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Apr 22, 2014|

: Jazz fest kicks off this weekend, with everything from new to legendary artists. What do you think was the greatest era of music of all time? Do you have an all-time favorite artist or group? Do you have a CD you never get tired of playing? AND: A new study suggests smoking on TV creates the urge for smokers to light up. Did TV have anything to do with you starting to smoke? What if any TV ads actually influence you to do something? Is there anything that you watched on TV that influenced you to be the person you are today?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome of the show I'm Bob Mitchell in for -- how about them tigers tonight how they play it like gladiators. I gladiators I got something special for you come up in a couple of minutes let me lay out. What's on our WWL talked table between now and midnight Jazz Fest kicks up this weekend. Jazz Fest as everything from new two legendary artist so what do you think was the greatest. Era of the music of all -- lot of people feel -- the -- they grew up with -- thinks as you know the greatest error because the -- a flat with -- morbid. What do you think was the greatest error of music of all time. And you have an all time favorite artist or group. You think greatest -- -- music was. The fifties. The sixties. The seventies I just don't know if there was a better era of music then the motel. I was probably more into Motown than The Beatles but. You think the greatest error of music was Motown The Beatles. Classic rock. And a new study. Suggest that even those smoking appears far less frequently in US television shows that it used to. Course some of these some of these old shows now that are taking place in in the sixties and that they -- smoking and that. Now they're saying. That smoking on TV may still be triggering the urge an adult smokers. It seems to indicate that when someone smokes on TV it creates the urge for smokers are watching the live up. Now that TV had anything to do with you picking up the habit. And do you remember the first time you lit up a smoke. Do you still smoked today if you're a smoker what is the one thing that causes that biggest urged. This vote and just about TV in general would have. Any TV ads actually in pool and -- to do something and in other words I have -- run. Who who actually told me that they grew up watching. Perry Mason. And that Perry Mason. Motivated them to -- on to law school and study to be an attorney so. And in watching TV did did anything at all -- watched on TV you know affect your life to the -- point worth. It motivated you to to do so competent like 260178668890878. And we have our big -- -- seventy -- jaguar opinion poll question Senator John McCain wants the US to -- the Ukrainian military. As Russia forces. Show little sign of retreating from their border what should the president do. Send weapons. Or stay out of the you know what line at WW dot com and cast a vote or you can simply called lead at 2601878. -- -- And I've tried to get to a last night and we just had to too many things going but tonight. I'm looking for you gladiators. I want you gladiators the Oden if you or gladiator you know what I'm talking about that means that you -- -- a plan. Of the TV show scandal. And what did you think about that season ending episode a couple of nights ago was that just unbelievable. So -- gladiator. No I can't be the only guy that watches scandal looming scandal is my personal all time favorite show on TV right now made. I've not missed the -- of the show so gladiators. Let's talk about the finale and for you gladly did little bit later on in the show -- trying to -- camp. The finale and I'm gonna get to it it was one little last fix. Of scandals so pure and gladiator -- scandal plan. Call -- at 26 year old -- seventy this time -- night we'd all over the country -- an older gladiators. All of the country you can call me at 866889087. Let's go to but mould mould our -- tonight. Well sure great pitcher back into the air -- richter will thank you -- but it it. Our petition to get back. This. Well I'm I'm going to be doing. A little bored you know I'll be filling -- from skewed when he -- and during the day at. And I I got a little boards late and home doing nothing and missed you guys in the stalking you guys so. They do little bit more. What were you Bob Carey. Urged thank you. The latest Arab music for you was -- Work will be distorted perspective on the music I was born in 1960 picture that there -- music -- grew up -- Our first -- of -- in the popular music. Stronger and making eighty all in there. -- Well look at it objectively at -- what what's going on for popular music and about the 1950. All there's not a whole lot. Email popular music. That was -- you -- you figure -- that it would act. Or in interpret carriers. Like we do pretty true to construct a cut her. Under a lot it will walk around and you know straight into obscurity every girl distributor. Reports from here to enter all Peter birch forests. Being in the popular culture I think you got to go Beatles. From the clocks clocks. Classic -- actually execute early seventies being the British acts like call. Regular -- All The Beatles. You know and a -- -- start compared I think in the -- towers. Well I like Eagles in fact I was fortunate enough to be on radio for The Beatles and for Motown and never really did get into the the the British invasion I like like zeppelin like some -- of the classic rock. But never never did really get into. Groups like like Harmon's permits and in and and the British invasion of Dave Clark five just wasn't a big fan of that music. Well air and -- characters that curious what army with The Beatles ever hear of interment service. The gate park while we still hear that news yeah partner invasion but I mean that's a different level. You know a lot of those are awkward Rick Jack Corbett interview. That you gave back in 1965. Or 1966. They were accurate. Well yeah. But still will be popular this year well we couldn't get -- Here at. Mold any chance are you -- gladiator. -- -- Wow man. It is our great great great TV show it in its well it's about Olivia Pope. Who is a a fix -- person in Washington you have a problem you go to Libya -- agency and she -- she's also. The president's mistress -- oh and under. The show's been on for two years I've not missed an episode it is one of those shows when you watch it you never know what's going to happen. And you you wonder if these things happened during the show do these things were legal and Washington to take you like. Behind the scenes when one Wednesday. Tried to elect the president that in this particular show they fix the election. -- the president to win and it's just it's an exciting show to watch. Well thought out what about our opinion polls Senator John McCain wants the US to arm the Ukrainian military. Should we or should we just. Stick our nose out of it. Well. Will -- and that's the thing about. Position where. But the big states military has been warned there since Chico you re cute -- warned you about you mean it's been. -- well -- decade they've been active in. Doubled for lunch. -- -- -- -- It has decided we're considered crucial. Wait a lot of different range all. What are the impacts of -- actually what is the impact on modern action toward the impact from the extreme action. I think eight in which you -- Although public auction. In intake and or course the couple. -- your message you all's well pollutants that you know -- Nader and the rest of all the free world are not just all sit idly by and let them basically stroll all of them. Holmstrom of the leader -- and countries that part of the Soviet Union back into their. It isn't that the United Nations job. -- I realize that I would have I don't have any problem. If we do something in conjunction. With the United Nations but I'm just -- of of our country just getting involved. With other countries with all the support of the United Nations. Well it and it would be equally important gambler Russian church and industry. Council the American. So it's going to be. They have a feature. So not that they're back logged in to kind of talk would you do you carnations were -- -- The other thing is -- what you're not a member of acres in the the better waiter might be it was. England for. In Germany. And and and -- take -- -- -- guard for against any kind noble. And exploration -- tactics that Russia might vitro. Got to -- appreciate you calling okay. All right 2601 point 78866889. OH seventy. What do you think was the greatest artist of all time what do you think was the greatest era of music of all time the fifties the sixties conservatives Motown Beatles. Classic rock jazz missed the Jazz Fest weekend kicks off this weekend and is one of the people it's going to be there the boss Bruce Springsteen. I'm Bob Mitchell. And pursuit on the big -- seventy WWL AMF lemon dot com and I'm Bob Mitchell filling in pursuit tonight it's 2601878668890870. WWO wants to. Send you to Jazz Fest this year Garcia. An incredible. Mix of legendary artist Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Vincent and the Robert Plant -- mortgage on the plus today's stars Christina Aguilera -- in third trombone shorty and level talent to set -- And a lot more virtually every style of music with world class food. In one of a kind of fine arts and crafts and winning tickets to -- just as easily listen Tommy Tucker weekday mornings at 840. At Garland Robinette weekday afternoons at twelve for it for -- cubicle and or go to WWL radio FaceBook page for another way to win. We will randomly. Select ten lucky winners Thursday April the 24 happy testing from all of us at a WWL. And with that and -- the Jazz Fest coming and that brings us to one of the subjects we wanna talk about tonight. What do you think was the greatest. Era of music. Of all time you have the all time favorite. Great artist that you know maybe you have a CD and you can listen to a over and over again I I never ever get tarred. A motel in fact that there was a special on I think it was show time. On the accountable about the funk funk Brothers they were the studio band. Behind all of the great Motown songs and -- got very very little credit they were and even credit all on the albums. And it it's just great and play a lot of lead the old old Motown music and -- watched that from time the time. I was very fortunate you know I was in radio win. The Beatles were popular. I was in radio went through to the Motown girl went through the British invasion in into the seventies -- groups like. Earth -- far -- my personal favorite of course it is motel and a pilot built on more than like The Beatles as a kid of course you know I grew up with. Great New Orleans rhythm and blues and of course Elvis so what do you think was the greatest era of music of all time to six Euro what it's 7866. And 90870. And I know like this time -- night we'd all over the country so I'm looking for I'm looking for some gladiators gladiators of course of people. That watch the TV show scandal which ended. Last week and the bill last episode if if if you watched that you you know I'm talking about you know well. Exciting that was just like to get your opinion on at 2601870. It probably told prix at 866889087. You can text -- And it 7870. Love the -- but. I'm a much for four to talked to you in person and we have our brigade seventy party drag or opinion poll question. Senator John McCain wants the US to -- the Ukrainian military as Russian portion show little sign of retreating from their border. What should the president do should -- -- weapons. Like John McCain wants or. Should he stay out of tester voted WW all of that come this really becomes and an -- incredible decision. To make -- just don't know. If I wanna take that chance of going to war with rusher I don't think -- only -- -- cherish should send weapons aid. Yes and I I think that the only way that we would ever take in. And do anything 0% weapons as we would have to do it in conjunction with other countries I just think it will be to eligible risk to do with the just ourselves. 26017866890870. Would have some lines -- for you should be able to get in and not much -- wait. Another study came out couple days ago. With the concerning smoking. And it suggested even -- smoking appears. Less -- was TV a TV show original one time. Mean I can remember one time when Johnny Carson did the Tonight Show that he he actually smoked on the show -- Then they start getting to a point where they start showing that less and less on TV. But they say that it's -- and they. Trigger the urge in adult smokers that seemed to indicate that. When someone smokes on TV it creates the urge for smokers were watching to light up. So I'm very very much like to hear from some of you smokers when you see some -- smoke on TV. Does that urge you to light up and what other things causes you to -- government as a kid. My parents both smoked I did not. And I remember my dad saying how much he enjoyed smoking after a meal. I'm about I guess fourteen at this point. So I decide that I'm going to plan. To light up a cigarette. My father smoked Camel Cigarettes. Which were nasty strong cigarettes. So I it's neutral it was smokes. And I decide to play hooky from school. Because. I want to enjoy smoking. After meals. I -- all planned out my meals going to be a -- of chicken noodle soup. And grilled cheese which -- I can't wait to eat this food so -- can have my meal. And just light up and enjoy this camel cigarette can't wait note today. Amendment gulp the food. So -- light up the camel cigarette and almost died right there amid a start coughing and spitting and you know stuff develop my eyes and my nose. I never. Ever picked up another cigarette again. 260178668890. It's Saturday do you remember the first time you lit up and when you -- you'll watch TV. Do any of that TV -- Actually influence -- to do something. I know one thing. At night if there was anyway that they were places like Taco Bell. And pop eyes open. At around midnight I'd be in the car I'd be headed there to eat -- these males. Also when it comes to two TV. Was there anything you watched on TV. That influenced you to be the person. You wore today. As I mentioned earlier I had a friend. Who became an attorney. And he said he became the attorney because he started watching Perry Mason. And thought Perry Mason wasn't cool turn he and so. He want to law school and became an eternity in any event affect you -- -- -- of 17866. And 90870 week. Have some phone lines open so calling you should be able to get right in the wanna remind you know just in time. For a well deserved vacation WWL gives you a chance to win a thousand dollars and our nationwide vacation cash content. All you do is listen WWL weekdays right before the top Leo or news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the cold -- Then takes that bird at 72881. For your chance to win the -- ever putting your phone bill that 72881. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide win a thousand dollars each we never charged protects but individual plan text and data rates apply. Remember those and -- days right before the top Leo or news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM gridlock. For more radio intercom and all of us at WWL. The greatest era of all -- music. Was that both of the fifties. And you can rock and roll. Elvis then bill Haley in the comets. Fats Domino and -- hall in the -- Was that the greatest -- music of all time. Was that the sixties. When you have all of the great rhythm and blues and Motown music. -- -- of The Beatles. The Beatles started I guess what mid sixties something like that early sixties -- but there. And then just to win it went -- I worked for radio station in Charleston south Caroline in weak hand we have this. Program win every night called the battle news -- where we play like five new sold five unheard of artist. And the audience for call in and pick who won. The Beatles I remember I'd put The Beatles all I wanna hold your hand on that night and came in third. Came in third John what about you when when you when you look at music. A lot of us feel that. The error that we live music the you know would we grew up was the greatest error which means that they are going to be people. Who can -- grownups in the rap music was the greatest music ever so what though what what Erin did you grow up in what music did you like. I came up in the seventy's. And eighty's. So. To me. Great music story around 73 for me and what artist. Com. Well of course I'm more like everything whom are -- first time. Well WT IX you totally flat like an eagle size -- short mighty Steve Miller yeah right I am much as mr. Brady. And Uga students and herb I loved it but the thing is. -- then the music wasn't as separate as it as it is now winner. Everyone listens every listen everything from rock and roll. Country. To wrap to army so. I guess I can't just pinpoint just one job well and specific story extra. When you're right because radio station became specialized you don't want when I was first and radio it was called top forty radio -- you played you played. Everything you playing music that should you model like it if you played Frank Sinatra you played almost probably. You played that's WUPU. Played always differently played country music. I was watching TV the other day of they had. -- the info commercials for all. In other countries CDs and as I remember that employed that I've. I term on the -- and we -- rock station yet and being on an ongoing all across summer camp. And run on -- bus. And it was a fight between listening to end the week in TIX. We always we always beat their ballots will -- probe of the drug. All right though we have a couple caller we what will want -- to cleared to go John's gonna -- with you right in the right now to six year old -- 78668. At nine point 78. The greatest era of music for you were talking about talking about the smokers do you remember the first time you lit up ended TV and anyway. Affect you and smoking and I'm still looking for some of my gladiators. I can't pay the only person that that watches as the scandal I know that let's go to Mac -- in Metairie -- how are you. City and value. You bloody minutes. Now moment child of the -- chopper six in the Lebanese economic model live expecting that from them to an end and I like to. Doodles sometimes elbows -- that little topic that -- time. And -- doodle by making lists and patent. Some men to upgrade its list and the US the list but as a child of six I was looking at the error the group that you're you're asking about. And I mean I remember those states in 65678. Wimbledon. Bob Walker and most people world radio from called globe magazine member. And you call real -- naturally -- still go by. From Tommy John yes. Well I've grown. -- or not. That by the way that gets started one time. Almost as a joke I was following. -- following a guy on the year. And for a all of my career before. I want to take that was Bob that shall. And they had another Bobble on the air for the PD said I want to use Robert Mitchell. You know and I was following in the gun for at least -- -- of that Robert Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell and then all of a sudden somehow. It's -- rolling in people's dark wondering. If somebody copying your name if somebody's stealing your name and people start calling the radio station is somebody taking his name. And it just it just mushroomed. And the program director called me and he said well. You are officially the real Robert Mitchell and that that's -- that got started. Excellent excellent story. Well anyway it is that -- the lipstick -- -- as quickly going the most important thing is is an obvious obvious statement that they at all basically. If you look at the years it's basically from sixty or -- that mean for most of these weren't prominent. Plastic or so. I'm not gonna build the -- schools struggles grassroots. And probably change because that pop and a law that put on the to do the classic rock. So -- Beatles style it's is British Open Beatles Rolling Stones that Lou Eric Clapton Moody Blues -- and let's when chip -- -- QWERTY Pink Floyd Fleetwood Mac. We wouldn't expect you know what you get in the -- and separate console just like CS or. You know they have gotten back together again the whole group they're gonna start -- and. Yet she -- is gonna go. On as long as you know on the the assembly -- -- -- -- there we have backstage and and then now. There's enough seed in the extent like the street people backstage so which is what counts but they wrote that -- -- -- -- But thanks so I think it's. -- anyway but. And then you say it's the only visit that you -- now -- Beach Boys Eagles small part favored. Jimmy would sing and forty and Bruce Springsteen Limbaugh Billy jewel CC -- credence Clearwater Bible. Journey and and stick. Yeah -- -- good guy she mentioned the guys attempts for props Beatty. With dialogue since praying. What are hard to let smoky right. And of course who can forget and you know -- -- Crosby stills and that the young and the degraded voice. One -- 18 with -- it's an ensemble that played out in a one time you may remember -- used to read. Duchscherer and if you is that people -- did not get this city. Roy Orbison. Do. These -- that was the most gifted ball right -- -- restrained in my law. I've got a chance to see him in concert MacKey and I've got to go to a whole bunch of people get to. 2601 late 7866. And a 90 it's every talking about the greatest. Music era of all time. Also we have some gladiators started to Collins -- over and talk about the scandal. Finale I'm Bob Mitchell. In pursuit and that's the big date seventy WWL AM -- -- dot com -- Bobbitt too little to do tonight to 60178668890. -- seventy text me at age 7870. We're talking about of course the Jazz -- opening this weekend about the ought to be a good time there that -- do -- your greatest music era of of all time. I'm real look like a couple of Texas sixty's best hour of music overall but I still like the eighties rock. Like journey. Let's city's scandal that as a gladiator scandalous awesome Olivia Pope can solve any problem music error for me was the eighties. Motley Crue and Guns 'N Roses. That's that's a combination like scandal and likes Motley -- Yet don't forget the classic rock band this this is a day -- not a well -- -- that it's a little known band. -- covered in crude and boy they played some very heavy heavy metal music let's go to. Let's go to Sweeney who has my gladiator in -- point eight. Our. Car and was that late in the sold. Well yes it is the work. I think we can see what was your favorite part of the would that -- -- Would. You like to goodness. -- -- -- -- -- -- all going to be OK. He. Will be very thing. Okay. Would lead guitarist for your state. Yeah I think he'd go on I like the scene where -- pop -- Pope. Was just ranting on about the fact that you know you took my daughter I took your -- A pop up hopes an evil guy and and he's got he's got -- in the yet again. Yeah. I can't I I can't I can't wait till next next season I've got some -- special for you kind of a recap of the season. That a recap of the the finale coming up in about five minutes OK for victory it was let's go to mark in -- power you mark. -- are you pine -- famous go ahead. Thank you are -- gladiator. Well. Well. -- you'd finally you talk to you now. I mean you're a fan of the TV -- scandal. So what -- used the greatest era music of all time. -- that would you know. We immediately that it -- the man united why do you call it funeral. Written and it's a tablet cool -- It didn't and the edit keep -- -- -- hurt when fighting a war the U and so many great pain and enough. -- -- -- -- They edit and in -- -- -- -- -- you know and equipment and and and gelatin and you know that was and agree carried it time -- Where you're Roman public want this. One not on the -- in a great you know. What is what. -- between Lebanese -- -- -- -- It would accident you have you know country. It's great country you know it won't be polite and in -- reply I want you -- -- not in the auditorium. And and Ronald seeing him to. Admit it and I think they the bit and -- and the GB. Right all right mark appreciate all and we take a break when we come back up I've got something for a -- you scandal plans of -- just kind of a recap. Of of the season finale also taking your phone calls at 2601 late 78668. At nine point 78. I'm Bob Mitchell is the coach show on WWL AM FN an all time a woman though. In your opinion. Which the greatest era of music. -- Tehran. May be some of your all time favorite artist I'm Bob Mitchell and on the -- -- show. Jazz Fest kicks up this weekend and what I mean what great artist were going to have at that at the justice this week remain well. Yet a -- Conn ago the boss Bruce Springsteen. I'm going Friday to cease and -- and I'm going back Sunday to see Eric Clapton. So it it got me thinking. About the greatest. Era of music of all time. Most people identified. The years that they grew up listening to music you know and in their teenagers and early -- leaders as as as as the greatest era. -- I grew up in the era of of rock and roll a drop in the era of of Elvis and Buddy Holly but for me. But I just don't think I don't think anything beats beats motel. So I wanna know. At 26 early 78668890. At W can text unit 7870. What do you think. Is the greatest era of music of all time and maybe maybe you have some some favorite artist you wanna share with us to. We're also talking about a -- somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question Senator John McCain wants the US to on the Ukrainian military. This Russian -- show little sign of retreating from their border. In a few days ago they said -- and it worked out and now it doesn't look like that might not be the case what should the president do. Shootings and weapons or stay out of you can go online at WW dot com and cast your vote and let me read real quick like. Six the looks like 61%. Saying stay out of that 39%. Say stay -- so you can go in line and character vote or you can. Simply a dubious call also I'm looking for gladiators now gladiators of people. Like me that apple would love. The TV series scandal that the season came to an end this past week let me get some quick. The man. Okay all right some quick to -- masters sixties era eagles' all time favorite when it comes to music I'm 42. So a child of the eighties. I love scandal. He's a gladiator talked his -- man he has freaky -- He's very very very freaky. Right after when we come on the next hour of output a little. The little thing together it's gonna -- a recap. The season finale so. For you gladiators or listening and and you just need anything. Anything at all scandal and I'm gonna -- and get a recap the the season. Finale and play. Play a very special song. That I know you gladiators will will recommend real quick like I got -- -- -- -- I don't wanna come to you right now because I have no time and maybe give you thirty seconds I don't wanna do that -- If you wanna call and and get on hold -- John -- -- such a proper next hour it's 260187. They told 38668890870. And you can text me at 87878. Also I want to remind you before. We'd go to the news that. If you missed any of your shows you can catch all you paper WWL. -- live listen to the podcast any time deflected DVR you go to WW -- dot com. And look for the big. Podcast button on the top right hand corner of our front page. Or you can find your favorite host notably mark shows and schedules and click on their -- real simple. And so convenient will come back. With more talk about the greatest music in the greatest rock -- of all time and something special. For all of you gladiators next hour I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WWL.