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4-22-14 1:10pm Scoot: on Hollywood's portrayal of the south

Apr 22, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks whether Billy Bob Thornton's assessment that Hollywood doesn't know how to portray the south is accurate.

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Good afternoon -- is off today and tomorrow and scoots. Right to be with you on this. Tuesday afternoon. On a cloudy but it is very very comfortable in what I would -- couple of days it has been in the -- some more great weather. It's daily show we're gonna go in and out of our breaks with one hit wonders. Sometimes it's fun to just go back and remember those songs that were so good you can't imagine that the group didn't do more. Then that one song. This was Frankie Goes to Hollywood -- relax of course many of us remember. Dancing to this in the eighties. Not that those are all pleasant and respect we do have some of those married and you have to do what he -- effective if you have -- a one hit wonder request. -- you consider to our our text number 87870. The -- blog today so the girls are gonna talk about a little bit later don't blame television for your bad choices. And in the blog also talked about how old misleading the media attendees. And if you're concerned about being manipulated by the media day and you might wanna read this blog and share with others because it does. It does point out a common practice. Of the media which I've often talk about. In terms of misleading. The public not lying to the public but they're there are reasons to mislead the public and it's it's all about getting attention. It's all about getting ratings. So the blog is don't blame television for your bad choices and part of that is about misleading. On the public and the media does that and you can everyday I'd give us your comments if you like it's on our web site. At WWL dot com and will reach some of the comments are coming up in just a little while. Also you have heard in our news this to a medical marijuana is continuing to be discussed it is not legal in the state of Louisiana. It is being discussed in the year in the legislature. However there was a bill that was going to ease the the penalties for marijuana possession in Louisiana is one of the harshest states with with penalties in the country. And apparently we're gonna stay that way out for now. And if there is any problem filling the jails then it seems to me that may be we should relax the penalties for. For simple marijuana possession and safe space for people who have committed violent crimes save the space for people who have. I have done on things a lot worse than possessing. A marijuana I'm not promoting marijuana and I don't smoke pot I've admitted this on the -- I'd buy it happened -- in the past in my life. I don't do would now -- if it was legal I would smoke it that's my choice. But I think there -- lot more important things to worry about. There's somebody who has a simple possession of marijuana. But when it comes to medical marijuana I am really confused as to what the rational reason might possibly be. To continue to make medical marijuana is illegal in the state of Louisiana. To me this is supported the things that makes our state seems so backwards. If you think about the things that are that are available to prescription. And marijuana it's not. I mean do people honestly believe that that medical marijuana becoming legal in the state is that going to be. Second of the Gately legislation to legalizing marijuana it's something we'll talk about on the show today also I found them another article about germs. Now you know. Then I'm a German -- I've admitted that. I got a little problem. And so when I find articles about this largest I've I find it fascinating I I think that I actually think about germs in places where most people don't think about germs. We'll talk about that on the show. I found out now that there's a there's been a new comprehensive study done. Of the DNA. -- dollar bills. And there are hundreds of different kinds of bacteria. One dollar bills look you know I've been to places in the French Quarter she wears some dollar deals go and it's not surprising to me -- dollar bills or not. It's not really that clean. Not that it's just those dollar bills but I mean think about all the people who touched anyway that's just one of the things we'll talk about but I -- -- germ phobic if you are to you might wanna join us. Later in the show. It's their prejudice. Against the south in Hollywood. Do you think we're depicted is big it's. Less intelligent. Are we depicted as people who are. Naturally lazy. Billy Bob -- said in an interview with foxnews.com. About his new TV show new TV series of Fargo. He said there is prejudice against people in the south he's from Arkansas mr. self. He said for the most part it's a shame. Billy -- Ford went on to say there's always been a prejudice about the south and southerners in movies. Because they are portrayed as bigots. Generally they're cartoon characters. And when they do romantic comedies in the south they use that broad accent. And all the women are these -- southern bills it's kind of silly. Do you agree. Are you offended by the trail. Of the south and southerners. In movies and on TV show us. Do TV shows like -- people and -- dynasty did they do they offend you. Do you think it's OK