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04-22 11pm Scoot (w/ Bob Mitchell), Best Music Era / Ukraine

Apr 23, 2014|

Bob asks the question,"what do you think is the "best" music era of all times and why? ...PLUS: The Ukraine: is it neccessary for the U..S. to get innvolved and what are the dangers of escalation?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and for us do tonight. Here's what's on our WWL talked table justice kicks off this week human everything from new to legendary -- so who do you think. What do you thing. Was the greatest era of music of all time and do you have an all time favorite artist or group. You have a CD that you never guitar to play and oh with a bout with -- and I'm I'm gonna say it over and over again. It is my motel and see -- likened likened playing over and over again I never get tired of hearing Diana Ross especially single long virtually no mountain. High enough. 2601878668890878. And we're also looking for you scandal fans looking for you gladiators. Let me get caught up on a couple of text messages -- -- get right to you -- -- be old school rhythm and blues the fifties in the world -- wins hands down. You know a lot of that that that cradle rhythm and blues I was I was fortunate -- I grew up listening to. Two to rhythm and blues and that the that it's just just in my blood you know. Let's see him in my card just heard where have you been Robert Mitchell -- -- -- but doing nothing. Love view Steve Perry. But I forgot the ban steeper was lead singer of journey. Here's another text message late seventies rock Styx foreigner Supertramp. Another text message. Rush. AC DC Ozzie. -- -- -- I don't do -- -- let's go to let's go to -- be in mid city chart -- what about you greatest Arab music about time. Doable -- you know. -- It is a fairly. If you -- -- Late sixties to. Our immediate openings. Of -- there -- -- it is you know when your caller mentioned. Duke Ellington. Billy Pittman open yeah -- called 00. We were. In his purest form. You know musicianship. Debt debt natural. -- Indian encourage tools so performance has built what Google grow masters. If you take. In in Cairo if you -- Real estate related to -- Which would include and so terror. 62. That it -- mean it companies like just before giving -- its fiscal year. Com. Simply debt that's the most. I did. There were over music image in the time being papers in what is an example -- talk about. So you know -- I like it. Like where Diana Ross version yet but more regale albeit rendition of it. There and I believe so -- Aretha Franklin. You know -- -- that -- over the audience. -- Some of the same music -- actually Smokey Robinson. Mo -- almost half of the Motown music. I know he made it critical. -- promote hybrid with a machine guns and -- you'll -- repeated this same period. You had that same writers. -- disputed this saying. The product development if you will all -- development that you don't mean immunity -- board did not that there instead. Well -- mention earlier there was a special at motel on him on the phone Brothers they were the studio band that was behind all the songs and never ever got any note no relation at all. Right but it's what you go to. We start getting into the seventies. The dynamic of music didn't go minute Stevie Wonder and probably will still -- Motown. And the rising. All of his music and there was so original music I was fortunate Dick giggle credit -- -- to a lot of that stuff England. You could go home. They Eagles. -- it wouldn't buy your route to the guy who. That they did concrete. -- the so yeah. It was -- and you know it's over because. -- -- What a day -- 2000 children like interrupting you yeah you know good good good depth of them. -- did that but you should. The partisan support and apple it's a double double average wiping its alive now. Musicians you. You know we -- all different groups and pay -- Just won't give it to date most up to -- music. Is ample -- -- -- creativity. Into it now but at the same -- development relationship. For the all they -- to creativity. Just isn't there at the and so the message in the. -- it would you be going to the Jazz Fest. How old probably to suggest that one of these days. -- -- -- -- in which which -- this year because contingent typical you know open. -- I I got adult acute for calling the go to Joseph from Chicago what are you doing up this late at night Joseph in Chicago. -- Bob that really -- guys there. In two. Period or in. -- Well look Jazz Fest is coming up in a couple of days and I thought that would be that great time to put the question out there. For you personally what do you think it was the greatest ever abusing the Arab music that you enjoy listening to the most. Bob not -- walk of life together and integrated. Of the 60s70s. And early eighties. It was a major focus on The Beatles. Through the Japanese. Bill O the early -- yeah delegate Peter Gabriel sing it well -- but. I I grew up at a time you know I mean I -- my parents dropped during big man there. Yeah which -- Appeared rarely find. Asia anymore but you'll always find. 70s80s. -- well the dial -- And I military sergeant at the minute on The Beatles mowed down. Do you know Michael Jack them. It was just -- -- novel you know what -- thirty year. Well we were mentioning this earlier that how much radio has changed at one time you to listen to one station and and here. All all your favorite music and installation starts starts specializing in any particular. Section