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4-22 4:35pm Sports Talk: Rickey Jackson

Apr 22, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to former New Orleans Saint and Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson about the 2014 draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He was a member of the 81 draft class is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame legend AA and Ricky Jackson. Jones now Ricky how argument man. One guard regularity Obama dogs. All right city chant tip can't we'd we'd do a good and you know we sit here we get close to the draft a -- talk about great moments in saints' draft history McGee. To talk about what the Saints don't do this year but we look back on their draft Rickie and for players yourself frank GM. -- -- -- Not only contribute but thirteen. Seasons. With the Saints I mean that's. I mean to to get that many players in one draft plans to stay -- one team that along in Indy contributed. In three key figures of the dome -- total of two big guys up front yourself and other -- come along. -- draft class with some now. You know we -- -- good opportunity YouTube and I would keep to a dog. Although. Go to Maryland a draft. -- claimed you know -- concentrating move cargo on them. Tend to work in the army or so ago -- go on the roller. Now Ricky do you think -- gets enough credit and then I'll look at also how he worked that you all his son wade. Now wade was young up and coming. We just talked about a little bit about your relationship with the bum and wade. And then now well no oh wait now has revocation as wanted to -- it was a par -- but just talk about a Dag bad background would you come and out of pit. And it come with the Saints and of those guys. Boy you know abdominal. -- so Obama earlier duties. My -- on -- -- yeah all of that ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I Olympic movement. All of mode regarding drug me to be brought that attitude that stuff you -- -- there were promoters and took a little and brought it belongs and -- He's got real love about them talk to people. And then to anybody. Now Ricky all the players you when he -- I can remember you telling me this one time. That no matter who was trying to block Q you know obviously everyone's gonna falls focus on pass protection and I'm dog and about. When you played at the highest level against the run and you containment not letting him get outside and I remember you telling me. What was -- big guys go against those stunning news that they're not any covered denied bettered in Kobe -- not go against the doubles drug Boggan tied in and during practice during the week. Follow our board and Atlantic every area of our problem there and it took to actually -- racially book. I've missed a macho oh my whole group called Tuesday -- these that it intentionally. Well are -- -- that will go. Now you know on the wall live -- Rodrigo pitched. Now Ricky when you look at gone back when you rat pit and he's played to the fans. That maybe you'd get the recognition you deserve silly because. You know you all you always been a combination of great linebackers yourself a pat swilling the big you had doubted -- would UTU green. And that just talk about that background where -- humor out of gotten maybe more recognition at Pitt and not disputing get any. But as NFL player that you surpassed you green. Why you go out more appropriate situation and he had to -- -- anybody would Serb observer different out here are. The -- used to it you know but it should vote would be to -- -- better record to follow. Kids and all that stuff so. You know that sure about observers agree with -- or go by numbers about a certain spot. -- -- work on October the biggest problem with the postal. I have to get a bad Pollard they would -- Margaret were pretty. I think that a product you much he would -- about Joseph Bravo I think between Vodafone arena -- dale -- Beers also call for him. They get that article I have a decreasing your. Ricky a degree -- Dex is a special guest talk about the class of 811 of the greatest draft classes today in the history of the saints' organization one of the best in NFL history. Ricky when you look at it what you guys are -- and -- back -- -- back and say you Yankee defeat clean you know we won't we be pat down linemen. Escaping you and they -- you up knocking you're on you but in and Frank Warren in June Wilkes to have those got how important what they. I'll -- of the dome patrol what you guys they would do. Our main though they had to go over there -- the -- the groove and the real problem -- me -- on -- side of the you know. On the whole post Lambeau probably -- -- all the time and walked out of the Carl. Joseph will -- a bit to go out there available this all the video would decide on playing. Playing all of them anchors come on Auburn's program abortion or. It would take to but now hold two an arbitrator ruled -- -- program hold to go around more. But don't downgrade. It's always very good Tuukka. Now Ricky and him bringing Evan -- individual. And you look up potential and