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Apr 21, 2014|

the Scoot show with guest host Bob Mitchell: Some people are upset that Michelle Obama is the keynote speaker at a high school in Kansas. She’s there to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision outlawing segregation in schools, but that’s not the problem. The issue--some students and parents are upset that they’ll have fewer seats for friends and family…and it’ll take away from their special night. As a parent what say you--special or not? AND: The world's most acclaimed monster “Godzilla,” is set to scare folks this summer in the reboot of the film franchise. It will retell the origin of Godzilla in contemporary times. Is Godzilla the all-time movie monster? If not, who? ALSO: Still another study (by researchers at Iowa State University) suggests kids who play violent video games will have more aggressive behavior and keep aggressive thoughts regardless of age, gender or parental involvement. Do you buy into this notion? What were some of your favorite games that you played growing up as a kid? Did you play more video or board games? Does anyone still have family night where everyone plays

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Remember little Ringo Starr so no no no no it's those boot tonight it may Bob Mitchell filling in pursuit of the big 870 WW LAM on the dot com before Leo what's on our WWL -- table. It was all of the news this afternoon you hear about this teenage boy. Who ran away from home and survived a five hour flight in the freezing. Real well but jetliner. That reached 38003. To travel from California to Hawaii. The sixteen year old boy from Santa Clara California quickly lost consciousness as temperatures. In the compartment -- -- low -- minus eighty degrees Fahrenheit how in the world. Did he survive service. About an hour after the plane landed on Sunday morning the board regained consciousness. Any merged onto the tarmac at the airport in Mali where he was spotted by ground -- the -- FBI officials he would run away from home. Climbed depends at the airport and sandals say across the tarmac and crawled into the wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines like 45. -- the world. Did he survive. With the temperature dropping as low as minus eighty degrees. -- All right welcome to the show. Here's what is on -- WWL talk table for tonight. Well some people are upset that Michelle Obama. Is the keynote speaker at a high school in Kansas. Now she's there to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary. Of the US supreme court's decision outlawing segregation in schools but that's not the big problem. That is according to of the people who or against that they say. The issue with some students and parents are upset because they will have fewer seats for friends and family and it will take away. That special -- advocates. That was a -- what -- -- special. Or not. In other words if your kid was graduating. Would you be against. Michelle Obama be in the keynote speaker. Knowing it's gonna get lots of publicity. Knowing they'll probably have to sign a certain number of seats to the media knowing that many people wanna come just here Michelle. Is that really take in a way. From their kids especially. 260 -- 7866889. Points of the complexity. And 87870. Have a granddaughter that graduated from high school in a few months. I would love Michelle Obama to speak I would think that as a kid that would be a great way to. Remember your high school graduation even more special -- you know we have the first lady. Of the United States. To appear. And speak. At mar heights senior high school graduation. They have over a thousand signatures at this point trying to block what shall -- and that takes away from their special night. I just wanna know what you think about it you know by would be. Greatly in favor I think that would be just an incredible way. To commemorate graduated from my school having the first lady of the United States speak. At my graduation what are you 26 year old late 7866. -- nine point seven. Yesterday was Easter and this of course was in the news Good Friday in part of the Easter weekend -- have you heard about this or not. But there were nearly 22 Latinos. Who were nailed to a cross to reenact the crucifixion. Of Christ on Good Friday. It as a practice has been gone for quite some time a practice of the Catholic Church frowns upon -- distortion. Of the Easter message. I don't have to get a chance to see these pictures I had to go online to see them. You know there are many churches don't know there's one out in New Orleans is that commemorates the crucifixion and and they they tie people. To the cross but this is one where they actually. Drove nails in the hands of the house the place -- which is -- is that the name of the church. -- household of faith that you see these people that had actual nails stuck in their hands not there of course. I'm not wasn't where via Smart person. -- on the Filipino items off -- and they they do all the time and I mean they they