of the music. And so you're you're right and you know now. You you want soft rock to listen once -- -- you want country -- -- one station. You want rhythm and blues who -- to another station and a longtime radio stations to mix all that music together. Yeah and that that is different you know I you know I can't do I can't be -- -- Yeah. Weren't you where you have where you have big Elvis fan. Yeah I -- -- but he was very -- of these aren't that I like you know it was more heavily hit these well. Yeah I really kind of came in on the tail end of that you know I doubt in my teens you know quite an -- into The Beatles now. Elvis Johnny Cash you know -- there -- I used to have albums now there's CDs. But yeah. Particularly very Eric too I don't think it has survived the way that the reason that these -- Now what were you familiar with artists like Little Richard. They because what here in New Orleans. While we. We've heard the rhythm and blues versions of things like Little Richard in -- -- a long tall Sally in songs like that but in other parts of the country. They played Pat Boone was a white ours and he would cover a lot of the rhythm and blues songs he would cover some of fats Domino's -- himself. Here in New Orleans we do look at the rhythm and blues version where other parts of the country they they grew up with a pop version of the same identical solve. I hit it -- area after area but that. Pat I don't live three blocks down from out I was born -- and eat that -- charity. And the. And my brother he had a one of those -- eat and the bicycles. Which while I was rather got a right quote. Is that where you Pat Boone saying no no discipline -- -- that -- All right well puzzle weather in Chicago tonight. Oh. All right but I appreciate you calling. -- Think too much. Alright now here's some them and promising you gladiator fans. Here we go. Throughout the course of season three of scandal not a single person in Washington DC was -- Thanks to none other than Bolivia's mother of -- played by country Alexander all -- -- levee was made to believe that her mom had died in the plane crash only to learned she's. Well alive and a terrorist. She may have thought her father Roland played by Joseph Morton what a great actor was the monster but little did she know he was only trying to protect. Sally Langston that's the vice president. Had an inch interest in season in Washington DC also she went from a tough as nails conservative vice president. To a husband murderer to an all around who could. That's the president. Is that formed by Jay and -- for the bomb is underneath the church -- -- to scheduled to hold -- eulogy. Of course iris didn't wanna tell anybody it was ready to let everybody else blow up. After the country rallied behind Sally -- injury QB plays after the explosion. Bits -- come to the realization. That it's going to lose the election all the TV was showing Sally with her -- assured that was born and they -- some motor replaced and she was. Getting your hands dirty helping everybody and -- realizes he's gonna lose the election. And just as they're dealing with the impending loss of the election -- to scheduled to make one final speech before people take to the polls and vote. During the speech their son Jerry this team with a severe nose bleed before collapsing to the ground if revealed shortly after that. That he had a seizure. And then. With news -- and passing all over the news. Bolivia Osiris and the Quinn administration. Have come to the realization that the election they were about to give up on. Is now back in their -- While harsh reality for them to swallow. They're completely aware that the voters will now throw their support behind the grieving president and his family that there's nothing they could do to change. It's and nearly grieve their son in the hospital -- -- that a rare bacterial strain of meningitis was responsible would -- -- There's so they realize that -- that was no accident. He was murdered and all the signs point to mama called and enraged that shares the -- little wounded. Pop up pope's tour agrees to help -- -- -- And bring heard it justice for what he has done to his. The idea of what's -- mine -- With a live isn't four majority was actually murdered by her mom. She -- the fallen to a panicked and Bridgestone typically she has to answer the picture everything but this time he's ready to. Wave a white flag and utter the phrase that gladiators. Never thought Q what's the I put it -- hops on a label. Popular Pope who was now back in command of these 613. -- -- -- and it forms but that Mya has been killed. Bringing in some form of justice for the loss of its. Then revealed that -- the -- wasn't that the person who murdered that's -- son Jerry. And his rationality for the murder he took my child Bolivia so what took his Jerry. And we've learned that. -- Pope was not murdered his in the custody of the 613 once again. In the dungeon. -- those of you who built while scandal you have no clue. What. I just read all the scandal plans all the gladiators. Aren't excited right now. All right we'll get back to the phones to secure one late 78668890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell -- know in your opinion. What was the greatest era of music of all time of course you're listening to -- with the -- told him -- welcome back to your phone calls after this break -- WWL. I'm just. Poker there's -- need. Any better news. Songs like Koppel was a Rolling -- and it's just great song