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4-23-14 2:10pm Scoot: on the state legislature

Apr 23, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and asks whether the Louisiana legislature's recent decisions are moral or moronic.

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Good afternoon I'm stood -- for Angela is a beautiful. Very spring like Wednesday afternoon -- -- Wednesday at the square it'll be great for that this afternoon. Free concert in Lafayette square with the -- county council. And that's up from five to about 7:30 degree afternoon and evening for that today is also national administrative assistant state. Once known as national secretaries day but I guess that was a little politically incorrect. So it's now a national administrative assistant -- anyway happy happy national administrative assistant state to all of those of you who hold that position. Going out to eat is not always enjoyable because of the other people in the restaurant what irritates you most when you go out to eat while talker. Cellphones misbehaving kids of the PGA Koppel. Public displays. Of affection. We'll talk about it coming up in the next hour we've -- talking about this response to a series of break in that neighborhood in Pennsylvania. And the kkk is forming a neighborhood watch group and this has also been part of our conversation our FaceBook page at W dual radio. We actually have a flier from the clan on the FaceBook page you can comment on that it reads you can sleep tonight knowing the client is a way. And they promote the idea that if there's trouble in your neighborhood you can contact the 24 hour. -- -- I'm getting a couple of text from people who were suggesting that there's no difference. Between the Klan and the NAACP. And I -- if you go back and you'd take a look at history I think there's a big difference but here's a text that says is the modern day kkk any different from the NAACP. National action council or the black Panthers -- well since I'm not in any of those groups I don't know I don't know how much the kkk has changed. I just know about the history of the kkk and I know with their agenda is and I think the main point is no group. With an agenda. Should be part of a neighborhood watch group and that would include the client. Is Louisiana. Moral war moron. The actions of the state legislature. Defied the mentality of the state. And there are few issues in the Louisiana legislature this -- sessions going on to that -- That begs the question to be cast is Louisiana moral former -- A bill that would -- lessen the penalties for pot possession which rejected. Which Louisiana. Now has the distinction of being among the states that have very stiff penalties for even simple pot possession. Another deal that would prohibit employers from discriminating against gay employees was. Pulled from consideration because of the projected lack of votes for passage. And Louisiana big national news this week when the legislature refused to pass a bill. It would have remove the unconstitutional law that bans sodomy. From our books. And even though the bill that would have made the Bible the official state book was rejected the fact that the idea came from an elected official in our state was. And embarrassment. The scope blog today's title is NBC and immoral or moronic. It's on our website at WWL dot com that's also our FaceBook page at WWL radio. Reach Eric give us your comments are if you like we'll be talking about that says this hour. Louisiana is a state with diverse culture and a uniquely historic. Tradition. And a great different traditions in this state. And citizen should be rightfully proud of our state. But Louisiana is part of the United States of America. And we cannot live in political isolation. The argument that. We Siena has strong moral values. I understand that. And that we should refuse to follow any changing national trends and issues like legalizing pot in gay equality. We should defy. We should defy these these trends and and just do what we think is morally right but -- establish a legal precedent. Is borderline ignorant and potentially costly to a state dealing with chronic financial shortcomings. Governments and individuals. Should not sacrifice. Morality for convenience. But the justification. Behind using legislation to promote reality. Is shrouded in hypocrisy. You know people have a tendency to harshly judged decisions. That are not their series. Or not the sins of those in their family or their friends. Condemnation of -- news. Is supported by people who abuse alcohol and prescription -- Those who condemn homosexuality as clearly defined as a scene in the Bible. Are more accepting of decisions that they commit and the -- that their friends and families connect. Ignorance surrounding the ban on sodomy. In the state today is just incredible. Sodomy is not exclusive to gay sex. And yet it is used to condemn gay sex in gay marriage. Furthermore the Supreme Court ruled in 2003. That a ban on sodomy is unconstitutional based on a person's right to privacy. And so by rejecting a bill that would have removed that from the state. -- Louisiana look. Moronic in my opinion. Mean the law is completely meaningless. So if you wanna keep it on the books that's fine but it's it's meaningless. If our system of government in America has taught us anything. It's taught us that we cannot legislate morality. And -- state represented seem prone to ignore the law and arguably the constitution. In their attempt -- -- specific religious