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WWL>Topics>>4-23 6:15am Tommy, pitbulls and children

4-23 6:15am Tommy, pitbulls and children

Apr 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Maggie Wood, a renowned animal behaviorist and dog trainer, about if it's safe to have pit bulls around kids

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker 619 glad you withers on Wednesday morning we're talking about people's look solution to -- Ramon considering. Different laws when he comes into repeated bulls or maybe not specific breeds that continue to hash that out. And a pretty jaguar paying people asking you should children be around pit bulls. As it stands now a 100% of you were saying no and earlier I said I wouldn't trust my kid around -- pit bull. But then again. I also told the story about leaning down as an adult couple weeks ago to put my dog right now giant boxes phased. And the dog was friendly gain a couple of licks on the forehead then I realized I was pretty dumb you don't know this dog I don't know what could happen. So maybe it's any big dog I don't know make -- -- gonna help sort this out right now she's a friend. Animal behaviors dog training you may have seen on Animal Planet morning Maggie. -- -- well thank you to tell me home before we take a break here and and really get in the depth on this. Initially she kids being around pit bulls or is it that simple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it roll I think it really respect it and let people Japanese -- Anything else I think that that -- -- it but not speak cat. Like he hit. I'd love that there will probably mold and -- -- agrees. However I do. That -- you know that's not that funny. They have really nailed. And meaning they would and then he goes a long. Look at picking up here. We come back when you say funny how do you mean in terms of ever. How clever observations -- prop comics what. Bad bad and I a ground out we'll just -- they've won two treaties do more than any other but I haven't or sorry you don't in between signs melding Carrot Top. I didn't catch up yeah it is a prop comic works a lot of props Gallagher. Eight it's good that kind of thing where. There incredibly eclectic which is one of the things that -- -- good. They did just think just haven't really -- about them. He'd never able to pit bull picked up a hammer and smash watermelons would you. And there will be right back at Carnegie what if you have any questions to six 187 Neitzel 3866889087. She said pit bulls are her favorite dog -- if you own him. Don't own them like him don't like and we love being different music when he one time and -- traffic. -- Iraq -- -- then Lipinski Manning NASA control this morning bringing this back with the box comma men. Jordan -- producing a tummy tuck and we're talking -- Maggie what do. Animal behaviors dog trainer and you might as seen on Animal Planet she's a friend of ours are about pit -- We're talking about would your kids would you want your kids around them. 100% of -- on on line on apple is saying no but hum you say that you favor kind a dog Maggie. I think they have any Marat and I think again you know it's been an AK. Machine gun into it and you -- -- -- not that and these immediately detained like any lines. The god in. And Nancy's. -- might lead to match -- at any of them. -- enormous potential to. Basically. And unfortunately hit and now meeting being labeled as saying dog. Into iPad. Barry. To update dangerous around small children. Com. I'd -- a people who have a little children to quarter in two. -- pretty and then turn the guns. When the dog that you can't get in my grade. -- have people who think it. -- mind. -- that children to use an honest. As a means of getting messy. And on leaning left in the when the -- -- from a kind of all they think the doctor today and not. Say it ain't -- A human being workshop. -- prevent. Usually industry farmland on the line where -- -- not that. Despite the the -- on -- on orbit and something to look at that kind of weak link in the dark well. Google had gone his goal is in comics. The type scenarios to -- well. Is that who actually give you warning. You. -- -- And you don't turn it around again in the middle warning. And you do add me to -- how that that they should get ground and it now. That that -- back. Who now does not -- -- warning. You want it he tells you know -- I'm happy about that and you'll. Need to change something yet. You know teaching -- so media. Gimmick that will that increase that you live. -- arm went when we come back -- if he had some time and he. I -- ask about you know it is seen in Stanley which. -- -- talking -- Brian and some of these out any sane too hard to argue bargain might get like tonight. And I think a lot of ways all the dogs and -- they do -- views in Q are. They can't -- they can't -- simple and it bad you're married. Read in the saint. Does not give you anymore. And some doubt in Britain not to give warning and on I mean you do not want to odd way. Actually. If you have an eighteen month early in the house and you do not let out. I will talk about when we come back if the two were raised together as a -- that the baby in the poppy if that makes a difference and and Sunday night -- of your music or not but a couple of weeks ago I was looking at a -- guys bots are big on giant. Apple MySpace right it is probably pretty dumb thing to do ones that -- -- And I realized that the senate and I backed up making a real. Well that's. That's the idiotic thing that most idiotic thing negative. I will take a break if you have any questions about dog training about in making sure -- dogs are safe around your kids are about pit bulls in general when you disagree with what Maggie said. I would love to hear from -- basics of money seven needle free 866. 