fantasy I've -- So what do you think in your opinion -- the raiders era of music of all time. I'm Bob Mitchell interest -- tonight the Jazz Fest kicks up this. Weekend. And at that at the Jazz Fest -- that's that's another great situation -- Everything from you know artists like Christina Aguilera all the way back to the queen of the world -- soul Irma Thomas. And that's what we're talking about until midnight your opinion. On just absolute greatest music of all time to secure 17866889. OH seventy. We are also talking about a brigade seventy pretty drag -- opinion -- questioned Senator John McCain. Once the US armed the Ukrainian military as Russian forces show little sign of retreating from their border. What should the president do you know this could really turn out to be a mess I don't know what you. I'm tired of war. I don't want money more one horse. Like Edwin Starr war what is it good for -- in -- what should the president do send weapons. Or stay out of you can one line at WW dot com. And cast your vote or you can simply called me at 260 late 78668. At 90 it's -- Let me see stay out of that state 57% of the 43%. Said send weapons. Laxity. And other text message on the greatest music ball time. Well AC DC and never really did get that much in did AC DC. The TO Bachman turner overdrive Boston Bob Seger. And it Fleetwood Mac like Fleetwood Mac like biopsy like Boston like BTO but just never did get into a lot of AC DC of the world but to notre head banging music probably 260187886689. OH seventy -- text me. At 878. Eight 78. Also I'm I'm surprised that we haven't heard from for more smokers with people are always picking on smokers on and given you a chance tonight to. The phone in a new study. Is now suggested an even though. You know for years now there's been moved to show let's smoking on TV and less smoking in the movies however have been a couple of series. That have taken place in in in in the sixties and so therefore. Those theories show a lot of smoking but now they're saying that the smoking on TV. May be still for triggering the urge of adult smokers in the way they kept the way they did this. Is today they tracked the sale of cigarettes. During and an error whether it was a show on TV where a lot of smoking as opposed to. Not a lot of smoking on TV and they're saying that date that smokers. Have a tendency to. Be motivated to smoke when day sees someone else smoking so did did did TV have any. Affect on -- -- starting to smoke do you remember why you even tried your first cigarette. Let's but also an end here when you're talking about TB. This team be really motivate you to do things to and are there many times when you see commercials on TV. You know like a pot pies chicken commercial or a Taco Bell commercial -- who -- -- run out and eat something. And did TB in any way influenced you to do something in your life I mentioned a couple of times but I had a friend who became an attorney. Because he watched Perry Mason let's let's go to thread in in Pascagoula -- how -- tonight. -- And you know that that was brokered that I angered -- liked. Other co room on the carry and then not. Get. That worked out my record -- out on the oh. -- -- -- -- -- Did it make you wanna go have a bear. The union clash one time I was it. I'll -- encouraged him. Probable or both before -- The adult target and got it for what the commercial and America. -- You know threat and I've got to say every time -- after -- you know I think Obama. Today the world what was -- at the first self righteous church in the sleepy little town of Pascagoula. And if if any of you have no clue what I'm talking about you -- Bob you know you're going nuts tonight will net maybe solve a had a bad headache and John gave -- some. Too little red bills -- -- -- -- -- make you feel better and yes the maybe I am -- blog -- talking about. Scandal -- but if if if you don't know what we're talking about go to YouTube. And just just right in this world would desert race Stephens. And that the day the -- on the circuit the first self righteous church in the sleepy little town of tested. Ago. Also joked about this. Situation you are no matter. You know. I -- or it could sure. -- basically republic good enough. This. Country to. But it. Will we get involved in line with. -- -- But it would. We listened to shoot people. Obviously column bully. And -- Washed -- nobody is conveyed to -- net. In Beijing indicate it is -- -- -- -- -- it look at this model Williams somebody involved on the dual. We go to -- or borrowing and make the situation worse than it is. -- UK by the war. -- trimmed out the Jews. What should we should have a terribly. Obviously -- -- to let structure. I believe that they when he went to use was it to a in the beginning and dropped the ball to do it but it used -- -- that -- Are brought our. Little war. I'm bill. When you're a war against terrorism. They're the Geneva could you should come later. What. A prediction. For oh culture has that -- the actual. Well. In the war. War and we in the war and not order. Our ground for -- in jeopardy. -- that are. Have a week week don't we don't wanna get in a war with Russia. -- BD -- -- be the end of the -- we don't want. You know. And I wouldn't. Try to -- it out now published on. We. -- able to help -- the money. Goes all the. But that's the that's my point you know we we we find money for these other things and while we are all we do is keep putting our country and that. In all hot I wanna help people but I I don't like the fact that so many times we we have the position in this country. But we we we have to just solve the problems of the world. I'd like to do that but we need to solve the problems that our country first that's that's what I want. That sure what to do it and then. Are people able to offer. To our. Believe -- well not so like Oprah these people were playing -- what to a sore spot should not -- I appreciate you're sure I'd do the same thing. Directory unit were. 200 okay and now. And oh yeah -- -- -- problem and I have accomplished Asian -- but judge. You know. 18. -- do this. Tobacco -- Shapiro would do on the ball. And and editor and protect partially. Fred you and I were in the same boat let me ask you about music -- what's put your opinion what's the greatest -- of music. All. I. Know. -- -- -- Legal and political art here that. You all go back in the -- people like oh well you know the sixteen. These you know -- were bought Maggie by a lot of really -- it. You can't really. Rod Stewart in their career at least you. -- The -- but they just that they go on and on and on and on. I was in Ohio I love as I mentioned Motown all alike read the Franklin and and may mainly. And mainly that the the great rhythm and you. Blues music from from the sixties all the way -- earth wouldn't fire I think was was the seventies is that correct. I would like you know you don't. Watch star wouldn't like to know what Powell will trigger. Talk of related. A lot. More. By Portugal Lotto. -- stole the ball. That -- you know how many little bit. -- and friends appreciate triple a goat is that Jerod or Gerald which one. -- okay. -- what about you when it comes to music what is your favorite era of music. Think it is. Of these insurgents were beaten or some of your favorite artist in the fifties and sixties. Whoever artists of all renewable -- to a public artists. My heart -- yeah. It's the little -- What the illness. Total -- over like polio and so although. -- -- Of course us guys growing up you know all the girls I know you'd you'd you'd take a girl to an Elvis movie they'll be screaming inside the movies. And you'd say what does he have and I don't have an athlete at at at. Hello I'm not a level that -- dear old who have. Jared SE one up answer our big 870 pretty drag where opinion poll question to go right ahead. What sort of other Ukraine. Late that. And Russia. Yes. A Senator John McCain wants the US to armed a Ukrainian military. As Russian forces showed little sign of retracting from their border what should the president do send weapons or stay out of it. Should the eleventh in the military and they. -- -- -- Send weapons. Work hollows and gonna give you were -- -- -- -- although a weapon company. -- So you wanna go to war. So you can work. Oh all right well that certainly makes a lot of sense let's let's go to Mike in -- She was -- The late at night. Mike or pay that. Hello all you got. Quite well. Undone I'm Mike. It. Before that -- double. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. It was celebrities. At the bit. On -- case abuse. -- use that as well get it. Quit school. At the greeted by a music. Well what -- -- -- motivated you the most what artist that you listen to the most. -- -- -- -- A little bit but. You know but it can't be. You can go -- -- Yeah. Oh. The -- just -- you. What you project. For a beautiful. Actually try to -- restore. Or just rebel. Cause abuse and yeah. Well you brought up the Eagles the Eagles have suspended generation of the generation I got a chance to see him the last time there where a New Orleans and and I saw them the time before that. And it's it's just amazing. How many -- -- have and how long they've been recording music. Well groups nowadays. Like that. As soon. Don't blow. It has done so apple did you know -- -- it. What it. It -- where it was and you could simply. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fortunately. The. I was I was more of a I guess a pop rock person then then the heavy -- I never really got in. Some of the loads up the music I like like their way to -- courses is just a little. All time favorites on the and I never got into August Richard all the the head the head banging music the go ahead. The heavy metal are ours which is pleased to Collins at the radio station the the dirty fingernail music but I. Yeah it. Was Dewey was well. -- I don't. Like a group. Give me all the -- to edit. The get a lot of the it's essential to music but. Even. That would be ultra. Music. -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah inch holes. That just. You know. You've. -- musical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Going to be a robot. Listen to war. Now tell me -- my favorite artist is coming to the Jazz Fest I'm gonna go see Eric Clapton and what he he's an incredible guitar player you're going to other jazz artist at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tell you what I'd have a hard time deciding. Who plays a better guitar Joseph Walsh or Eric Clapton. Well and clear that -- and if you got. It. CPU ignored. -- I would let. It. Can protect you. It's all about a good. Guy. Could go away. Comes to. That. Question. Yeah that topic people can go. And I'm gonna get that most of probably. Well hot tea I've seen them both saw the Eagles the last Ayman Joseph Walsh. And he was in pretty bad shape and and and he recovered in the -- straight and he he is just an incredible attitude amateur right. I I can't