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04-21 11pm Scoot with Bob Mitchell, scarry movies

Apr 22, 2014|

This year, a remake of the classic film Godzilla, will be released. Is Godzilla your favorite monster film? What is your all time favorite monster and/or scarry movies of all times?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not tonight it's -- Bob Mitchell and pursuit as we take the show to admit that tonight here's what's on our WWL talked table. As I'm reading my text message you'll -- in that looks like hoard hoard of people interested in the but the horror movies in the the the type of things at its energy in the movie so we're gonna keep that on our. WWL -- table and it's all based around the fact that it looks like this summer. Not looks like this summer there's going to be another God's still in movie in this Roland. They say is going to. Beset. And in the present time and they're going to reboot and Def recreate a Godzilla on on how -- came to -- -- ought to be fun tonight to. Ask you what's your all time favorite monster and which -- all time they were horror movie and let's let's go to communicate some of some of the scenes. Of the movies for instance. To me -- -- movies ever made was the silence of the plants. And that -- one Clarice is closing in on the killer. And it's dark and she can't see a thing but he's got the the night vision goggles. And -- they would show would he conceived through the night vision goggles and you did you you knew that she was just just. Totally scared. And that that committee had my heart just holding like crazy. So while we would would scenes and some of the movie scared -- here's one pet cemetery when I was eight and my uncle or a the dissident has. Pet cemetery close -- him uncle ran out in the middle of nowhere interest of Freddy Krueger that's a nice guy and a and kids so -- can give me a call at 26 or -- late 7866889. Point 78. And now let me know who he thinks the all time. The all time scariest movie monster and just your all time favorite a scary. Movies. I don't know of anything and and maybe I -- with all of us -- depends upon. What generation girl and in what movie US but. The other night I was watching I cannot even tell you the channel was watching some old movie channel. And and they were showing some of the real old movies like the the original wolfman and the the original mummies and stuff like that. And -- -- little old black and white movies were would downright scary. But I mean I can't remember which one was like this was. The the original draft deal. -- -- person those were some scary movies and ended it depended upon more the actor so let me know who you who do you think the all time movie monster is. And I'm maturing of the summer your all time favorites dairy. Movies also we were brigades seventy pretty -- -- opinion poll question. Still another study says kids who play violent video games -- engage in more aggressive behavior. So how do you buy -- a little a lot or not at all you can go on line and -- vote on that at this point 24%. Say that the body in a little 56% say a lot. And at 20% say not at all -- say use 26 year old -- 7866889. Point seven it. You know this is something that. I had mentioned in the first hour. And common got kind of got lost in and and dish in the shuffle of what we're talking about. I finally I mean. I don't want to. This respect a person's personal religious beliefs but did you see this story that this was Good Friday. And it happens every Good Friday but in the Philippines. What Lehman Gordon nailed. Not just tied nailed. To crosses. To reenact the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday. -- the Catholic Church frowns upon this distortion of the Easter message as they call -- some believe it's an extreme display of the Bojan. What do you. Devotion or distortion. What do you think Jesus. Oh no I mean I'm -- -- I think if if you were going to. Go all the way in you know you can die and come back alive in three days maybe maybe you'd have something going forty. Just. I don't know I just thought I'd I'd a relief I really don't see the motive behind something like that let's go too well -- in -- how -- your glory. I'm playing at this I'll do but a lot hearing you all to end. I do want my favorite. Thank you dear what what do you think of that story that I just talked about about how people in the Philippines as a religious I guess. I don't know what you call it an experienced war. Sacrifice. Actually have themselves nailed to a cross. I don't think anybody can do entity so. I mean. We for a little -- yeah. You know the -- You know bank. Well I mean you know if if I mean if you can beat nailed to a cross. And you can die and you can be in the ground for three days and you can come back what you might have something going for you but -- Right you gotta have something going for you than him now. I might