WWL>Topics>>4-23-14 1:10pm Scoot: on the KKK forming a neighborhood watch

4-23-14 1:10pm Scoot: on the KKK forming a neighborhood watch

Apr 23, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks whether the Ku Klux Klan should be allowed to act as a neighborhood watch.

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What an amazing Wednesday afternoon in May I'm studio for Angela today Angelou will be back with you tomorrow. It's a great Wednesday afternoon Wednesday at the square the free concert at Lafayette square -- put on by -- The youth council that's going to be this afternoon from five to about 730 is going to be a great afternoon evening for that. Also today is national administrative assistants -- formally known as national secretaries day so for all of you who were administrative assistants. I'm very happy day today and I hope -- says those who work with you have -- treated you with kindness today. Also the NFL is set to release its 20142015. Scheduled. Last year the saints open the season against the falcons. And nobody speaker gonna talk about dislike from the nineteenth hole at the Zurich classic this afternoon on sports talk. You know at this point I can't imagine a better team to open the season with. That against Seattle Seahawks. I would like to see also this is the weekend of Jazz Fest and WWL -- would like -- ago. It just such an eclectic group of legendary artist once again and I'm Bruce Springsteen the by Skaggs Chaka Khan Christina Aguilera Robin thick fish and fish always attracts a very interesting crowd. Trombone shorty Better Than Ezra. Aaron -- Allen Toussaint Irma Thomas and many many more virtually every style of music is is is on display. World class food and one of a kind fine arts and crafts and you can win tickets for Jazz Fest. -- listening to Tommy Tucker weekday mornings at 840 and Garland Robinette weekday afternoons at 1240 listen for your -- to call in or you can go to WWL radio. And our FaceBook page and you've got a chance to win there and we were randomly select ten lucky winners and midnight Thursday April 24 so happy fasting. And it looks like it's going to be a great first weekend for Jazz Fest from all of us here at WWL. When you go out to eat it sometimes going out to eat is very very pleasurable and sometimes it's it's not that enjoyable. Sometimes going out to -- is not that enjoyable because of other people in the restaurant. Now I like to think that I can focus on my table and my situation. But sometimes there are things that people do it can be very very. Irritating. What irritates you most. When you go out to eat -- talk about this later in the show is at the loud talker. Is it the constant cell phone use and you know I have to admit even though it's it's silent it bothers me when I see a family of four adults and kids. Sitting at table and everyone is on their cellphone. And they're not talking to each other. And while it's quiet and and it doesn't. It doesn't bother me in terms of of noise. I just it just I am so distracted by that debt setting. It's just amazing to me that people can sit there. And be like that -- checking yourself on that's one thing that I see extended periods of time people. At a at a table and nobody's talking to each other also there's the misbehaving kids and then there's the PDA couples. The public display of affection couples. So what irritates you most when you go to you talk about that later in the show is this legislative session in Baton Rouge. Making Louisiana look moral. Former rock. That's the -- blog today on our website at WW dot com. Once again you'll either agree with me are totally disagree and you can read -- share with others and give us Europe comments if you like. It's a title is Louisiana moral or ironic mr. WWL dot com will be in our FaceBook page in just a little while but first up on the show this afternoon. Responding to a series of break -- In a neighborhood. The two klux Klan is forming a neighborhood watch group in Pennsylvania. The traditionalist American knights of the Ku Klux Klan is passing out flyers that read. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake. The Klan is asking that -- have trouble in your neighborhood you can call the 24 hour -- -- and the numbers. Is on the flyer. Can anything possibly go wrong with this idea. This Pennsylvania chapter of the kkk is behind the flyers. And the idea of forming neighborhood watch groups. And I guess -- obvious question to -- -- say if the -- divers patrolling -- neighborhood will they be wearing their sheets. Which they were their sheets to designate that their members of the client. Now the klan's imperial wizard and president. Frank and content said that the kkk neighborhood watch groups are just like any other neighborhood watch program. It's not targeting any specific ethnicity. We would report anything we see to law enforcement. He goes on to say we don't hate people we are an organization who looks out for our race. We believe in racial separation. God created each species after its kind and saw that was good. He says that the Klan is nonviolent. Their law abiding citizens. And they're all white and the -- Christians and he says the claim for years. Has been misunderstood. Now I respects the -- freedom to believe what they want. I respect -- freedom to. Have a parade to do whatever it is that anybody else can do in terms of expressing their opinion. -- expressing their views however. Is there anything wrong with the -- Patrolling -- neighborhood here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll effect at first I didn't wanna ask this question in our opinion poll because I thought it would be so lopsided in and I realize wait a minute. The scary part is it might not be that -- site. Here's the opinion poll. Which you want to -- and protecting your neighborhood. And be honest about it -- you what the -- protecting your neighborhood. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna attract at polls throughout this hour giving update coming up here. In just a few minutes and if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon about this or anything else we talked about throughout the afternoon. Our numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. X seventy. In a text number. Is -- 7870. The kkk forming a neighborhood watch group. Is there anything wrong with this now this is in Pennsylvania. But and by the way you think about it this is -- -- the northeastern part of the country. This is not the deep south so the support something that we've we've talked about quite often and that is that there there's racism. Everywhere and they are our conservative minded people like Klan members everywhere in this country not just in the deep self. But could anything possibly go wrong with the client as a neighborhood watch group. I'm -- in fragile and our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. As early seventy. At a -- Super -- 7870 or coming back into the WL. -- good afternoon I'm studio for Angela today Angelo will be back with you tomorrow I going -- it is not always enjoyable because of other people in the restaurant will talk about that later also is the legislative session in Baton Rouge making Louisiana look moral. Or more ironic -- blog is about that it's on our website at WWL dot com we'll talk about that in the next hour. But we're talking about their decline and they're seventh. There's the traditionalist American nights of the kkk passing out flyers in a neighborhood in Philadelphia and and the flyers read you can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake. And they're saying if you trouble in your neighborhood you can contact the 24 -- plan line and and and call them open they'll Foreman neighborhood watch group. In your neighborhood. What would you like the -- Patrolling your neighborhood. That's -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll. 30% say yes they would like the -- patrolling their neighborhood and 70% say no they would not like -- give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 866889070. At a text amber is a 77. Here's a text I know the kkk group will cause a lot of problems just walking. -- just waiting to. Waiting to happen this is a bad idea I can see it coming -- it's it's a bad idea and yet they that this group in Pennsylvania claims that. Their fear they don't and hate people they just wanted to protect their own race but it would be very very difficult to believe. At a Klan member. Would be objective. When it came to. Judging somebody as a potential. Victim. Not potential potential suspect rather. Here's a text that reads I don't care if it's the kkk and the black Panthers. If they're stopping crimes from happening I'm all for it. Here's another text if you Wear the black Panthers I wonder if you would feel the same. I think it's ridiculous for the client to be part of a neighborhood watch group I think it's ridiculous for the black Panthers to be part of -- neighborhood watch group. Here is a text that breeze -- extra set of lies around the neighborhoods. Wouldn't hurt. There are some people who think this is OK here is attacks from someone says I'm white and I say hell no. Here's attacks could anything go wrong with using the hell's angels for security. Well actually there was a motorcycle gang. I would say gang there was a motorcycle group I think they were called the galloping goose or the galloping keys you can correct me if I'm wrong. But they were actually hired. To maintain security. At the pop festival which was after after Woodstock in 1971. The celebration of life in point that the counting. Around the great Louisiana on being the banks of the chapel I river. The this motorcycle gang or group -- which was hired. To maintain order well needless to say they didn't maintain order they were part part of the problems were ultimately fired so. You know I can understand that that's not necessarily a good idea. But that you know just this whole idea that the -- protecting get out there and and stop. And stop Klein and that they would be objective is ridiculous to meet the client should just admit what they are. I mean their group that believes the white race is superior. And that's well documented. I don't know if they have committed acts of violence recently so I can't I can't speak about that. They could be law abiding citizens that just have a warped view of the world. I'm one of the president's in a period wizards at the Klan in this Philadelphia area says the Klan has simply been misunderstood for years. I don't think there's too much to misunderstand about the client. You know thinking that you are superior. Is. Is wrong. If you feel superior. As an individual because of what you've accomplished junior like -- that's fine but there are far too many cases where there individuals. More different from you. Who have succeeded beyond. Where you more so it's I think it's just ridiculous to promote this idea. The race is superior and that's what the Klan does. I have a hard time believing that should somebody wander into a neighborhood. That just as -- as their innermost instincts ago. I can't see a Klan member being objective when it comes to a potential suspect. If you wanna join our show this afternoon our numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 87870. Here is a text that -- it's. I'm might be. The first day -- might be the first day they shot if not you I'm not exactly sure what that and what that means. Here's text I'm the only black in my neighborhood. House on the beach in wave in Mississippi no -- Yeah I mean think about a neighborhood where. Time blacks live in the neighborhood. It might be predominately white neighborhood. The plan is part of the neighborhood watch it first of all even going back to the George Zimmerman trade on Martin case. I have a problem with neighborhood watch groups I'm sure some of them are really really good. But there's something about the type of person that wants to take law the law into their own hands. It's a vigilante type mentality now there might be some really good strong neighborhood watch groups that are very ethical. Very appropriate that's great and there's nothing wrong with neighbors watching out for each other. You know it. It does take a village to raise a child and we we all need to be part of a village and we need to communicate and we need to to talk to each other and we need to watch out for each other. As opposed to calling in our our domestic shells and not paying attention to anything around us. So I'm all for that. But if the idea of a neighborhood watch group. I get the impression. That there are people I still believe this of George Zimmerman. Who are one of the cops. And they want to administer the law and they wanna be. Judge and jury in the field and there are people who have that mentality. Who legally have guns in this country and I think those people are dangerous. To join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 72. -- tax numbers activities have here's a text of the class purpose is the preservation and protection of white people. Would they ignore the needs of black residents in this neighborhood I think that's a legitimate question. From -- WW got a good afternoon. -- -- -- -- Yeah I'll just call them Bible that way you don't have a -- -- the problem would be -- just encourage you know. It's not. Like going to be just about to be to run it well you know -- Google. Abortion law ignored by just government. We're gonna -- I you know there are some there are some people who have that mentality and and so I I would agree that we all need to do whatever we can to protect ourselves and and watch out for our neighbors but I do agree with you. We need to what the police do their job and this idea of -- first of all the Klan being in neighborhood watch group is just insane. Yes -- the absolute glee that age -- I. 260. 1870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy tech's number is 87870. And here's our Demi WL party general opinion poll would you want the -- Protecting your neighborhood. Here's an update. 72%. Saying no. 28% say yes they would like the claimed to protect their neighborhoods. And first I thought this poll would be so it's it's lopsided. But I thought it was going to be so lopsided that we should even basket but 20% of the people so yes they would like the -- Patrolling the neighborhood. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we're trek in a -- felt this or give an update coming up. In just a few minutes today if you think the ballots the mission of the client. And the word fairness justice and come to mind now Klan members are entitled to the year. There opinion they're entitled to their freedom of speech. But I don't think there's any reason to support the idea that the client and should become part of -- neighborhood watch group. I remember. I remember the success of the guardian angels. Years ago. And the guardian angels I don't know what they're still in existence I think they started in in New York. And there was even a chapter here that the chapters so all around the country. But I was really impressed with the work of the guardian angels now as far as I know they didn't carry guns and that was kind of a neighborhood watch group mainly in in in downtown areas. And I thought that I thought that was. I thought that was a a a really good thing Andy yeah they did George they did their job they were with law enforcement. But I don't think the client would really compare to the guardian angels. To join our show our numbers 2601878. -- free 86680. -- early -- -- is a 77 if your -- stay with us your calls and your text are coming up next. I'm screwed differential on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon and make it's 130 -- and here's a WWL news update with -- -- There is a picture of this flyer that the -- is sending out in Pennsylvania and promoting the idea that if there's trouble in your neighborhood called the 24 -- -- line because a -- neighborhood watch group for your neighborhood we've got a flyer. On our web on our FaceBook page at WWL radio and we're getting your comments they are the basic question is can anything go wrong with this idea I'll read some of your comments here in just a moment. I'm -- in for Angela this afternoon here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll this afternoon would you want the -- and protecting your neighborhood. 