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Apr 21, 2014|

The world's most acclaimed monster “Godzilla,” is set to scare folks this summer in the reboot of the film franchise. It will retell the origin of Godzilla in contemporary times. Is Godzilla the all-time movie monster? If not, who? Some people are upset that Michelle Obama is the keynote speaker at a high school in Kansas. She’s there to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision outlawing segregation in schools, but that’s not the problem. The issue--some students and parents are upset that they’ll have fewer seats for friends and family…and it’ll take away from their special night. As a parent what say you--special or not?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. The best way to explain our differences. Is if you word old Superman fan of the old Superman comic books I would be bizarre -- okay. Our here's what's on our WW talked don't know what means that. Obviously John you don't know about bizarre -- Superman well Superman was the total. Bizarre -- Superman was a total opposite super. Okay. All right. I think I should just move on and not explain anything else all right here's what's on our WW -- talked favorable. A bunch of things of purple ball on Michelle Obama First -- is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a high school and speak Kansas. Now all the schools sane people not the school but. Today signed they meaning parents and students have Obama 12100 signature petition to keep her from doing it say in the that it would take away from the special night. And limit seating for family and -- When I began and I still think it would be great to have the First Lady speak and people have been pointing out that that's what I like about public you guys you also much my heart with an idea. And the human point of such things. Win this book the Secret Service we'll have to do and everybody would have to be investigated. And it would would be just a lot of pressure on. People. But to you know and maybe something in your background that you don't want maybe it not been able ago so I don't know I'm I'm I'm that was -- still think that if any way to be worked ought to be great. To have the First Lady at at -- high school graduation. Another study by researchers. Ours is suggesting that kids who play violent video games and more aggressive behavior. And keep aggressive -- regardless of age gender or parental involvement. If you're just tuning in most of the conversation. Has been effective if parents get involved. If if parents make sure the gains or age appropriate in Perry crystal let kids. Play their games no games -- that -- meant for parents that they think it's that they think you're okay. So I wanna know do you buy into this notion that kids who play video games of groped be violent do you buy a lot of little. Not at all and would Carla -- did -- played. Growing up presented to play video games you play. War on board games there were a lot of board games at at and not people not even brought up. What was the one donations. Dungeons and dragons and -- was at the name of it shoots and dragons or something like. Now let's go over and he's -- injury. Which it's okay shoots the winners and dungeons and Greg. All right to I didn't play -- -- seemed simple. At that I was trying to raise Tyco Electronics. I played chapters have played monopoly the and then of course ahead. I guess it's I had my little poker game and bought some chips. -- -- No no but a a a a did have chips and got some of the younger kids to play in you know played for a pentium -- and showed him how to play the game. All right and it effects -- and also low. God still is coming back again this summer they're going to or reboot the film. And it will retell the origin of god -- and I don't even know how would that didn't -- Zola. Wasn't because. Radiation or. A bomb -- all open gonzo of federal radiation is nothing -- that was the radiation the radiation. Yes so we're gonna have a a new duds that -- And my question is do you think -- still is the all time movie monster if not. Who's your favorite movie monster I mentioned right before the break in at any of delisting or fans of the TV show scandal. That is my number one TV show pop up Pope. You talked about a monster and of if you. Have been watching scandal and you wanna talk about the ending. Of the show this past week. Culminate just. I'm I'm I'm a big scandal OK let's get back to the poll just go to ten in Arkansas power you can. You watch scandal. All the the only regret. -- So like will be on that. It -- -- taxpayers is it that being. That they are hoping that the people that would look like. No pop up opens the Libya pulled Stan. -- That god right and in the in the end game in the ending episode he pretended to be a good god he pretended to wanna help -- dollar. -- poisoned the president's son. And locked his wife -- -- Aunt and and they re established. -- 613 you know that form the government that doesn't even answered to the president. -- what about your favorite monster. -- -- -- -- They're aliens -- it's where there. Electorate. And -- that -- there is that the white. On Britain may. I just saw something a text message. Going back to what the real first monsters. The role of the thing the original movie the thing back in the fifties. With names are nasty played them met the mountains that I did that idea. -- some very Smart people listen -- this. All right so let's talk a little