ability. And and I'm not saying you take plays off but when he would dominate he would dominate -- just talk a little bit about jumpy Geathers. And and you can look at their blood line look at his nephew -- wanted to best slime and I -- as the with the Bengals. A pass rush has -- you could see a number of them have an opportunity. To play in the NFL. From jars dolls are -- -- together -- family. But just talk a little bit about a jump me and when he wanted to rush the passers in like he couldn't be blog one on one. For inaugural. More yards a mountaineer victory column -- much mixture moment redundant so there -- British girl good matchup. So law blog -- obligated to -- folk missed all mold -- They take the ball -- embargo on the -- -- rule -- an hour or so. Ago. World. An awful ones and just -- on the -- on the current W blow off one -- Ricky and allied nowadays and you got to -- since he's got decides it's not a company up and run -- -- tell the fans what has she got gone on the day. Former world we're alone on Gardner structures -- home or intro to our order. Some gas station and we're honored you're here sort of figure -- people I don't mind of what Butler but he. There's my hero who are and so all of a lot should always -- to do there. Oh all the players so well almost. Yeah orient -- work to do. There were most. There ago Waco what are there or ought to refine our younger team it's obvious you've got -- There aren't -- -- where nobody could not work. Are now lower on doing their. Go play golf or -- there were very an -- ball wherever it. Now Ricky by being a saint -- like all of us you have to be proud the Saints organization. Yeah Iraq right now considered. -- wanted to best is like you'd be surprised have been not in the playoffs and ultimately having a chance voters suitable you look on the Sean Payton and Drew Brees. But they almost you think about it it's almost like a decade now since 2006. That Dave putt plated the highest level and what's impressive in -- in a word about making the play -- would be trying to keep pace it looks like. It always gonna take to overtake the Seahawks and you bring in a guy like jurors bird. Now are being you know that it can and it shall do whatever days they go in the right direction and basically try to answer -- They bring back and compete with virtually even though they are a whole thing -- you -- Lanka these social about Ogilvy achieved. I mean you've got the good news of the schedule Brees and -- run the ball. Stopped more on it to the court apart. Battlers -- the pillow for a -- being out there best that we can while posting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again though you being a B that's a player yet to be impressed with the Seahawks how they just punched their opponent a mile and and and and really the Broncos and whoever they were playing. Couldn't do much about it. Some media -- a fan of football. Yet depreciate legion of boom whatever you wanna call but just how -- Cara had the Seahawks play. Brandon on that nobody -- so rather so long and we're coaching them monitored kimbo on Donald. Of melanoma and they're probably a little bit closer look ordinary and he ignored. Bowed their door. People and grounded. Move there that rendered terps return of the and to a little there were a hole or pull ago one goal and they're trying to do. Is it limits and Bolton actually -- Now raking we had a big fan you go on and I know how climbing in and how you feel about big game. Boy he almost has to pitch himself -- telling is that a you know here against the -- don't patrol along with coach Sidwell. And now laying the ground work for his career. And Danny's a -- we wanted to greatest some I'm Maggie -- also with the 49ers. Is that maybe the closest when you look across the board. The 49ers defense right now they're climax and nobleman. The serious injury B Anderson is the -- comes back it. It seemed like -- look at Patrick Willis and Bowman -- to name a couple of guys with a party -- but that's probably the closest thing that a dome patrol. Bailout would note that people will vote will approach. Albeit troubled -- there's still no cure all our future although. So that mark could be just as good group there we won't go there all the time but where program. They're just to try our beloved as a big notebook. No one wanted to -- -- revered programs and Bernard now I don't know it would dished -- -- -- -- a lot of pollution -- streak come -- -- in the words on the. Ricky Jackson Rickey always a pleasure of romantic thing you wish you wish you good luck and success and all yet both football and them. -- and -- blog on the award there's no there's been talk there. All right thank you -- we appreciate our our -- EBK to gain about any chance -- and he got to -- to break. The debut white -- city chance. He's the -- the colony road city champ you sit well. -- it's going to be world champ. Are you obviously -- -- berth on the going to be sitting here trying you've got -- locally you got to dominate on locally the city title. Pat as a boy you could expand -- sports talk on WW --