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4-23-14 11:10am Garland: on Obamacare

Apr 23, 2014|

Garland talks with the Cato Institute's Michael Cannon about whether the Affordable Care Act is the solution to the country's healthcare problems.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It blows all kind of come on this subject because we've lost the telephone call in to -- withdraw our guests Michael cannon director of health policy -- to institute. We have you back. So there are scrambling Spurrier number. We we've we've we're doing the same I thought I. And no it's via telephone gods decided we couldn't talk for awhile we -- all right you're coming in next -- -- understand Metairie -- country gates -- Huge your healthcare speech you're gonna give it and its big government or remarked it talked him. Wolf what we're going to be talking about -- is. Where is whether we want to try to healthcare system that obamacare is giving that's where premiums are rising -- The health plans in the that doctors -- the hospitals. That that they want to. What -- scares are rooting for other reasons or we didn't have the kind of health care system. Where we have seen health care be in -- improvement that we see in other areas to the economy where things get. More affordable predicted better with these things happen the same time and we re. Better quality goods and services which did -- reach people who couldn't afford the yesterday and -- network that -- more important critical care. And then possibly do that I mean long before Obama care. Good for years I talked to people in the health care industry. And said what we're doing is unsustainable. What can be done. Well -- -- it's special area of the economy for a number of reasons but it's not special in no way. That -- government somehow competent to run. So complex and enterprise. The way to get those Indonesians. That major health care more affordable -- within the reach of people who wouldn't of forty get updates it by getting government out of the decision making. But consumers they made their decisions they'll be more cost conscious. That the government -- and there are players are they will rise that pop consciousness shall drive prices down and we've seen that happen in health care. Tactic in some quarters of the health care sector where where where consumers are the ones control the money we need to keep that. Cross the health care sector because it's it's what what he -- out. It's helping the most vulnerable. The most important thing need to do -- get what else to start. -- to start pitching -- by being cost conscious consumers could help the public to drive down the prices that are that are due to propose in the greatest burdens. On the very sick at the very pork. How -- Had people do when you eternal and television. And I thought I'd -- -- trouble broke the world I don't see those to Israel took place. We're drug company users say make sure you tell your doctor you need this added -- and it's everywhere. And then you've got. Health experts selling -- get that in -- -- chuck -- and make sure you monitored to blood pressure from dotted on them. And how can we give. The consumer. Good to say you know I'm gonna use letters. The weekend to do that is -- and -- their own money on what they're buying health insurance. And what they're going to the doctor that is you know when they're deciding whether to go to the doctor. To get that -- but the drug of people about -- There could be much more skeptical of the church properties -- -- with their spending their own money. And they're much more likely to solely on necessary wasteful expenditures needed medical services that could. -- Unnecessary risks to their health if they're the ones spending the money and you we've seen that. Do research. Is more reliable than any other research when it comes to health care policy. Would you give people the monies and trust and to make health care decisions themselves. They consume less critical care and it does not armed they're well average. There -- that it that there are no less healthy as a result that it taught you this is this something we -- decades ago. Go ahead on the college's cargo load cardiologist -- should. Born pediatrician. Talking about two large medical those societies are now gonna put out records and charts and suggestions. A -- doctors should start thinking more about cost. -- they do now. Immediately. Got a call a lot of calls and -- about death panels. If we do what you're talking about. Or would you remnant of the charges of all set it up for the rich to be able to get anything they want idiots on the one. And for the rest of us we have to be very particular -- choose. Well you know the rich to get whatever they wanted -- they would want that's what the that's -- everyone wants to be rich. What I'm concerned about this is not that more concerned about it is that people who are struggling to afford medical care other. Other necessities. And bringing. Health care within the -- of those who can't even afford it right now. About that you visit the that do recommendations for the doctors practiced it more conservatively. The beauty. -- market system as opposed to obamacare or even what we had before obamacare. Is that. If you are very afraid of someone telling you know you can get its servers that that that this this treatment that you want. That you can pay for health insurance the -- that tree and then you'll -- cover everything. But if you are more suspicious. Of the deadliest. Treatments out there that haven't they haven't been through as much rigorous testing is that you would like you could. Say the money and your health insurance premiums. By choosing a health plan that helps you figure out what stuff works best and it you don't -- the