I might wanna talk to you but meant to me just -- the nailed to the cross. I don't know what you I don't I don't know what to -- -- I don't know of any of jesus' teaching that he taught us to do things. -- Not I remember yeah. Yeah. All right about. It was absolutely no -- I may need a you can die and stay on the ground three days and come up and and be alive at the third day I'll talk to -- -- Well yeah yeah. And I can do that me. I'll put it I'll put you on the show and Sybil was like you know you're. Hot to relax you rolled it stowed away on your world -- -- -- You know. In I. Often often think about. The the resurrection of questions for the being Easter right and -- I've got I've I've got my own. I like to take things and -- get into what what you really think what happened and somehow I have a feeling that went when they showed up that day. Man and Jesus was not there and the Angel was there. I kind of think the angels probably a little Andrus and weighed about one. Why do you hear he won't Jew what an Italian. What did Jesus tell you he told you that he was going to rise again so why are you men are people lazy you know you know believing. You know but I. I can certainly see their point but as I get it on me if you -- okay. You believe 21 set but it. You know -- got that out and warm air act I'm telling actually must've been scared to -- Marion married to -- by. And in the Bible says Mary Magdalene and the other. The other memory and let's be known as the other men in. All right. All right that's let's let's talk about scary movies who's your all time -- moving. All off the. Want -- -- -- freak out every time Abacha to if sling blade -- Billy Bob born he was quite in that movie. -- why. -- would opt in. And I am. He won the first ever. For directed. -- -- Arkansas you know -- -- from. And it where he. He's like a target tight supply kinda died. And he. He still. He still here. Like an accident. Accidental type of thing and keep it on and pray that they put -- in the institution in the the finally they said no -- I served time. Out. So -- he. He takes up with a family in Arkansas. And you know. -- and extra hole. You know they come out that. Get applause at the child he's about eight at ten years -- Any way. -- -- out that the other one is abusive to her and anyway and stop. I had any and -- the light and can't tell me why there. -- Is seen on and that's not called -- -- It was electrical. I think he can take. It apart and put them back out without. You've got to see them together. I already what about monsters you you'll like gods -- do you have a favorite monster. I. Like you know it is important issues additional. Amount paper -- Bob. Yeah any are out. All right Gloria I appreciate your voting in tonight good talking to you. Banking and here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we did it we can have a great subject to more annoyed at it's going to be based on the movie that heaven is for real. And -- do you really believe terrorism -- do you believe in them. And do you believe in hell some people some people believe that. This is fail there is no real gonna talk about do you believe in real heaven in a real held -- -- What. I do -- and it. All right -- go to visit Ben while our public pronouncement. That's -- and what got a right how are you been Boston. Do -- say all right you won't talk about scary movies whose -- all time favorite scary movie creature. Well it's not not a monster but -- movie -- me well. It was haven't seen as we make out -- -- But the original wall with -- -- narrowed. Rosemary maybe yes. That movie. Really really freaked me out the way it ended I couldn't believe that. A little -- Older couple that kind of took Indian. And befriended them when he moved into their apartment. Actually were the ones that keeper. The -- could lose it. Not to so cheap it is impregnated by Satan and she has played AT and at the end of the movie. When they head. Prospect. While the little carriage return that gave -- decision. It was just suitors such as shoppers. Somebody. That looks old and in the same could be. In league -- what happened to them and their AD. They're making on TV series and across there is going to be. -- it is it was a remake of the movies while. Well I thought it was a miniseries and not really sure. Well it could be these series about it but that just that and being just -- -- illusionist or believable. You know that they were. So into the and today. Took those young couple in man and a husband was having problems. With -- acting chops. Oh the older man known -- one yet so the couple bottles of hand as some. Some leads that he sent the young guys on too cute his movie career starter in his career that you can draw. And I -- -- forward at the end of the military -- couldn't believe you know that that that's what happened. That was a sector we appreciate you voting and memoir. Thank you all right to sixer -- 7866. And a 90878. Our brigades sadly project -- opinion poll questions still and other studies as kids who play violent video games to engage in more aggressive behavior. How to you buy -- of that belittle a lot or know about you can go on line at WW dot com or you can call me -- 26 year old -- seventy. 