and moral beliefs. Like every state Louisiana has made up of region assistant with strongly differing opinions and contrasting ideas. And that always leads to hotly contested legislative battles so -- -- is not unique in that way. The attitude about many issues in New Orleans is completely different from the attitude about the same issues in the Bible Belt region the state or in southwest Louisiana. But the state ECB is ruled entirely by the same legislature. Issues to deal with equality or the sensible reassessment of marijuana in American society. Supersede a State's morals. And should be addressed with the respect for the law and the constitution. And I'm not certain those who oppose same sex marriage. Can find a place in the constitution that supports the opposition to same sex -- I'm sure they would love to find a spot in the constitution but there isn't. The constitution and the Supreme Court have ruled that. Same sex marriage is based on on essentially somebody's individual right to privacy but I can honestly tell you that I love Louisiana. But sometimes the legislature embarrasses -- This is a beautiful state. And I've had the opportunity -- was born here but I had the opportunity to live in beautiful states across the country. I've lived on the beautiful water of Miami and the beautiful water of San Diego. And I'm blessed to have been in the situations. I've lived in areas overlooking mountains. I I've driven to work and seen snow capped peaks your round. I've lived an historic buildings in Q4 seasons from my window. But coming back to New Orleans coming back to Louisiana. Really made me open my eyes to the majesty. Of the beauty of the state. The moss. Hanging from the oak trees. The cypress trees and battered in the swamps. Home of the diversity of wildlife. The architecture of the history of small Louisiana town is that seem protected from the modern world and a very clean way. And the ultimate uniqueness and mystique of the French Quarter all things that we should appreciate and cherish about our state. The post-Katrina build up of New Orleans continues. And with that the some migration of new people coming to the area who are contributing to a new direction for New Orleans and Louisiana. But we will not advance the state forward. As long as we have mentally crippled voters. And legislators. They continue to defy logic. And changing social and political climates. The actions of Louisiana legislature. In my opinion make Louisiana look moronic. And not moral. If you wanna join us with your comment. Our numbers 2601870. -- offering 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a tech's number 67870. It's upping their nuclear covering on our news and that is are there on our website at WW dot com is the story about OK you've got -- If you got dogs in the back of your pickup truck you have to put him in on in and it's a kind of like a dog carrier. You can't just have loose in the back of the pickup truck and yet there are people who oppose that. And they oppose it because of well hunters should be allowed or what about the dogs. Again do you think the legislature makes Louisiana look moral. -- -- 260187. Total free 86688 -- early seventy text 87070 and I'm scoot differential and we'll be right -- on WW well. Good afternoon I'm Skoda and four enjoy it is just a sensational. Spring afternoon in May and in April we're not even in May yet -- Sydney earlier. That was still on April. It feels like Mae and just this week this weekend is it Brazilian Jazz Fest we get a chance for you to win tickets listened to Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning at 840. And Garland -- tomorrow afternoon at 1240. You get a chance to win tickets to go to Jazz -- also you can win by going to RW WO radio FaceBook page that's another way to win. We're randomly select ten lucky winners midnight Thursday. April the 24 and happy testing from all of us here today -- WWL. Is Louisiana moral warm erotic because of the legislature that's or -- -- pretty general opinion poll this afternoon. And here's an update on the -- 14% say Louisiana is moral. 86% say the legislature is making Louisiana look. Around if you wanna join us with your comment based on what you heard from the regional legislature in the -- that you think this is. Sending out to the rest of the country because you know I I talk about legislative. Initiatives in other states. And so they talk about lists legislative initiatives in our state and it was a joke around the country that Louisiana and rejected the the idea of removing from the books the unconstitutional. Law it's already been declared unconstitutional. That bans sodomy in the state. And the legislature. Rejected. Taking them off the books. So that's been talked about around the country that made national news. So this does send a message about our state do you think the legislature makes the state -- moral. Which you may believe. Arm around. Our numbers 2601872. All free 86688. -- nearly seven -- -- text -- Is 87870. Here is a text a politicians do not obeyed voters' wishes. Get rid of all of them start over with no party affiliation that's how we changed. But there are there are some politicians who do believe. They are reflecting. The views of the year constituents the problem is when you get and a whole the whole issue of morality. It's not and I'm against morality. I'm against the government. Dictating morality. Here's a text I love how these conservatives preach liberty and freedom. Yet they are the ones who wanted dictate