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WWL>Topics>>4-22 8:15am Tommy, airport security

4-22 8:15am Tommy, airport security

Apr 22, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jeff Price, an aviation security expert & Professor of Aviation at Metropolitan University in Denver, about the breach in airport security that let a teen stow away on a flight to Hawaii

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guys who welcoming in the 8 o'clock crowd -- we gotta say hello to Geoff price he's an aviation security expert and associate professor of aviation. And metropolitan university in Denver I would I was in the plane. Flying from California to Hawaii and I didn't I wasn't comfortable being over that much water strapped in and the seats so I can imagine what it's like. To be in the wheel well of an airplane -- Maybe might be easier case your unconscious on -- -- a good morning Jeff -- again aviation security expert associate professor of aviation. At metropolitan university indenture. Welcome Jeff. -- -- -- About this whole story with as he's being called hash tag still eighteen. And the likelihood of of this even the end true. Well -- the possibility. There have been other people -- Irony here here on the survivability only slightly careers and -- in there it is sued the it's extraordinary. If -- is that true. They're on speculation out there may have actually in the -- where your bag area. Would you characterize heated environment. Where a we travel via -- environmentally controlled and cracker I've -- -- -- crawled into real well on land. For the open speculation. The he did -- -- in the real all right. It is possible an extraordinarily. Unlikely to -- about it. Yeah I think that almost might be the red Herring in this because when you talk everybody money gotten into would you say the baggage. -- -- Correct -- that world that your -- occurred or. In terms of security that that might be even more frightening I guess I don't know if there really matters because of somebody is able. To climb over a sense and then you go back -- you check the security cameras after the fact did you see him do on it. It seems to me like he you know he did anybody could've gotten an -- and anything they wanted. That's the real security acute here the fact that there is -- -- -- and order story probability that. The real security question here if you can get on to the year craft and without being detected what about some view. Content and what completely on board aircraft. Or and they -- -- craft without a screening check point and there are layers of security and I'll rent it actually multiple layers to prevent. In this is a case where somehow he managed to roll out later well. But you know of this kid can do this just on a spur of the moment because he had a fight at home whatever happened. It would seem to me if somebody's probing the system for weaknesses. They get pretty good chance again is done. It back. Political -- -- or be out there -- -- quarterback -- recurrent -- impractical or record. Under the -- every time -- the ball to me -- -- there the week doesn't mean there's not a sense where it means there's a week and that the current. In that case -- got perimeter -- what's the state of people -- the order your order. And makes a little harder pixel longer you don't want to know what despite walking across. Open ground let you go through an airport police on completion you've got airport security officers. And the bigger player and every person who works unmanned air vehicle they have an identification that terrible regulatory responsibility. To challenge anybody they -- on the field without the proper identification. And you've got all the players play and he somehow managed by all. In on another much about jets but I presume in the plane is on the ground landing gears there's no way to secure that. When the wheels down -- there. There really you -- -- the fight will conduct a walk around which is primarily history teacher fired take off. -- and -- typically -- open wheel well area and to throw people that would be really be surprised if that happened at all. Used to looking for any sort of obstruction might -- left up there. Mechanics tool. And wildlife birds or something about it crawled out there all -- should be number grow. Particularly the left there by mr. Obama. Until the final vote in the conduct a locker room anyway just firstly Ichiro. And that's -- might have been able to get a better after the are not about walk around or it has been tucked -- in Burke -- your world through our student. On the in terms of real security at airports and and and you know I know they had footage of this kid Kleiman. Offense and -- just wonder these cameras supposed to be watched or do you just go back to them like come -- football games those of the videotapes he what happened and sort of little bit late at that point isn't it. A little bit to tell and to purple PPP system that one pulled out all the camera. All the camera everywhere. Is that. Human make terrible the monitor use -- -- you're so distracted by shiny objects that they're looking like he ultimate long. It'd fit the typical for a tribute so. A lot of time here and their return. They're great investigative tool for after the fact. But he is last year trying to some sort of intrusion detection system or you literally -- -- here -- an amount -- development. Apparently watch all of the camera. It really isn't -- -- A real fine hitter Portugal. So we're taking our shoes off upstairs taking anything out of our pockets stake -- our belts off. Downstairs -- debt could be the weakest link and I mean how worried should we be about this if if this is normal operating procedure at most airports. Personally I'm not too worried about it in the street for thirty year zone and do. And there are several layers and place and what -- there they are all that nothing bad happened reputed. Expert and not currently here he didn't damage anything. On our the year character. To crash landing. So critical horrible boycott all through our victory Thursday you need to do better paying attention. What's going on here feel I don't think we need regulatory changes. Between your congressional oversight committee that your anger or security all the air authority that. It's just a matter of paying better attention and then. Ensuring that both players were there. Hey Jeff I appreciate -- time hope we talked to you again. --

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