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WWL>Topics>>4-22 Tommy, effective school discipline

4-22 Tommy, effective school discipline

Apr 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Russ Skiba, a Professor of Counseling & Educational Psychology Director of the Equity Project at the Indiana University Center for Evaluation & Education Policy, about the best school discipline policies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a plan by the LG of Algiers charter school association. And I believe its policy. Where if a kid gets an out of school detention. You have the option on school suspension you have the option of him not being on a school or hurt not being suspended. But instead serving detention on a Saturday -- pay 25 dollars for that. And I guess that it takes into effect parents who can't watch the kids during the day and you know if parents by January out of trouble is gonna get the parents attention if they have to -- for the bad behavior of the Q and and I'll say this. People have called and told me about in school suspensions which. -- don't think account which is anything it just means -- -- -- go to school and and I had to go to class and I'll admit. It shouldn't have happened but because in my mouth gets suspended in seventh grade had to go home and sit for three days read Johnny to remain and write a report on it. And I believe the -- and she dismissed me said read this book it's about character apparently some of which you and none. And she wasn't -- Stephen Jones right now professor of counseling educational psychology director. Equity project at Indiana university center for a valuation. And education policy morning -- And I presume it's doctor -- Now you work hard and it Ph.D. selling -- Tell me about Tom punishment. Motivation to get students to behave themselves parents being involved. How do you fix it will first of what's wrong body takes. Big question. Jungle where you feel comfortable out in the we often think about what do we do about a particular behavior well. You know and particulars aside. This went on what -- do that -- -- chair. And minute almost automatic cancer was -- -- -- -- sending a wrestling school. Yeah so and so you know and commitment and added that element of truth to it we get where we're we're we're seeing who really serious intentions can. We don't really have many options. We really just get away produce some pictures where we want to start. Is a comprehensive system that hopes hopefully keeps this from getting in that situation. On a lot less so so you know what is the appropriate consequences for behavior really depends on the consequence a lot of schools around the country to the optic. I'm graduated discipline systems where they have bowl center of things -- play is anything wrong. You know life in class -- today. Two. Talking with a counselor on all the way up to suspension expulsion -- we trying to users or their chizik and execute it. In -- can put it out. A school. In these days -- times during the week on the street. Which which actually probably increases the risk of pork prepared interconnected. So so. Places like -- and a unified school districts are or are they have a great one on the web site. That really defines each behavior and whether it's a minor -- more meter -- -- range and you can. And should do and really trying to develop. All positive climate that supports kids so that we get to that point kids in Eugene posters in -- So you know where we're competitive society one improve math and science and reading stores but. You also have to maintain discipline in in the classrooms so is that how you balance it out between. Set them back academically and sitting him down in terms of punishment that that. Can be depends on the -- Luckily I mean we -- we want to. Who want to sit. Expectation -- it goes back in the -- you know there's no question. Make sure that it's clear that it is not certain kind of -- just are acceptable. It. -- in school. But you know in the same way in the whole -- we used a variety of means we don't circuit outside -- we we use a variety of means. -- -- -- -- Or -- we simply -- talking to -- you know depending. On on what's happening on the oh win there we -- -- in -- same way in art school. You know -- That to the greater extent we have a variety of options are available to tour for a variety behaviors on. That we were prepared. A docking -- you know we we have CNN now we have 24 hour news channels. The Internet so -- it deal question I think is -- the and it always comes around a different issues. Our students be getting. Worse or is -- behavior coming worse becoming worse or is it. Just let the students at duke cut out maybe sometimes habits and outrages incident we -- -- well certainly. That those serious incidents. Because you know they're they're -- all the way to spear tragic incident. -- but but you know those things written that stuff that we hear about terms of school -- that represent -- small proportion school. The fact you know if you look at the -- art school. That the data seems to show -- -- schools have remained roughly. At the same terms of disruptive behavior or for about thirty years. Thank you doctor running time hopefully we'll have more time when you join us again our. Thank user -- -- us much for having me on you that.

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