WWL>Topics>>4-22 5:35pm Sports Talk: 2014 NFL Draft, Willie Roaf

4-22 5:35pm Sports Talk: 2014 NFL Draft, Willie Roaf

Apr 22, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to former Saints Player and Hall of Famer Willie Roaf about the 2014 draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back coming up elation baseball and about twenty minutes as the Tigers take on the Tulane green wave here one WW -- radio. Not often where you see in NFL history or any sport that a team trades away. An NFL in VP. In in return they get a number one pick what turns into a hall of fame. That's exactly what happened as a Saints acquired from Detroit eight pick. And they landed with that number one pick eighth overall in the tooth in the 1993 NFL draft. From Louisiana Tech the great Willie Roaf who -- is now -- thank you so much for the time how are you. Are your record order I'll do a good -- always pressure on number one but I'm -- one. And the -- throwing what I just say it was any extra pressure on and on what to -- Given up that point I'm and you come -- here as is a guy that's his -- You know what what do we give all the data Pete has as it turned out you know what a straight elbow to New Orleans and you've -- the hall of fame career but it turned out really good. -- who -- -- -- to -- -- of the golf shall stand alone first. The locals are swollen. -- person also mean no more mature to where. Do you rhetorical you can inform me choke while we cute it's this -- -- after big sports. -- -- achievement in the Tokyo -- -- slugger -- bull -- virtually important. Culture don't. Now though Willie that you look at this Saints elements of linemen and and you know obviously you tend to look at when you watch any game not just -- a ball but look at. What's gone along the all the that the events of line. You'd have to say outside the case trying now. But it case in point when they had the likes of Carl -- it and Jahri Evans and and you could throwing Jonathan going but mainly. We had Jahri Evans and Carl -- That's very seldom happens that you considered the best dual guards and hold -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you have to prepare them and turned the corner -- him in the inaugural two world. 22 on the couple weeks ago. And ultimately on the school's director -- have -- more structured you don't warm -- Former. Yards or more total leader in the true to speak in Melbourne -- and cultural. The root of year sure well it's gorgeous to look at the Villa and made commercial where the former internal point. And I might need him to work your vehicle -- good walker or so. You know we're still hopeful both. Endorsements and commercials and shouldn't. Now what will you bring up a two run Armstead and and you can probably break it down better and I can -- Timmy was in by coincidence that it seems like the Saints ran the ball better. Well when Armstead I was in there instead of Charles Brown. You look at the last four games. -- had around 3031 rushing attempts is this the dogs the average four point two yards an attempt. But my estimation it is my I was observation or should say to be -- -- him like he was a better run -- and Charles. You're at our regular -- -- -- global market leader in total to your partner to Baltimore right Terkel. There are -- warmer where there -- little more and I figured that can just older and after thirteen. Can go to political war two potential war toward their dark and you don't congratulate children -- -- -- progress and grow up in the Portland district hoping to get into. Do here and there you don't go through you know you are obviously there are few Americans remember looks. -- it's true are you bigger and the -- -- a little more -- -- premiered in Europe and the Cabrera are good and total. Oh whatever you do in particular route to a little more popular player on both of you can order where literally -- -- on the future. Honolulu blue carpet here and there -- a little colder tomorrow from the bowl and. Melo -- look at Ed obviously got the guards Ben Grubbs the guard Jahri Evans and bring in bags extreme about -- -- had his -- a year last year in a Saints uniform. But global what is your take when you look at the center position and break down the pros and cons I should say. If you -- to bring like a seasoned veteran back like a John bingo and he's in his mid thirties. Vs maybe a starting a guy like -- Tim Alito who started two games at guard but never its inner. -- what is your take and I just rolled the dice though the young guys are you weren't. You know we're on our -- and -- are working harder to go to your -- only literature. You really -- or have you already you know over Lugo over the years in terms of we're a large hole work harder to execute he can move forward shorter PK I think you -- we've been there -- there. -- -- -- -- the most important person carpet or popular. So you her to do extra dinner in our order in the door opener in order to corporate -- would. I'm going to lead to the world and we actually throw over there -- straight. I think they're cute and are in regard you know we're human character now it looks. Are delusional people are often feel a little duel through -- -- are ready to include Robert dirt you know -- -- -- -- -- drug were sort. Lamar and little movement here brought you know. Are due to receivers ordered immediate communications. So where did I know you'll coach him without Q you came to studio last again mr. hall of fame against -- for a Super Bowl -- -- in the coaching game what are your duties today. -- home and -- to do and I'm you know not certain W your emotional -- worker on the -- The chart government -- -- -- -- a child who -- argue. You know what mr. articulate about him. Q -- dollars certainly slow motion -- where. Shall. -- -- you were so -- or you don't stop -- not so important to mercker to -- -- them. My cute they're on their former that we appreciate to Marla Martin -- cute mormons are critical. There should -- -- and are you more time with a -- You are not murdered Sturm was so you lost shall bear on the problem on -- -- -- went zero win is always a pleasure to visually it thank you so much for the time. Regular -- all right he's -- to gain by being bad Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW.