:35pm Bobby & Deke: on the slumping Pacers

Apr 21, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with Chris Widlic of WISH-TV Indianapolis about the NBA playoff outlook for the Eastern Conference top seed Pacers after their late season collapse and Game 1 loss to the Hawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All season long it was made to be if we only had big game seven home a year ago it would be us. Us being the Indiana Pacers gone to the finals in 2013. And not the team that won it all the Miami Heat. Well they've battled all season long for a long time like the best team in the league in the end. The all star break me and ever since the and they kind of been in the fall caught up by there head of basketball operations. In GM in Larry Bird. And even the broadcasters across the NBA's -- call him out what is up with the Indiana pace steal the top seed it's only one game -- report a foot. W -- NS HTV Indianapolis Chris Whitney Jones is now. Chris thank you so much for the time you've seen his team all year long with. It looked like a different team from the first fifty games of the year doesn't it. If Bobby is completely different team and no one has really been able to put their finger aren't exactly what happened Rollins. I think there's a lot of a multitude of issues of revert. A lot of confidence. -- builder Robert Packard that are solid in the paint that you accompany all confident. You can get permission anyway. With competent opened around and right now it's now report card till then. And a real on the last month and I am just. Just engaged for whatever reason on and the team I don't think they. Ready to handle. Success and potentially being the number one seed in. And it and taking Miami down. That they just didn't know Howell to get through all that intense spotlight. They -- that well either and right now other scrambling trying to find the right combination. I can't pitching that they just don't match up well -- -- And they're facing a situation is -- -- it on moral hole there in deep trouble. How how the media and Indiana come down -- it's kind of like hey it's a long season so full fall as it sound like. This is just something new the -- he's been here for awhile now. They. Of the and there are are ready to push the panic button and tech the -- out -- -- tree week. It's it's been really tough because everybody can see how could this basketball team is. When they play well and he shared the ball when it started on the defense -- our offense scoring machine they don't win with their deeper and deeper it got away from them. And they just are not able outscored people that become a mental block. Are certain. Our coaches tried everything he -- the starters. He had two starters that you two guys were struggling George Hill and whatever play in the very last game and everybody else rest at all of the other Star Trek to. It didn't unit works so he's he's trying to push every different button could hit that magic back that at percent for the year and were not sure that's gonna happen. Now Chris. Is it to about the matchup is that made really maybe because that a match -- Roy Hibbert needs to stay on the bench. And your opinion are. When you look at does it come to a point when -- in the playoffs. That if you have a star player they're truly have to play. Like a superstar gaining game in a game I'll look at -- Paul George the 24 points. Ten rebounds. Oh look kind of -- is Paul George playing right now in your opinion. And then Roy Hibbert -- should he stay on the bench. That's that's a good question and I think a lot about the -- I would with George ogle our stardom on the bench maybe bring in -- It's an Atlantic team. Shooters they're big men like to shoot from the from beyond the -- couldn't company's smaller quicker. That that doesn't take royal -- problem -- it's been able to vacate the paint and out and get to -- -- constantly. Attack the paint in and laid the ball and yeah I I don't think it would be a bad situation. That -- control -- -- -- just concerned about. Why change now. If that's what it takes to win a game and maybe the magic back in and just get a little -- -- a little compliment may -- -- it would take. I think a lot of us would like to see that happen on match point of fact probably won't at least not tomorrow. If they need to make a bigger change. -- in game three we will already decided the football George Tibet defender on jet ski and really attack that. And with them in game one but making some tweaks. I don't know I don't think he's quite -- hundred prevention. No Chris when you break down the Pacers in the post all star and the -- The latter part of the season for a playoffs. Was pretty much deja -- what we saw against the Hawks where. All of assigned to games fifty to fifty in Indian hatter in his third quarter as that indicates. Use -- are. -- of the laws. It has been in this the last month month and a they've been finished the year twelve and thirteen losses much like the Miami Heat a lot of folks not talking about Miami. They did virtually the same thing. Into the Pentagon went back to Indiana which they. Wanted -- all year long arm but yet a third quarter it has just been a disaster for them and that's exactly. What worked for them in the first set that's been worked out almost every game at halftime and the third quarter with the starters back here and they're a little paper game. And so they're playing. Opposite what they were for the all star game and it's just that known to really figure out exactly life but -- the competent does that. And that -- something change. Now Chris I think Charles Barkley will Woody column calling on the -- it was cities in the spirit and and I know. Just watching him play locally in number of games David win with. When he was with the formula you know New Orleans all star player. With the Hornets that he was not it was it will what is David Winston -- Where is the rocket dispensable and without David West they would not close. For the position being the number NCE. He is a veteran Keith set the tone. You'd better much -- and you realize that at one point neutral and I don't know what we'll do I tried every. They follow in the footsteps. Struggled in -- and I think. They needed somebody like that the Cubs are correct. About that don't. They didn't do that in the first game. He got into foul trouble in the first playoff game yet to -- the first or edit it right away and it seemed like parking lot the way they -- David West on the court. You'd probably her most valuable player and the biggest clutch player that they he has -- vital step it. Whitney cut was the Indiana paces -- -- W -- is these TB at Indianapolis Chris how can folks follow me on Twitter. I met Chris underscore wiggled that one sort or Bobby I was I was an amateur and college student and not summer 1983. In Denver my hometown. And the very first interview. That I was allowed to do was -- you. And Michigan Peppers declared the USFL championship game at Mile High Stadium in -- that summer. What did you think you heard -- -- -- -- see an American Nolan. -- I couldn't understand afterwards but it is that it with a big smile on your plate at that moment yet. You put it he read your first united I was nervous wreck you were you could not pin. I'm more genuine differently and that just got the ball. All copper world a trek out. We'll let you know. Pertinent I didn't and here I am still in the PP does that. And you know about limb limb by Edwards the championship you know when he was -- -- they -- -- the day in professional sports. The little plus stolen signals in the history of pro football. And you about it and know why aren't we got NF LP was thought -- -- -- -- lingo with their first year nobody's though not from the yet. And -- to Chris what was ironic you know I'll it's. I guess a small world when all of a sudden you competing -- and you play long enough -- the end of playing far you know coach Mara. And Sam mills they're all the Philadelphia stars and and in that being my head coaching teammates down the road so it's a marketing. You competing as one of the union about being teammates if you play long enough. Pretty neat though you beat the -- that championship game and that that was a lot of fun to forget that great memories but it. Good story Chris thank you so much we appreciate Dan. Thank -- there.