evidence to sort of these treatments work. He can each. These arguments about that -- -- recently argument about debt it's consistent government that's making these decisions. -- -- when I looked. Or all the ratings are up around seven different rating. Of the best health care plan -- in the world in the old as greed except on one thing also by 4%. With the its warts and and blemishes it was the best. While pulled this up from 2000 -- and it is the most recently like pollen. France's -- truly impose American -- co pays on patients. To try to throttle back there caught a culture out of control. Mapping service cuts the rationing. Some services. And their system has been in the red since 198913. And have billion dollars. Fifteen billion in 2010. And -- they point to the rise and drug costs aging population's. Growing and employment all the things we're fighting here. And the conservatives and I've talked to all point to Singapore. As the best one in Singapore. As a higher percentage of GDP for health care than print -- So mid month long question. Regardless what the system that is user and system that we can point to that works. You know that's the question I get boast -- unfortunately the answer is no it every advanced country. You've got. Government issuing some form of guarantee of health care for all and is that very guarantee that all the steps the government but he tried to deliver on that guarantee. That and up undermining Google health care for all because it undermines those market processes we talked about before. The big stuff better and cheaper and more secure and bring in the region for people. So no matter what country ought to be frantic to be Singapore. We can be sure if you make. You're spending other people's money they're spending it can go. And healthcare. Gears system. Is door to. It's going to cost more it's going to be more expensive if the governments regulating prices. The prices are gonna be world. Usually I mean it's. Adobe to blow that implicit former rationing they usually. Pick up government that would add to try to keep prices reasonable. Would regulate prices ended up being two -- And also easy easy -- -- every surveyed want to quality comparisons across. Across nations because you know that sort of competition I talked about between different health plan to different ways it's paying for medical medical care delivering medical care. You don't have it in really any nation. All nations. Supper when it comes across all patients patients in all patients suffer comes equality because you don't have a rigorous market competition trying to make improvements on all dimensions of cost and quality. It's a government Japan that try to play well the -- if there's a report that is spreading it to they put standing there. And then there's another report it's that people can't get -- -- -- needed respecting -- you'd never get the indentation the cheap eats. That big improvement on both cost and quell. Good -- it was strange question don't people likes or appeal. -- this -- hold to meet. Faults issued a dutchman -- we've. Always said films are -- actual where -- of -- In the life decisions that have always been that route certain people don't get certain things because they either don't have the money or their to sick. It's always been bruised when she raises that issue and others. Isn't that a road block to one who wore. Recommending your reckoning integration something that hasn't been pride. But you certainly can as you said there's no hope to have some that works as -- is being a portable. It doesn't that throw -- block it and what your -- and do. Well I need to I suspect -- -- their have in mind wise. As one that the government is paying for our medical care she doesn't want the government saying you know. Provide that service for your. Parents -- disabled child. And if that's what she's saying that which she's recommending is. But the government just spent. -- unlimited amount of money on health care for the elderly disabled. Even at that cute and provide them any valuable doesn't make -- happier or healthier and that's about accurate. So. What interpreter marked as -- -- -- related. And I think that -- that so to that extent. Yes which is -- what an obstacle to two to -- reforms on talk about what does interpreting which which. Live in the -- right there please. Of the lunatic would break for news hold that thought gonna come right back. This could start all over in another area of special got -- out on the show before Michael cannon. Director of health policy cute kid would institute. And he's on his way to New Orleans and accusing 6 PM every part concrete dates school. The biggest managers called the future of health care big government. For three more points. Virginia worth thinking about healthcare -- not necessarily you Obama cares shows while we've got now what we might have with the Obama -- what could be done. Differently. And we have -- would -- have a different idea Michael cannon director help policy Cato Institute. Is going to be here it's 6 o'clock the next Tuesday -- -- report contradicts whom. And it's gonna give us speaks of future of healthcare big government or pre market. Michael head coach opened bids and it's let's think and operate there. What are the other more charitable in interpreting. What circuit monstrous meant what cheated death panels is that just what does the government in these decisions at all. And I hope that's what you and -- -- meeting that they -- and shoot paper everything without limit because what you look at the Medicare program. The best evidence that we have suggests. That one out of every three dollars the manicures -- The elderly the disabled has nothing to help it has nothing to make them healthier does nothing to make it appears