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4-23 4:35pm Sports Talk: San Antonio Spurs

Apr 23, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to ESPN Radio San Antonio Host Ari Temkin about the San Antonio Spurs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. There with -- Tonight. It's a clock it for you and a couple of games that actually beat trio them. -- 010 likewise you know. It is down. 01 all of those thinking the Nazi San Antonio Spurs well on first down. The night's matchup RE and ESPN radio in San Antonio on this race with -- -- -- it. All right thank you so much all the time and San Antonio Spurs. Game the other day. Did you think it would take on what -- -- out of -- department of it in there it's like. Out about the shootings but I'm. Definitely in and they got what they need to take it game yeah -- -- Surprising not just that the defense to the media but to disperse as well they -- speaking in the locker after the game. You know it was they were clearly you know caught off guard we've is that the defense to match up that Rick Carlisle spent the match employed in that game where. They switched everything you know they've they've really wanted to close up three point line an area that disperse it really take advantage -- Mavericks past. And so because of that that this Spurs just coming at them react to what they were doing in the make in game adjustments which they eventually did but it. Yeah I mean they were they were very caught off guard with with the defense. The Matthews to get them and the way it played out that it was one of those you know pick your poison type situations that -- they have really bad defense. And it seemed like that was the best chance to. You know not. Not the Spurs -- a bit and and that particular game because they they really caught off guard but that -- -- to make those in game adjustments to imagine the -- -- match of some switches and now when the game. Now you notice that question. I obviously looking into the future and only your opinion on this. Because. You look at the Spurs. I mean all our they get that have opportunity not only be a team of the decade admit maybe. A couple of decades to win the as the clock. Strike midnight on the Spurs who is or bring that up now look at it -- -- organizations like Manchester United. All of a sudden. For the first time in nineteen years that I did not qualify in in a Premier League you know come playoff time in I mean is it like this burners. Not know of father bitch you know letting our young guys just -- of that rotation of it will win you precede this. That that it will end could to -- that it's QB continue is that. The Spurs are in the hunt you -- in your. You it really is amazing. Conduct of the 382 days and and he still played such a high level -- it broke his credible. You know I think that the -- stats that whispers have. Is continuity. -- and and mean look at organization throughout sports. That are just churning out new coaches new players and I mean it's just it's hard it's very difficult to be successful. When you you know you view there's just such a high rate of turnover in professional sports I think part of that is because the pressure applied by the media by fans. For organizations to be good be good right away. Yes that. Do advantage over the rest the NBA is there a coach it's been with them for a long time the core group of guys. That's been together with him for a long time and then what they do with the other guys younger guys in the system. And then you know 34 years other than those guys know the system as well as some of the older guys so I think you know whispers. From the outside. It it's all about Tim Duncan and Ginobili and Parker and then there's a lot of there's a lot of truth to that got to play a high level. But it's it's the defense of quite latter is one of the elite perimeter defense is in the NBA it's. You know the three point shooting them the Marco Belinelli or any -- That post defense and Tiago Splitter that that's what makes whispers really did -- I mean that. Parker and Duncan and Ginobili they'd make then -- playoff contenders but the other guys make it and make a chance to contenders. Aren't are keen to -- tonight. I just I think the mavs had a bad shot they weren't able to take advantage you know it's kind of like when you winner's -- attack you got to make sure you do you view. Hit your opponent at that time and they weren't able to do it and got Turkoglu played better but. You know we he he's equally put up much better to get cut -- -- from. The point guard that that allowed -- standard game vs the Napster bad the cut the team. And the purses are too good. But the team that I just. I don't see any way they can match that is different from what they've already gone. That provides a different outcome of the Spurs should been -- of seventeen from three I think polite letter with a huge -- game tonight. Post on ESPN radio in San Antonio are a team can I have to folks probably won't what are. At -- sports. Well. You know you look at. What the Spurs have done enough. And what they're expected to do in and obviously. -- almost shocked or disappointed or shoot even though. I love love LeBron James. You know to live up to expectations. But it seems like almost the -- did you secretly I'm wrong. It's doubles behind this you know when doubted that they have that -- -- -- chip on their shoulder. -- that were so close yet but so far and that's why to me. In not noticed that at the Dwyane Wade ended the playoff how they gonna progress. But if not disperse then how can you not have the Spurs in that conversation when you go look at. Who's gonna be he vigil in bee champ and thirteenth fourteenth season. Yeah no -- no question I mean. If you look at the way east is progress and it's there mercker. For Miami mean India at one point looked like they'd be viable option did to beat them these finals but it might not get there that he might and about to beat the Wizards to get the NBA finals so. Mean you could pretty much pencil. That they heeded the idea files but for the west to. Mean you've got three really good teams I mean the Clippers are very very good if if you have watched -- Blake Griffin of the Clippers -- the -- that the people. This year it's it's been a marvel way they've evolved that are Doc Rivers. And so I think for the explorers you know -- an identity -- position. To -- that the ones he can they don't have to play the Clippers in the ponder which you know would indicate had -- been to reason that. That work their advantage got picked Oklahoma City club away. When he's started speaking to do it because Oklahoma City really bothers -- their athleticism -- -- bothers explorers. And you know Oklahoma City swept the first world injured in the regular season. In the real reasons the Spurs were up 20 in the western topic filed a couple of years ago that the bunker at half. Handled them they want portrait of that series at that time and it really done a good job against whispers so. Disprove that probably looked yet -- did the eventual Clippers Oakland's matchup. Saying nail Clippers get out of it. But either way I think the Brewers and that one dies and Oklahoma City ends up on the other side and I think problems he takes it but but. If it is the Clippers and I think you know you'll get another great you know great matchup finals of the heat -- -- All right thank you so much enjoy a game two tonight actually time got the victory we appreciate.