86689. Point 78 or popular talk apartment before we talk hormones because. God -- is going to be has been remade and it's going to hit theaters sometime this summer. So I wanna know -- all time favorite movie monster and which which year. Which your most favorite scary movie in the let's talk about maybe a couple of the scenes. In the movie that area but I still do not know. If I've ever been more scared -- I was watching the first aliens and and so all the creatures come through the guys to -- but I think that if it. Gave me the the absolute biggest jolt of adrenaline to 60187866889. Point seventy we have some lines -- shall call. Share with me your thoughts on on the video games and when it when you when you. When you really wanna get scared you know I I sometime I want against alike watching scary movies. What do you watch I'm Bob Mitchell Philip -- -- -- on the -- seventy WWL AM implement dot a welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in pursuit tonight if you Olympic partner Charlotte's to -- -- late 7866889. 087 they were talking about scary movies talking about. Video games and games that you played this as a kid the Greg how are you tonight. Hey Bob I don't let the party again I got popularity because the more concerned now again I love this subject. Thank you what type of games did you play isn't it. How bout that'll happen in the game but can't stay in a minute that's news. I would have -- -- -- we did play inside board game. With -- board games to play. Now we've played all the movement now believe we loved. The game -- the you know the place where you do. So articles I just had fallen on ovals is particularly good I used to really take losing at monopoly that does does that cap that. I was a master monopoly I got so good in monopoly in play that so often. That when I rolled the dice no matter where I was on the board I -- I didn't have to count. On paper -- -- go home but just Movielink and -- that's about it the tablet. The prosperity movement because I would have thought Adam and he had he he would -- that you would grow and its role. And and in some some public good that something good would happen to him and. But I would I would -- -- -- as it was Ada does move and it is -- that's a good -- if you don't believe me -- that that was my game you know. -- love -- there in the united into it than it did. Today and I hate that sound like an old man and a competitive. I mean I don't know -- -- call -- a -- like -- look like I'm 49. But but the guy who called before. Now outlet allowed these movies and it first came one of them being learned they'd be in court yet decided to humans so many years later ovals and have since the end when it was released from the vehicle or saw on television norms of one of the -- that. And no -- did concede that it. But my favorite movie monster. And I don't know remember the movies. While depicting them intimately knew that before -- NATO -- police story movies. It's called forbidden planet. Yeah and that created come. You know it just way out there in on the horizon start coming toward spaceship in it. That's -- the Jesus that -- mean yeah some of these. That. In England they made some fantastic -- film. In the fifty. And one element that that would village of the damned when William it was just scary did they. -- the other big news that enemy. I would have thought that movie that would have been dampened by all these kids -- -- -- blue I mean blue sideline. It it does it does sound familiar. And then it was another one called -- that trip it. This narrative that the movie didn't have one month that. There are hundreds of people being caught a I'll pop pop. It -- negated they would look it up but try to find and on -- I am deeply the Internet Movie Database. The -- intrepid. And of course debilitated them. Always scares me and they moved back and watch over nova baby want to tolerate it and still give me -- -- and that -- that -- -- that -- -- a couple of -- So exposures that scene. And I got a group nobody aliens do the original -- yes. But it in that scene when the priest went in the rule. And -- and he's holding the crucifix. But a badge jump on the -- -- -- turns you know. The new. It. Now I -- I tell you I tell you a movie that. In its own way it was scary and that was. And not the one that's not the redo but the original war of the worlds. A lot I -- like. And that was that George Powell creation he was great special effects. And and remember remember when the priest was walking toward the space ship. I think he was holding the crucifixion of