to puke or. Income transfer. From taxpayers. To healthcare providers including drug companies and so forth so so. So I I I you know I choose to believe that -- I was making the border -- -- pro responsible recommendation. I -- that you know making fun of anybody but me all right. -- and no liberal Libby for four users on -- and rightfully so I'm against big government announcing BP. What happened to -- secure and treat a wider the government just -- I'm outcrop. I'll wanna be an individual and would be all alone. -- acceptance of some security. There except for my Medicare. It's a rhythm -- -- fifty billion dollar worth of wetlands we need or will get three billion dollars or broken water pipes. If if we pull -- and the free market. We do with people like me. That's the only one hand yet yeah and get government out a year and the personal in my -- killed some oddly. A civil war there was no regulation. Where was the government. I'd probably get past that. Well so what one caricatures of people like to offer libertarians. Like me like my colleague Cato Institute. Is that we don't want any government that's useful in the habitat that copies of the US constitution because we thought there'd be government we keep our constitution's pretty good model. It's that it may not be perfect but it what we've got. And what you're talking about the use of the problem must say aspirin killings simply that it's a legitimate role for government as someone interview. That you are -- he should be allowed to take it to court and to be made whole and the fact that people can do that affected there is that option. It's getting get the expert manufacturers and everyone else to be sure to make sure that they are offering safe and effective products. And it are going to be perfect by any means because we're human beings. But when the government -- -- state by regulating drugs and medical devices through the Food and Drug Administration. The cure and that being worse than the disease we lose more lives than did that -- -- a dramatic deregulation -- recent. Introducing and let's go to -- Janet Janet -- -- Michael cannon who question them column that appreciated. -- It's purple with close your eyes at -- I -- morning. For our government document national health plan. I -- it -- in my life where I'm not. Is yet medical help in there for basically. -- With the older. And -- at a mall. Chuckle -- that ask them. -- Out there. Was more in need now. And now pre Oprah my quick and is how -- about health care I. Mean. In terms. What paid services in the united -- and or these products. Drugs and those that are on. One. Stay or adopting it and and what I mean by that. Some companies -- yours dollars are out. That use caught. And eaten at -- All right -- -- introducing question Michael. Hundred dollars and has been seems instinctively -- a -- what technical institute interest you sort contracts that. She -- up between -- the United States would consider appropriate transparency. In candidacies said that you know most provinces you don't face. Any sort of spoke -- -- -- do it's very small. And and -- -- which includes which -- you know you'll it has cost you. Well instructed the cost you a lot. To access to medical care -- starts in terms of time there are a lot of people who have to wait very long time to get treated in for a for many illnesses and Canada. And that balanced ought to suffer. He -- while they're waiting -- so that the cost that not the battle these. You have to take into account but he is not transparent. So. It is not familiar to people. 44. Nations signed up for. A program like Canada's war. Would you go to the doctor how long you're gonna have to wait for treatment for to see the doctor Q special orders have to wait to get treatment after seeing a specialist. So price transparency big big problem in Canada as it is in the United States but. Never problem priced -- transparency is never ever a problem for the people who control the money it's only a problem for the people who deal and they. And if you look at -- the United States. The government. Through the Medicare program and Medicaid program part transparency is not a problem for that you know directly -- -- because they're the ones writing -- And so it factors setting the price secure and lawyer or if you are a health insurance company that's writing the checks to the doctors and hospitals. Price transparency not a problem for you either have to tell you the prices because it is they don't you know to promote the reason the consumers to get the prices they want for the price competition. It would reduce the right about 400 dollars is something more reasonable. Is. That consumers control in the book it's called both of the bodies being controlled by someone else and therefore. The the producers of providers don't have to give that price information to the consumer. So in a large. And so large that consumers don't care about the price. Michael a north captured -- long -- -- have committed and tell people where you're gonna be next week here in New Orleans and what -- do. We're we're going to be in Metairie park country day school which. And 300 park road battery we're going to be talking about the future health care in this country whether we wanna go PP government route. That -- That that the -- we were already on before obamacare voters take this farther down that road. Or we wanted to write something that no other advance nation has tried we choose to allow. Some of markets assisted to bring indications. That. -- healthcare in the region people who cannot afford to. Six for you next Tuesday my cool low blow by -- -- pollution drew when you call -- great talk in New York are so good on its guarantee. Yeah I have a good trip we look forward sued sort of governor.