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4-22 6:15am Tommy, slow 911 response

Apr 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ken Barnhart, who had some trouble getting through to an operator when he called 911 to report some dangerous activity

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Say your -- Ottoman park on Easter Sunday you're doing something museum motorcycle gang come up and we'll talk to the gentleman this happened to him and it. And needs figure you know what does this scare in families is not right -- -- call 911. So you do. And after it rings for ninety seconds you bring you hang up and you try again -- and surely something's gone wrong here. He would call again. And nothing happens. And then you finally get through and -- runs. Gets Orleans parish communications division of PCD. Says he when you probably would have been handled will be quick if you'd say the line rather than hang -- -- but if you need the police in your Colin 911. You're a better man and -- -- to Dynegy to just sit there and let it ring and ring and ring and not call back. Ken Barnard joins is in the second right now -- quickly we go to Patricia in noted talk about motorcycles and 911 morning Patricia. -- -- -- Well. And every Sunday is. Call. One on Campbell eight literally launched from parent -- -- and fly all the way she. No. Maybe every Sunday at the exit that. -- Either on the lock in on that. And now it Ike and such and car and not. Drop -- to get out. 8 I am -- in the car. And a lot about things. Aren't. Where such a -- and and park. And were like. It your ballot literally there at one on that. Typically -- out there. On Sunday. Oh. We'll talk about that Patricia as well also. Would you say it was it was menacing on a motorcycle gang energy. How. And why. And and -- on. It it -- one. You know. -- -- -- Patricia thank you so much -- have a great day I think I DC I think when it comes in motorcycles and its Jewish users and we got 911 and I think we got. A motorcycle issue in the city does again about 10 o'clock Crescent City connection. Twelve guys ten -- twelve guys on motorcycles taken turns pulling right in front of -- -- and on the brakes on taxes not a -- behind so -- A guy a New York tried better at least accidentally hit the motorcycle when you see what happening him -- Barnard joins us right now he was an. Audobin park on Sunday and camp that he got up -- thank you. More -- take -- from the beginning and paint the picture for this year is there an Ottoman part -- Sunday about 6 in the evening is that right. Yes that's correct we're -- like football. The big issues that I was calling about. Was not necessarily out of motorcycles but the lack response we're calling on -- want. Right but you called 911 originally for the motorcycles Regina. That's tracked down there are some offer people not. -- motorcycles meant for the road. But equal number illegal to the Arab -- -- -- -- to regret the park. And close proximity to it and -- expect. Things like dirt bikes and and for Willie TDs. So did their cut up but they cut -- condone Johnson. I would presume -- got a loud noise on in a way kind of menacing which is -- he called 911. Yet the need for work on two wheels. And they were that are out pretty quickly there Democrats. Really close in morning. Neighborhood and opens in their busy Easter service -- pertinent. Charity called 9111. Time what happens. -- but it happened in -- in excess of forty firings at least. Close to two minutes there how -- they want answering -- big problems work it. Right and and then I saw the communications directors says. You know if you had hung on you would have. Been handled more quickly which I think it's kind of silly because like Q if finally Colin 911 answering in 2.5 times ninety seconds. I don't know -- just sit there and let that ring I think the human responses OK something's gone wrong here we had tried again. Yeah absolutely new -- itself and you don't know after getting through. I thought maybe myself -- was work. Which -- and you are a bit that this conflict excuse. Singer usher lettering. Rather -- that problem system. She called Beck. A second time in what happens. I think things are that it rang rang him up and happened. Actually grown up and tried and not a mercy on -- what the same result. So then you call back a third how well these your fourth call third time the 911. About 27 seconds later thirty seconds which is still long time the phone rang you get an answer and what happens then. Probably ancient world and and so they were busy no reason for lack of course are but not much more than and that. And they -- they were dispatched police unit that took my phone number name and I -- -- -- -- announcing. And how long did take the police get there. Are doing in your. Part and what time -- Our for a -- after earlier. Order. And then NO PD says that day is it that called the offices went out made chalked it talked it up or reported it. And TI think it's not into it because they couldn't see anybody right motorcycle and an out -- and about his candid. There's a little late at that point was not. Yes absolutely and -- the whole point was beaten. Not a good police work army good good no it's song one -- totals are. -- of thirty minutes response time is. In my opinion not Grady the coach also had a problem with a call box right. That's correct and you know what that means somewhat in the area of cold -- -- they are sure are more. Satellite was what -- call box and know which would respond -- And they'd -- Audubon park people's said that they were. -- the boxes are tested several times a day by the officers and were functioning properly on Easter but they were dealing with a motorcycle. Problem that was happening. Come over over the lesbian by the rivers so. Did it one question I have for you before we let you go is do you have any confidence in might be a dumb question in there. 911 system if you -- in trouble -- Orleans parish if you live here if you drive in through -- -- eaten at a restaurant work and what have you. And do you think this is the anomaly or do you think this is the norm when you called 911. Well I thought that as an anomaly in that you had to bring terror detention transferred system. But it sounds like this might be the norm while excepting answers armed that would guarantee yesterday in the response. Not been. What I hope for. One recognizing that there is a problem with the system. Can end on a -- noble position you plant your flag football team. Quarterback. So you think the saints may -- uses a concern. Yet there are all her elderly. That 34. He had years Andy thank you can appreciate your time I really do. It at -- you have a great day.

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