moral -- my liberty and freedom are mine to dictate. That's really the bigger issue here -- a lot of people don't seem to see. It's not about having no morals it's never a case of anything goes. At least in my opinion from my point of view. It's about what they're not to you what the government to be involved in. Dictating morals. And that is exactly what everybody who is against. Same sex -- everybody who opposed to same sex marriage. Is asking the government to be involved in our moral beliefs. Now the day could come when the government doesn't agree with your moral beliefs. And they might affect you in an adverse way. So be really careful when you when you support the government dictating morality. And again as I say in the blog and I've said this countless times we we tend to be very judgmental of those who commit sins that are not our cents. And we're we're actually. We're actually more tolerant of other stands. Because there are stands in the sins of our friends and families. And yet their places in the in the Bible to point out that we're there we're all sinners. And if you if you want the government -- to pass laws. To stop sinners. How do you justify that. And where does that stop. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening a text number is 877. From this city run you're on WWL. Call -- school parties do and he -- so hold them know. -- so were fortunate to have someone. Which is competence that's the key demands. I mean -- -- man's soul -- and other things like that no one thing we know this is -- you know. Back yes what could otherwise submit. It's just from -- -- -- and the upkeep and French Quarter streaky. Into an all -- evils stuff. -- don't send in these older people. Dead or wounded in a box or in the closet. All the appear weak used lightly. I can see more men are hard hit all -- listen to pants you wore that so hole. And we need to get some national attention on the hypocrites. That in the app gets -- these -- creates. In the mean he had a pain in the -- -- it makes me want this capacity in two years that they won't change our have to leave England -- cause of the people and the people it is is that it is it's absolutely be banned it makes me so sick and. -- but -- if if if the good people leave. Then it leaves it to the people who don't use common sense and and that the people who aren't gonna help this state so if you're one of the good guys I hope you stay -- and there are people who will who -- leave but -- are a lot of new people moving to New Orleans and and and moving to Louisiana and and that's why it's embarrassing when the state doesn't doesn't reflect modern day common sense when it comes to things like equality and and reassessing the position of marijuana in society. Yeah and it's its in -- it is our. -- -- -- -- -- As felonies and can't do its job because -- -- belt law haven't can be eaten alive and honesty can get it out. Because BP he got caught the deal. Loans can't stop the stop -- Leal -- peaceable -- and and three people we just. You know it's is great. Ron English -- to show thanks for listening and pot is not just in the city. A -- is in the suburbs. And there are parents and will to do neighborhoods. And their kids are doing pot. And chances are they don't even know. Teenagers are doing pot as they always half that's not a good thing I'm not promoting pot. But they're there should be a reassessment of where marijuana fits in into society in -- think teenager should do and not promoting that. Again I've said this I don't smoke pot I did in the past day if you were legal like I still wouldn't do it but. I find it very hypocritical for those who abuse alcohol. Those who drink and drive. Don't legalize marijuana. Is a critical. If you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 what seventy tech's number 77. It's good for Angela and here's another WWL news updates with names. Is this legislative session is still going on in Baton Rouge is the -- in Louisiana look like a moral states. Or a moronic state. That's our -- -- parties I want people are also talking about it on the show here's an update on the pole. 18% say it makes Louisiana look moral and 82% say it makes the state look. Ironic if your opinion by going to WWL dot com and it's also a conversation going on on our FaceBook page at WW radio to some of his comments here. In just a few minutes I've you heard this on our news earlier it's also a story on our website at WW dot com the -- to restrain dogs. On in trucks squeaks by Devoe was -- 53 to 34. A representative from Kenner a Tom will Wilma. I'm pushed his -- through -- he says that dogs loose in the back of the truck or seven miles an hour on the interstate. Is on safe. However there's a -- city represented Jeff Thompson. Who was one of the 34 lawmakers who voted against it he says that putters in his area have no choice but to use interstates when going out with their dogs. Is that true. Do you have to use it interstate to go somewhere and they realize it's it's convenient. But I don't think there's anywhere you can not go. Without using and I mean I think their place you can go without using the interstate. And correct me if I'm wrong but their states have and always been here. That was something that has started at the Eisenhower administration. To link the country to -- -- -- -- wonderful system but he got to tell me that a bush or city harder or somebody north Louisiana. Can't go from one spot to another spot without getting on the interstate. Now the interstate is not a right. Yeah