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4-23 6:10pm Sports Talk: Saints 2014 Season

Apr 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby speculate on the New Orleans Saints upcoming 2014 regular season schedule.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number 30 sports talk we are you at the 2000 and a fourteen. Zurich classic pro am day and he -- -- in sports NBA basketball drinking tonight is game twos. Objects that take place between Houston and Portland. Miami and Charlotte tonight is -- and San Antonio and Dallas we preview -- coming up in about fifteen minutes. We -- at the NFL schedule release course we take a president to walk home black and go to war on Saints will have it for you. And we will take a look at the prime time schedule in big games that start off. This year and -- in the NF -- 260187866889870. Ease the number to be involved that we do know the Saints home game to be against. The Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay -- use Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals. And San Francisco forty -- The road games Atlanta Carolina Tampa Chicago Detroit Cleveland Pittsburgh. And the Dallas it leads us to operated jaguar painful that's online at WWL dot com. The Saints have won eleven more games in the regular season four of the last five years how many games with the Saints win this regular season. You can can you vote. Online at WW -- Dot com so lucky to come in the pulled the program we talk about won't be addresses these Michael -- -- -- you'll -- a Sean -- out here at the Zurich classic he addressed the media and -- -- -- 35 will you he had to say the media -- is our. And you don't know basically mean you know strength of schedule right now the Saints and who they're facing a funny. Opponent's standpoint but who's to say -- many people point the season that you thought Carolina with a hill ballclub over the six and two at the end of the twelfth season. I'm in the last eight so they you know -- then they're going to be a better ballclub by the way they finished the season. But if you think he'd be to a report. And the number two -- so you can go by what team the equity in the NFL you just don't know. Until that sees coming for instance this year this is a Minnesota bow when it's awfully big year and the year prior they were -- -- team -- the postings. And at bay as a ballclub more than what. Not even a handful of blocking they went some close games clinical with -- us. Although there they've got the Pro Bowl caliber defendants at the on the defense the line and linebacker in the second year. And they have a new coach. So I mean I don't think it was would be surprised if they were a much better ballclub -- you just don't know you look at Baltimore team. They always had the Saints number. As of late and their -- did make the playoffs a year ago. But I think we expect him to be a lot better at -- today about whether it's coming off a win the AFC north San Francisco was a while -- this year. But they want to be -- team to game for a third straight season. In the road -- Chicago Detroit Cleveland Pittsburgh and Dallas along with Tampa Atlanta. And Carolina so a lot to get to a final four to 601870. -- free. 8668890. Hates him he's beaten a breaking ball let's go to Jackson -- great great thank you for calling WW. I had biggest talent that many Halladay today and I noticed that the ladies that they skipped it released. This economic can make you're due plans for the ball as well -- you'd think maybe. They make and the Saints back out to doubtful might give him like he did 2002 in a battle. The Cowboys were mostly that's between this year and you got I think we got outs and so on the primetime games that seat. Denver and not the coach -- that -- Sunday night game in Green Bay Seattle the -- -- opener but ultimately at some prime time games and absolutely out you. Thought last year you want it was five because you want to -- a flex game so there's. I hope -- did not give prime -- you you can pretty much say you hope someone does great because over the course of the Sean Payton Eric the Saints have been made the TV -- -- based -- -- -- -- at least if for primetime game. The reason why because if you just the football fans and then you wanna be entertained. There's nobody more entertaining aren't in the conversation did this thing right US about shutouts it and how not eleven victories during -- season and it is not for the last five years -- talking about Thursday night Sunday night Monday night it's not boring football. So the network people that they realize that medical ma'am we want the Saints on to the Saints are in demand and obvious reasons. Oh yeah you gotta have a good show appreciate doubt -- do. Thank you greatly appreciate it to 60170. 8668890. Incentive -- a game -- rookie camp out for a fact mentally from the schedule release came -- here with the you have to -- Yeah and and I think he can gain an eagerly anticipate and I think Sean Payton. He did acknowledge this. You know -- on -- it is to get off to a great start I don't care how experienced you are how many years you play. Tell -- what to feel good about yourself after week one hours in this season and how you handle adversity. But think how important it was for us to win their first game is that -- in the super yeah and how close it was does not winning. You win that game all of -- kind of sad that the home. And it hitting only you have the open -- you bye week. You know all of a sudden on a roll and you -- one. Are you maybe you're undefeated all because because. The ball rolling in the right direction and the momentum that first game. But I think this season the Saints have been fortune as of late. Big guy I just think we gonna have to go on the road I'd be surprised. If when the schedule comes out -- the first. Regular season game is not on the row. Not only still -- -- the same number of home games and road games of balloting this year. That this thing -- probably. You know start the regular season all on the road. And now with that being said is no excuse you still gotta win. Could you wanna get out that a great start but. You know you always intrigued that for people who you gonna play. And the expectations that obviously if you're considered. -- advance teams they want those matchups. That. You know it's going to be intriguing. And catch the public's interest him and get their attention. And nine and both teams Cape Wind so it that's -- -- that a make or break situation scenario. But it sure it matters a lot of confidence builder. And the I don't know if you agree with -- but I think the first game. This season Talbot of the season it's probably going to be on the road well yet as I coached league sick of them as young as we've been home yet has yet that -- -- Think you would be -- you know on the road in the first one so -- well I bet you go back through the first -- coach Peyton was it. The first two games in a -- you know Cleveland Green Day you want at the net. You can get the first two road you can get it to -- the way -- ruled out to