WWL>Topics>>4-23-14 3:10pm Scoot: on restaurant peeves

4-23-14 3:10pm Scoot: on restaurant peeves

Apr 23, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Angela and takes calls on your biggest pet peeves in restaurants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm studio for -- today it is a beautiful. Wednesday afternoon. In April race day. Lot of sunshine is going to be a perfect day for Wednesday at the square the free concert in Lafayette square source like to see people out there with the dogs it. Kids tonight I hope that you didn't take their dogs in the pickup truck in the back of the pickup truck on restrained due to get to Lafayette square but as for -- -- of the youth council. And that starts about 5 o'clock -- goes to about 730 but it will be a great afternoon and evening for the wincing at the square concert. Also you for the NFL is ready to release the 2014 scheduled. -- the saints open the season against the falcons have Bobby indeed kind of lie from the nineteenth hole. At the 2014 Zurich classic pro -- this afternoon doing their show from there. That's so one of things to talk about the new schedule who would you like the saints to play in the season opener. I just can't imagine right now. That there would be a better team to open the season -- And against the Seattle Seahawks. But I I don't know for you and I -- haven't even got the list economists I don't know if there. Actually played -- here's our WL pretty general opinion poll we've been talking about whether or not the legislative session in Baton Rouge is making Louisiana look moral. Warm ironic. Right now 14% say moral put an overwhelming 86% say making the state look moronic. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com we'll give you an update on as -- tractor -- throughout this hour also earlier in the show we were talking about. The kkk in Pennsylvania. Responding to a series of break ins in -- neighborhood. And they are putting out flyers talking about how there they're gonna Foreman neighborhood watch group. I -- can anything go wrong with this idea. The kkk forming in neighborhood watch group. The traditionalist. American knights of the Ku Klux Klan passing out flyers that read. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake. We've got the of the picture of the flyer and we got that story on our FaceBook page at W ago radio city could take a look at that. And I give us your comments if you like and the -- is even asking that if the if people had trouble their neighborhood you can call this 24 -- clan line. Again can anything go wrong but this. The klan's imperial wizard and president frank and co -- said that the kkk neighborhood watch group is a group that is just gonna watch the neighborhood. It's not targeting any specific ethnicity. And they would report anything they -- to law enforcement. We don't hate people -- an organization who looks out for our race. We believe in racial separation. God created each species after its kind and saw that was good. He says -- nonviolent law abiding citizens are all white Christians but -- nonviolent law abiding citizens. And he said they'd been misunderstood for years you want the -- to patrol your neighborhood I don't think any group that has an agenda. Especially a racist agenda. Should be patrolling any neighborhood. In America. And I go back to this part about this. -- president in imperial wizard saying that god created each species of its kind. And saw that was good. So. Would a Klan member not have a cat and dog. What -- Klan member not. Promote the idea that different species can. Can intermingle. I mean if you had a white dog which you wanna make sure that it is only bread with with like dogs. Again I just think that's quite -- quite ignorant. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Except me text numbers 87870. I got a couple of text -- about a bad wreck northbound on the causeway around -- twenty so. Thanks for that text and hopefully you're not actually driving on the causeway while you're like your reading net. -- here's a text that read says could I guess Mitt Romney was okay when he strapped his dog on the roof of the station wagon that's from Jim in Covington. Well at least he was restrained but I don't know if that was really good idea. This hour counselor talk about going out to restaurants going a team which is something that the people doing this part of the country it took quite often because nor was just such a great place to go out to eat. My son John and his girlfriend Lauren were visiting from Portland for a week it was great to have him in town. And tonight I found myself going to places that I don't ordinarily go to what to. In part we taverns is not to apart we've attempt parkway is not to in my neighborhood but went out of my way to go there. -- to a couple of other places now I I I enjoy being in restaurant. But let's be honest sometimes eating out is not as enjoyable as it should be and it's not as enjoyable as it should be because. -- the other people in the restaurant. It has nothing to do with the wait staff and as a renewed deal with the people who were in the restaurant. With you. What's the worst type of person to sit -- in a restaurant. And what recital of the talk about this. Is because. There might be people who were doing something that is really irritating other people. And they just might be oblivious to. They might not even understand. That they're doing something that's that's irritating to people. So by talking about it maybe we can just make them a little more cognizant of the things that they do their bit irritate other people. I tried to get irritated over simple things granted meant that sometimes I get -- -- -- with things. So what do you hate to sit next to -- in a restaurant. Is that allowed talker. Is that the person who is on the cellphone. Is that the sloppy eater. This is a table with the parents who don't pay attention to their children who were disturbing others. Is that the couple that's. Showing public displays of affection. At the table. Where is it that's why I hate to sit next to the constant complainer. And there are people you can just tell their body language and their attitude you can tell that nothing is ever right. And I I feel so badly for that the wait staff that has to wait on people that are always complaining and I guess it's kind of on a psychological power trip. When the when when people complain to a waiter about even that the the smallest little thing and can complain. Time after time have everything that that happened nothing is right. It's I guess that's like a power trip they feel like they've got power. Because they can they can manifest your wheeled in in the restaurant. Who do you not like to sit here and arrest runner what do you think it's a really irritating. Habit what's your pet peeve when it comes to. People being at a restaurant around you are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And our text number. Is -- 7870. I'm from New Orleans marry your under the WL. I Dylan good -- to make three comments about -- -- be quick about three different subject. For a while and I got together on -- pay attention to -- who's the president probably. I don't really kind of -- plan now one thing when -- of people who have kids act and I can't aboard that always felt there element to my parents cellphone. I don't I don't even pay attention don't they could be top don't know oppressed and number without a lot of people what they capitalist cellphone number but know what. I understand items -- -- company you know again they are really the only problem with a cellphone is that some people feel the need to talk loudly on the cellphone in the fields need to share their conversation with us. Wrote that people dead at the other table talked loudly -- -- -- I don't like them I just try to get in dharma food. And with my. Why not plant myself but I had a a a. Well you're you're a better person and I -- I didn't have to do that lets you I tell you all right you have myself on what I'm telling you you're better person needs -- just ignore all those. I'm not about me and do you open the prop up. And not think that the bank. I mean it that way about. But that's -- -- that you know the kids -- at all but. OK and didn't get it's very quick. The hottest okay. I don't know that the and it -- dog jumping on and all that I don't know that much about it one person does -- -- then it seemed like it worked. Back in the law -- it can be when they get one that died with him by cages. Exactly the owners and I say it that they can get on the act and other the last thing I want that they re talking about filling up the jail -- him because of the business. Now. Depleted and it stated that it quick. I don't know what the it could Duncan province. I have -- who died because it would hit about Duncan dropped and I have a number of photo op plan that had been -- that can't work. May be polite kind of heat with it not talk about a I think now I don't know that the law but the side of that but VW that should be all the jailed people that go to jail and. While they I believe I. Am I know in some -- you go to jail right away but you don't tell you don't see -- Mary I'm gonna have to get to break a really appreciate you calling the show. That's that's another point. I think abouts. Think about all the people who were in in in prison and jail. For an extended period of time for simple marijuana possession. And you've got people driving around with multiple. Do you lines which first is more dangerous. So the legislature I think embarrassed the states when they've rejected a deal that would have lessens the penalties for even simple marijuana possession. I'm stood in for Angela if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number twos and 7870. Here's a tax code I don't like it when I sit next to someone who is loud and obnoxious. So what do you -- hate to sit next to in a restaurant what's your pet peeve when it comes to going out to be right back with your comments on WWL. Good afternoon I'm student for Angela wanna remind you that just in time for a well deserved vacation WWO gives you a chance to win a thousand dollars. In our nationwide vacation -- contest just listened to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and coming up at 5 PM for the code word. Then -- the code word to 72. 