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4-23 5:20pm Sports Talk: Houston Rockets

Apr 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Houston Sports Radio 610 Host and Reporter Paul Gallant about the Houston Rockets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk is -- Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia. And tonight. It is the Houston Rockets and the Portland trailblazers Houston is down. By a count of old one game two tonight -- a reporter Paul. -- don't just now Sports Radio sixteen in Houston Paul thank you so much of the time and now boy a tight game in game one you -- in the same game two tonight. Our absolutely. It's unfortunate outcome obviously but they had no way the Rockets to stop. Marcus altars and I'm the only one dollar item. And the stock market -- -- at all in this series. And again on top of that the game a little out of the -- with Patrick -- looking really banged up at the end of the game. I think it's going to be close but I would not be surprised that the Blazers stole another one here and use that. Well and I think in the approach alleged double team LaMarcus Aldridge. I mean you scored thirty or forty points I don't know if you agreement that. But he's so competent. That when he sees nothing out one guy cover -- -- -- get a you know it doubled down on the he's gonna continue to shoot it I think have success. No I am totally with you there and you believe that a lit in Olympia -- out there and -- line or something like that there's no way that you can really stop a there aren't so good was trying and Q are trying to matchup -- game in. He's just not big enough to do it. And I think they're going to try to do something where they've put either Dwight Howard -- Arctic on him. But people like on Arkansas -- -- outside the three point line but gonna get exposed underneath -- put over hasegawa. Mr. dance well though. Went into the that they kind of think the boys and I guess an opinion be poised and they're necessarily -- stop Aldridge. You know the only thing as an NI you know that you picked our cars -- you gonna do something different. You know besides the Miami Heat artists birds -- done there I was kind of gone with the Rockets -- -- wanted Dwight Howard to have success. And then also old school kind of a veteran -- along with Brooklyn. But look at -- I still think. The Rockets have a chance that I just those -- James Harden -- missing twenty shots again. That I don't know maybe you could tell -- -- watching. Every game the Rockets playing him. Ago was that a case navy had these -- the games start are or were you surprised that he is that many shot because. Especially at the close out the game he just expect him to come through him. And and it -- player to beat at different maker and help the Rockets went. I think I wasn't shocked by it because he's a couple. Like -- over the course of the year. -- problem -- -- thinking a lot that are the three point shooter and he actually did that mean about 76. In the NBA over the course of the years in from outside -- much better drive the flat to the basket they that you like Portland. Defense -- streak that. And a at the end of that game probable that happens I'll go out and LaMarcus opposite we were giving a whole lot of defensive presence down low. He attitude and those up and wonder why part of what they're attacking the basket more in this first game because. He has great when he gets to the free throw line answered a lot of -- -- the -- goatee are a pretty good perpetrate. I think that that three point shooter but I think it seemed that they keep Ray Allen when in reality. -- he's not there but. I would be shocked if he missed shot begin to its say and been in surrounded practiced the last couple days that he is going to attack the basket more patient. Probably let that stop you -- -- and they're single chance he gets to attack. Paul you can on the on the flip side this bruise would -- -- and Houston. Round two. You know. And so I I think he'd rather -- Portland and then knocks and then the Rockets just because I think when you have. Through players like James Harden and Dwight Howard and you have big. Variety of players they have. Outside of those Duke Chandler Parsons. Patrick -- if he's healthy which is key and I'm really not so sure -- that they'll -- I didn't think that top to bottom. But the Rockets are a better unit trailblazers. I do think that the Blazers are two very good players. I don't think you were sitting at their vote on it adding the two of those up would be equal matting up both Howard and art by -- -- yet at the Spurs. Would you'd definitely rather see the trailblazers next round that they -- not the Rockets. Now. Paula you surprised that that Robin Lopez that would Brooke Lopez that Robin Lopez is able to have. The success that he had against Dwight Howard you look at the final numbers. He lets you watch the game you think Dwight Howard OK if he did his job. But to me. Dwight Howard is still not as dominant as he should be money gets a guy like Robin Lopez. Yeah history's pretty obvious mean it happened now a lot of open looks and the ball wasn't and and you know. I don't know what to do better Q. Actually be more productive due to write the number you look at it quick glance it looked really good for our coming out of that game by honestly it is. You look back at the game forward and -- what she keeps saying Brooks. -- and -- and that he did because it actually was stopped but Robin -- of course. The Rockets to welcome sight so thought. At that very physical and it was a guy like like dollar round and that's kind of happens. -- expect it to happen the rest of the spirit that it's kind of an anomaly it's like we're getting open looks in the August will be going in forward victory. I'm taking -- Here. My -- telling yeah the Blazers put. Something. About the way that Patrick Beverley has been talking -- me some help buying into it he might he might be healthy but I just don't. -- not -- I'm honestly trying to warn it still at this point because it's the way that we saw Patrick -- looked at the and game one Q looked like he might be done for the rest of the theories like how we're talking about in the past tense. Angela -- and to start talking about in the past tense as well. And a couple days later. But to go to game two. It's he'd go up against the Weller I think -- huge for the Rockets because. Is a great player he's -- but he does I think -- little bit of a temperamental. And that early is a master of trolling or just getting under people's in so it's healthy I might think that the Rockets should win this game I mean pardon struggle on our struggle. And they only lost by two in overtime. So. I'm saying that the -- -- gonna win game two but it's definitely is not respect the Blazers couldn't bury you at least he'll does that. Yeah how can folks volley on -- There. Thank you so much into game two tonight at all are they -- it all -- sixteen radio he'd used in the -- tonight between Houston. An important game to the -- that once you go over the Rockets come back we'll Saints coach Sean Payton beat him you know news time I'm 31 person who will -- him.