bit about the first latest that's on the screen would you want to talk about. It appeared that it -- So -- -- they're -- Some point should. They Barack Obama result oriented outlook there. -- -- -- It and figure it's. No big deal. I don't think I think to be a a great deal from -- -- I understand the point that people are making because. With the First Lady going and it's something that I did not take into consideration when I first thought about this. Every bit -- everybody's name have to be submitted the Secret Service for them to run a background check and everyone. So like I I can understand that but it it just seems to me. That we would do that department. So you're saying the Secret Service well none at the check everyone out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but -- certainly wanna bring it together but there it goes of people who want. So that whoever it that. But somewhere where it Saturday. They're the only vote him into the sweetly about beating it there. But I'll put that quote it -- -- -- tomorrow where it. I just thought I just think you would be a great and -- I may be a great memory for these kids to have the First Lady at your graduation. It but not that it would be connected and in that debate. What repaired it dark did it yeah there. Period you know. All right -- thank you thank you for Florida but they are right it's been a thread in saint Tammany for an hour you. -- I'm doing okay. Your all time monster. Frankenstein. Then and there are better than God's will. Well yeah -- a lot guys you'll ever sat. Immediately got in town right now as most cars you're gonna they'll. When I got Gonzalez coming back they're doing another God's. -- -- school -- all the hole becomes not only good you know make this sometime you know that they demand that kind of felt fault blah. A bulletin to open it is you know they come -- good that is in the collapse was dated in economy. Which wanted to day. You have but it wasn't wasn't all that great. We know what it you know they could do little better order it. You know especially the K action all the other stuff -- I'd like to see them I'd like to see them bring back Dracula. Track that was really. The Motley was -- -- yeah. Somewhat the older films and I remember it cheered the law right. The flaw yelled yes. That's the -- the. All of -- that would no doubt know that some of the guys didn't see that was. Yeah that was that was pretty. That was pretty down. I did season with right yet. Yeah. You get Psycho. Was good in war world. What do you think about these kids play in of these violent video games. It depends on the age of the child point in the game. Because I play the online games yeah. -- ball online games that I got into it in I would say the late fees or want it either hold it. Well actually before that sport orient outplayed now. I wanna say forty. Point. And on the Nintendo. -- it you know it was a fight game but it went to computer. And if everybody remembers terabyte talk about -- like. Our duty is a low. You know. Grand Theft Auto and run out of all of those games really cable awful warranty. Which is called on real current. You that we were getting. You've got me and all of that to that idea I didn't play any of those. Well -- challenges aren't real term it. What is -- Orton or the computer. Get its story everything that was against it at this from epic. And is is it it's already everything I mean I wrote army eighty you'd goal if you look at their game day. It's Spain fifteen he sets up play date still playing better regional gain more. The general consensus of people phoning in. Has has been that as long as. Parents make sure the kids stick to age appropriate games. And bill let the kids watch them on dad plays his games or don't let the kids played dead games. That Euro candy. Is that what. Like yeah yeah yeah me UT at she Atlanta. You know 78 year old play. Don't talk quite like it player right now and it poignant. A call of duty ghost. -- you yet that that that sort of you know animals property and you can't let -- 78 you on 90. Played a game. Is it to Sunni killings is that about yeah yeah. Let him play gains that are moral probity is 82. Million let you. Somebody. I wanna say 1213. Fourteen play day -- no you know. You know that way he knows that it became. To -- That we now. Got you -- I appreciate you voting in tonight thank you so much for calling 260 late 786688970. Talk about. Do you think that the violent video games that kids played today has any connection on -- that behave in the future a new study. Says kids who play violent video games we'll engage in more aggressive behavior. The -- and that a little lot not at all what time what type of games that you play. As a kit also talking about. Monster movies who do you think is the number one all time monster movie king -- God's Ella. There are 6017866889. Point seven I'm Bob Mitchell coming right back on WW oil and our poll numbers to take -- the show was 260187. Or 866889. Point seven attacks may have -- 7871. Of the things we're talking about. Tonight is your all time favorite movie monster. God Zola who like I think probably most people would would rate as. The number one monster of all time was force size and destruction. Is set to scare folks this summer they're going to reboot the -- ought to ought to be fun tonight to talk about your all time great. Movie monsters let me read a couple Texans were quick like best movie buster Edward Norton and primal fear. That was a scary movie the birds -- Hitchcock. -- publish columns from. Dark shadows. Was frightening especially if you're a kid. -- odd to me. The monster that that was an alien when it came out of those public. That scared the you know what I mean let's go to amber is -- by you Lewis or by you -- They look at it okay. You know I'm doing -- Editor at eight and I Bob. An expert. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- made. Missed the alarm. On it at. See. And -- forgot about jockey -- acting and let it. Leather plays but it -- and know the the chainsaw movies those rules -- and no one is mentioned jigsaw tonight. Only -- that why not not my favorite all the moon's. -- -- -- -- Not in the very passionate about it it really kind of stake in -- because I'm actually in -- situation -- -- Gerald playing every extreme it. -- you back these games where they're killing -- there and video games now where it. But the whole -- caught stitching when she caught. -- Where you were killing people. People were copper and Heidi you quarter. -- should be able. Sure. That are. Currently work hours. Psychological study I'll chill -- the and the military. At Portland -- won the award. Hey it and that there was a number all -- that hired bill and a lot of admitted she should go out there should wait for people early on that changed our our. Target to -- to be the right. And I think what -- getting it east and I think people. Not going to be everybody but we've. People. -- Where people. Higher elegant that -- like school shooting. And -- the thanking her it when you're. We need people to eat things. That all is. Crap and here. Well I think in in society in general on on regular TV and movies there's so much more violence there's so much more shoot them up there's so much more destruction. That I am afraid that kids nowadays growing up just become desensitized all of. Lou absolutely I think Cheryl and I have a baby she's seven months. Both my children being raised about your game and little eerie ex -- I'd -- go outside and play golf within that hunting but it even quit hunting you know it is very very coldly. Planes that we use the animals are true. And there. And every part -- it is not killing for fun. We don't kill you are out but we don't promote it we got accepted. And that's what the video promoting -- killing her on killing the killing the innocent people. And then it turned black that is don't agree that it. And I've I've found that. In and so many of these games -- -- obscene. My grandson play a couple of games that. Like I quite frankly would not approve up but. It's the facts that you kill a -- blow them up and they come right back and you blow their heads often their heads popped right back up and so. The that the kids that what I'd be afraid of and in all but I don't know. Biz this particular. The study that. That we are talking about tonight from a Iowa State University. It it says that. Our kids who play violent video games we'll have more aggressive behavior and keep aggressive thought of it says here. Regardless. Of age gender or parental involvement and I'd -- I think what's happening. Is when these kids play these games. If it's not it's not real in and you know. Well when they play at you shoot the gun he comes back to -- just flooded reality that just doesn't happen. I look younger children or -- out there still aren't. But they let me talk and I. Thank you so much. All right to a six year old played 7866889. A late seventy if you had been trying to early and couldn't get through now you should be able to get through. We have lots of open lines and if you take part our conversation we're talking about -- brigades seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll. Still another study says kids who play violent video games will engage. In more aggressive behavior -- but this a little a lot of -- you've heard all the conversations tonight. It it goes. Everywhere tonight from that this that the slept less young lady who. Does not believe that you should watch of at all. I. I lean more toward where I'm at if if if it were me. I would have. None of the violent video games if it was up to me if if I were totally in charge of of of my grandchildren I would not let them watch. Any games I would not let them play any games at all. We've also had people called in said the play the games all their life and and in their OK and I I if I think quoted is as effective all it takes is -- reaching that one person -- may be a a little weak minded words -- this particular thing. -- affects them I think we're better off law with with -- I think I think we're better off these games. That encourage children to shoot and kill cops -- I'm I'm I'm I'm against I'm against that just on. Well on on. On moral grounds also we're talking about a school -- to peek -- Kansas now what was scheduled emotional bond was little to speak there. Tied into the sixtieth anniversary of the US supreme court's decision of all -- segregation in schools. Now. Because I guess of of everything that goes on when the First Lady speaks. There's say and it would take away. From their special light and it would limit seating for family and friends so some people or against -- -- was of her what -- you mean. Yeah. I understand that that probably -- rule of law. All of our own background checks and stuff like that for people to come. But in the and I mean you go through all on hassled in the end it. You'll remember your graduation. As the night that the