881. Text the code words up to seven to 81 dowdy and putting your phone down. Every weekday -- lucky listeners nationwide -- a thousand dollars each we never charged for text messages but individual plans to text and data rates may apply. Remember to listen right before the top of the hour -- 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM 5 PM and good luck for sort radio intercom Debian but you'll we're talking about. Going out to eat it it's it's not always enjoyable because of what people do around John I got a couple of texts of those suggested that they don't like to. I sit next -- people who blow there nose. At the table. Yet you know especially if you're on -- -- eating raw oysters. Debts they're very. Very rude what's your pet -- when it comes to going OT and you know there may be some people who are doing things in restaurants -- that aren't even aware of the fact -- Irritating somebody also may be week disgusted and they realize. By just talking about it they realize that what they're doing is. Well it's not everybody likes it and you could make the experience a little more pleasurable. I hate being around the constant complainer. And there are people and they just complain about everything and got detection Simonyi says his boss is really cheap and it's really about people trying to get free food. I mean. If you were such and miser tight. Mr. gonna go out and complain about food to try to get it free. Stay home. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A text number is 877. When you go out to eat sometimes there are people close to you in the restaurant it made the experience not as enjoyable as it should be. And restaurants serve a very important part of the economy and hospitality industry here and it was area. And without Louisiana. So you hate to sit next to. In a restaurant what's your pet peeve when it comes to other people in the restaurant ice -- for Angela to call our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. We semi -- numbers 87870. Also we've been talking about it a kkk organization. That wants to started neighborhood watch group in in in Pennsylvania. And one of the things that the imperial wizard of the -- says and president frank. He says we don't hate people we are just an organization that looks offer our own race we believe in racial separation god created each species. After its kind and saw that was good. Well here's a text that says they scoot -- human beings part of the same species regardless of race. All races are still homo sapiens. That highlights the level of intelligence. With which. We are dealing. And it's true. Because we're all human beings. From Harry hand Frances joined him via the you know good afternoon. Yeah. He is currently has -- and I truly. Opened each group and each group. And that it should. And so -- at -- -- because Magellan -- it to the school didn't -- much that did not put out there. Yeah that's pretty disgusting. I'd screwed up and I -- I don't. And if if parents if parents do that at home that's that's one thing but out -- what what bothers me about that Francis is not just the activity at the table but it shows me that there are parents. We're simply not teaching their children to be respectful of other people in public. That -- -- -- to -- -- like the I am and welcome back to look. At the time match. Telling them on ten. Do you ever have you already have you ever. Turn to somebody told of something. -- -- I think a lady I worked at -- include the editor at a you know lady which. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually the big screen and ended just a lot that can potentially great scoring. -- don't don't I -- -- I realized that when you when your dog -- it's not as aggravating as when somebody -- dog -- -- the same thing with kids when your kids make -- it's. It's not as irritating as when somebody else's kids make noise but when you're out with your kids there's some somebody else is having to deal with your kids and it's. It's really not funny. Well what can I actually don't see all of that stuff I'm doing different restaurant and it live and go out everyday indeed not see all the top. -- friends assume I'm glad you called a show. -- -- thanks for sharing that with -- here's attacks I hate sitting next to my wife she always wants extra this and that. And complains about everything. Here's a text to the thing that aggravates me at restaurants the person who choose with their mouth opened. They see that's just really such a very simple thing but. It's it's it's -- it's just chill so a lack of manners and you know Sampras when you go into a restaurant it's the activity at a table. It not only is irritating. But he also reflects. Just the lack of civility. And respect that people have for other people. An -- a -- it will be respectful. And say if you take tickets or restaurant that's -- the control. I don't care how you -- at home but if you're teaching your kids how to act in public one day society is gonna have to teach them right from wrong. And it shouldn't be our job. Because that's your job as a parent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Pope has now entered into the debate about divorce in the Catholic Church will talk more about that on this good show tonight from eight to midnight here on WWL. Also got a text and some I says I check out senate bill ninety by Dorsey. It's. It's titled the neighborhood watch act I'll find out about that we'll talk about that tonight. Also there's a petition that has made it to the White House -- got enough signatures to get White House recognition. It's a petition to deportees. Justin Bieber. Now a lot of people don't like Justin Bieber but really have do you think we ought to set a precedent for somebody who has kind of wild and crazy to deport them. There are a few Americans that may be should be kicked out of this country before Justin Bieber. Not that I approve of just Cindy beavers behavior got a -- similar to goes has and sounds like I'm I'm I'm hoping that marijuana becomes legalized because -- -- smoke