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4-23 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Apr 23, 2014|

Dave talks about spooning, air drumming, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the 23 of April 2000 and sport team even better than that. It's -- very you know what I completely forgot it gives us something just like yeah well I got my conversation with Feldman master. All evolved. When you go to a distracting away and it even realize it was Tom Davis you have to. Just hold off on do amounted and I know -- cable -- got weakened well at least we know that the word is out with hope and -- It's spreading fast let -- another call your neighbors. Way it did. Let him know today is number almost. As this you know that is that is what is it is that's a borrows. You know Jazz Fest is a fantastic thing and is an idea now want to it anyway. Shape or form. Discount the importance it has not promised a general remarks to be Yang. Real summary here and -- these trees here yet and it looks like it's gonna be that way I think -- in charge him with Laura she's gonna tell -- that the first weekend it has that usually it's -- last year was the exception. -- you -- Our rhetoric. -- did not -- just wouldn't have been right. -- -- Got to give people -- You know Humpty hump. On hump day. Do it safely if your car yes. It's always good -- -- it always it -- -- and you might look a little silly if somebody pulls up next year. Our. I've been caught playing drums on the bat look I understand well now drum on -- there -- As a few songs that you know you just can't doctors but he keeps -- that defeat is so fantastic. That it doesn't matter at this summit next. Staring at you it doesn't matter where you are what you're doing you've got a problem way home phone home yet again it is. No matter what else is -- -- non bedrooms -- the air guitar. So you know not two but I gotta keep their hands on the real yes you can problem with your hands on the whale that is that. That's a constantly touch the -- on and off the -- This study. That says that. Happy couples snuggle up Connell spoons. And that how close you sleep two year made it could indicate a strong relationship you isn't it nice I think it's chicken and egg thing. You know which comes first the snuggling the coddling in the -- Where the happiness I think happy people are going to be you know a happy relationship we're going to be more likely. The snuggling Cumberland parent but. I think you can make the argument that the day if things aren't great try coddling. -- -- -- bargaining hunting in bed and maybe it'll make you happier as a couple. I don't know I don't know which comes from -- -- you're right and then of course the issue asleep. Which we heard from the you know the doctor insure them and those reports. Yet our. Snoring and I you know I know someone -- snow this is -- -- that this you know just snoring alone -- -- there are other issues -- come up to body heat and being on comfortable and in Osama now got to ties them and as I've never confess that -- Richard going to. My mother in law. Made some special seats from myself. Guy and the left side. Our flannel sheets on the right side. Not plan. He says he -- a set -- flannel sheets and a set of regulars. And sew them together because I cannot. Sleep on flannel -- I just get too hot at -- and flannel -- does make me overheat. My wife -- flannel -- So after years of this. Debate and argument and I even if he would have not yet but well you know I was making that sacrifice from -- here on -- -- but suffering back home again. And so -- feel that it's cold. We have sheets that are half -- have not plan. And that we may read the line -- on everybody's -- -- raise fists and how much of the mother I was there about Korea come -- -- got wonderful leaders certainly drew -- tells him that publicly -- now. Regards. It's a great idea those abused you don't burn up but not yet but some people you're right it has evidence that with how much they love each other -- how happy they are -- or toss isn't Turner's. Cannot sleep in the same position for more than twenty minutes. -- -- a snuggling cuddle and out and -- of one -- constantly flipping flopping him and what -- -- -- duty your relationship and then you vote in the united. Non flipper workers. Awake all night snappy in the morning -- -- -- would you east at all then what is that is. -- -- mark. -- line rob we'll have more on this story throughout the morning look forward to. -- -- snuggling coddling hugging -- threatening. A wonderful that good things. Man. Regardless of anything else. I think that -- vehicles. That part of the night that when you get in the bed for me. It's like -- in. Here and them. We will. Chairs the forecast. Coming up next here WW om -- off preoccupied thinking of snuggling Connolly and stoning him. Passports with Steve Geller well -- sports -- them. Someone accidentally 78 there is is one of the college owning real. Off because if you take two spoons and play them one inside of the other they fit just perfectly and so that's like if you bend your knees a little bit -- the person puts their needs and the and in your knees and then there. -- fit perfectly up against your hips like he spends one playing against the other. Some people actually do not giving make on where their chemistry they just cannot touch each other maybe back to back or front to front. And there has to be able -- to arm a forking like gesture close touch each other's company does your arm like one. One prong of four. Please know I know would anyway stuff but really athletic on -- My mother lives second reference