they go all the way and I mean. I don't know him like question that I wrote is that what do you think Jesus would think about. I mean. I don't know anything's. In the Bible that says. I just have -- -- paraphrase things to score points because you beat yourself up for you. You know you'd -- yourself to cross county -- want them separately now if you can. -- And rise from the dead and three days I'll be aggressive now you got something going for credit there. Now yet now you got something going now you got my attention now retreats on -- now I'm gonna say to try to cook and at that at. He'd go game and what what -- go on now look at but -- I don't I don't see the plate on something like I really really don't. One -- Actually described it as fun. I would not want to have a good time with him for fun he does governor's -- not. Another guy that he was going to do it as long as the body can hold out they would do it year after year of -- body could hold. Of the Catholic Church is against that idol. Know many people who who were -- but what do you think the main bullet what do you think Jesus would think about this in is this devotion. Or distortion. Of Easter. And here we go again. Another study. More researchers time by the Iowa State universities and just that kids who play violent video games. Will have more aggressive behavior and keep a -- thought regardless of age gender. War parental involvement. Now do you buy into this notion. You agree with little little a lot or none at all. And I thought tonight would come on lighten up a little bit and talk about what was some of the favorite games you've played grown up as a kid. Did you play more video. Or more board games in this anyone. Still have a family night where everyone plays the game of course I've played more board -- -- first video game was pol and and then. Pacman. But but I basically grew up playing in -- my favorite board game was monopoly. I was a killer -- was a killer monopoly I was the only kid that actually played by the rules for the people at any monopoly at all. People make up their own rules and they'll take the fun money and stick them under. Free parking and blood on how to ask about the rules and if you played with me and you land on my property there was no such thing as. Well you can pay me next time around know if you had to if you have to sell your property if you have to mortgage houses and hotels -- had to -- on a plate strictly by the rules. -- you can tell levels and a -- got to play. It always does that make it's. Always debate were always was in the -- should. Yeah. So tonight. Have a whole bunch of things we want to talk about. Not going from. Michelle Obama. And all the way to God's will now. I don't know if you or I horror movies if you're -- a fan but I cannot wait to see this movie. The world's most would play in months for God's still. Is set the scare folks this summer in the reboot of the film franchise it's going to retell the origin and God's still in contemporary times. So is god zillow the all time movie monster. If not. -- I don't know any monster. Woman ping pong might be able tickle in -- what do you think John if you had to go between King Kong and -- Would you go for. Those guys that. I'd I'd liked to but but but look at certain guys yes that's what came on me. With Don King Kong. He had a movie here and right -- it was every Saturday morning. Will you write about that you write about that but the economy looked -- as the main. They took him from his country into a team from wherever you was little island brought him back to the United States. And he showed -- -- -- it -- you know. But. I love all of the booklet is not my yeah my number one all time villain though is Jason. From Friday the thirteenth. That's my boy no matter what happens in the comes -- my that was -- Mars. How Holloway but -- Jason. I mean depicted what is. For him in the bottom of the ocean I've I think one time I think they'd. What happened there was one. One on the last Jason movies with Jason and -- desolate -- via. But if you blow would approve of -- you can't keep a good man and a right yeah mr. All right poll numbers 26 year old -- 7866889087. It. Where you take break it was all about I wanna hear from you on. What would you think as a parent would you be honored or against Michelle Obama speaking that your child high school graduation. Would it make the a bit more special. Arctic away from that night in -- all time. Favorite movie monster. I'm Bob Mitchell and it was due to the big dates -- WW AM at that -- dot com all my lines open -- you can get right through 260170. 