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Apr 21, 2014|

Still another study (by researchers at Iowa State University) suggests kids who play violent video games will have more aggressive behavior and keep aggressive thoughts regardless of age, gender or parental involvement. Do you buy into this notion? What were some of your favorite games that you played growing up as a kid? Did you play more video or board games? Does anyone still have family night where everyone plays? AND: The world's most acclaimed monster “Godzilla,” is set to scare folks this summer in the reboot of the film franchise. It will retell the origin of Godzilla in contemporary times. Is Godzilla the all-time movie monster? If not, who?

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Mean. Not and it's big Bob Mitchell in our pursuit in the for a -- -- what's on our WWL talked table here's -- -- -- -- make -- -- Law. An Ohio couple who met as teenagers and were married for seventy years. Almost never sleeping apart died from natural causes within a span of fifteen -- according to their daughter. Helen probably 92 died on April 12 at their home and Nash pork Ohio. In her husband can anyone passed away the next study. We knew when one went the other was going to go our daughter Linda said we want them to go to gathering. And they do now. All right here's what's on our WWL talked able to lead bunch of things talking about Michelle Obama scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a high school in Kansas. People -- objecting. Some students and parents say we want the First Lady to stay away. And it would take away from a special night and -- CB profoundly and threatens. As a parent would say use special enough. Still another study by researchers at. Iowa State university's interest kids who play violent video games we have more aggressive behavior and keep aggressive -- regardless. Of age gender or parental involvement. Do you buy into this notion what was -- your favorite games you've played growing up as a -- who should play more video. More board games and is anyone still have a family night where everyone gets together and plays a game or any thing. In the world's most acclaimed monster of all time God's still yet set to come back again. I I should have done some research to find out how many movies -- still has made on -- keeps coming back and keeps coming back. We wanna vote. Is gonzo the king of all monsters. And what is your all time favorite. Monster or horror movie. 26 -- only 78668890870. Let's go to let's go to Gary calling from the West Bank -- you Gary. Operators -- right or are you done zealous fan. I'm not real I want his -- for me it was an innocent parties. And it technically and I used to give me you know balls. He really. I can't remember as one where that the field are the personal -- and down the big blade was swinging back and forth. What was that humor that one. You know or -- pictures just look at you know and you know. And locally schools obsolete. Well of course you know and in those days. They that they had they had to act the part that they didn't have all the potential flex they have right now. Where I mean just -- We should you don't know may just get really really jobs locally article. -- drop. Gary what's your feeling about kids. And the effect of kids playing these violent video games. I can't -- committed to different -- label war prosecuted. And you could -- mr. Al favorite -- we -- carpool. -- in a broad daylight to a three under little mentions all Jews. And it would make dolls -- -- -- being gardens. It would reached overall -- -- rubber -- -- should -- -- regional duke syllables. Multi hop side you know. You know my my original thought on all of this is I think there's so much violence in these games I just don't know if the kids didn't compel the different should go. -- that's -- I think that's the whole thing. I believe that as long as the age appropriate I believe that some parents allow. They're ten and twelve year old to play games it was intended to play by seventeen and eighteen euros however. I know when I was a kid you know we played war we played cowboys and -- -- -- cops and robbers and crop and and and we had we had kept guns and our hands in fact. I actually have a gun. That EU UUU used these round caps and you would take this the the casing off the full bullet. But the little round captain and it was a -- as it was a real -- could possibly get in yet. I knew -- but that was only play hundred I I knew that you know what I -- have fired my gut I was not going to hurt anyone. -- we played. You know wore on as the consul Robert you name it and no federal and on that position yeah there. I'm -- concealed weapon arrogant. It and yet till Tuesday. Mario are going to kill those people -- Dead -- Buick. It was mean but funny that and what do you think about the schools the bills -- the First Lady to him speak. -- -- -- on the article Obama and or -- and an hourly I got to sort of simpler it would be a great thing Tbilisi. I'll be -- which it what did you what great admiration. Dark at all. -- -- -- -- You know I have a text messages -- I would not want any president or first ready to speak at Mike commencement. Because of all the Secret Service taking -- space and time. And not -- in the entire family that come in for each individual graduate is a huge distraction not to mention there's always a political twist in the speeches. I mean you can do argument goes honest to call. -- -- seating capacity. You know and it is so focused it would take away. You know a lot of cities are also all locked away about two orchard. I'm gonna cut. All right Gary. Our -- here thank you blood let's go to teeth these are you tonight. Yet thank you. It's on these. Tell you about the actors. Don't get -- Cheney should -- but now face. And it and a lot on the same line that really will be. But think about law and well it when he did the war the war of the worlds on radio. Network. -- accountable the genius paying the bill because nobody knew. You know we can get the technology like we have. And apple rod sterling was kind of very intelligent -- with the Twilight Zone. What do budget favorite monster able to. -- -- -- It's little like the king of money you know I like King Kong. But you know in in all -- what I have to take a take a step that -- still is probably the top -- probably had my no more and more movies and jingle. Right a wall art -- we'll -- over King Kong. Mobile system. A little sisters that as the number one -- What you -- child it and and Cuba the old King Kong and a little like being there were bat that -- -- What you liked that movie so we watch every week when I get. All watched it yet but -- a lot to patent the and -- at all when he bought calm in the built an Empire State Building -- ought to look at what about. -- on BBE. And now dot. Com. So you shut it off before she can die right there before looking at home to die. Out. Election all right Keith I appreciate you calling in. Thank you so much to -- zero. 178668890. At W protect 10000087870. Much prefer the phone calls we can talk but text messages are OK let's go to Mary Mary are you tonight. I'm I don't know wanted to talk about the -- ninety game and what I want to they have remember among the older inhalation. And -- amendment that would leave -- you know cowboy and Indian and all that on the -- That we knew which one with a bad guys with them but the good guys. And -- that the movie had the good guys but win. And today are -- -- the -- gained amniotic cut not the hand the hand and it's like it down right. It's like they can't tell which one that it did in the got that about that anymore as I have -- -- And -- and and then. Little kids. They -- -- -- in their mind and won't what those around them. We can't tell me then shape. Then not mature. They're growing -- ideas toppled by the improvement around and -- know dial yeah. And out -- that the game like that I think should be age related. And you know get -- that in mind and not chase party game I can't believe that. So you played more board games when you were -- right. I don't generally kinda games that you play won't get the normal you know monopolies. Now -- -- -- you -- out on top flight and you good at monopoly. Not particularly I was doing a monopoly in bad at scrabble doesn't -- could spell. It'll probably pretty good apple but but anyway no I am strongly saying that they and Roland. I need people can't you think that it plays. The -- gains meaning. They -- and -- and then not a balanced well. No I have -- -- meet Derek I mean I have been on the radio that to the opposite view of that I mean -- you wouldn't mind and that developed. That being developed what was going on around them you you know might. What it taught. And -- did you look at those and then I'm improvised. Locked them cannot be done about that can't that work. And the -- that one not typical. And these games you can only cut off hands and head and that's fine I mean no I can't believe that I think a lot of them on one do. -- not a good way. Doctor Murray appreciate your calling to secure a -- 7866889. Point seven still. Another study says kids who play violent video games will engage in more aggressive behavior so how do how do you. How do you buy into this do you buy it and all the way you know a little a lot or not at all you can cast your vote at WWL dot com or you can call me acoustic zero -- seventy. 8668890870. Bob Mitchell and pursuit coming back with familiar phone calls as a look at the call board we have a couple of until the W one opponent. Wait won't be. That law will get right to your calls after this break with a big -- seventy WWL AMF -- dot com if you take part of the show tonight our poll numbers 2601. Late 72038668890. It's somebody text me. At 878. 87 they are big -- somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question. Still another study says kids who play violent video games would engage in more aggressive behavior. How -- you buy into this little a lot not of all you can cash to go to WW dot com. Or you can simply -- to secure -- well late 78668890870. Do you vote do you buy into this. All the way I'm I'm I'm trying to find basically what would agree because this week we seem to continue to get these type of -- Reports. Some suggest that. Kids should even be playing in -- -- a video games and we seem to be having this same discussion over and over again and it doesn't seem to have to change anything at all. Quite frankly. I think that the games are too violent. Especially for young kids. I'd I'd do believe that the parents. Little bit more attention apparently watched the games of parents tried to play the game parents sent down. What their kids and the games and and did their best to explain to the kids. This is not real this is something you would not wanna do. In relied you don't go rob and steal cars and kill people and chopped their heads off I think that maybe that would help. But I I don't anomaly perhaps -- actually do that would -- -- -- being a Jew plate of the kids play more video. More board gave up -- I played them more board games and I cover I remember I'm I'm I'm trying to remember as -- -- thing back. There was some type -- gain. Whom we'll -- operation or something and it will pair of tweezers and had to try to. Take things out in Allen and to be a little buzz if you didn't and of course I played I played electric football I don't know how many you remember. Electric football but little -- football in all you do is press the button. That was. A John's left -- that was the whole game. You know and you have little ball the kicker and a little little little cotton ball trying to kick it through the goal post. Net and I was never any good at that at all let's get back let's get back to the phone calls -- go to a Edwin Edwards how are you tonight. I'm Joba Ed and -- see you you wanna make a comment about the the first lady of the that is scheduled to be the keynote speaker. I only. And I. -- the First -- and also the mass of -- can't. I mean if if if your kid was graduating from high school would you want the partially -- to speak. Speaking and the different. It is. An Austrian you know -- -- you know that -- Would go to another woman -- -- -- to -- Obama and you'll be I didn't the. I don't I don't understand these people that. Say it would be a distraction first of all I think I can -- can recall. I think this is going to be at an auditorium and I believe. Seats around 6000 people so odd but I just don't understand. How people could think that this would be a distraction I I quite frankly that would be great. In the future to be able tell your children when I graduated from high school the first lady of the president of the United States was there and I think that would be great. Beckel economic you know if it was there again it's a lack of Obama -- into the -- army in Egypt. You know -- acknowledging the real reason which means you can you can read you know aren't being so big angry -- -- -- Why because of the president's wife. And may. Be because you know he's been in the Dutch resident. But I mean. You know. You know you know what I think it is and it in all honestly. There are some people that blamed the president. For every thing I mean if if -- if their checkbook doesn't balance that's the president's fault okay and -- I think. I believe they'll put the way politics as. And I think and I think unfortunately. That the the Republicans. Do whatever they tend to do to get people against the the Democrats from the president but however. I believe of the Republicans get in the Democrat to do the same exact thing this -- is just political war just builds on and on and I don't know what's gonna happen in the future are really don't. -- you -- get away from the -- court system altogether more it is you know mobile -- -- the best person. You know truth be the president had to attack. You know simply I've thought that for quite sometime I would like to see things change. Where the person that gets the most votes becomes the president and the runner up becomes vice president. That's it. -- There have to be real careful what you say the end. To imagine him that would work out where you know that that the anemic public displays of the country. Votes for the president. And the -- -- the person that comes in second almost decade in prison so. Rather than hit him have a vice president while not the personal terms and secondly the vice president. And it would definitely be more there maybe it. Thinks things through -- -- May have. Been little. -- from the original. And open JO. You know that the region and only. -- it. -- gloom and you know educator. And. The man oh man I think that is one young lady you would not wanna take to the senior prom that's for sure. Then. You'll like -- -- -- Yeah I am too of what type of games did you play growing -- board games or more video game. Want to beat. That had been Nintendo original Nintendo error. You know police incident. Saying. At least -- that -- yet. Are able sports game. And you know the bag and late stage in -- out there -- they did you know it is definitely go figure. Do you think it's okay for these these young kids mostly young kids I mean like. 910 years old to be playing these really violent video games. Not -- -- game and it surely try to didn't cater to don't don't industry. My children yet and it's you know anywhere you know it all but it went in. -- I think give a good point there because you know people. People the impression that people have the impression that only. Kids play video game but -- -- something. I have I have a son in law was in his -- and he plays a video games. Yes it. What doubles could be. Really -- -- it and. All right -- and I appreciate -- voting in okay. Thank you but let's go to Brian Brian how are you tonight. -- well thanks one on the on the -- you don't. That game. Played pretty much every voluntary being there's been an even when controversy mortal combat on an early ninety's. Out there have been corrected now than ever done anything stupid. And I just think it's in Italy anyway. Instead of blame and the kids -- to these opens stupid. At what age did you start play in the real violent games. Probably you'll be mortal combat would really the first one and and I actually knew I mean I'll give it Tom knew of that game. I about maybe eleven also. You think it's OK for young kids play those type games. You would -- well you would allow your children play him at that age. Well I think the -- -- They're not support the plan laid -- on camera -- me and meet some which are certain games and but yet RB has yet to be around seventeen no adult at least Mazzola. A bat and and it probably fit because I think you parents. You know they -- they explain you speak seat plane immediately and it. When our young -- The game you know they are real video game. And -- and it's always that question. And I think that's what the problem is a lot of these cute. Did your parents are doing their job you know -- you don't -- go on -- -- retain old school. -- it'll it'll spend a lot probably a public debate is go to work to -- put dinner on the table and -- and wrong. -- -- -- -- And it is not they're not involved but now. And and you gotta wonder how many parents to buy these games for the kids and don't even watch the game before -- -- -- to the kids. Why insists it's it's unreal it's the most