among the most money refers to some people those being stacked up like flights if they fit just perfect again because -- people one -- and on top of another. -- -- -- -- -- Some fog this morning -- sunshine this afternoon the warming up again today high of 81. They only down into the low sixties tonight and of course watch for some late night fog again overnight tonight then sunshine around for your Thursday still looking dry with highs of 82. But we -- throw up at 10% rain chance on Friday as he sees as sunshine and highs reaching 83. From the Eyewitness News forecast sent her I mean urologist Clark knocked out. Get another text message today it's 7870. As I've got to know what song is it that makes you drama weigh on the steering wheel that would there are many -- -- music lover and some like it can't resist but. The first one it comes to mind that I must. Absolutely played the air drums is that Phil Collins in the air tonight when he gets to that point that. And you now drama away on something can you just that there and it does not -- -- if you if you can resist that. Few more will power the I don't know why you want to resisted. Steve Geller I have to add in hot for teacher Van -- out yet that opening drum solo -- short -- man Alex Allen really. Gets it going on. Sportsmanship and -- -- WWL Thomas voting in fort king in the air drumming. No -- about sports. Clean things up and analysts them. All right good morning everyone the LSU baseball team was seeking revenge against Tulane after losing an extra innings to the green -- back in March. Tigers got their payback winning six nothing and Alex box stadium. Here's the one know which one of the ground ball to Bragman. You go to first base and that also have a great job but -- he preserved the shutout lead thirteenth. Shot out of the year. Seven LSU pitchers combined to record that thirteenth shut out adding to their school record. In other sports from the diamond -- Lafayette shut out at least 88 nothing this -- got a six run eighth inning to beat Colorado Springs by the score of seven to. All the wizards have a surprising to nothing lead in their opening round NBA playoff series against the bulls winning 1011099. In overtime. Washington point guard John Wall says despite earning two wins in Chicago. Stay focused that this series now turns to DC. He's great do the winter games in a row would. Posted on -- I don't understand what it's doing these first two games and how much more is on tape doing gantry and I was site found give back to DC. Those efforts to -- enough fans. Meanwhile the pacers and raptors have to hide their NBA Eastern Conference quarterfinal series is up at a game apiece. Paul George 4247 points in Indiana's 101 to 85 win over Atlanta. DeMar DeRozan had thirty points in the raptors 195. Triumph over the Brooklyn nets. And Albert Pujols -- that is 499. And 500 career home runs and though Los Angeles Angels 72 win over the nationals in Washington. The 34 year old is the 26 player in Major League history to belt 500 career home runs and the third youngest to reach that milestone. Pujols says it's an honor to join such an elite group. Two how far more 191000 players who -- the big league uniform. Thing and tell me how Tony six players to do this that's. It's pretty special today have. -- on sports talk a -- right from the nineteenth hole at the Zurich classic pro am. The NFL's schedule comes out tonight who do you want the saints play in this season opener which early morning look at sports I'm Steve. Geller I've pointed they've gone Steve -- with you on your radio play in the season opener in some special opening with the big rival like the falcons. Yet last year was great of a home opener in the dome against Atlanta. Of course getting the winners even better and Yang and think and -- in the first year they went to reopen the government after Katrina they played the falcons right that was it's. Mine today as a matter that play first as long as they beat whoever they play throughout -- -- -- -- -- doesn't matter if it's the season opener not the first game everyone's gonna be -- up excited for the start of the football anyway. And why not the -- You know Champ Bailey plant in the pro am not at the Zurich classic race and time -- to hear from him. And he stepped up and excited him and really genuinely thrilled would be in the black -- he can play anywhere anyone. And you hear him talking about choosing to come to New Orleans because not only the coaching staff but also to play like for a quarterback with Drew Brees yet. It is great defense great to play for Rob Ryan but I'd play on a team withdrew -- You must believe this team as a chance to -- at all while the you know. Company wants when he could go on anyway it's scary looking at what the saints have on paper right now they are a legitimate. Super Bowl can you that you -- is scary it's scary good right exactly and -- you hate this talk about its overly but they really are a legitimate Super Bowl contender right now. Uses as someone's connect text me at 87 musings and interviews right I don't do that it's me it's all my fault and it's going to be -- -- we'll -- -- alleged victims of -- haven't -- a prime minister had to -- WL AM map them. And dot count some -- -- -- 7870 as the best air drum song. In an old school song is in it got to -- -- although they -- in dead guy identity yet -- got a divvied. With his actions must be in the garden -- it. Yeah a little too. Well to say not thinking clearly enough to -- in the garden I've beaten him out in Baghdad and in vita. Anyway text -- at 87870. Coddled spoon. Snuggle and does that make your