866890. It's -- text me at its liberty it's that I'm Bob Mitchell interest due to -- on WWL. Let's get right to -- were gonna go to a dead -- thank you -- in tonight. Also -- what do you think about this this study on on video games does this study. Suggested kids who play violent video games we'll have more aggressive behavior. And -- aggressive thoughts regardless. Of age gender. Or parental involvement do you buy and in this all the way just a little or none at all. It well it's been against that -- -- and and I am starting chains aren't. I like him at the age now 35. And I grew up where it all and game systems and when we were that there's not that violent -- and they're very cartoonish and exploited. But. Horry here's a team. Yeah in the dictionary there and meet. Graphic art mortal combat out there or -- I. I ran an idea that keep expecting that -- while out at you. -- I'm not a mean I've I've seen some of the games my my grandsons play in addition. It's it's definitely a different world than what what it's like twenty years ago -- war. That shape that media has and back now. Q 28 years ago. It would be easier to discern between real and and say we've graphics I think back then -- -- you brought up an excellent point that the graphics today. It it looked so real and it is it is submitted I've seen a couple of times on TV watching and you look you see a commercial. And you think it's for a movie but it's not it's the graphics of a video game. The other main thing now. Cereal may -- What -- -- -- to pledge. I remembered. I'm yet sorry we we had -- -- at all and combat. Out real popular line. But. You know that -- really basic comparatively now. I played more boardgames is a -- played more played more checkers I play monopoly. I think played part cheesy. I didn't never played chest just made me think too much let. You can bet that at. Yeah and then even even and it came to terror I don't know about four games there's not a violent -- Mecca. -- at at you know when you when you see some of these video games and that's the thing that that I worry about worry about the kids begin desensitized because. It is so real and in these games. They may kill people who get back up again the -- heads off of their head pops back on but in reality if you try something like that it doesn't work. -- Know you really don't hop argued you Yemeni kids. And how -- Thirteenth well getting in that age ago what do you think about this the situation. That this school is actually trying to take and prevent Michelle Obama from speaking it's in Topeka Kansas high school graduation. Her speech to going to be tied into the sixtieth anniversary of the US supreme court's decision. Outlawing segregation in schools. Some parents and some students feel the speed to overshadow the students' accomplishments. And would maybe take up seats that would go to plainly -- Would you want Michelle Obama to speak at your kid's graduation. Personally I think that would be amazing just because it's beeping background -- graduation and we didn't have. UN special -- that run run I couldn't tell you the speaker lettuce. Is there a keynote speaker at that way it's such notoriety at the church -- I think that would be tremendously. Memorable. And good experience. I can't see where it would be. That's my attitude I think it would be excellent I have all the grand daughter's going to be graduating I think in just a few months and like I I would feel a 100% for that. I don't know if this is that at the same. Political people. That listen oh we knew would probably both agree that the situation Washington is terrible I mean we we knew we need to do something. The shake up Washington I quite frankly don't know open new president apple will help at all but there there -- people out there if they wake up in the morning. And the weather is -- and there's those sunshine they'll blame that on the president blamed in a -- a -- get blamed for everything you know. And and and their people who was suggesting that this is this is just political. That you know she's she's going to -- -- going to speak a lot on. She's going to speak on this issue. About the sixtieth anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation and as political as she should speak as -- ticket seats. I just thought I'll buy in the. I I agree on I don't think. There are great if she made it. I -- currently. Well yeah. You're you're making it into an issue not the student and I really think that you to be a threat in the -- I think you're right one more thing before you go -- for all time favorite movie monster. Oh on dot -- ago Godzilla fan. Coming back he's -- -- they re doing God's will this summer dot -- returns. You know in in this in this generation. Those dog and immediately the the old time Godzilla a deal and prove God's -- I I kind of agree -- a they chased then yeah it's. You know doubts the book -- eight and going back and watching your original target their team that the little dated other -- and Kevin Bacon and right as popular right arm. And yeah when he died I acquired Kevin Bacon died Serb -- less than -- that yeah but. You knew weren't letting you do any time you saw. A young couple in the sack there -- goal and that's it. And Jason don't like them a spear through both problem. Yeah and and and anytime you're in that that -- QV I think at about. -- And that music that'll never go away. -- on a fated jets so much. All right there's a general -- 7866889. OH 72 text via -- 78 serving. 