the Bible. And send you need that I walked through the ballet to shell them and I'm thinking forgot about. Surely surely not gonna watch the priest. Also -- equipment set. He was just annihilated. I like I would in windows. Big kids try to hit. So bet that one remaining turret in the zone that he can help all of them the -- virus. To get -- came to court to degrade subject with the Bob. The Jakarta because I mean I can occupy rolled them you'd expect your old three hours on this and I am sure. Well you know it's sometimes it's it it's sometimes good to get away from. The stuff about you know. -- at that blocked the clarity on the radio we all are and I mean we love everybody and that it you know there's you all the guys. Anyway. Thanks for the memories. And look update of the trip it it will dead in the -- the. I will do that -- All right 260187866. 889 -- seventy now during the break John was talking to me up up about a horror movie that. I can't answer I don't know but I would have to imagine that someone listening. Will note John dip -- may be the scenario. On the movie again. It was a movie -- in the night early seventies. Home to guy as a special. And his mother kept him in this room issue it's futile that was under the stairs. As -- people just as they came only. The scenario is this guy I was on this -- -- his mother got sick of White House she -- New people bought the house and had no idea that this guy was still living under the stairs in the house. And he will come out to get food to steal food free agent when David nosy neighbor came over and saw him. While she got scared try to run real hit it and he hit her under house he'd heard house. And the way that the freedom they found out that he was living in the house. Was that. They saw. A little hole that he made sleeker look and see. So light coming from this hole. And a girl willow walked up and she's peaked and if she stole it by digging a hole out he just -- -- whoa. And just knew it was a mess and I can Herman but let me what this mean to as it was in the early seventy. Sounds scary you know. I don't know of if you can help if you can help us out to me a call to secure 17866889. Point seven it I'm looking forward to the new. God's still -- movie of course. They've had they've had so many and there's going to be new -- a movie coming out. This summer and you know with special breakfast sometimes I wonder and and that is something that may be will prologue to the for the next half hour. Do you like the movies with all the special effects or have have special effects relief. Paula -- because you know when you when you see some of these movies now. It you know it's all computer generated and you know we know it's that it's it's just not. Real people acting the rules and stuff like that. I I liked. I like the horror movies. These scary movies with all all the special to exploit here's one that someone just text me hobbled by holing boy. Best. That was a scary movie -- the holing an end. Let's see what what you know and another one with one on the one of the movies that had a really good special thanks on the where wolf that was. Werewolves of London that -- that that was the scary movie because. Up until then in though the werewolf was pretty much like just the guy but in Wear wolves of London. It turned into this absolutely huge wolf let's go to Mike in Mississippi how are you Mike. Hey you don't come out. Don't Star Wars -- -- -- it. It's. An epic. -- -- -- -- No only saw the first one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh man I can see it my mind but -- All -- Gary and the Gary. And we put the the bear camp and -- I. Let me ask you beat you think these movies and have all all the special effects. And knowing it's all computer generated as a make it less daring. And Becky and yet people want -- we -- And -- -- about -- you know -- the suspect in that respect more well my. He met BAA it it it. Well that I mean no I don't think any character came back more times the injuries in the didn't matter I'm rim. And that day that they waiting down and -- was is at the bottom of lake and then some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the the the last one Jason and outer space that was when they where he got Carla. There wants. You. To think about it. What a victory. -- somebody else about it have the answer. -- thank you Mike. I don't go to Seoul. -- how worried. They've been doing -- -- Admirable that. That -- I've never heard of that movie -- -- write that down it is it's still available. I don't know. -- They've called and -- it an audit that crap. -- -- -- -- but it's -- and at the. That is the movie I have been trying to remember what the name of that movie was since I was accused and -- had run. Man I was scared. And he was crazy you've got motivated -- a process. I think I'll just -- box him. You know. You know and then. Now here and let's