one. Now I've been very open about it so there was a time in my life the past -- I smoked pot occasionally. And I would not smoke -- now I don't choose to doesn't fit the way I want myself I don't like the way it makes me feel by. There are so many more important things to to be concerned with it. As long as alcohol is legal and abuse the way idiots. I think it's it's wrong to pass such harsh judgment any rational judgment. On marijuana and if nothing else it should be decriminalized but there are a lot of people who were just clinging to the idea that well we just can't do that. And it's it's it's part of their moral fiber. The jets there's so much hypocrisy when it comes to people abusing alcohol and prescription managed who are against the decriminalization of marijuana. Here is a text about acting up in restaurants my husband's a restaurant's manager. For an upscale. Steak house. Just last night a man -- his cell phone on speaker phone and was having heated discussion. When my husband asked him to turn the speaker phone off the man said it's an important call for him. And then my husband told him to. Take it outside because it was disturbing to guests. You're an upscale steak house again I -- I think -- this is the entitlement mentality. It into a level of society that a lot of people don't think it exist. That may have thought he was entitled to take that call. He's an upscale steakhouse. And -- are stereotypical person who goes to a an upscale steakhouse. That's a major study -- right to do where we wanted to state and it's it's really -- And he should take it outside and he shouldn't even question the manager. For telling him to go outside. I don't know whether it's still this wave -- two when I was in Japan. It was considered so rude. To use cellphones -- restaurant. That people would go outside use cellphone effect at many of the restaurants had. Had some kind of electronic device in the ceilings of the the restaurants that blocked out that the sound. Now in many ways Asian cultures are very very polite and respectful of each other. However found it interesting and everybody went outside to use their cellphones but they were inside smoking again I don't know whether it's still that way in Tokyo or not. But today -- just using a cellphone in. At a table is -- it is -- Now sometimes I get a call that I have to take if I'm at a restaurant table. And I get up and take the call. Here's text about two being bothered by something in public -- PDA public displays of affection. As long as it is clean. I know gripe. I take whining brats and remove them. Give them more wine or given a more -- -- give them more to whine about. And if you take you to its doubts you know be courteous. Got a -- a moment ago from some -- said -- -- They really I hate to -- around somebody was struck and allowed. And I'm living downtown in the first quarter downtown and my neighborhood there are times when there are people who are really I don't party very often. But they're people who are really -- And drunk and it is pretty obnoxious. Guy here is a text that reads. -- -- Capping an excessive cursing. Because the slalom at the -- capping an excessive cursing while at a restaurant drives me nuts. Yeah again when there are some things that bother us in restaurants it's not so much about. -- -- -- What would I guess were bothered by those things because it's just another reminder of the lack of civility. In society. People don't respect each other the way they once did it. There was a time when we were kids I don't think it was -- to do this today but there was a time when we even went to the cafeteria. And we had to Wear a a coat and -- I'm OK with not wearing a coat -- going to like a casual brush stronger and going to an upscale restaurant. But there should be more of a return to civility when it comes to respect for each other people have become very very angry very very. Arrogant. And they don't wanna be respect but somehow demeaning it somehow it somehow not much -- to be respectful to other people -- that there's something wrong with that. I'm -- differential will be right back after this break a WWL. Now we've been talking about what irritates you when you go out to eat don't loud talker of the person on the cell phone and PDA coupled misbehaving kids. Here's a Texan razor -- apparently you don't have children the lady earlier would not have spoken to my wife that way without getting a tongue lashing. Most parents tried their best with their children. Well a lot of parents don't a lot of parents do not try their -- a lot of -- don't think they even have to try. I hear is attacks that reads it doesn't take a village to bring up a child it takes to hole some parents. You raise crops cattle etc. that you bring up a child I think that's a legitimate point we'll continue this conversation on this school children -- would bother issue. When -- -- is it still bothers me and I see. Four people at a table two adults and it -- two kids and each one is on their their cellphone and not even talking to each other. -- really mean you can have a brief moment of checking your phone when you get to the table but c'mon you're not even communicating with each other. When I think -- Newman our executive producer Helen's antennae are associate producer and Marc nor our studio producer. And we'll continue much of this or conversation tonight I enjoyed hanging out -- -- this afternoon -- will be -- tomorrow I'm -- -- -- New Orleans.