870 I would prefer a phone call but -- text let's go to Brett. Calling from walker will be using and how are you Brett. But Brett L what do you do you buy into this still another studies -- kids who play video violent video games. We'll engage in more aggressive behavior you -- a little -- or not at all. Not at all I mean a more than -- century old game -- -- that's all it is video game in its sport itself. They're now behind it all there's there's really no relation between Obama and video games and in indeed. Well listen this is a study from the Iowa State University it's conducted by. A pediatrician doctor Kim Giuliano. She was at the Cleveland clinic children's follicles that are. And she says that if parents talk to their kids and explain -- virtual reality. It does help but she says young brains -- -- grasp. The difference in concept but really removing these things from a child's exposure. Is the best thing to do so you think that it's okay for kids play that the real violent video games and you'll like tomorrow. I mean you take young -- probably youngest replayed I'll fly ball sort of and as a glorious thing I think. When the order like 1617 with a -- should they didn't know the reality. Between like that restraint reality and virtual reality actually it's got to play if they get a slightly different they're going to be played a video game. What a lot of people have their 8101213. Year old play in these delegates. I thought that the blue -- the -- -- -- I mean. About -- that I wouldn't let my 81012 year old play he'd fight I mean. What is your saying is you're saying as long as the games -- age appropriate it's okay. Yes or other department about the video game so much community. Great he gains or shall achieve and people feel like that. Why it is more like that age. I didn't I didn't buy in event that's OK you know I have some some young grandsons and at least one and -- I would not want him playing some of the gains and I've seen. No that's that's not that I really get that they what they think is -- period where what you get older -- do it. Absorb it's just get on there skills it's not at soldier. And give me your thoughts on this school in Topeka Kansas they have an online petition going on right now. They have 121000. Over twelve. 12100 signatures asking that Michelle Obama not speak. At their high school graduation saying that it takes away from the kids special day. And might take up too many seats apparently -- you agree with that. Can you get that sort of. It it's in and -- Kansas Michelle Obama had been signed to speak at the the high school graduation. Some. Plus students and song parents have a strong think of some students and parents. Fields before overshadows student accomplishments. And others feel that seating would be a problem -- of the First Lady speaking. And they'll have to have more seats from the media and more people come to the CR and they feel it'll take away from that high school graduation time. I don't agree with -- I think going to be great Michelle speaking at the high school graduation. Personally -- but I think rightly right now so. I would -- wind -- parsley government does that mean you know we usually involve -- sold out people who aren't probably or even had a -- in that the graduation duplicate firstly -- speak. I wouldn't want her mind my graduation preferred to be afraid and apparent. What potential more slowly and you would think you would take away from the day. And let me sum it wouldn't be something and in the future you'd be able to remember -- okay. When I graduated from high school it was so popular Michelle Obama showed. In they would need them to look back well but it definitely reflect it would it would probably take away from -- I regulation where you're like you have finally. -- did a -- -- it now it now it firstly if you looked all theaters. -- I give -- your favorite monster movie. The -- freight saying. Bowl we don't -- that there re doing God's will there that there remaking the movies and it's gonna be out this summer's going to be in modern times. With modern technology show which it should be just a blockbuster movie. Do you think god -- Is the absolute king of all monsters sort of -- someone else's more powerful -- Goetschl. Personally god -- -- favorite now. They have a little thing like that can we expect -- unity we got in modern times looked at. And it was is that really cracked me I'll wait much I want so I wish I hadn't come open -- -- -- that -- did you -- I wonder how many times god still has been redone. -- Man heading into it. And I think the original one came out in the fifties or something like I'm not publish certain. All right Bret thank you for filling in tonight. All right 26 year old late 78668890872. Text me. An 87870. Are -- seventy project work pretty simple question still another study says. Kids who play violent video games will engage in more aggressive behavior. And actually the study goes on the say that despite anything despite even with the parents tried to teach them. They will engage in more aggressive behavior -- do you buy into this do you buy into a little. A lot or not at all cast -- vote. At the WWL. Dot com well just in time that well deserved vacation. WW -- give you a chance to win 1000 dollars in a nationwide vacation cash contest. Just listen -- WWL weekdays right before the top Leo -- news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word and texts that were 27. To 88172881. -- chance to win. Without ever putting your phone bill that 72881. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide double win 1000 dollars each. We never charged for text. But individual -- -- to -- rates apply remember to listen weekdays from light the World Cup Leo or news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. Good luck from Smart radio intercom. In all of us at WW up Roland -- opened 2601. Late 7866. 889087. -- if you want to give us a call you should be able get right in here what's on our WW we'll talk table for tonight. Michelle Obama scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a high school in Topeka Kansas. The speech is tied to the sixtieth anniversary of the US supreme court's decision outlawing segregation in schools. Now some students. And their parents at the school -- to petition because they were preferred the First Lady not attend slain. It would take away from their special late in limits seating for family and friends. -- Would sell you special. Or not. And still another study by researchers at all Iowa State University suggests that kids. Who play violent video games will have more aggressive behavior. And keep aggressive -- regardless of age gender or parental involvement now we have a list or called in earlier and -- -- -- the -- appointment. We you have to make sure of the the games were age appropriate and I think what what the study showed was that they were. There were a lot of parents that were all following the younger kids to play these very very violent and very very aggressive games and so. What do you think. Do you are you buy into this a lot you buy in to little -- you think it affects also innocent people take the attitude I don't there were like kids watch. As long as long as -- tell them. What's right and what's wrong and my wife reminded me that growing up overtimes we let our kids watch games not games watch movies. That may be the the words. Were inappropriate and she said okay we're -- like I don't remember as I'm sure we did you said. We told them you can watch the movie. And some of the language and it was not appropriate. And if we catch you using it that you'll never watch a movie again. So don't know about -- -- fortunate to secure only 78668890878. And probably the most a -- monster of all time god -- Is set to come back and scare folks this summer in the reboot of the film franchises. It's gonna read tell the origin of gun -- Is God's they'll the all time movie monster if not who and who was your favorite movie monster which put your favorite monster. Or horror movie. Global -- -- I've got to think about that I -- the classics like. Frankenstein. And and the mummy the original 11 when they had to you know rely upon -- -- just. Acting in some visuals and did Campbell the special effects I'm Bob Mitchell coming right back of your phone calls. On the big 870 WW LAM implement dot com I'm Bob Mitchell fuel. Poland and India part of the show it's 2601878. 8668890. It's over the text -- an 8787070. -- jaguar opinion poll questions still another study says kids who play violent video games will engage in more aggressive behavior. -- by -- -- this little a -- or not at all you can go to WW dot com and cast your vote and let's see right now 20% say a little. Six residents say a lot 20% say. Not at all here's a text message by nineteen year old and his friends have played those games as long as they have been out. And they are far from -- as you can be playing on line and they admit intelligent people from all over the country. As far as the situation with -- -- -- Obama speaking at a high school. Some of the students and parents -- say and they don't want it it's gonna take away here's a pay them a take away from the special night here's a text on that. When high school students on a petition to keep. Politicians. Away from there graduation the and that's reason to have hope in the future of the country. Interest in way to look at. Let's go to Gary on the -- -- Dario what is your take on these kids who play these violent video games. -- Gary there. Jerry's not their. Well that the -- go right to Mike Mike are you. Outlook in and tell you I'll buy you a big deal with the kids. I can't live -- shock in the market. And although I can't -- you know meet Franken on what was it indeed be all. In normal you narcotic. That. -- -- -- And not the wolfman and scared the you know what ultimately. And Cuba and and and think at him so unique. The actors who play -- -- yeah around anymore you. -- I mean I can't. Now compute. And and got. It pretty well but remember that -- -- these. It'll you know the iconic movies that he's gonna get. And we know. Mike what are your thoughts on. You probably are. With in my age bracket