I would think that would be considered. A privilege. And if there's so if there's a law about dogs in the back wall then if you choose. To go on the interstate. Then you put your dog and cage. But the dog and pet carrier. If if -- apparently this happens sometimes dogs jump on the back of a trucks. -- understand a lot of dogs don't do that but if if if that's a possibility that certainly is a safety hazard. If I'm behind pickup truck at a dog jumps out I'm might. To sort -- not hit the -- even though the dog might be dead on impact. I might try to to -- and and and hit another car. I might be kill Obama kill somebody in the process. What is. What is so difficult about putting your Dorgan -- carrier. So difficult about putting your dog in the in the cage. If you're gonna put in the back of the pickup I don't see why that's such a difficult thing of their people who resist that. To me that makes Louisiana look moron. If you graduates with a -- this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy at tech's number. It's -- seventy simply -- go in for -- this afternoon around two or more of your text here in just a moment from pearl river Mark -- WWL. State tonight bill. That marijuana laws mean all forms -- people or against them it don't matter but what I'm honored as the police gonna do and sobriety -- format other gonna put a ticket she goes on wouldn't be out as the guy goes. -- that might be one way. Or -- you look at you pass by some fresh doughnuts. Well I mean it's not ridiculous thought that would medical but I mean it's everybody's choice I know people don't smoke who looked -- And I know people that smoke and are against it. Mark I I do think that's an issue but you know there's not a new media as far as I know there's not an immediate field tested if somebody is on. Some kind of prescription Mets or. You could take over the counter cold medication to the point where. You shouldn't be behind the wheel of a card they're quite done the test for that right I do think everything comes back to personal responsibility. And if you're gonna get stoned don't -- if you gonna drink don't drive. It exactly and drink and it's just so much worse. -- written -- and wood which is boards. Are drinking and driving. -- I would I would totally agree I would rather. I would rather be driving next to a stoned driver -- a drunk driver because chances are the stone drivers going half the speed limit. Because he thinks he's bricks and I'm mark I enjoyed our conversation if by you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Sony. Tech's number 6787 in our studio for Angela. Mark you're -- more of your calls are coming up next we're talking about some of the things going on an illusion a legislative session which is going on right now and vin rouge is this. State legislative session making Louisiana look moral. -- -- That's the -- blog at WWL dot com and also on our FaceBook page -- -- sort WW a pretty jaguar opinion -- give us your opinion. At WWL dot com and are coming back. Good afternoon I'm -- in -- Angela we're talking about this Louisiana legislative session I visited -- some of -- stuff going on the legislature make our state look moral. What does it make our state look erotic. At one of the bills it was rejected voice and a bill that would have lessened the penalties -- even simple marijuana possession so Louisiana remains today in the distinction of being among the states. They have the stiffest penalties for even simple possession of marijuana. I is that fair -- another deal would prohibit. Employers from discriminating against gay employees that has been pulled from consideration. Because of a projected lack of votes for passage and the on constitutional sodomy law. Remains on the books because of the mentality. Of the Louisiana legislature. If you and -- -- comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. X seventy. In a text numbers 87870. And that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll is this state legislative session in Baton Rouge making Louisiana look moral or. Moronic and give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. Now a gutsy calls here in just a moment but -- it's a couple of these text. Here's a -- reads. The interstates is a public road paid for by my tax dollars the year for -- Have I must have a right to use it. As any -- wrote. Well but you have to follow the speed -- to -- -- laws on the interstate. -- or be part of the United States of America just let me know how that goes but sometimes the legislature acts like this state is not part of of the entire country. And we are and this opposition from both your city representative Jeff Thompson among those who oppose this deal to restrain dogs -- to keep dogs. From being on restrained in the back of pickup truck on an interstate for example. Opposition to that based on the fact that hunters in his area has no choice but to use the interstate. I mean it isn't -- an ignorant statement. Can't you get anywhere. Without using the interstate. So it's a choice you choose to use the interstate here for you follow the rules if you choose to use a particular -- And I've been getting if you Texas as a try going from Picayune to Slidell. Without the interstate. But the point is you can. So you'd make a conscious decision to use the state must follow the rules -- from -- Greg you're on WWL. -- blog let me do a great job. Or comment. On two topics number one is that old dog issue. These -- you know. -- like most people do like like they're like a kid. While