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4-23 7:15am Tommy, robberies & thefts

Apr 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. George Capowich, a former police officer & criminologist at Loyola, about how police prioritize crimes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

717. Tommy Tucker talking about theft and burglary in new Holland and the surrounding area and although it's murders get the headlines and guest rightfully so. Is it theft and burglary that really affect the most people. Get a couple of texts come and I are members acute we had a barbecue pits stolen ended had the burning coals. Still in another one says to kids on one bike usually means that they are seeking a bike to steal. As it is fairly often so if you have if you have a a story about last time you got some been stolen from Leo was -- did you wonder whether to do about where that we'd love to hear from me. Meanwhile back to George capital which joins us right now criminologists and informed police officer department of sociology. At Loyola and -- cab to -- which would love heaven you because you you're street cop now yours sociologists. And we love hearing about both angles of this from you. Thanks for taking the time or -- becomes a crime cameras and capturing. -- what happens at your home and and even if you have video look -- look if it's a bench and maybe you'd you'd debt that's a big expenditure do you nice -- bench and and it's gone. The what chance do you have a scene -- again even if he got video and yet turn it over in OP. He probably. Probably not much. You know in the and you have to even if you -- video C news is dated. You know the punishment is likely to be minor. Is it might -- to call in court. Tuesday well. You know this is your bench and older. -- Using it as sentencing court as a whole different. -- urged theater. It and you know I think that goes -- Acts. You know Cooper on a regular basis. They're not at all -- are reporting -- much ignore it. Com you know we ourselves. -- -- doorman ones which didn't change. Seems that doctors exactly the kind of thing and think another it's like why in the hell would you steal a doormat. Well it's not. It's not an end in itself it's it's opportunistic. It's probably young people in the neighborhood. Help roaming the street late at night and it's sort of a term recovery for all we know that a lot of teenagers. And people that age you know it's just excitement. Optimal to stop purposeful -- cents or need this storm because without. Kind of thing. There and in Seoul you know chances all our. When these kinds of pressure collectors say it is. As somebody from the same thing is true war I mean residential or use emotional content at any time people -- around. In about eighty year -- percent to one that we know. Our. Young people who live in the area. On. It and it's. It will be. It's sort of this. Risk through seeking. That lots of young people. Go through I think that. People who experiences. At least. One of the issues. Issues. And lines of course -- sharing while some. -- -- -- and should someone took part in plain little washed too few years ago share for motors today. Com. End. So there's -- sense -- foreboding. Someone's someone's porch and what do something else. Which is obtainable action except most of these things or just passing -- Young people are seeking -- cultural moment. Let's take a look at trafficking along those lines when we come back I just like to know. If they do it for a thrilled the steel floor amenities steal a couple of potted plants and you get an -- system war. If it goes undetected nobody really cares as the benches the floor mat. Does that lead that people do this is look for bigger thrills and steal bigger things and that's where vote. But the slide down like a crime being canceled talking about that won't come agony questions or comments to 60187. Any toll free 866. 889087. In your -- gavel which lost a couple of potted plants and a floor mat. Was last thing you had stolen from me and the did you wonder what and when orally to do this seven Tony to -- get traffic that would. Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about theft and burglary and you know we're getting texts and emails here's your own and -- a lot of that going on throughout the Crescent City -- sounding guy he wrote in city losses as UV. Came home couple hours later went down it was on some money Els and a bench stolen from their reports in. On others did different things -- murders. Get the most attention and perhaps rightfully so I was wonder how many people are affected. By a thefts in the Crescent City and does it lead tainted to have bigger crimes for the people get started this way doctor George temple which is -- gas criminologist. Former police officer department of science sociology at -- so doctored it does that do these things necessarily. Like harmless pranks may be if -- So you -- potted plant Arab venture are welcome mat. Lead to bigger thrills and and bigger crimes. Not for the majority. Of people will -- rhetoric -- pictures -- getting -- suvs stole him. Is a different kind of crimes then. -- that we and our columns I wouldn't want truce together. But those kinds of minor delinquencies as minor effects. Other kinds of minor. Offenses. Possession of alcohol truancy. There -- other kinds of things are fairly large. Boys and girls -- -- -- to haul all races do it and you won't see his track that walk that real common truth. Early teens and -- seniors. At eighteen there's a huge drop off. Most kids that do that -- and our goal in the mature at -- Thrill seeking. -- -- things in life began to take. More important work school military marriage. Financial blow you know shop and do. But it's probably not because extorted by stealing or match and tensions holding shooters. But because of all the damage in her life. So before we run at a time -- me as it is some -- company went up a couple of porch rockers and Amundson. A big old deal and then wake up 1 morning in their long hours on the announcement via. -- -- statue assembling data may -- something of emotional attachment that they got from their parents should they expect the police to care about this when they call and say. -- somebody stole my yeah my bird -- Well you know I -- -- the police care speakers. Here -- quality life in the neighbor. Hand you know being with all emotional. Heart to emerge. To those kinds of things but. You know I'm not sure it was two or don't think it's realistic to expect the police to be able to do much. Did they do find it is going to be popular locked. Chances of finding or pretty. Slim. And so I think we've got to find the way shoot. Document. These kinds of things -- police and other city agencies are aware we're in Corey. Without this expectation that there is going to be OKB. Investigation. That is. Isn't necessarily war. Thank you and I appreciate you time and ended. --

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