and Yemeni grandkids. I'm I'm I'm I'm -- let it still married. Okay RI was gonna ask you hide hide you'd feel about Michelle Obama pairing up met your grandkids graduation but. You can't enjoy that Kenya. Well you know articulate that outlook nickname Walt looked at my and -- get a chance they have the First Lady there. That's kind of the way I look at it you're on and I'm I'm going to high school and my granddaughter graduating in just a couple of months at a table in the other would be super. To have the First Lady there and I don't understand these people their attitude is. It would take away from their -- special day and it would take up too many extra seats and family and friends. Wouldn't be able to go. I am sure that if they did something like that they would give family and friends you know X number of a priority seats -- -- and I do not see the First Lady coming and and bumping people promptly in their own kids graduate I think to be special. It would be an option. Yet the Republicans look at the -- Government. Out of the need to be there. Given -- Mike Bliss and I agree with you but don't don't you believe that what's going on in Washington that. When the Democrats are in the Republicans will do whatever they can we get them out once they get in the other party fights the Gupta about. It hit it hit the political speech saw. It really. I appreciate your colleague Mike. All all right 26 year old late 7866889087. Have been laid back to the bones. I'm Bob Mitchell in approach boot 26 year old late 78668908. Subject -- -- -- -- an 878. 87 and also we're talking about tonight who was your all time favorite movie monster were talking about that we're talking about kids play and violent video games. In -- disturb you if the First Lady spoke at York. Kids high school graduation. One school has the opportunity. And I kind of fighting it say that'll take away from the kids special night. I'm Bob Mitchell and -- with the -- -- WW LAM implement dot com I'm Bobbitt Olympics do tonight to be part of the show it to secure a well late 7866889. Point seven they were talking about. Michelle Obama speaking at a high school graduation sounds good how well -- -- is no will water. Too much of a distraction talking about God's still is coming back again. -- all time favorite monster and let's go to Joseph from Chicago Howard you're Joseph. Are you. Good day. No you're listed in Chicago now you're listening 878 AM or just an on line. I'm trying to but he minds by Gallup poll -- you probably not so idea that I'm lines. All right so let's first of all talk about the situation I mean I have a granddaughter is going to be graduating just a couple of months. I would love to have Michelle Obama speak at her high school graduation. I can't imagine that being a distraction but there's some students and parents that this -- they have over 12100 signatures on the petition saying that. It would take away from the kids especially -- -- do you buy that. Yeah well in fact I think it out exactly the opposite of acts especially -- night though remember. Having somebody of that magnitude speak -- there commencement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Colleges need diversity in the closet in the vice president is commencement address that every year helped her with those those students are and the school years. High school and turned up like that around as a big. I would have to think that in the PG you'd be able say. I was so popular. When I graduated from high school Michelle Obama showed up to save me. He knew what. The theme song was in my senior compromised like. One thing about the commencement. Ceremonies. But believe me somebody from the white -- was speaking at my quote preparation remember that the rest of my life. Are you -- God's will offend. -- I'm never in the gap bill and then. Yeah I enjoyed Frankenstein. But he has stated my areas Harbour creek church. Or not. And I can't remember it's not about the mole men from Superman that that slippery episode. Your. And if they were it was in black and white if I can recall. It was a black and white and -- were very short and may or herbal and on top dark hair or black outfit. And the kind of hunched over and they walk. Had nightmares. We re airs at nine mayors from match. They came out of the -- reflect and remember. Actor acting out as you've accurately -- oil looked really all. Odd odd and and I remember that they gave Superman quite a run for his money for a while. It was the only super and I can remember that laughter. -- -- react as broker or sprinkle money. I think you're right well Joseph I appreciate your voting in tonight. All right thank you so much I'm gonna ask piece. And one Mary and Gary did do me a really big favor it came to you right now I don't be able to be a few seconds so if you hold on. I'll come right back after the top of the hour news and we'll talk OK so just stay with me to six year old 170. 8668890870. I'm Bob Mitchell and for screwed in this is the big -- it's seventy WWL AMF and the dot com I'll see you back right after the news.