to have those stereotypes have been there or stereotypes in the south. And I think some of the stereotypes that we have in this part of the country we deserve. But we're not all the fine but the stereotypes. And a lot of people get are offended by Smart people and -- dynasty and the portrayal of of southern stereotypes. Also a particular agree with -- it's changed since Hollywood came to New Orleans and pretty. You aren't you get the feeling that the producers and -- writers and directors. Understand now that we don't talk with the southern drawl accept. We also don't talk with a cajun accent in New Orleans and they have just as some horrific movies that have tried to imitate the cajun accent the one it comes to my mind. Is the Big Easy with Dennis Quaid. Read the accent in the accents but especially get to squeeze in that movie was so horrific that it was even hard to follow the story. And then there's always this idea that well down in new Roland you know they talk like it will we don't talk like that in New Orleans. They talk -- definitely -- -- reflected in other places in south. I was a little bit like dependant but -- we don't we don't talk like that here we have our own. Our own dialect but since New Orleans has become such a great place to do movies. We'll see it as often as we once did so we'll talk about some of the things in movies that. Data were absolutely insulting to you. Do you think of of the portrayal of somebody in the south -- the stereotype from the south. Or an accent from the south did did absolutely an insult to -- If you wanna join our show our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 877. Here's -- WWO pretty -- bopping your poll this afternoon Billy Bob Gordon says there is a prejudice against the south in Hollywood. Do you think that southerners are portrayed accurately. Give us your opinion like going to our web site. WL dot com tractor pull throughout our show this afternoon give you an update coming appeared just a few minutes. And here's another one hit wonder. -- Sheriff and sheriff -- mrs. eighty's this is one of those rock ballads. You know he also when he from dancing and and you get this slow song that came -- gave you a chance to him. It close. A way to do one hit wonders going in and out of our breaks today I'm studio for Angela and will be right back -- WL. We're gonna go out of our breaks today we have one hit wonders this was one from the eighties easy lover. Don't believe -- studio for Angela -- where this year I -- I -- get you up pretty general opinion poll this afternoon. Actor Billy Bob Morton says there is a prejudice against the south in Hollywood do you think southerners are portrayed. Accurately. Right now 21% say yes but an overwhelming 79% saying no southerners are not the trade. Accurately I give us your opinion like going to our website WW -- dot com and -- -- of Daytona pole as we tracked it through on our show. Also there is such a new information out and another studies come out about. -- about germs about the and the number of germs on money. And the number of germs on your your cellphone and I'm sure you you listen to. And it shows and do you know I'm germ filled and I you know what when I come in the studio. There's one thing that I always have to have infected I'm gonna get a tweet this out if you wanna join me on Twitter it's at -- WWL. I'm gonna tweet out the one thing in the next break. I'm gonna tweet out one necessity. That I must -- before start to show. And this is no offense to anybody who was on before BP it's the one necessity that I have there -- that I am. I -- a full opportunity to join me on Twitter at scoot. -- to be real we're talking about -- about thorn in an interview with foxnews.com saying that if there's a prejudice against people in the south. Do we deserve the prejudice that we have are ridiculous. Are we less intelligent. Are releasing. -- think of a movie or TV show which gave an insulting portrayal of the south. Is there one that gave it -- very accurate portrayal of the self here's a text that says so I thought probably broke Broadway jury trade New Orleans pretty well. So what was that movie that was an embarrassing insulting betrayal of the cells were southern characters or TV show. And what gave us a very accurate. A description of herself and I guess you could say whether that's positive or negative it might be. It might be accurate if you management issue with the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. It's all free 866889. Nearly seventy at a -- number is 877. There are some things going on in the legislature that do depict Louisiana as a very backwards thinking state. The very idea that there was legislation to declared the Bible the official state book was. Ridiculous. And it would've ended up in court. It's ridiculous for the the Bible to be the official state book because that. Even though the Bible is not just reserved for for. A fundamental Christians or the specific. Sex within the Christian community. The Bible that seems to be the promotion the Bible seems to be owned mostly by by Christians. And we don't need an official state book. We don't need to spend time on that they are certainly more important things to to consider and that's something that the legislature. And realize that there were more important things to consider but. I guess the main point about the Bible being the staple is. It