30% say yes 70%. Say no give us your opinion by going to have to overcome. Is text that it is just very typical of Texas Tech comes in when I talk about something like this. And the text read so argue against people owning firearms to. No I'm not. It's really interesting how people become hysterical when you say that everybody should not own a gun. Or if there are people with. A vigilante mentality. I don't think they should own a -- I don't think Charles -- I think that was his name the guy who shot into the car teenagers in Jacksonville. A Florida I don't think that I should have had a gun I don't think the 74 year old retired police officer and Tampa should have had a gun when he shot somebody -- I support the Second Amendment I support gun rights gun ownership. But not everybody should own a -- And even if you supports. The Second Amendment I would hope that you understand that everybody should not only gone up from New Orleans on your under the W well. I'm -- thank you don't expect to make sure I'm good. I definitely -- -- the number one couldn't comment on the calling him. I am not only by the Klansman and a member of the John society was something he does he's. He was on the -- -- -- -- back in the seventies and -- that mr. wood which included the vision projects. But what I'm about to hand at bats and and I -- into the -- I should. Just like people.com. I don't like humans. And he and his. -- that Jews are trying to produce a totally content and acts with white. And that can control they keep -- and -- and mingle in the credit reduces you know. You know that's quite a person and that cannot but essentially what everything and that. Means and ability. That you know due to destruction that -- elect -- black people -- not. I need to -- ING that is. Well I I'm sure I know some do but certainly the client has a history of of hanging blacks and anti persecuting blacks. If -- it if the clients and attempt is to. -- attacked Jews I don't know how they explain. How did they explain how Jews or are bringing whites and blacks together whites and blacks are getting together on their own. No no it was an -- with all due to -- to -- I can't stand us. Like me did you know your father was Clinton's going. It was the scariest -- -- and made a good score with one out equity that we want to cut it like -- would buy dot. We'd come and catch dot com and when it. I can do in that district and -- -- projects. I can always wanted to come out in wonder a bit and let them you know. And remember what my dad -- know. And I'm wet in the seventies and as objects and the which has its its by the people don't -- -- it here. And scaling -- -- You think that there are still people in law enforcement today who shared the views of the -- Absolutely -- know that it back because my dad my dad's arms. Don't I really appreciate you telling us that it's it's scary but it's also good to know. I'd like to do something about it like if you come out and used again. -- you pretty much risking your life and you risking your children it's not like in my example to children of course. You know and politics I wanted to do about it but I'm unity and the time it's like -- accompany them you know. In a couple what I grew up and on the banks of the river. Actually the Columbia and they literally on profits I don't want to -- my onto the prop eight. So it's a last time you saw a cross being burned. And actually went on the ticket website but and I thought I haven't typically include -- a little kids. But that's a propaganda. That they used to manipulate and control is important to them which magazine but on the bar association -- you'll remember that organization that little white. Who Reno right wing extremist group. -- switched to -- but maybe in the middle. But -- -- the people -- you know when you think about what you. Switching. -- -- -- his -- and we we certainly I learned jets. That racism is something that is taught. Absolutely it indoctrinated. Into it took it even if he. But I -- -- became educated and realized oh my goodness that reflect what's going on. And then you came back and you're teaching your kids differently. Markets are absolutely -- -- constantly breaks -- like the white man in the domestic. And not make it -- And I disappointed now you know -- it out. I'd just like my professor -- demand from Chicago and he got the masters and app industry. In my -- would you even want to come to Louisiana. -- an educated African American barbecue even when it comes to this place. You know committed it is important I'm not good -- -- and cash in I completely get them -- I -- it does a prominent. Many an -- areas of the North Shore very very racist. And the passion and just talking about litigation sampling and it litigation well. And it kind of panic don't have the population. That you don't that you don't you know wanted to litigate those countered that and quite and that's not the -- don't I. I don't remember the decline in -- claimed which you know even they don't stick together with Juan and Alex. I'm not budget time and consequently. The subject and I wish we would talk about it more often. Because when you educate people and you know. And it comes. -- I appreciate you calling analysts say that I'm glad that you left and came back and I'm glad that that educated black professor came here because we need the right people come here and try to change. The mentality of those people who have a right to their opinion -- they need to change their racist mentality. Donna let's call if you wanna join this week your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text Amber's age seventy -- having on our FaceBook page WWL radio there's a picture of the kkk flier that says you can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake. It's about the Klan. Organizing a neighborhood watch group. In Pennsylvania. I'm -- for Angela will be back into the WL. How much you like the client to be protecting your neighborhood is a neighborhood watch group that's or WWL parties had wanting to pull this hour. Here's an update 31% say yes and 69% say no you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. -- just in time for a well deserved vacation to -- -- give you a chance to win. A thousand dollars in our nationwide vacation cash contest. And really give you -- chance to win coming up later this hour before this hour and you're gonna have a chance you'll hear the the a code word of the day. And when you hear the code word you can text it to 7288172881. You also have a chance