relationship better at night while -- news story coming up in about five minutes. I'm 27 good morning I'm gave -- the weather's going to be the rest of the week. Some fault for the morning hours and lots of sunshine for the afternoon hours at another warm day ahead look for highs at 81. They only dropping into the low sixties again to night but -- could be an issue by early tomorrow morning we warm up again Thursday -- 82 with some sunshine and Friday the first day of Jazz Fest looks great if not on the warm side 83. With a 10% chance first hour. Pretty Eyewitness News forecast -- I meteorologist Clark Bechtel. -- guys 63 degrees -- -- at the airport and -- -- is clear and 58 degrees I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news from a Texas and -- needs to I think the ultimate -- to air -- -- it's the Tom Sawyer by rush. Or stairway to heaven by and let that play. That you aired from folks in the car and if someone looking at you stopped at a red light. And the summit next he'd be restrain yourself what you do drum away. I just -- away. From them -- -- -- -- out rushed on to our best air drums on ever. The -- accident that and -- them what is the definition of owning at second part of that. Is it weird that I know what's -- And might just that much in touch with my tentative signs that some announced vaccinated 7870. Says. And I want my MTV money for nothing the best air drums sound -- keep those text messages coming I want you text messages -- at night. You know it's -- means. As an attack the definition of -- would find him. 37 minutes after five a Dan this is the early edition WW golfers is this is April this is the 23 this is 2014. Notices. -- -- Do you know come on now. It was safe. For the Regina. Don't throw your back -- itself you know it's funny how often this show I plan out we're gonna talk about it great topics I -- discuss. And then you say something. Like about. Drumming on the dashboard this hearing real and suddenly. Everybody wants to text and suggestions about their favorite air drone song at all I am so far more people than any other are texting and rush is their favorite fan. To air -- you and Tom Sawyer that favorite song that's pretty good run some. -- is free bird by Leonard Skinner. Or. That are -- -- let muscles at Leonard -- scanners -- spelled the England to a result spelled winner winners. Actually the name of a PE teachers that the guys in the -- and when orchids or does not work out well -- and and -- a bigger name. Another presence exit 78 -- he's a Chicago. Make me smile or 25 or six to four yes I can hear -- -- drawn to him to isn't it yeah about the as the best song -- drawn to his whichever song is playing right. The fifth. So honestly if your air drumming and someone pulls up next -- a red light you stop but he just keep them. Are not gonna going on -- yeah I. Especially if it's a really good programs on I'm not I'm in I might take a little -- in -- -- -- Odyssey you know you smile out of well he's -- glance so I've just -- -- glance -- you know does make sure it is not like four people. In the cars looking at pulling out yourself on that exact thing you know you're going to be on YouTube curator drumming. And you get that -- got to worry about this. I'd air drums saw things people will -- whether I want to and I keep texting and there's suggestions and it's 78 that several people texted me and asked me to defines the Aniston thing is that that -- -- term that most people know what I can remember hearing that. Even as a child I remember the folks that talking about -- maybe we're -- -- incidents I don't know but it -- -- someone -- thanks so -- replied you know I'm trying to do a public service here. And I said this morning. When partners -- front to back. And they hips and bent knees line up just right like once an -- correctness it definite -- that is made that up and I don't know what the official and I think that works. Hotel California it -- its keep is by the Eagles wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus you're Phil Collins in the air tonight anything by Metallica. A lot of air program -- sure there's that section sergeant pepper and -- remembered as you know in the out album -- songs blend together right but you know the part I'm talking -- -- -- It just whales maybe in the reprise I think. Yet on to pump pump pump our computer. Admirable but. Why. People quickly I'll hear the story had a great band Kansas you know where guys on trial for first degree murder. And he is asking the court if he can have his tattoos removed before his try. Because. His -- -- spells out the word. Murder Heidi and it's right across his. Does from one side of his neck and there is -- year across the other and he was really clever when he got the details. He added that in mere image so he can read it when he looks in the -- like that'll problem thing chances infamous timing yeah Cabrera. And the only problem. The courts in the judge. Them up with the other courts in the jets again that's fine on promise that'll their freight transport him to alike institute facility haven't done. I don't know to me and live with them they made these lawyers -- so it's it's it's it's preference it's gonna. To Gary yeah exactly damage is cold case I -- have a litigation threat additional to the jury. It chose to get the word murder tattooed across his neck that we live with the decisions we make and make that decision that put this in the one. With people fly absolutely thank you will document about that fifteen minutes corporate WW well AM at them and now. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good. Our day. Every day. -- ounces or about you know. Crap out of me -- and at this morning a wet. Day he had -- I play you know the Humpty -- non SpinRite and you -- abide -- authority invested everything well they outplayed for you a ticket but. Up up up and. There's nothing up our mind to do it it I can't think. Rate but I can I can imagine if you don't have that good anyway this morning at 509. When I normally play -- the first time -- totally forgot about it you're right. Had a sneak up on our rambled pulled up and we have HC BS write -- are people out there -- on -- come. Or wait for. Now they Uga and now you get to do down with them -- glad to know it's Wednesday or make it almost the weekend and and any rain that did Canon. It was -- Yesterday and last and yesterday evening and that was it and gone now. It's gone the even of the -- is kind of sitting right over lake pond to train any kind of moisture with it is gonna try your area is between a -- and it it doesn't feel that much different this morning but it will keep the sunshine around today. And other warm after he came back to about 81. Our rights no Bob pretty much perfect to lower humidity 81 degrees but as we move through the work week no rain a little the humidity builds and then. You know usually the first weekend of Jazz Fest is the first summer as well and you know. That transition at late April almost -- may and it starts to feel like it's good it's gonna be a little bit more humid Friday Saturday Sunday but I'd still go with just 10% chance for a shower. Okay and that's it. All in all weekend just percent. That systematic cover your come. -- or maybe a straight shot in that means the majority of us were you know not seen evening just in case John McCain visits that's our anywhere in north said it was a 10% to their ego you got to count on our side. Eighties. And on time. Pretty easy for -- I'm not take a break here's that he may not be a game -- similar to walk up unit train station or bus station. And try to sell you underwear. For a pretty good price Vicki I just it's. He wouldn't say Hollywood is what you got you know trying to work and deal. Well it happened pretty sure I think. That yet but I can't keep perspective and I don't think I would some guy and you -- -- -- -- a girl the girl of the good deal now right. I'd like to thank god that I can expect. Well Joseph -- Lama thought it would be a good idea. According to police in Memphis Tennessee to steal a bunch underwear from Victoria's Secret. So it's not the price tags others still had the anti theft devices. I don't think -- by the under the anti theft of I hadn't really uncomfortable where. Underwear with that on -- yet but he was selling. That if you think that he had 59 pairs of panties or that he was trying to paddle he was the panty -- can't keep Cutler and -- trying to solve the people there at the a bus station in Memphis people are taking. It doesn't say how many people may have actually bought them but police moved -- pretty quickly yet and puts you into it if he had a if this doesn't look like any Victoria's Secret I've ever -- and now I it's actually Victoria's Secret stuff. I have got to say and yet -- don't they get the bus station right have bus stations don't look a lot like the incentive notoriously in my -- -- -- here other yet. Notice outside of Victoria's Secret that there's a lot of guys just standing around. We -- -- honored their -- yes hopefully hopefully and -- just staring at women going into my underwear that that they're just too nervous to go when they don't feel comfortable walking around the inside Victoria's Secret to that is went out I was on across a good week staring at defeat. Is it kind of weird just outside the store and look uncomfortable or go inside this store look and panelists awkward standing outside of victorious but if you're inside this store that's not having and that's kind of awkward right -- I think it's a lose lose situation for these four guys round. I think just don't go. Just like your wife or girlfriend is Starbucks yet -- get a bucket of ice cream cone that the court will be back our gold medal round -- -- -- store right he's in the right. The -- -- right go to the Apple Store will pick -- up later RW and yet they together so. We'll put not guys you stand outside Victoria's Secret and what probably you know we know put it all. -- Do they have to deal I always look back at four but any peddler at the -- thank you have let me doesn't want to ride around with people look at heat down thank you Barack advocate more. Like now live and direct from the eyewitnesses forecasts and I don't. The text messages keep coming candidates 7870 favorite air drums songs particularly while you're driving I'll share some more attacks. Coming up sports with Steve Geller is well -- out -- drums and a. All right coming up I'm gonna have what is now moved into first place as the favorite air drums song of all time according to our text messages Saturday 7870. Here on WW well. We keep the messages. I didn't mean make this happen besides David Blake mentioned air drumming Steve -- early this morning now people is texting you wouldn't David -- growth -- I love when I listened to weird Allah please him here accordion and accurate. At this. That while you're driving that that would really be you know we've got a few air drop in the car. Ever -- -- definitely either you know bang on the stand again I would deficit that I don't know about take both hands off that -- You know pretending I drumstick so -- some pulled up next tedious stuff but he keep. Probably to go and I really don't notice I thought. -- -- don't lose