would manifest any change it wouldn't second and make people more religious. It's superficial meaningless legislation that makes people feel like they've done something to promote christianity. And that's not the right way to promote christianity. Also the the deal that would have reduced the penalties for simple possession of marijuana. -- make it through the legislature. So Louisiana's one of the harshest states. In the country when it comes to. Laws. That an issue for simple possession of marijuana. That makes this appear a little backwards in the year 2014. But many people agree that we need to hold hold hold certain standards in our state. And we shouldn't -- to the pressure and any trends. Around the country. But does this make us look rather backwards I can tell you this sudden this past week -- on Sean and his girlfriend Lauren had been visiting from Portland. And she has only been to New Orleans twice. And so it's really interesting to see. New Orleans to the eyes of somebody who is in from the Pacific northwest living at Portland born there raised there. And she comes here and she points out things that are really different -- the UN I noticed will be kind of take for granted these things that are that are different. But things really are different here but in some ways they're different in every part of the country. But when -- when you have somebody visiting from out of town. Especially for somebody who doesn't really know New Orleans. You do start to -- start to recognize some of the things that are that are that are different. In some ways we deserve. The stereotypes. Of people in the south. But that's not being and it might not be you so it doesn't bother me. They are people who have gotten really upset with the depiction of the south in the TV -- Smart people. And -- dynasty. Well there are people like that in Louisiana there are people just like the people in -- dynasty and swamp people right here in our state. But I don't take it personally because. They're who they are and -- like him and I don't what the transfer to. To me in and my -- definition of myself in the south as as a as a south and I'd be it does show he very these shows crucially very colorful side. Of our state and we do have a very colorful rich culture to our stated that there's many different cultures. New Orleans there's southwest Louisiana. Players central Louisiana north Louisiana which are very very different parts of the state. But it it just doesn't bother me that they had these shows that some people find to be. Insulting to people in the -- Did you think of a movie or a TV show that really insulted you in terms of the trio of people in the south and southerners. And this is something that you take personally. If you enjoyed our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- -- -- He's a 77. Here is attacks Disco it's not just the south Jersey Shore did know favors from my old stomping grounds. Well that's true and and I have been fortunate to live all over this country. I'm from here this is my home I'm back -- thrilled to be home. But I can tell you that in the northeast. Everybody is not a liberal. Everybody's not a northeastern liberal. And I can tell you that everybody in California everybody in Washington State and ordered everybody out west is not liberally port. And so I guess there were people who would be insulted by the stereotypes. From the northeast the stereotypes. In the Pacific northwest the story Tyson California there are a lot of very very conservative areas very conservative. Outside of Portland. Outside of Seattle. And really throughout throughout California. So if there or stereotypes everywhere should we really be insulted. -- we take it so personally that there are stereotypes about people in the south. And I can tell you I see this all the time and I've talked about a -- shows that I do before. And talk about it again because it was quite obvious and being with my son and his girlfriend over the last week I'm using them downtown. Nobody. Nobody. In fact they met some friends from Portland who were visiting New Orleans when they were we were altogether we started across the street to from Jackson square two. A -- they do more for coffee and doughnuts. Started across the street there there was no traffic coming. Not a car insight in you either direct phone and delicate course liberal but. There were no cars coming it was safe to cross but the the do not walk light was up. We started across. And we just started to get in the crosswalk and one of the girl said she was serious about tennis she's looking register -- -- -- arrested. It that's attitude that they have in that part of the country they don't they don't walk against the lights. Two times over the weekend. I saw parents. With kids little babies in their strollers. And they were in a crosswalk. When cars were coming and the cars had the right away. So if you're pushing your stroller with your kid -- it to a crosswalk. When you're not supposed to you're endangering the life of the child when I get that person ticket. Some of the stereotypes. We deserve. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. This early seventy. At a text number is -- 7070. I -- it for Angela we're coming right back with more here's a WWL news updates with Don -- Good afternoon my studio -- Port Angeles today and tomorrow I'm glad you're with us on this Tuesday afternoon we're gonna go out of our place with one hit wonders -- this was -- when he was -- from the eighties and it's almost all the she's going to be -- leaders like this -- portable but the guy couldn't come up with one more hit. We're talking about to Billy Bob Gordon saying that there's prejudice against itself and Hollywood do you think southerners are portrayed accurately. That's our Debbie give you a pretty general opinion poll a right now 15% say yes and 85% say no southerners not portrayed accurately. I you can give assure opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com from New Orleans Jamie you're on WWL. Good. -- -- -- That a lot actually bought it and let -- -- hurt. A lot and it didn't think. It's from the note to. How you. The Yankee accent that we have here is much closer to to -- -- much closer to -- that it is too. That southern drawl but so so many movies and TV shows have depicted people from New Orleans is talking with that southern drawl and we don't -- on a year. -- Didn't want them -- Not that they. Jack and once I tried to heal. And that would maybe we should all check. Them. Yeah it was that we son Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock subordinate moving excellent excellent movie would see that wasn't that was in New Orleans that we. And and but that's okay that's the that was part of the -- part. -- I think you know I think they think -- lead. We have like each. Other. And I. Look at it. Think at the moment and hit it to the evening. -- that we really are. And I think that since Hollywood has come here we now have Hollywood itself -- in New Orleans I think that that is has changed and have a more realistic idea although a lot of the movies that they make in New Orleans. -- field here but they're not set in New Orleans they're they're still here said in San Francisco or New Yorkers some others. Yeah yeah they'll they'll do it's called disagreeing screen and -- They'll film a scene here permanently here but in the back the backdrop when they going to editing the backdrop will be San Cisco. -- And I'm gonna be a program on in -- a while ago. And it was you'll hear it. Now that. That that's a show it would be done here and and and they're they're hoping that that becomes at another a spinoff of that series. Okay okay. I mean are you programming you haven't. All right Jamie to have a great week from New Orleans Ralph you're into the WL. And co chair. Of a man a good. About troop detective are you guys talk about that yet I don't know. -- -- -- -- We should pitch perfect and really did -- it. Yeah -- Series. Produced. What into rectified that written and produced a clock and Wear pink. Went -- here -- am pretty sure around here. But in terms of not to be acts but the way you lie and the and -- are -- It was pitch -- -- I think there's I think there's more of that today than it was in the past. -- -- a -- producers you know coming down here working here you know that's our. Concerns. And -- you know whatever it right of the you know people not getting out right preacher he'd done all right. Well I guess is he hands. He's just he's just saying it's sometimes they don't depict the south accurately but -- there are stereotypes and we might not want to. Admit to the stereotypes that remind us of ourselves and Arab mind as we were very very sensitive in this part of the country. And if somebody says anything about anyone of us then a lot of people take its personally. -- in the in the northeast it's. It is not this is -- as it is here. You can't define all northeast -- as people who are on northeast liberals or California liberals because there are a lot of conservatives in both of those regions and I don't sense that people take it as personally as we do here when the south comes under a stereotypical view. Well. We make it grant our -- but I think both are were Smart enough to understand mark producers' meeting but spoke to our. Are you ready consumers of media who were coming from say that you know you don't -- -- -- or. Or new England and and and East Coast. They understand that they occurred between. Deadly. Com. Sort of taught art -- that got it right. Let me and one other movies bets. Or actually impact being cut it to the other. Barely a Louisiana will be. I think Al Robert -- and that is and B pop the directed. And starring -- Cross all while I've remember that you know what that is definitely. An accurate depiction of some people in the -- Ralph I gotta get direct -- really going to called enjoyed our conversation so what movie was an insulting portrayal. Of the self and southerners. And what movie accurately. Betrayed the -- if you wanna join us with a comet are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's happening -- X numbers -- 7870. Here's a -- the water -- with Adam Sandler was the worst. Adam Sandler ways to the character -- Bobby Boucher. Both -- and -- Kathy Bates plays mother believe. Wow terrible terrible cajun accents but the worst. Was Dennis Quaid in the Big Easy in if you give forgot how bad it was we've got a clip. For the Big -- with Dennis Quaid it's coming up next along with -- your calls. I'm -- differential on -- well. -- This is sort of my favorites. When he went. Remember this -- I love. Moving pictures. And what about me -- Green Zone. We're going -- -- breaks with one hit wonders and then I got it -- here this is would you please put up a list of