First Lady spoke so let's let's go to Alan in the world and Alan how are you tonight. -- I think it. It should -- -- reason why. Okay and that you Asia. That function. And read a poem does he did he can't. And then that. Right right but of course it it would mean it's it's a lot more security when -- First Lady speaks so it would wouldn't it would be. Yeah a little bit bigger hassle that it would be if I spoke. By spoke no one would show up so it would import and. Well certainly. The -- It is to end that -- in. Being oh com don't want people out there book create cook and. All right -- -- seals we will talk about monsters. -- to look at it a bit above -- -- -- -- That. Went by cutting off and on Cheney. -- not. What you need to. Create a -- active. Right board's role played Frankenstein. And on -- on Cheney played the wolf. Right all right thought it. Okay thank you so much it. Let's. Let me read a text message. Best monster creature from the black lagoon. I don't know. A monster of course for its time. In those in in in Indy in the early days back in the Euro. In the you know when when they do all all all the black and white horror movies these guys had and grow just. -- rely upon make up for life on their facial expressions of the the the problem right now with the special election mean you know it's it's tall tall computer generated. 2601786688908. Suddenly we hear about the lines -- so if you wanna call the show now would be. A good time. Looking for your all time favorite monster movies is guns they'll. As far as -- monsters is God's still on the all time hop monsters if not who. I'm Bob Mitchell interest group is the big date seventy WW LA MF have been dot com I'm Bob Mitchell city in pursuit tonight. If you've been listing of the show you'll take part in our conversation. Poll numbers 26 year old late seventy. 86689. Late seventy text me at 87870. I'll get to the fold in just a second would be read a couple of text messages. We're talking about the effects of violent video games on on kids. While a new report is to -- another report commode that that does bring kids who watch violent video games in -- into future behavior. Here's the text message looked about Bob every single -- School shooting in the last twenty years every one of them played first person shooter video games. On a regular basis take effect for what -- were also talking about horror movies. If your favorite -- favorite monster of all time is Godzilla is coming back in and another teammate must be about the fiftieth -- for -- so. Talk about -- all time favorite horror movies the black and white house on the haunted hill gave me more bad dreams. And any other -- watched all the scary which is one -- still the best. But -- -- building at first was the aliens in the war the world right -- is so fake. That it's has no scare factor when I was a kid and watch black and -- those monkeys. At that one was that are -- scared the -- company. Yeah about the and the later in God's will as you know were were not as straight as -- as the original ones. Out of Japan 26017866889. Point seven and go to a Michael calling from Alabama or you Michael. I'm -- -- spot and doing the statement. I'm joined -- -- all time favorite movie monster. Well it's a monster by the little mean spiker Iraq phobia. I remember going to the creator as well that -- -- people's spent that on their feet on the heated front something would come crawling out yeah. And the best part what's in the handsome prince went back the next night and -- the snuck in a small trawler. Chilly side George Greg de -- expired. All you all -- bad you all of them but that's funny. And the that well but that would was the rock and chocolate until this big giant football. Player in the guy jumped so screaming in the coral princess fit at all in your prayers. He tried to argue. Speicher. Had no part of it and so restrictive -- to. At at at at at at that. Oh million pencil like a prank I would applaud that that is great that is. It was scary it. Spider out there have not been discovered that could be -- that -- -- -- Exit from the kind of scary the Philippines they -- something like that. I I think for me in in going over the movies. And I think -- a little or king call they have to be that the top two monsters but. Or the the first aliens that I saw the movie alien but win. The monster. Pop through the person's public debt just scared I'll name. We'll -- that was John Hurt. -- -- -- -- -- That was brutal that was absolutely. Rule -- That thing with Russell whenever an orchestrated it and they can distract the person's blood and an electric but no let dale would go. Only on the pit that was good monster would Pincus he can beat anybody watched you know. That was some good inspect. -- -- -- -- economy back on memories of one -- gotten. But -- that little spider that the trick let those fighters. That. Make it. But -- Good evening and enjoy other entity. All right Michael thank you so much we should voting that's gonna hang from the North Shore power yet thank. -- -- side argued that I'm doing on. Area -- early -- involve. Traditional monster -- main course. The the monsters that thing yeah. Alien like he's and predator. And core. Scary -- scary and maybe. Media. Saying yeah. No men or so many movie. Well Linda Blair. One -- -- talked there. Floating band and spinning around and stating that Greenpeace. The exorcist yeah. The -- says. And and -- Pretty. Movies that they give me a few more chill. Watching