Lee if during a member city. Itself and it happened. You know every time. If the video game and if you can go to school -- people staff people and -- other apparent is that simple. -- all time favorite movie monster. I had to save the alien in bidding. That thing. The alien and -- that was tough not tell you one thing the the alien in aliens that was that was a scary. Monster. -- -- -- -- thing you never knew who -- it's been imitated people can be whatever want. -- they have been a couple of versions of the thing. But the last one I saw I think the monster escaped in the body of a dog like it would call. Right it was a pretty cool to -- property there in 1982. Movie you know. -- pretty Internet. But it's it's hard to beat. Like god and Zola and king called hard to beat them. Well. You're a big and not just yeah obviously we could hit the ground but I'll check that out that was pretty good. No I didn't see that. I would recommend it in the god Villa King Kong that was really really -- A lot better enough thought it would be eight. But it's right up if one is kind of movies. Big mobsters and stuff like that. Yeah. The -- would recommend. All right I appreciate you voted and Brian. All right to -- -- late 78668890. Examining its go to Gary calling from what part of Missouri Gary. An hour north -- Joplin. Why -- -- listening online or at L 870. Saw little timer I do real radio PX thing. With the epithet. And a good -- how old timer I am my first -- was -- crystals that. You know that -- did it. And it tells the a lot yes the that's a bit. But a couple of quick points before I move on to my main subject. Any president or any president's wife at a high school graduation is going to be a security nightmare for all the other again. Matter -- it is. So you would be against it. Well thank how many days it's gonna take that bet all the people that shouldn't be attending the just so you could have won the IP I don't think it balances out and I don't care who the president is. It I guess not and I never I never thought about that so. They would have to. I -- the light -- come on my -- they would have to investigate. Or is that what to tell -- every one who won every and in the words everybody's name and have to be submitted and they would have to look into everybody's background. Who's going. Every single or. Oh my goodness. That's the hope you -- to. -- this alone I would be against. It any town you big city where the president or that firstly our. Just getting around that town while they're there can be in nightmare because they block off so much. Until they shut down the expressway is and things like that. Lot of cross street in -- buildings. Can't do business so just make that into high school graduation I mean it just seems like. It's not work that. In the long run for anybody. But what kind of games that you play as a -- We had board games that we played when we couldn't allow like monopoly. And strict ego. And we didn't have a scrabble we hadn't heard of that -- Chinese checkers chess. The kind of the run of the -- stuff. I tell you one game that I played one so with my sister and never could master -- I could not play Jackson. I couldn't get paths about -- that was it. -- that that was my limit right there. Well that and I coordinate this -- It's part of violent kids games in the violent plays that we did. We were kids we played cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians in war. But. 99%. That. What army donation -- -- dream that all up and make believe just about all. Video games or. In that respect a bit on the too real. But the other -- here very much right I believe and that the parents are falling down on the job. You could have a lot of its realism. In the games if the parents were. In game. And knowledgeable. And what their what their children do. And I think what happens a lot of times is the parents by the games -- -- again you -- I thought at one time couple years ago. -- only kids who play -- infamous not true I mean 2030354045. Year old people play these games and sometimes the parents. By the gains and the kids are watching the parents play the games and the -- play the game and sometimes against the parents better judgment because the the child is putting pressure on them to play the game that mom or dad as planned nothing that's -- on some -- -- -- extra violent games of some -- -- kids get introduced to them. I would disagree with that anyway. I have -- son in law that's a gamer. And I personally don't approve I think there's a lot more productive things he could be -- with this free time. But that's his decision. -- So as an adult he can make that decision but it. That children don't have a real solid basis to maybe sort out the game from possible reality. This does sound a little bit cool. Maybe. Put some of what's particularly younger people but. Only battle not to start playing in games like war cowboys and Indians. My dad went out Bradley -- one day. And took a couple of along. And we got to see what bullets did it. And it makes an impression on me. Much more so to see the blood and the dead animal than the word. This is what's gonna happen seeing it. Put an extra dimension into your understanding at least it did for me and my brother. Sounds like you learned a very good lesson. I spent 28 -- years in the military. Never had to use a weapon on anybody and just as glad. But on the other side is this is an accountable way I carry a gun to school for three years. On the school rifle team. Never was words. That. Up all the the youngsters that night competed well I don't think any outlets would ever considered. Using our target rifles on people. Got you Gary I appreciate your voting to take a break right now coming back. With more your phone calls also read a couple of you're text messages to 601878668890. It's -- you're pulled in. And take part of the conversation. This is don't show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for stewed on the big 870 WWL AM implement dot com and -- Bob Mitchell imports do tonight. Our number for you to take part our conversations to secure -- -- late 7866889. OH seventy WWL wants to send muted Chad's list this year UC. Coming just an incredible. Mix of legendary artists like Clapton Springsteen's. Robert Plant. Trombone -- Aaron Neville island two -- -- And hundreds more in virtually every kind of music world class -- absolutely -- -- of a kind fine arts -- in winning tickets to Jazz Fest is easy. Listen to vomit talker weekday mornings at 840. We're Garland are about a week there -- at 1240 for your cute to colon or go to WWL radio FaceBook page for no other way to win. Will randomly select and lucky winners midnight Thursday April the 24 happy testing from all of us at WW -- to back to our polls. And let's go to. Brian Ryan Howard you. I'm and it's natural for you it's on the video games. -- -- -- actually again without being eighteen pound car up their games. And have played flat filing and while finds. Say it happens. That were emphasizing parents. Should. Says and thereby invite don't have Internet game I don't called city -- violent game and other games like grant that -- -- still -- being -- -- and they should sit down their kids say you're gonna play his game. You've you've gotten so it isn't right -- our surprise at all and they. And I have to say you shouldn't -- why cases players and so there's certain age. -- Hillary you when you played your first real violent game. Thirteen and in retrospect do you think you should play that gave did any would sit down explain it to you. Very mean answers I mean I'm not saying ambulance and that's I'm not trying really to amount on record at -- live a long but I. It's. Play the -- that Clinton and now -- -- and I didn't really think that that was real reality. Okay all right it and you said you're eighteen. How would you feel if the First Lady spoke at her high school graduation. I would think it's great. That -- so much security and Eric and get that. Part of the charity hired and -- shot that you. Normally it matter who the president is that a bit -- in. Inconsiderate of threats from the cabinet announcing it doesn't get at this graduation. Just had no part. And it is probably that that it's been -- all that by. Businesses are shut down. Really can't go anywhere. And just play. -- -- Will -- -- say that be an 18 am impressed that you would even be listing on talk radio very very. Pete wait wait give a favorite movie monster. Outside it has yet that there arm. Actually it's an old school King Kong. At at. I've been debated all led to alike -- better than that and God's still about God's God's will have. Definitely. His bid and has been in more movies and ginkgo. And then you become an opt. It is there there's a new -- until the movie coming up I don't think is a new King Kong movie on the way -- Hello that there may Jack black -- I wasn't crazy about you know. That was. Thank you run and protect voting in had a problem calculate. Let me give you a couple of text messages old bill -- that's my favorite monster my favorite monsters my wife looked at at at at at. And as far as. Mr. Obama the distraction. Would be the boos if it were. A non democratic area and my seventeen year old daughter and her friends were playing board games right now. They also play uno and apparently have gotten bored of video games I just thought of an incredible monster. For those have you watched the TV series scandal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right 2601 late 7866889. Point seven it and it appears scandal plan let me know what you thought of the the season ending episode the other night just. Little -- -- on the huge scandal plan Bob -- was due to the -- -- seventy WWL AM implement dot -- Hillary reminded immoral sports talk Bobby gave bear in the big chief Deke Bellavia saints hall of Famer Rickey Jackson and Willie -- Who are the top -- saying strip -- of all time. In what year was the team's top draft class of the guys we talk about Bennett's Ellis who baseball the tigers click on tooling and Alex box stadium pre game at 6 o'clock. First pitch at 630. On WWL. Tell you what I'm gonna ask Fred in ten I know you guys have been holed it for quite some time but pleased to mile of labor and hang -- little but longer because. If I can be right now you you'd you'd get. Get so little time going to be enough time to to make your points so I'll -- hold until after the news. What's the no other text message. What about the parents and family that can't go to the gradually from because. But it -- have a criminal past. That's a good point what that's in reference to. There is -- tool in Topeka Kansas that Michelle Obama scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a high school. It's not tied to the sixtieth anniversary of the US supreme court's decision allowing. Outlaw -- -- segregation in schools some students and their parents. Would prefer the first Latina comment and say that would take away from this special night and limits seating for family and friends. As a parent would say use special -- not. You know for for most of the night that -- capital he'd been in favor but and I would not I think I think it would be great to have. We'll show Obama speak at the kids' eyes -- You know but if if that is gonna take all this work. I don't know. But may be in the end it will be worth -- mean just think of -- would you be able to say do your kids growing up I had the First Lady. Speak at my highest graduation to maybe maybe it is worth. Little discomfort. I'll come right back your phone calls after the news and WWL I'm Bob Mitchell and Burris who.