our way into the zone and I'm up in the sport zone your on WW good morning everyone fighting tiger baseball attitude his school record earning their thirteenth shutout of the season after beating Tulane six nothing. Allergies often skewed to pitching staff plenty of breathing room I'm pounding out fourteen hits. This just log on that in mind that the left center field for a base hit Apple's -- -- Ed Greg Little stop but I did they play. And bang bang the Packers -- -- affairs they both. The tigers are now eleven and two in the month of April after ending march on a four game losing streak. Matt hicks and Ben Carter combined to throw a two hit shutout as you will -- yet defeated at least 88 nothing. This effort -- two game losing skid beating Colorado Springs seven to two. And NBA playoff action the wizards -- in command of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the bulls after taking the first two games in Chicago. Washington won game 2101 to 99 in overtime. Bunea pacers have managed to -- their opening game series up at a game apiece by -- in the third quarter of a 11 to 85 win over Atlanta. David -- says the entire pacers team showed up big in this must win situation. From the -- couldn't go to a little too that was just that wasn't an option forces so we had to play this the start of the game and home but I thought the big guys is a good job just coming though that's Q and what we talked about it. Toronto also not at its series that 11 beating Brooklyn 100 to 95. And Albert pool host is the 26 member of baseball's 500 home run club after belting a -- in the angels' 72 victory in Washington. The 34 -- first baseman also is the third youngest player to reach the milestone behind Ken Griffey junior and Jimmie Foxx. Pool -- says he's making a habit of hitting milestone home runs at Nationals Park. To ever do in the -- part of period. Foreigner coming to say that you raised two months don't like 40500. Extra special. Today -- four on sports talk live from the nineteenth hole at the Zurich classic pro AM. The NFL schedule comes out tonight. Who do you wanna see the saints play in the season opener. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look at sports and you and I perimeters that when the Atkins opened the season especially if that -- beat them that integrates there. Deceased at that and I'm I'm gonna say since they played the falcons. In the season opener last season. I have a feeling they'll open up against the Panthers -- -- several people accident -- that they want to play the Panthers opened things up it'll pay. -- -- exactly last season's and the Panthers are hurting right now I'm not -- is Cam Newton her nursing an ankle injury but. There are wide receivers have -- they were weak as it was and I mean they've lost a ton of them so there chemistry is going to be a big question mark heading into the season. -- days ago folks who do you want the sense that play well we'll talk more about that on sports -- this evening and we'll find out who they're going to play when the schedule comes out here on WW well you ready for it. It's been close it's been -- -- Tom Sawyer by rush that's and this song have been neck and neck all morning in the texting but here's the winner folks of the most popular air drum song. Get your air drums to get -- We. -- Crime that you dare you -- happy -- -- yelling your accounts. Show. It's. I think it's -- it's up to this law of the air drums in the air freshener hanging from the rear premiere expert great symbol well that it is a although I didn't even think they made those anymore what has those plug ins in the AC then now you guys to can I hate -- too strong for me especially with one ride my days. Like the great too much air freshener. But NASA people still -- have a little. Trees and other things thing implement. Let's old school maybe back to -- that's all you have to watch out if you are in the movie the hangover member Mike Tyson and a punching the guy out there. It can happen if you've got to do. Thank you Steve we'll talk in about fifteen minutes sports -- WW well AM mountain and that accounts of what else agrees with Steve text me hot for teacher by Van Halen -- -- Favorite programs on queen's somebody to love. But we got a lot of Russia's counselors and they'll count in the air tonight. Adam Ant and free bird fortunate son. The list goes on and on your Smart camera and to forecast. -- -- golf course thanks for calling WW about what's your favorite air drops off. -- You know that's my third place of everything people affected me this morning and everybody spells it differently that's the funky thing. You know I was supposed to be in the garden of EM original statement. Under the influence to stop that and apparently the word in the garden every just wouldn't come out thanks for the call we appreciate it Gulfport this morning and -- That number three favorite hot air drum song I -- butterflies. In got a -- as somebody else -- I love it loud like he has some announces he's the top LaGrange Led Zeppelin to Moby Dick. Asia. Only time will tell yet that does have a great drama line. So thank you for all the text messages and 87870. Again in the air tonight was number one and rush -- Tom Sawyer by rush was number Q. I had no intentions of doing this this morning David like just mentioned air drumming in next thing you know one -- their favorite players themselves we appreciate it that's what we do here on the early days of WWL first news. We aim to please and we have fun. Having great hump day folks enjoy the weather and because one. -- now at 600.

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