889087. Animal behaviors world renowned dog trainer she's been on Animal Planet. We'll take you calls we come back right now time for -- WL offers news. That would go to David. Maggie would David is our guest she's renowned animal trainer and -- behaviors dog trainer bill on Animal Planet we're talking about pit bulls in light of what they're thinking about doing and -- Lucia. And terror Ramon parishes and it was a heated discussion in the kitchen here yesterday about whether or not. Kids should be around tables -- -- he's already told us that she thinks -- The best dogs -- -- dog but there's a story that's breaking with the Associated Press. And the concerns of pit bull attacking in two and a half year old girl and Alvin Texas. The mom's dogs inning of friends pit bull would always seem friendly. And then the dawn came up in the mom says he was just curious when he smelled that's when you saw flip because -- smelled my dog honor. Well a dog attacks a little girl that's when the motherly instincts kick in she shot her fist into the dog's mouth. And then she bit the ear off of the dog to get it -- leave a little girl around alone rather now time. Tell her daughter turnovers and she didn't choke on blood. She also managed to call nine. 11 officer showed up shut the dog didn't kill -- dog was eventually euthanize a little girls guard but. Thankfully is still alive so Maggie when you hear of that. We what do you think. I think. -- -- alternate name it and -- bowl winning attitude and popular vote out. Is rob a good the good deacon at. I mean I would not play. You -- you know. He. Unpredictable and that man. Aren't they sound like Friday. We don't know -- backed out at any with with a -- actual. What that outcome that it gave the children you will open. That. And -- to hurt him. Yeah I'd love and well. What has happened immediately. United aren't. And a little bit colder back a war curvature to the top. Two. Market -- how -- dug out. You know who had been efforts are. -- -- day out on the deep and that in many able to get it to something like that. And it cost -- -- -- each freaky. -- -- And -- and I gotta jump in here analog and I got -- asks a would you tell me is. It's either kids or the mother's fault it's not the dog's -- Yeah I don't know whether cocaine proclaiming that -- may have. It at its group. I'd so it we're gonna come back and take some calls at 2601870. Till 3866. 8890. -- seven are you then telling me that no kid should be around payable. No I'm not I'm saying that if he didn't know that. If you hadn't had. That. Oh children and you meaty definitely -- -- came from that. The scenario that I would not my child -- I'd like that it would take a as the but I didn't reading and history and I didn't know what's around children I think that. -- read it ain't this thing to do whether it was a well any three coming into my. But I did not his G I would be really really cool I I I wouldn't. When we come back again -- Q why why do pit bulls -- we always hear about vehicles are they being singled out by the media the other question is. Does it matter of the dog in the -- -- together. And more also take some questions from the listeners that 260187. Neitzel 3866. 889087. -- finally able floor. We let you go again as in light of that mother Biden don't zero if you do ourself on our side of a dog attack what's the best way to get this up. A lot of questions from the floor. Okay we'll get you so you can think about it we'll get answers when we come back under the W I Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about pit bulls being around kids it's a pretty jaguar opinion poll. -- -- nice enough to spend some time with this and and an animal behaviors dog trainer -- -- in Iran. Animal Planet to the phone lines we go to talk to Laurie in Slidell as a generic dog training question hey -- I. -- -- -- -- The fact that anybody if you I. We. -- Like that act but you know all. Right it was the and it. It. -- that I like it when I hit like a week is that fair or is the walk around like that are a go visit law. In my yeah in the currently. Like talented. Eagle coma eleven month old you know that's how many -- eleven. And -- an -- carrying him around and might be time to built incompetent and that little guy and named Aaron on the ground. And instead of people -- asking -- to and keeping your big. How quickly and in your I would actually going down on the ground and have them -- -- something kind of yummy. And not make any contact with him and pretend -- -- meant not that but I think if you -- hang around like that. He'd -- gonna escalate and escalate and escalate because. He doesn't feel confident enough of these. Factor so put him down on the ground in Vietnam -- married at all. Irritant to adopt -- hasn't announced that a tiny -- An Indian that it's too deep a competent to look at Mexico dances. Secular on the ground I think you'll. Feel not be so protective yeah. Blunt glory to Marian Anderson good morning at W good morning. And how -- in -- fine and it high union I have -- -- many many. Are well each and every single -- was. A child. Bean ball hit ball company unit that clarity and a a bit and local constantly. You. At all. Away meg just to be refereed here she doesn't have to decide every source I mean we know these things -- ubiquitous every every couple weeks it seems as though and and everybody here. Nose in terms of shows and ideas that it happens in it when there was one in the news today about the woman and that the dogs. I didn't. I'm I'm not saying that you need. I mean. At the K for the -- -- -- -- on the line. Not. Being warning. Why. You've got a look at the bar. Here you had. That. -- -- -- -- Report where they did in the Israelis that brought these are not being good failing and they still are -- children. Which brings me the question -- want to get to see Maggie before we go. Com because they're time's running out here if you raise a poppy pit bull and a a child did toddler whatever together will they develop a bond where some point they'll never happened and unnecessarily. Well not. In the I think you know trying to -- a -- with that they be giving itself. An enormous terms to begin I mean. You know who want to have a baby Abby training while he's not on merit. It unlikely that you'll copies and get kind of mullah but he needs to get. Should be well. Hey help for the dog. That on the the islanders in the world are. -- you know I have -- -- anywhere. So the coming on -- about. And it in the act that has gone are apparently. You already have that old time ball. Thank you were almost out of time and hoping come on once a month -- is I think it's fascinating when it. When it -- of people in control in the dogs and an understanding -- don't -- but god forbid you if god forbid you find yourself or your child being attacked night not just a pit -- but any kind -- -- what we're what's the best waited to get the dog -- -- to stop all -- I mean -- in -- got up. You know. Like a great way. You're reading that. -- it required. A Cadillac a pro so -- Dog Yang -- -- keep people morning how are if you have a little child. And you know that yeah. Dog suddenly. Attacked him at all which I think I'd. There's been a non. They usually on the -- Something happened before and but if you are in the position one cannot get in the school. And the woman who. You I mean god -- -- I can't imagine anything more a candidate because she immediately having and bitten all that maternal instinct will be that. Well at that point Maggie we gotta go -- hate to tell you this will we come back on -- -- soon. I thank you appreciate of people to find out more about you war training animals. You can go to my web site www. Triple training thank you so much have a great day we'll talk and news.

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