to. To twin throughout the day so keep listening and we'll tell -- about all the times coming up but you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars in our vacation cash contest nationwide coming up here. In just a few minutes I stood in for Angela and Mary we welcome you to our show this afternoon. I like to get an. Early chance column. Rates in my family and -- only. I there will not that it was going well. -- media and a it will not only they -- but also that blacks that claim that he can't -- Yeah I I think it's been pretty clear throughout history maybe I I think maybe her point might have been. -- that. It's not. Focused on rights the Klan is very much against Jews most of the criticism seems to be the claims against blacks but they're also against -- But it was not all like -- trying to make up. I'm very what was it like what was it like growing up in house it's just amazing that we talked to people who have had fathers who had been. In the hierarchy of the client what was it like growing up in that household as a kid and and did you change. I mean. It every. Country and they. -- -- It. And they didn't get. As. They are being -- -- the the -- you know jarring and it just. That. Yet there's there's three FO law enforcement being in the client and I'm not really exactly sure how you can be. An honest law enforcement person and Debbie in the -- and yet to be a law enforcement yet to be fair to everybody under the constitution. -- -- very tired I appreciate you you you change -- not like your father. I appreciate you calling Russian specialist -- From New Orleans tally your WWL. OK let's put -- personal -- check with MC they're still there from this city -- -- -- WW real good afternoon. Well I wish that run. I love you shall thank you so much -- want to say concern that incident compensation. No. I would I'm an African American lady. And no -- what the Korea and you know could be I don't think -- should be any type of they've watched number one set in a prime example is look at the Detroit -- Martin's situation. I mean it's like to watch each other Howell and all that quick. -- executed so far for me. The idea of a group that publicly. Despises blacks and Jews the idea of that group having a neighborhood watch group is absolutely. -- yes. But I'm just and that that he skipped -- love that god made a solid America. How much we don't like each other the -- like the why they say why don't let that year get all of it pollution gonna have to live around job. Right I really appreciate you calling her show. -- -- -- And this conversations going on on our FaceBook page -- we also have a copy of the flyer that the kkk is putting out in his township in Pennsylvania. A promoting the idea that if there are troubles in your neighborhood you can contact the traditional. The traditionalist American nights of the kkk. Today they've got a 24 hour clan lines. And they're talking about forming. A neighborhood watch group in -- neighborhood in Pennsylvania can anything go wrong with this idea. Are you gonna join Russia with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven texts they 77. You know kind of kicking back on a bush did not I was a rebellious teenager I wonder if there are. If there are young generations to become part of the Klan. And I wonder if they try to become rebellious. Like bring their tie -- sheets back in the sixties. Would there be like rainbow sheets today for all the gay claim that I'm just joking but that by the way. But would there be a young generation that would that would be rebellious and they would want to that would want to identify themselves as being part of a new rebellious young claim generation and they wouldn't go with just the plane. White sheets. I'm still differential will be right back into the WL. How would you like to -- protecting your neighborhood enemies itself like a joke but it's really not -- Klan. Organization in Pennsylvania and they've been talking about -- forming a neighborhood watch group. A RW a pretty general opinion poll right now 27% say yes they would like it and 73% say no they would not. It's also been part of our conversation on our FaceBook page at WWL radio and here is comment that reads. Ha ha they could be helpful and is actually some people who believe the client could be helpful. Here is a comment on our FaceBook posts it's not it's not the self that has the problem it's the north. It has the problem. On their just whining babies while -- we have a problem here but there's also -- problem in the north no question about that. Betty I've got time for real quick comment welcome to the show -- Are you yard dog had. Become NBC so we're pretty good -- -- -- -- -- spark trouble we're rotary. And -- two machines. And they want to get them. A little object from our. And I'm glad you called the show Flexilis -- Here's a text that read so I think Q. Misunderstanding kkk they're not against blacks or Jews they -- for white people what's wrong with rooting for the home team. Well it's okay to be proud of who you war it's it's inherently wrong under our constitution and in the spirit of America. It's wrong. To. Not promote equality for everyone not just your own superior. Mentality it's a 1000 dollar vacation cash contest on WWL the code -- this hour is fold. FO LD. Texaco word fold 272881. At 72881. To your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting on your phone your chance. Pretty easy 1000 dollar vacation cash when there was no indication cash coming up. -- another text the next code words coming up at the top of the hour right before the news at 5 o'clock we never charged for text messages but individual plan text. And generates may apply and electric -- radio content if you well.