it may not keep. You know keep the -- in the back of their vehicle. You know it's often develop potholes on the Internet arm or to open in the interstate. Again word gets like that dog don't know that. At what the what if somebody next to you had a had a blowout and it frightened to connect caused him or her to jump. Absolutely absolutely and you know I'm I'm -- dog owner dog lover -- -- what I. What I find interesting is. How difficult is it to just make sure your dog is safe in the back of me we're not asking you to give up your first born. Right right and later on -- that are cams and all the all the stuff you know they they -- and on and hours to reform were killed. You know to the put the pack their vehicle -- -- -- break I mean it should become concerned. -- And and -- my last comment and as far as the medical marijuana goes. And they need to get over themselves and and go ahead and pass it. You know what went out the alcohol. You know they should get a bit bigger and legalize it alcohol back in the stone age but bud marijuana is is it sold patent and. I don't think about Greg Ireland and I'm gunplay to call think about. The people who won't want to -- at this. But think about the people who are opposed to. Even decriminalizing pot. And they abuse alcohol. And they drive. There are people who. Criticize others for smoking -- And they're drinking and driving. And many of them are wearing nice suits. And a business people and there and really nice cars. But there's still a trigger and driving. Many people in power. Are totally. Hypocritical. From -- had -- you're under the WL. There is scuba restore parts and are -- agree -- -- -- anything -- -- agree -- -- -- on these -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This I've ever created union and they should be changed but also have to conservative view of migrant not who is the person in -- league manager association. He isn't sort of all of these little small business as a repair one average error as one. The president of the movies that your association. Testament to sort out our 01000. People -- That there's a good percentage of them working corrections why what you want to tell members. We have been caught in people's way. We're gonna you're number Stan and we're gonna take away all of these imprisonment and that you would no longer in business so dear poor deer or wait around one on one of each group income. So sure all the sole reason that prison industry in the state it is deplorable we need to change -- -- -- her. -- I'm going to call I I agree with you I think there's just something so inherently wrong with the idea that we have. A prison system. That is for revenue. Because then that there there will be attempts to find reasons to put people in jail prisons should not have the same goal as a hotel. 100% occupancy need it. I would think that there are enough crimes. To -- -- jail cells but even if there are not. If it's wrong to put people in jail for simple pot possession. Then the rhetoric should not center on the idea fit well. You know we need to they might not say this but the reason they want these laws in effect is because it's easier to put more people in jail. That's wrong. I'm scooter differential and we're coming right back on VW well. -- dogs in it in the back of trucks and loosen the backer every time I see that I can I get nervous I've never seen one jump out but apparently some do. So there's a law that's advancing to the Louisiana legislature that would require dogs to be restrained in the back of pickup trucks. Especially on the interstates the measures from the can representative Tom will lot. And attack has gone ahead with a vote of 53 to 34 he says that a dog loose in a truck it's going seventy miles an hour on interstate. Is extremely unsafe and I would agree with that however a -- -- city represented Jeff Thompson is one of the 34 lawmakers who voted against it standing up for the hunters. And what I have no problem with -- but this just seems that number to me. Putters in his area have no choice but to use the interstate when going out with their dogs. So you're gonna tell me that you can't get from point a to point B. Without going on the interstate. -- -- state might be. The best way to get -- a and you know why wouldn't everybody wanna keep the dogs they -- this is just not it's not that big deal but there there are some people who were so protective of there. There are their tradition. That even if -- doing the right thing it means change. And people don't wanna change. WW a party general opinion poll this is the state legislature making Louisiana look moral. -- -- 15% say moral and 85% say. Ironic. If your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And there's always something new and our website we've got the story about the deal that would require dogs to be restrained in the back of pickup trucks -- has passed the house now goes to Louisiana senate. And we've got the story plus couples who snuggle. Have better relationships. 94% of the couples who touch while sleeping. Are happy. You know even in a committed relationship. You know sometimes I like my own. Space at night but if you if you -- spoon whatever. So wonderful thing we've got that story on our website at WWL dot com. And also the -- blog turning on our web site his title is Louisiana moral -- ironic. Nearly -- agree with me or not. As you can give us your comments you can read it shared its -- on website at WW dot com I'm studio for Angela will be right back after the news on WW well.