look that look the guys no special effects no blood. It's all of the -- scariest movie for me. And why you write the original invasion of the body snatchers. That was a good you know it's not a good movie in -- remain a few years ago. Don't be afraid of the dark. I didn't see that -- -- -- -- the one where they have this. Old house that. This demented. And -- spam it was. Please that's in this -- its yield up. And the little girl. -- people that moves and he is he's voices come from the place. So she decides to investigate she opens and -- like these little small people that they can't tolerate light. But they come out and just about an eight hole for -- it was it scares. Now -- like about invasion of the body -- every time someone is getting sleepy use it mostly coastal. Then it was a scary movie but I like the Stafford -- Yet. Always like the -- Always thought that -- I wouldn't mind him and what. -- Computerized and if it. A wife that doesn't -- -- -- but look what happened was that a little microchip and it was global yeah you're right about. Not a perfect little bit. All right just picture of 170. 86689. Point 78 were talking about the scary movies. Of the movie the movie that scared you the most the the the all time movie monster. Gods Willis seems to be on top. You know when -- really taken a step back as far as the movie monsters that there -- a ton of monsters you have a he had done so -- King Kong prank it's and the wolfman. Dracula. But -- most most of the scary movies. Were those that just kind of like suck you in and then all of a sudden the the unexpected would happen. Too -- to remind 78668890878. I'm Bob Mitchell to have about twenty minutes into a phone then. Policy clash of the fighting. Clash of the clash of the titans was. The cracked in this aren't crackers. Don't know cracked up -- -- I didn't I'm not sure what you're talking about sub to pass it along to someone -- wanted to know that I'm Bob Mitchell and -- go to WW well welcome back to the show. The start of the night that talking about the new -- all the movie that's going to be out this summer and asking people your your favorite movie monster. Pretty much gods Willis stayed on top and that was -- talking about horror movies and the things that steered -- in movies. Someone attacked me of the bone collector that that I remember the movie. But -- I just cannot remember the whole movie or are a remembered me and scary. Denzel Washington epic with what was in the movie and the team played a paralyzed. Detective. But it's a scene out of steam remember in it in the very in the that. He was and some type of machine up and attempting. Breathing in that you didn't win it was delivered. Another scary movie of the shining it would Jack Nicholson. That seemed -- he. Comes through the door scary scary scary -- so if you have any scary movies usual this year but this. Or your favorite all time a scary movie monster you can call me to secure -- late seventy. 866890870. Tomorrow -- off. And noticed sitting -- he's got some hot topic for you a new studies suggest that smoking on television and encourage smoking among adults. I have noticed it seems like on TV for a long time they they were not showing any money smoking now they seem to be. Getting back into the -- with some of these. The shows that it took place like in the sixties seem to be several shows on TV's. And of course everybody's smoking in knows. Is it fair to blame television for smoking -- And as television and persuaded you to do something you didn't want to do. And what or who convince shoot too Smart start smoking. That's a good subject but believe Bob Thornton says there is prejudice against the salt and -- southerners or portrayed as bigots. Do you agree or disagree with Billy Bob are there any portrayal of hopes others in movies -- TV that flat -- -- -- You know what bothers me and it just seems like especially whenever they showed anything about. People from New Orleans you know we all talked with the with the southern accent -- every every time every time there's a notice and even in the new. And -- -- the world surely have a couple versions same thing. And researchers -- hundreds of different kinds of victory on money. And you can get -- from contact. When you're sell Opel hope not in my age where you -- German public a germ phobic. And where do you think those terms that others are where do you think -- there where do you think there were germs that others are considering. Oh okay where the words where else to new pine germs and opened mumbled against those duke tomorrow won the 4 PM on WW all the news talk of sports leader. And I'll I'll be back tomorrow night we're gonna go to sanity in Metairie Howard is sunny. -- my right know. Can't demand you know it every weekend and that creature from the black lagoon -- -- to put it at night. Went out. Pretty good is that -- and shoot it. But it. You know