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4-21-14 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: with Paul Mainieri

Apr 21, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How does not a welcome an LSU baseball coach Paul -- very. To the radio Ottawa tigers' big victories last week over southern Mississippi and into to a previous week in oval Ole miss and spokesman -- That Friday night game boy that that was -- that was something Nelson and it was an exciting weekend of baseball but Friday and third Thursday and Saturday. Two exciting game for the -- Are there anyway in short there's -- -- and you know -- and all that we are not created more of a -- -- effort deal but. I think that victory against southern bit we throw it at night get into them it's about in the morning that that that it ain't cute hospital. Now I am on Wednesday which I thought would be a really great experience for our players. It would heart wrenching and uplifting it ain't trying did it with the children there and I think it gave our kids are really get perspective go into art theory realize how fortunate they really are Villa and -- -- be a part of LU baseball stoked. There we went out there on third in I get omit that hit the ball they're all court here return is that it good bite you at the it be great ball game. We went in thirteen inning. Finally pulled it out in the thirteenth and it was a tremendous victory over. I did -- much like the next -- it's been yesterday or accuse me Saturday would have predicted that. Piece of it yet that we pitched shadow that get told that when Kyrie -- had not been. Check out all year. And that team that lost that at key game on a lot to gain overall a year I'll choke. It was a tremendous here in victory or to release will propel us into the last four week at the state that. Now a coach an area I mean like you said and he may have I was reading a quote I think his game was really a pivotal win. In our season that being the Saturday win 20. But when you look at the rotation contribution you got from everyone just spectacular pitching cart ride the ball bug on the Kuhn. Against one of the league's best offenses. Is it -- how do you decide if you who's going anywhere and all that is it just a game here's an opportunity. Here's a chance to use you know to take advantage of it. There's especially you know talked with a number of tiger fans. There was a lot of common it's going around though that's not the case -- union players but look at it that a third day rotation. And you said it would be probably done by committee. Blog but it's same like but as a whole 7-Eleven and -- snake -- come out of there. Much about it I would imagine him an extra day of the -- much -- you know we had pitched real well and he very -- -- bring. But them. -- -- I really -- the whale incarcerate threw the ball -- southern Mississippi. I know we gave up a three run homer but. And we make a couple plays to second date. You really only made one bad pitch at the thirty pitcher -- that night against certain and I. -- that would go out there and act dictator who fearlessly. You know makes that fastball breaking ball on opening just in the first two innings of the game and -- and you know I thought it would give that the to let you know just get off to a good start but then. He -- not kicks in a row in only through. Probably. 25 pitches in that burst to any sort they'll try to get another one at a than in -- threw another -- expect tonight they'll. -- stretch one more and that it at any you know of course keep it to two base hit and it looks like you know -- -- in the you know it type situation -- it to double play ball out of the inning and and then we brought in the ball straight or left handed hitter or pitcher that -- home -- in. And evolve that a great job or two and third inning or something in the Nike that -- -- but in. The Cubans into it and we're able to stretch a couple of runs -- and -- victory. I think they keep on is that we don't answer too much at any one pitcher you know they they also -- something that they bring to the table -- very positive way it. But like most players they -- some limitations and I think the key is that accentuate the things they do well I'm not. Put him in this situation that they would -- And you know -- piece it together and it worked sport just like we had mapped it out except we got a little accurate. Half of them are right though I told Alan Bennett recording that I feel like we're playing with house money now so. We got that -- to give it to don't have that pierce and give it to go out that. Spent too much now we can really play situationally in and that's what we did down the stretch you know pick in the great pitcher get -- -- hitter because it is accurate kidding. Now coach -- talk about scratching out of the two runs boy yet to be excited and proud of Mark Connor -- Considering what he was able to do in. I'm coming it to a weekend. You know fans -- way was two for 21 in -- series against Mississippi State in the Razorbacks. And had only one RBIs league Gainesville with any three of five on Thursday. An involved and all four LSU runs I just thought about from a comets and play and how that has that helped him and -- You know other football player and trying to get an at bat Parker. I hit it. You get at the kept it looked -- -- at Baltimore Ortiz then. On the thirteen. It kept -- -- and let -- quarter. Set apart when he rally. And then of course on on down. Saturday final game besides and they -- earlier in the game at home and get that question. I really try to you know he's on the ballot and -- -- a couple of you know you know maybe it's taken you know while we're in the kinda feel comfortable that the SEC and and you know. Top that it -- yet maintain its -- -- it but. I think in in the heat and have a very good stretch right here at the end at the heat and -- the opted growing in their -- Goldman Aaron now full big ones this week Tulane in his series against Tennessee does the bit about the opponent you face this week you in the -- But -- -- two landmark you know they got its about a month ago appeared church and stadium with a great ballgame look at any game and yeah actually played very well and and you know we didn't get back -- -- pitching gave a chance to win that and fortunately you know we couldn't. We couldn't pull it out to my that a good victory against and you know they're coming -- -- our place and will be ready form. You know we got a little bit of a bad break again it wouldn't -- get into a game -- the world either number one starter. Tomorrow night that quickly that a little bit of a disadvantage I guess on paper but I actually think the good thing for our team because. -- court -- and quality pitching every game now and -- I just didn't take another quality SEC caliber starting pitcher tomorrow night. We're gonna go Kyle parliament. Who has been -- get a rotation but he you know -- thought that this past week -- after the rough start against Arkansas so it's a good opportunity for him it. Redeemed himself -- so that he can be counted on in. I would expect he'll pitch well I hate to talk too much beyond march 9 at our total focus early on laid it. We've got a good editing incumbent in this weekend and you know QB great week and debate on the -- -- beautiful. Yeah here we are -- games don't mean artfully. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --