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4-22 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Apr 22, 2014|

Dave talks about palcohol (powdered alcohol) and another story in the Dumb Criminal file

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And nine days ago when this is the early edition -- WL first news at eleven minutes after 5 AM on this the 22 of April 2014. Terrell today I like to call. Not not monetary yet and it's a good that's a good name Ford because I despise. Our field in that respect -- some of that powdered alcohol yeah I want to talk here about that is we felt like I -- it made for adults. As we celebrate not Monday because Tuesday as the days that we can sound but the fact we survived the first year the work week. And we're slowly making weight to the weekend and I know you do like to prepare adult averages the weekend to indeed you look forward to your income by being on mark Friday night Yemen -- I mentioned the shaker. Your big martini and now that you'd you'd kind of perfected. The mint julep is well yeah I got my my blur in my maintenance and potted sugar yeah that's that little thing that you is applicable vessels. For a for people who. Andy -- I mean. Yeah yeah I got a -- -- that's -- -- -- if I'm pat. Well we're delighted to Yellow -- that would -- is this this company that makes this help call in and day. Submitted it for federal approval and thought that was going to be a long drawn out process with lawyers fighting and bickering. And really out of nowhere the federal government just comes that would does is it okay. -- -- And so now the company's kind of scrambling. To put its marketing plan together. And start looking at state laws and getting this alcohol out there on the market it -- that we became legal it was only remembered the well what does -- if imagine a packet of cool do you think you'd just pour it in the pitcher and that water will this is a packet. They can't contain either just hard liquor could be. -- -- in all or it can be a drink them making politicians. There are making in Margarita as whatever it is. You -- the powder in add the water. -- treatment one at some ice as well here and you have your full. Alcoholic M eastern India needs a mask the instead of the big picture we get the shaker last into the walls miles and and if that the challenge is going to be the state laws in the states deal with this. In terms. Regulating alcohol each state does that -- I can't wait for you to against him. And be more concerned about -- yet -- about it. The company on its website which it's taken down now for retooling as it gets so pretty can re launch its marketing but. They cashed a version of its website which means the old version essentially. I even included dough promotional information about how you could sneak this into a bar. Because drinks in bars are too expensive -- disorder ice water. -- your packet into the water boom. You can actor alcohol that you could sneak it in the sporting events it's highly portable bootable sneaks into on to corrosion. You know that the whole thing do that at the whole thing now people always look for different ways to sneak blues on acreage because of the right to the drawing board. So it's going to be interesting to see -- kind of backlash there is at the state level and if the federal government sticks to its initial approval. And if we get this alcohol. Available on the market any times in camp fire right now but with this federal approval like at the -- becoming available. In the near future. Pending -- battles the little 66 sleazy real. Thing Euro for now I'm I'm I'm like I was looking at a packet of an on line. 60% alcohol by volume in the 120 proof in the pack it. So viewers just open this packet -- -- -- call it. In you know to second. You get consumed in time a year -- If people are not adding water if kids get a hold of it and a lot of content will talk about your. -- to the engines will talk to you about fifteen minutes more traffic on them be WL. Am FM and that he's there Robinson I'm Dave Allen David Blake off today will be holding on the fort. Without him -- -- 7870. Do you think this alcohol small. Packages of powdered alcohol. Is a good idea and should be available. On the market and do you think people will use it did and it's awfully small outfits in -- popular in your wallet even. You sneaking in the bars sporting events on victory ships and other places and is that a good enough reason to block it. From the market. We'll take a look at your forecast coming up right after this and it's Steve Geller in here with sports speaking of sporting -- 19 good morning I'm Dave -- it Richard Neer on WW well what do you think about. Alcohol. Pope outer wrapped -- the wonderful art. Do they make it clear that I -- -- it -- several all the packages that have been submitted for the early approval to the feds and none of them contained dehydrated beer it's all hard liquor and mixed drinks cosmos stuff like that. Remember the old disease. You you put the little that the tablet in the water -- carbonation and you know that'd be wonderful. It's just so wonderful idea in my. It's -- I got to ask you having trouble put it where it's going to be just tired or you have you been drinking. Well. My idea period goal and I got acts of -- Ethnic and that it's just not alcoholics wax. Thank you Richard we appreciate the call. You're on WWL one text message to date 7870 says -- a great idea somebody it's gonna try to -- -- -- forecast. On this Tuesday we start the day with partly cloudy skies as -- warm up to near eight this afternoon. A few spotty showers and storms will develop that's because they cold front that begins to -- this way. -- swings through the area overnight tonight but it doesn't drop temperatures that much were still found a 63 overnight. And with sunshine tomorrow up to 81 and by Thursday were partly cloudy and 82. For the Eyewitness News forecast sent her I need to -- Clark. Tells a few spots of fog out there and a widespread problem this morning partly cloudy 62 at the airport and -- Partly cloudy and 56 at the National Weather Service office in slide now I'm Dave Allen at the early edition of WWL first news along those lines of -- starting at some announced next and that's what how long it's going to be before someone. Body shots it like cocaine and diaries. From it. Another person says I think it's pretty cool everything. Is going to be huge problem with teenagers. Yeah that is then you know every time. You come up with -- got to worry about it what's it gonna do our kids and again I'll hold it mortgage text messages coming up an 87870. After sports. Self. Steve skeleton was that the one person likens it to mixed drink and I'm sorry all the same time and it would be fantastic for. Bring to sporting event because of the high price of alcohol there and also when you are you advocating people smuggle powdered alcohol in this sporting event could be smuggling and on the Internet as a -- outlook from sporting event and I don't. Think that that. India proprietors. Advocated BY ago kind of approach which will -- Can't bring your own blues to the game he's got a -- the twelve dollar Beers you still -- the by the water there. At that a org it would probably got about six bond right exactly why integrated copper on the drinking status of that I've promised the people in his cannon. Take the powder poured down their throat yet that step we debate in Serbia noted that a lot like alcohol -- great all right sport's time here on -- -- Steve gallery Steve it's now Monday. Exactly and good morning everyone. The saints have picked up the -- -- option for -- Jordan WWL's Bobby Hebert says the defense event is worth the six point nine million dollar option that will cover him through the 201520. Sixteenths -- I think. The sky's the limit for him I think right now his first three seasons I would say he's the best Davidson in the saints history. Jordan amassed twelve and hacks have sacks last season and has 21 point five in his three year career. The Oakland Raiders have traded quarterback Terrelle Pryor to the Seattle Seahawks for a seventh round draft pick in next month's draft. Pryor threw for 1790. Yards seven touchdowns and eleven interceptions while going three and six last year. -- compete for the backup QB position behind Russell Wilson. An NBA playoff action Zach Randolph scored 25 points. And the Memphis Grizzlies down the Oklahoma City Thunder 111 to 105 in overtime to even their first round series up at a game apiece. Meanwhile the clippers posted their most lopsided playoff victory in franchise history -- even their first round series at 11. After dismantling Golden State won 38 and 98. Point guard Chris Paul says that LA bounced back the right way after game one loss. I think we show and we just play with you know -- and aggressiveness and played together all the -- saw one game in -- guys they would it was supposed to do they came and got on. -- now we got to go try to game there. LSU junior infielder -- hale was named as the SEC's player of the week he hit 583. And the tigers games last week with one double one homer and two RBI. LSU returns to action tonight to host -- our coverage begins at six. And his efforts fall to six and thirteen on the year after losing to the one to Colorado Springs. Today -- on sports talk hall of famers Ricky Jackson and Willie -- Who the top three saints' draft picks of all time in what year was the team's top draft class with your early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. If you had to pick just one best drastic -- we know the best free agent acquisition ever wise Drew Brees clearly has that title but. That's draft pick in the history of the -- -- you pick just want. It's harder but I would go. 21 of like of one of the more current ones in say grabbing a Marcus Colston in the seventh round is still absolutely unbelievable to me. A guy like that. Was around then and nobody. Really knew about him except for the saints were Smart enough there to pick them up a guy out of Hofstra University which isn't known for football and actually the football program the. And Internet handles football team anymore right he was and why he was if not the last one the last. Classes to have a football team -- yes exactly. Thank you Steve we'll talk here in about 25 minutes -- sports here on WW well he says Marcus Colston that's saints' draft pick. Of all time. Yellow -- I'll share your thoughts on that if you text mediate 7870. As well as your thoughts on alcohol. Now that the federal government. Has approved. This powdered alcohol such as like Kool -- for adults and little packets -- get. Powdered alcohol packet with the -- -- -- or a lemon drop or cosmopolitan. Just add water good idea or bad idea. 527. Let's get your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- meteorologist Laura but now. Afternoon we could see few spotty showers and storms as a weak cold front begins to -- then highs today still at eighty and even behind that front tonight. Not that much cooler it is a weak system so down about 63. It was sunshine or right back up to 81 tomorrow and partly cloudy 82 on Thursday. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Right now we have a little bit of fog 62 south of the lake on the North Shore partly cloudy 56. The feds may be -- reversing themselves on alcohol all the sad details coming up. -- -- the federal agency that approved this alcohol now says oops. That was an error. So the company says it's going to re submit its labels for. Full approval so it's still not clear whether alcohol become available anytime soon we'll talk more about it coming up after the news here on WWL and I'm Dave -- WWL. First news on this the twenties. Second of April 2014. -- today -- call yes. Not to Monday again as we've made it to Tuesday and I think that we all deserve to get it. Big at a boy and a pat on the back for surviving Monday. And making it right -- some adult ligament yes well now -- them the waters are getting -- We've been talking about this alcohol morning essentially packets of powdered alcohol just add water. And you get an adult beverage whether you want straight vodka are you want to mix drank this company is making different varieties but. It was an email last night that the organization federal. Agencies they gave the approval to alcohol sent to the Associated Press saying oops. They say it was accidentally. Approved this alcohol. So the company that makes it. Which wasn't ready to start doing anything with it anyway -- thought it was going to be in a long protracted. Process of getting this stuff approved. Willingly is that okay will resubmit. Our applications. And try again and allowing the amount of time that is necessary to three years ago. So the more reasonable there yes so Europe. Alcohol will not be available immediately gonna have to go to the traditional method of pouring in mixing your own drinks once again. Come come come -- school there this that's what I'd prefer right this is sounds like some more for kids. Than anything that you don't have the new ones of Saber minority. Maker's mark or a you know or a nice Roma. Do they they really get it a year -- -- -- you prepared drinks for yourself DD ever ten barn prepared drinks for other for my family Alec LET like to experiment as a tour. Also tell your Guinea pigs are now make some hundred days at the I'll make just relegated -- -- New -- menu -- use the Internet T sometimes and and about to go along. I got a long I got a book a cocktail book. It written in the thirties from long ago that has some of the old school they use apple Jack in. And and serial com note that the apple -- theatre equipment what are you can acting like hey you have reports -- -- some lucky charms on giving it treatment. -- -- it's there aren't the to IKEA and about when he minutes to mark traffic here on WWL. AM FM and back down Dave -- in for David Blake today I'm kind of you know the one man band thing I'd get the monkey -- at the harmonic I got the drama got the symbol. We can do it all here and I -- every job I can't do the weather. -- and god that's why we have -- meteorologist Laura -- now highlighted now. -- -- Command. We've feared to be some fog this morning not much of that has -- -- that in this city where you are but it it's pretty -- around home -- belt chasing coastal areas so. Yeah we're down about a fourth of a mile they are pretty dense fog just south of you were it. Matches so well. Closer to the -- -- be aware that there could be some dense fog if you find any that don't think he can barely see what you get safely we -- in Texas -- 87870. Atlas now. What Q have encountered police don't do while you're in the fall out that's rights act that -- we don't want people who do that on -- -- attention now that look at on the Mississippi River there is some fog right on the. -- kind of he's the little bag -- that we -- five mile visibility here which is about half of perfect so it should be little haze from. The perfect yes perfect at ten mile visibility -- clear and it will be nice and clear tomorrow morning but expect a little bit of that moisture around for today. Okay and later today the rain moves. Can't still keep a 30% rain chance and that kind of beginning by mid day an entity after means and spotty showers and maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. When do you expect we'll see the kind of the highest threat of showers. How does threat will probably be the afternoon hours but it could start as early as about -- -- could be some showers working in its early at lunch -- so I would say you know -- for about. 6:7 PM the will be the best time deceased and rainfall should come to an -- you know shortly thereafter side and we have a concert at city park tonight the LP LB plane. As swing in the -- for the means so you know I think you're okay head on out there any kind of spotty shower activity be wrapping up by about then. Okay pretty brief and not widespread. Widespread yeah I'm just gonna say a handful of showers there may be you know a good number -- Tony it's either late and this cold front that really get a live up to its name I know we -- called strike is -- technically that is what it is the -- late spring cold fronts can sometimes be on the weak side -- -- at this gonna roll through. But it's not going to bring much cooler weather dryer for tomorrow but still right right meteor eighty once more after. And so really no change we get the rain and then the temperatures again are pretty much the same -- -- the change in that humidity you know it's it's gonna be guilty at today with that but that moisture -- lot better -- And the rain that we get this afternoon and evening that's the only rain all week yeah. And plastic tents and everything else -- not to worry about. Agreed to -- I just have a 10% chance for justice to race sprinkled Friday Saturday Sunday. -- like it I love it wants some more of it as you know usually when Jazz Fest gets here that's when our unofficial summer began -- Jessica had a warm yeah -- now at least this first weekend now looking to back yes. Mid eighties it's gonna be warm you know an Al there's something about being at the fairgrounds to panic it's a little humid -- I don't know what it is and maybe it's the music it's not news it's. Everybody's hand -- together Eric rice wet and you're at all with all of that same area. -- the gap is at least not to worry about hearing but that's again. Right wearing her lovely who is at -- re thinking. This -- you round -- but -- like cookies in your car or forget your keys somewhere it has been no longer time or I have one of those -- you know and that helped that really -- she got locked your keys in the car back I have got my -- -- have regularly locked -- right exactly that I have to -- that's helped me a -- -- I have done before did you -- Like all the clicker I don't know what would it get it down a little tiny -- what's -- like Paula I don't know slowed to a remote area got a remote that it. Well an Upper Darby Pennsylvania. They were able to. Nabih Robert because well he forgot his keys the fifth at us at the lazy days of behind the ad is dumb criminal. Was. Apparently trying to. Steal a designer purse from woman who investigated the scene found a key chain that had. An address on. Our message out quicker read on that saying this is stupid and on stupid person against the stupid thing anyway so the -- there. Went to the house and waited. And the he showed up -- at the pars yes. Well of course he's on home that's now. The -- is in jail and now because he dropped its key chain at the scene of the crime and Andrus on just keep -- away how much sense does that make yet here's my house -- here's the key here is nearly as bad as you rightly have come right in the lab. And recover all the designer purses that exactly -- -- -- karma I thought I would say probably end experts in front of the -- good -- against the I've said it many times. It's a good thing somebody criminals system down because it makes it much easier for the now they have to work hard on -- yet. Yes -- we are getting text messages and 87870 by the way foggy in the rose clearing cut off. Home but no -- hollow. We laugh I've got to fourth and love his ability at our application and how much it may just be very very patsy. Yet -- made -- people should be aware that the conditions are -- and could find a thick -- yep it's going to be very spot thank you Laura. But now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast center and her leopard print sports is next with Steve -- We got several text messages today it's 7870 about the. Was one was another presence as low hanging fog on the water in homeless though there is some fog down their folks. A long and closer to the coast -- please -- be aware of that and watch out for someone says -- is correct fog is thick. Passing through Oklahoma so lowers his. What president technically savvy companies that he looks like he's channeling Wilma Flintstones and leopard print dress. I hope that the good things -- -- sports is a good thing and for that on this staff like to call not Monday we welcome Steve Geller ran with the latest. In the world of sports -- Oh happy day how's it going they've. It's not Monday or at least of the things are -- right -- -- -- Jordan had a break out year last year for the saints racking up twelve and have Sachs. Which may exercising the fifth year option on his rookie contract a rather easy decision here's Mike Triplett of espn.com. Instead of signing rookies -- deals their order deals with a one year extension barely teen friendly thing they added to the collective bargaining agreement few years ago -- pretty easy decisions no brainer at a bit here and Gordon Deal. Jordan's option is worth six point nine million dollars and runs through the -- 152016. Season. Over to the NBA playoffs with the Memphis is heading home after splitting the first two games of their first round series in Oklahoma City. The grizzlies down the thunder won eleven to 105 in overtime. Out west -- -- scored a career playoff high. 35 points in the -- let all the way. Routing the Golden State Warriors 138 to 98 to even their first round series at one game apiece. Despite dropping game one at home Griffin says that rather poised coming out this one. We are actually more relaxed more loose than we were going to game one. On human being down 01 you can just tell our donors relax or Bruce you know just as confident they're there we -- to release got a comment excuse. The New York Knicks Utah Jazz in Minnesota Timberwolves are all in the market for head coaches after failing to make the playoffs. The knicks have dismissed Mike Woodson and his entire coaching staff and the jazz have declined to offer Tyrone Corbin a new contract. Timberwolves coach Rick cattlemen has