wait a non factor we're going. Flights were going to CEOs and -- Friday and then frequency -- Sunday I appreciate your colleague Mike. All right thank you so much to a 6017866890. It's seventy what do you. What do you think the greatest. Era on music of all time and who -- some of your favorite artist. I'm Bob Mitchell and was due to the Bill -- -- WWL AMF violent not to welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell filling interest -- to -- Jazz Fest kicks up this week in. So we thought via a good time on the talk about. Your favorite all time artist your favorite era. The music and -- of course Diana -- -- -- model that ties into things really went wild time favorite artists and of course made no secret that all night. I just don't know if there's a better brand of music then -- Motown music and get a chance. There's there's a special. I cannot remember. The name of -- it if it's of Motown special -- you can buy it on oil on dvd. You concede it on on showtime. And I think it's that it's -- it's yeah it's called standing. In the shadows. And it's all -- -- home Motown records got started in Detroit. And followed the studio group. That played in just about all the songs that people. People get the impression that. You know Diana Ross supremes Smokey Robinson and all these people or oral these artists record that they have their own band. Well they really -- you know there's there's a studio band unless of course like the Eagles put in in most of these. Companies especially Motown in the beginning there was the -- the most studio band that's what they did they play on all the -- and they played on the line they played. It's Smokey Robinson that they played on the marvelous played all these Motown artist. And -- never got any credit sports the the the groups of course Donald the credit. And then when they would go on tour they would have their own -- the bills were not the musicians recorded themselves. And that's the moderate a group of studio studio musicians called the phone orders to -- molten ball well. Motown it was so successful in in Detroit in the and one day. Just folded up. And left -- and and and and what it did at least some of them tried to go to Los Angeles to -- motel but. But they didn't and it and it just didn't work out to be again if you -- -- if you get some time. Find it. Watcher it. You'll you'll love -- you you you love love the music it's just absolutely. Incredible epic -- get. One more caller in before we Eagles go to James and they say analysts James what about you will which what is your all time favorite era of music. You know Bob a lot like all the girl groups who canyons around. -- -- -- -- -- Our -- our baby was by the run nets. Well there are immaculate. And that -- I'd like and they had a lot of great songs and I'll stick it has appeared. And I like yeah earlier rocket you know you know like. I didn't sleep at all that -- things like. Of course -- -- -- -- and and the different Latin music -- down and -- -- that we took in. We sit here -- the music you know available for us -- sort of or. Made it more. -- rubble The Beatles are right that all The Beatles of course went through stages when when they first had the music it was very pop push. And then today that the they -- ball to hold different brand of music which which. I think the second part of their music was better than the first port and in Lennon McCartney were great songwriters. -- -- Well nothing -- The music a lot back strain it any doubt that rock and roll it going to main server back. And that early stage in the column I've ever ordered -- and not. And he did it. The board people down our analyst dean and start taking on -- Let's say a wouldn't have been dreaming type of music you know handle up there -- Rock and roll. The way out here and mine was. -- go back -- -- -- don't know her I'd I'd like to see that I appreciate you calling -- but it caught up on a couple of text message through quickly. -- -- the Eagles. Better than 25 years ago Walsh was great so Clapton at the dome yes he can play the guitar. But Eagles -- a better show it was a three hour show I was there. And you right. All right we take a break and of course this probably all time great groups credence Clearwater and that. I think. Fogarty is going to be at the at the jazz -- I'm Bob Mitchell. In pursuit on WWL AMF and conduct I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to the show when. I've saved our Bozo criminal world today provide. One more thing preacher. Are both a criminal today is Daniel read you got a picture this okay he had a few too many like many spokesman same condition decided to head to the nearest Taco Bell. He gets himself a big -- read -- and head headed back out into the streets. Where he was seen driving erratically and eyewitness saw him leaving and coming to a traffic light. And it was a long stop -- it -- parked their for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes when the cops the rug. The effect on our Bozo with a burrito on one hand in his foot. Firmly planted on the break -- to sleep after banging on the car for almost ten minutes. Deputies broke into the car World -- are -- And placed him under arrest for -- life. That's at -- died a month and John he's are in studio producer Jack -- always pops at 11 o'clock and helped the phone calls. Osgood will be back I think tomorrow night. I -- I'm Bob Mitchell tonight. And god bless you I'm going of the jazz for us this week at an early start.