they have a follow what movie did that. There were grew by that but I mean that they have they have a sequel to creature from the likely go. Okay. All right and any other movies there yet what what's seen from the creature in the black dudes do is the most feared Morton. You know what scene what what's scene in the movie. I had applied still believes in drop in the -- game that night. Aren't you -- can you hear me. Okay what what's seen in the movies -- -- -- -- -- -- I need to -- couple from the -- to devote to my campus only about a block. Obviously -- here in a word and -- and so on give us -- it is say goodbye with a -- me any good to ask questions have been donated to me. All right -- the let's go ahead and take our our our final break right now of about. One more -- it is it always seems that happened. This time tonight late at night against someone that. Yeah. I think so. In the nightcap he started to. To cut it do you remember son of -- so. I don't remember -- -- Who was who was the mum -- -- Obama's doesn't know opt -- is -- is yeah. I yeah yeah yeah under government now. All right coming right back with one more thing I'm Bob Mitchell and student WW well welcome back the show let's go to Kenneth culling from applause hi Ken how are you tonight. Don't regret -- regretted it. Are you went only about your scariest movie. Get them grow and. Tell me about tell me and tell me what scares you the most about it. Whether it's this true story about king -- -- had become any. And that they able football pocket. Today that they're true story. -- -- have -- Analyzed. Our children of people. People in Cuba how old -- a -- End. Of the BP maybe. Non huddle -- -- over the what about movie monsters you're Yemeni favorite movie monsters. Like that the guy who. Treat Tibet do. Don't want that cricket from the back with the. -- that block a lot of people much of that movie tonight. Yeah and Annette net and I had a follow what movie yet I don't remember the name of it and I didn't even though it existed one night. I was up late watching. Some some channel in the movie channel was something that we're showing. All the the great -- movies they had the creature from the black lagoon. And then after that that they have to follow -- -- -- I don't know the name of an epic I can't call a against black lagoon two out of -- In that was just that was a scary creature -- time. Until -- -- we Russell talking earlier tonight about -- about playing video games and games that you grew up with. That -- to play growing up to play more video games -- more boardgames. What would -- games did you play. People who. And I allowed rebel. -- what I was I was terrible trouble I couldn't smell. That always challenged my words and I'd look stupid should now. Outward -- tried but you know what where were you -- -- -- on the board. You know -- was better I was the best -- a challenge anybody to -- and all right Ted at the -- to Colin alternate. Right. Now a lot of people that -- this person out. The -- made cameos in his movies. But he was an over the main brewers' Steven king Steven to cemetery your run Christine. We -- -- into Crist and we need to Christian I don't know I look at the Q and -- -- -- -- but his movies or. With -- out. What what was one not a -- establish a bit about -- airplane for little or something that's a seem to recall. I don't know it's. In. I don't know but he needed some some very very scary movies and -- scrapers. Presidency. -- what was that about. It's one knows serial killer type movies. This person is real persons creature type pars. And he kills people wore a what kills. You kills a four guys while he kills us -- -- played a -- -- Gasol and he knows -- -- right. He that a while ago. Don't -- don't -- don't do anything. I will take your record of got one more thing before we call tonight. I want to listen and as John you're gonna like it. A -- was having lunch at his favorite sushi joint. Win. A test fell from the ceiling and landed on his table followed by four others. A -- all right it was a roach I was trying not to say that okay. The past also fell on. Another person's life literally. During the same lunch service. -- cock roach crawled on the leg of a man that the next table roaches are falling from the ceiling and fortunately. None of them fell in the actual food -- was fortunate -- from the table that was sort of does the restaurant. Pumped half the bill I wouldn't have paid for a dime honest I'm not paying for and it is the restaurant cup half the bill. And it's Eric bra number colder blue ribbon restaurant says they've addressed the matter. And apologize for -- I would never go back to a place like. John thank you Jack thank you I'll see everybody tomorrow night I'm Bob Mitchell and disputes do it will be filling in for Angela tomorrow. I'm Bob Mitchell in the big -- ebony WWL AM FM and dot com goodnight and god bless everybody.