a lot street like. No one no one has brought up Freddy Krueger. That. I think that no one that are closer to being. Well. For most people. Real situation that could possibly. Error. That are scarier. And certainly you believe in the level so that and that's a lot more likely than -- Nine story here and Torre -- murderer or. Grow well the the Texas chainsaw movies those those sort of frightening as can be because that's the kind of movie think that there -- some sick goals like that that. Could actually do those things. Yeah -- point all right -- appreciate you calling OK let's let's do the JJ how are you tonight. Great -- are here or. Expect a pop pop pop it -- -- are unpopular and every now and then. Well you drop it more off regular copier that don't normally junior described but I doubt that Bernardo and our record larger warship lookup column talked about -- the real Robert Mitchell. I'll be back tomorrow night to. Powell up were -- to Margaret -- -- You know. Are more movies here their their import distribution they're down. Old book though the reps. The first right -- -- street which street here. Well Tokyo were actually social worker that execute in a struggle which tortured -- -- ultimately. World weird but. Their a couple of would be that -- like that. You get. Scared or draw. Better all you know extra layers and that was more well. And occasional littler and very disturbing and -- -- -- that it is sure where that. Well with Nicolas Cage called eight millimeter -- Yes there -- what that was a frightening movie your right. Can attribute going to be a lot of oil locals who say -- what eight millimeter just like get all the documentary. There -- that was about a snuff movies right. Right night -- registered it reached the hour. Are -- like that but things are more possible. Yeah or art -- -- -- -- there and we have you talked about the war payers. First. Hell raiser maybe there's just. Which. And a U -- in the outrage and maybe an. One was enough -- Oh in group saw. You go ought to. Ultimately eagerly toward analysts say you know -- not a cute anymore. Dad gave me nightmares that Barry. It wake you -- in Internet would begin your victory in order -- so much -- sure you know I don't see it in Europe. -- yet yet I watched almost all movies. With -- -- that's -- court to be -- Meyer Michael Larry and that. There's no longer whether you love the salt maybe it would just it would weird me out not -- watched video. Yeah now I mean my wife never watched one entries and I don't know what you see in the movies and that's a road to know in a way. Jigsaw is not that bad of a guy a lot of -- a Psycho you know. But he hit it's his his main thing was did you watch any of Dexter when he was on TV. Well you know. Dexter Gordon you know if you did something wrong -- are we are right well you know kind of like a jigsaw was -- child like that. -- -- arch party advocate here again attic are for ruby. That was about a serial killer of serial adopt it tribe would try to picture afterwards -- I think it later. A lot like what -- turned out to be. You've got -- air pocket pocket more altered. I will thank huge day. All right. Okay we're gonna take a break and when we when we come back and get a did you beat this stupid criminal of the night the Bozo quote story of the night it's come and next and if you wanna vote and we were talking about the your favorite -- for your all time horror movie. And creatures. In New Zealand. Monsters and stuff like that and a few other serious things that will. Bring up next hour. I'm Bob Mitchell the big -- seventy WW LA -- -- dot com I'm Bob vigilant fresh fruit just in time for that well deserved vacation WW will give you a chance to win a thousand bucks an -- nationwide vacation cash contest just -- The WWL weekdays right before the -- or news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM with a code word. Then text that word 272881. Pure chance to win. Without ever putting your phone down -- 72881. Each weekday four lucky winners nation level 1000 dollars each. We never charge for touched an individual plan text data rates apply. Remember the listen weekdays right -- the top -- -- -- 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM good look from Smart radio. In -- com and WWL. All right time for our Bozo -- story of the night. Are both -- remotely comes from -- California. Where Bozo James Matthews was due in court. All and controlled substance charges drug to you were running behind. And it was too late to catch the bus Celine did. What the Bozo -- was a logical thing to do you visited a used car lot and stole a car chief perceive the district I. To the -- although. He did not make it to court it was not the best Ryder Cup were able tracked down the vehicle using the GPS device. Our Bozell now has another court appearance this one for possession of stolen property and possession of controlled substance after marijuana was found in the vehicle. Are we come back next hour I'm looking at at at the text messages and most of them or concerning the horror movies and so let's do this next hour. Let's go ahead and take your phone coach can call right now at 26017866889087. It. I want to know your all time favorite movie monster. And your your your favorite scary shows and and and and and give me some of the scenes. In this scary movies that really frightening you know one -- -- -- okay. We can start calling right now John -- -- will we will be back right after the news on WW well.