the great music you're playing today good memories. I don't wanna start my ship taking. Thanks for that compliment you you you've got to go to were you outline. I'll purple a list of the bill when he wonders who were playing on the shorter day also I have a chance to -- to tweet out yet but one thing that I must have before I go on the air here. And it's no reflection on the people who work right performing in the studio but there's one thing that I must have. And a tweet that out to in the next break if you wanna join me on Twitter it's acts scoot deputy well. A Billy Bob Jordan says that there's prejudice against the south and Hollywood do you think that southerners are portrayed accurately. That's or W you'll pretty general opinion poll 22% say yes and 78%. Saying no. It is your opinion by going to our website to -- WL -- -- so we're talking about the way to -- is depicted in movies and on television. Dennis Quaid the the the attempt -- -- cajun accent. By Dennis Quaid in the movie the Big -- Was so embarrassing you really couldn't even pay attention to the story. Here's a clip from Dennis Quaid in the -- he should listen -- this. -- -- -- Real occasion our bullpen did an online -- Hey thank you very. Family and -- There might be bad news -- Well my cousin Kerry -- Actually. You -- -- youngest. And I just thought that was just a bad attempted a cajun accent. And -- Tatum Channing who is apparently gonna possibly via I've cajun character in a movie wants to work on his accent before it was a girls authentic. A cajun accent before he does it in a movie which is an admirable. And here's -- -- it reads stuff I agree the Big Easy was the worst tight ropes -- Clint Eastwood was also bad. Here's into the Texas southern comfort and a Kevin Costner movie JFK had bad New Orleans accents -- it. It seems to me that that's changing a bit. But they were some really bad bad New Orleans -- in movies it's one of the things were talking about financially -- code and from Canner Tony -- to -- WL. -- -- -- -- Like you have my former northern military that we -- follow him in 98. And that was all at people thinking that. The people and in the war airy it was still marrying cousins. We went for the. -- that's really just that's outside of New Orleans. Well -- in California. Literally they've actually -- married first and second cabinet that we don't do it anymore and medical believe it or not. But you know only I mean you're right -- continue but there was there was a law that was passed by the legislature. A couple of years back I remember talking about it on the air. That would allow first cousins to marry in the state of Louisiana and I just thought that was ridiculous. I don't care advocate. -- -- I'm not don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Airing. On and that we can't it leaks underground -- do we really truly. And we don't go to school could go further than any great. So when they will make an -- and I can't do what I want to try to. You know they'll look and adjust to all earned a law Carmen strong territory -- -- Ellen degenerate and intelligent people. And a lot alike in the quantum leap out like in the stock track I don't think he depicted. The -- they see he get a lot on the -- that that kept my most recent you're -- in the war. Yet and there's no reason to get anything but New Orleans wrong today especially with the amount of time that so many people from Hollywood have have spent a year. I agree comet Hartley I agree -- got a parade and a partridge creek and -- they did you. People. Tony I enjoyed our conversation I'm going to called apparently I just said that I was Angela filling in pursuit -- that is that is inaccurate as a live radio show sometimes I miss misspeak. All right coming up here in just a few moments you're gonna have a chance to win the X 1000 dollars in the 1000 dollar vacation cast contests here on WB well. The details. Are coming up next I'm -- differential. Until VW oh here's another one hit wonder. Don't know why didn't totally doesn't come up with another big hit after this. We're featuring one hit wonders this afternoon and everybody else. Are -- are going to get a lot of breaks with one hit wonders if that you -- -- text a request to insert text summaries. 878 senators trying to target to another. Speak one you'd want to from the past. I suited for Angela we're talking about prejudice against the south from Hollywood. Some of the movies that have really not depicted the south accurately TV shows like swap people induct dynasty. Are you insulted by the -- -- guys they don't apply to me but there are people like dead in Louisiana. From a rural Kathy you're on the VW well. -- Obviously I'm very confused. -- -- -- -- And I didn't see that laws enacted. It. Getting that -- reality -- and the Jackie and and back its share. -- -- -- -- -- I listen I understand I you know what actually we deserve some of the stereotypes we see. -- actually it. -- -- -- -- Kabul. Share them and. It was a -- at -- at 4 AM. Good or bad I feel fortunate that they get in the shallow grave but. I guess I'd try it out but -- All right Kathy I'm glad you called the show I've got to get to a break here and if if you have sent us a text will get -- -- your -- coming appeared in just a few minutes. Also coming up we'll talk about how you can't blame TV for your bad choices that's the -- blog it's coming up in the next hour.