decided to retire after 23 seasons and 1042. NBA victories. Over to the diamond now where LSU junior in fielder -- hale has been named the SEC player of the week and the tigers series victory at old miss. -- hit 625 with a double home run one RBIs and five runs scored. LSU back in Alex box stadium tonight and take a two lane our coverage starts at six. And -- suffers lost their second straight contest polling 21 to Colorado Springs. Today have four on sports talk hall of famers Ricky Jackson and Willie Roaf. The top three saints' draft picks of all time and what year was the team's top draft class I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning -- Lower by 51 they've gone Steve -- with you on your radio so the saints exercised their fifth year option. I'm -- Jordan. And that means that instead of being a free agent at the end of this upcoming season 2014. He won't be and create until 2015. And it cost the saints some money up front because they lock command to they don't have to fight over his salary for next year first of all -- talk about Jordan. While what do gray -- had last year a little slow start but he really came out last year and and proved his worth. You think this is the right thing to do to lock him in for a fifth year. Absolutely and as we heard it was in a no brainer decision just because of he's now considered in the leak defensive ends in the NFL right now. Like the pro ball right and along with junior go let people don't think of the saints. As -- lethal -- duo but they really put it on quarterbacks last year and I believe led the NFL. As defense events and now he was a first round draft pick for the -- and write the same here that they drafted -- -- running. Yes who also has a similar contract with the fifth year option. Coming up the saints haven't so I think may third. May I believe Mayfair is definitely the earlier -- -- grocery command to decide if they want to take the fifth year option. What do you think initiative that. I think they're doing the right thing right now by just standing pat wait and see what Mark Ingram does this season with the saints. You have a guy like Darren Sproles now out of the mix and you would imagine a little more touches of becoming his way. Pierre Thomas obviously still around along with Kyra Robinson and travellers -- that so Mark Ingram is gonna be really leaned upon. This season just because of the option that's looming and they have like this until the early may to decide on that but. He needs to show he's worth. The work for the saints they traded up to get back in the first round to take him so it really hasn't lived up to that he's shown glimpses thirtieth sank in the next. Few weeks that they should exercise that option -- largest roll the dice play the fourth year out. Of his contract for the 2014. Let him become a free agent and see what happens there ice they've ice I don't think they're gonna pick up the option just because going to be around five million dollars in just. That in general for free agent running back is -- pretty unheard of right now this could be marketing -- last season but the possibly you'll see what happens this season and then. You know negotiate the open market after that Jordan locked in front of the air Ingram. Maybe playing his last -- and our thanks Steve talked about fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL. AM FM and dot com I'm Dave -- the early edition. A WWL first news followed in Franklin -- and Covington into the text message today 7870. And more messages saying get down and home of the fog pretty thick. Here in the Crescent City right in downtown New Orleans look at the presence and connection little fog on the river but nothing is heating. Your ability to drive around your forecast disaster. By 57 good morning Dave -- the early edition of WWL first news business meteorologist Laura -- now. On this Tuesday we start the day with partly cloudy skies as -- warm up to near eight this afternoon. A few spotty showers and storms will develop that's because they cold front that begin to -- this way. -- swings through the area overnight tonight but it doesn't drop temperatures that much were still found a 63 overnight. And with sunshine tomorrow up to 81 and by Thursday were partly cloudy and 82. For the Eyewitness News forecast sent her I need to -- Clark -- Tell us some fog both north and south of the city but here in downtown New Orleans very little fog just it winds at 62 on partly cloudy the reporting -- Cloudy and 56 the National Weather Service office in Slidell but we do have some dense fog reported. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You see -- Twitter sadly I am. Hash tags because -- this guy can jump across climb a six foot fence run across -- tarmac climb into the wheel well the plane. Thank goodness he only had a cult and he generalized planes on from. San Jose to -- -- so there is a lot of water then went and he had had -- been a suicide bomber who decided to take out the plane he would have been very successful yeah absolutely so we'll talk about that in these of the -- -- security. Now to talk about this guy it was an Audubon park saw a lot of motorcycles going crazy called 911 couldn't get an answer. But I saw a motorcycle gang on the streets of the talk about what you're seeing out there -- 911 -- at Tommy's and for the next four as a fun we have the news right after this thanks for joining us.

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