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4-21 6:35pm Bobby & Deke: on Clippers-Warriors

Apr 21, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with Dan Woike of the Orange County Register about how the Clippers plan to rebound from their Game 1 playoff loss to the Warriors.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then like he joins us now is he covers the -- was -- the Owens county register it and thank you so much for the time and I'm lazy. From a -- opinion. On Mark Jackson and in Indy is there some feel that he's got to get his team to the conference final to save his job and -- and so while. Yeah I did it's that's. Com I went and pitched an underlying storyline there's this sort of -- rich or ownership. And yeah I mean there are whispers that he's in a -- and position and that's what used. Preaching at our department. -- -- sort of it he's a guy who asked what he's got to keep believing that they're underdogs believed them. And rather an. Expert in the last as dangerous as anybody. And I think part of it just comes back I think ownership took out like -- handled. I'm something I'm into it they can't beat the product on the court because honestly. The -- and achievement and it couldn't believe. It pennant some time with him so it's an interesting situation and I'm sure you know. If they lose a lot of -- probably get answered. Now Dan when you look at the first game one on nine -- five -- -- by the Warriors in. You look at the foul trouble Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. -- without troubling that third quarter oval what is your take how the game hopeful that in. And and look at it probably driven powerhouse that you gotta be kidding me but what is your fatigue is is that. Obviously got a void to be in power troubled -- it. What does Chris Paul have to do to truly. Be considered. Could you think about it caters to our superstars. Can you be a champion. How people view and Chris Paul right now Los Angeles. Does he have to win this series against the Western Conference -- -- to actually be appreciated. -- I think -- if you were a Laker. Up perhaps. But with the Clippers there's just a different level of expectation. Are higher than -- ever bat but but it still. You know people remember this franchise where you -- -- -- option game you know he probably didn't have a worker a lot on it or. Barrett. At coaching the it. They traded for players past their -- You know this org an ethic that it should sponsor but just advocate here at the -- out. You -- figure -- -- big course habit -- that now long term yeah I mean I attribute that to win truly the considered one of the great players we got you beat Iowa this team might -- most talented team in the last talked about about. That plays out over the course of the playoffs you don't commit species that. It'll it'll surely a disappointment I -- inside the organization and -- -- a lot of bad. -- -- Now then it went when you look at this series I mean it would seem like on paper that is gonna go to game seven. You look generate with theory as season series -- would tutor to each team won. Twice at home. But that's to be a big confidence builder when you look at the Warriors take care -- in this and Los Angeles. -- no. -- whatsoever and I again I think that they were. I'm -- opening press conference you know Marquette went as far as to say that he was brought -- a series that you would have predicted that the corporate and I'd think oh boy. It wasn't very well and but yeah I mean that you don't get that when it kind of put the Clippers. I'm in all it -- to start this series still gonna probably be exercise and injured Patrick Robert expect that -- from the start. And I think that when they look at big game and -- mention don't. Possible liquor ultra look first audit. All had terrific numbers when you watched him play. And it really really bad decisions. At some really crucial turnovers and that you -- and as a it prepares you would expect from him normally so I think the corporate world that occurred that despite being. They were selling game but you know I would -- people who would -- and go straight. I didn't have their best game by far even better equipment better pitchers Q so. I expect or an average level and I think you'll see more close games. Now then obviously you look at key matchup is being talked about Chris Paul and well -- but they have curry. I don't know -- may be like that a second key matchup when you look at Blake Griffin David Lee and then maybe also. Who could be that expect him maybe when you look back will that that was the difference in this series. Democratically counts and I got a lot of them besides. Andy and the job he did defensively at -- all on game one. -- acting like with his size boat hit a key corporate from playing that all Collison backcourt. They like this year they like a lot actually -- and it made. On a lot of game. Games with great -- society called it comical to put him on the block with your Pollard are paired up I'll have. You know 67 inch arm side and bad so. I think that's one thing I'm keep and then. Or are being when you look at the Clippers. I feel like that you begin. -- Jamal Crawford and eager undergo it can't really. They need to. Crosscourt come in and carry the load and Chris followed a -- and having their best games and that team won both those guys were pretty horrible. That's latest team falls out. Are they got the Colts they awarded. They made some other moves where where they go from me a damn what what what -- disease team needs him more time together that they had a decent raise our -- thought to maybe say okay what these gathered it and feed him long term. Yeah I mean they're they're pretty much locked in with this. With the score I mean you know Chris -- side you know in his contract that spent summer Welker and under contract Tucker were going to be there. And erratic under contract and I think they'll look. At if something you know that they were to lose first round I think they'll look to maybe try to upgrade at small forward. I I think that they're pretty trade -- like their -- -- and I still feel like that you know why don't look at this season and say well you know we should just were never -- and get developed as the right where I wanted to do. I don't know what else they can do go to scorer mean you have two top ten players and Chris all public record you have you know what -- and the young senators goalie in -- Jordan I feel like the first regularly pretty catastrophic. -- now Dan right now it seems like tonight's match of it is it as a must when you know you have wanna say mathematically bit from a psychological standpoint considering. You know how the regular season of pulled winning at home. That the Clippers lose tonight they might be done. Yeah I mean. You know the key point -- certificate that commitment could pick the next lot you don't wanna -- down to an ethical play. There are Korean and more and more hostile environments. In the NB yeah I think that. You must win and it is you know it's front around a lot but I like -- a lot of it is does that mean I don't think that there are going to be. I can go up there and in Europe it's on the road it's going to be a lot about. You know I think a lot of it's also at Stewart and Bogut out and pitched you'd probably going to be out for awhile but. Could he come back and play we'll come back and play well. What kind of lift will give the Warriors I think the Clippers wanted to inject that -- On what you do need to play better rats and start -- it. Dan why can he covers the LA Clippers for the all its cash register Dan how -- folks volley onto what are. -- target at the end like he sports which is WOIKE. And I like our record understood that they. Do you sort of follow. Good so Dan thank you so much in dog game to. It.