Nolan and come home that is. Talk about a hot spot to an 0202020. Game. Go on the road and start a season know that that he's you're way ahead. In. -- remember us that remember. I want to say is I've talked to him now he's developed. They could have I think your great career as a coach Bryant young and from you kept his best game ever wanna see I'm speculating here but I think he was. He would have have a three sacks. Three sacks. Put -- first game we physically the Browns what you get three sacks in NFL game. That that that that's accomplished document individuals. As has been able to do -- bright young. Has been a saint. Sit there and as a player or now the coaches. He's -- an agreement decided a ball on the bits of line linebackers. So. I'd like high motor guys are working guys -- Brian Young. He was that him and I commitment efforts game back Cleveland they would win. And there was little scoring game. -- -- -- -- Well we Drew Brees it was a light policy we scored Maybin of high teens -- twenties and if -- Coleman remember Brian Young haven't. Respect. He's BK thinking about the ban Deke Bellavia it's a sports talk with. And is scheduled leagues and about forty minutes right here on Saints radio WW. And welcome back to sports talking to Kasey -- embodied there I'm eagerly coming up in about thirty minutes who have these Saints schedule at least a year. All at -- radio WW yeah 260187866. 889 you rates and he's the number to be involved and gained -- -- -- in me about it Miami and Charlotte that he -- sixteenth straight. Over the -- about. Well. The gate and you look at Charlotte and felt with neighbors then. That tit bit. -- -- -- -- a grown man Redick has grown men. They can't get in trouble obviously at South Beach and they got that in my McCain pulled back to Charlotte in and night staying in town and taken -- he plays out that long flight. But really probably. They dictated the details when he was player and what can occur if it down in Miami. And so they did not Mother's Day. On the road after the first game was over game one to -- back to Charlotte then coming at Miami. Because realistically. You look at budget that would be an upset. The Hawks who is the pace and you look ate animal once seat this it really be announced that. In the Bobcats were even. In the position to take the heat seeking seven right but I I don't think he will sweep them. You know I think you think it's always going again having yeah I think it's Charlotte. I mean there might be a game day my I don't know about that single so what if you win a game that you know I could still lose 41. Whatever but. -- I just think right now. That they'll come to play for the home crowd and they'll be swept that. I'm confident to extend -- Sixers have games articles he had happened. Music so 178668890870. -- the nobody -- -- -- he's the -- to camp Bobby Hebert. I'm Deke Bellavia heroic Saints radio WW AM FM and dot com. They get no look at it here it the Zurich classic when you look at a dark horses in whose possible. Or or possibly could come. That a forefront now and that winning the tournament. And you look at and 2012 we talked about. You know the big deal loosened Jason up there and and who end up oh winning the tournament in and were you familiar with him. Who had the chance. That truly get it done a possible. A couple of dark horses. Charles Howell the third. And on Luke got the ripping up about that right -- a couple of dark horse candidate. Now whenever I hear it named Charles Howell the third I think -- all Gilligan's Island days Thurston Howell the third and obviously. Militarism legit. Individual Charles Howell the third and being a -- cause if you look at what he's done he's had five top. -- finishes this season. He's third on the tour in scoring right now and fifth in greens in in regulation. So he's a dark cars the bureau betting on golf. That might be inane that you take into consideration. Now when all said and then done they could come out on top on Sunday. They look at Luke -- Hasn't really had a great season so -- a 69 in the FedEx Cup standings right now. If you look at last year if he's comfortable on this course. If you look at what he's done he's finished tied for eighth and had three rounds in the sixties. So just look at it I mean that you might be familiar with and you heard in the past and who could maybe -- get it done. There's just -- mean Charles Howell the third -- three. To be in the thick of things not -- with that being said. I think it's always great. When you have a guy like Ernie Els. Third street in a year. He beat me he's he's playing here in. The world golf hall hall of Famer. You know 45 liters of agents so it's all about not only I take it from golf we given back. And and him being here in an involvement. In the charity. When you look at it. You know along when Eric Compton. And it looked to get back in as far as. You know about fifty to sixty children attended to learn the fundamentals of golf. From Eric Compton and Ernie Els and and if you look at Compton be used only professional over the complete with a transplanted heart. And so just getting involved. And now. And really giving back to charity. And that's what it's all about -- and I didn't realize is that more of 141000 people. In the US donated target the 2013. Result in. In almost 29000 transplant however. Every team in its in the name is attitude transplant is an average of eighteen people. The idea -- waiting for one so here yet these young kids learning the game of golf. I was reading a ritual Whitaker and rural article five year old Smith McRae. And fifty year old Justin the AM. They were able to swing golf clubs. When Erik Compton on Tuesday to promote. And everyone that would -- common they all had organ transplant. -- given a second chance on life. That they were a part of the Zurich classic youth clinic and fifty to sixty children attended this. You know Ernie Els given back in being a big part of that and that's what it's all about a -- shortages that tournament. But it's also -- which you given back. You know as far as charity. And you know no matter what it might be. Peak at it that it makes it. You know significant. Is that it's a combination you playing in a great golf tournament. But all also a given back and keep him. He is the Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up in just a few moments in about thirty minutes will be because Saints schedule release also look at the big games around the National Football League. -- video he sent me 630 -- a person who will go to enhance. And welcome back he's the case he can't name Bobby -- I'm Diego Libya don't be coming up in about 25 minutes -- the saints' schedule leagues here. On Saints radio -- if you know Ian and Stan and that -- 2601878668890. -- in the middle of the home games we know the road games. How many games do you think the Saints win. This season that in the black and gold and and one of the more successful franchises. India Shawn -- -- since the year 2006. Season. For the last five seasons the Saints have won eleven or more regular season games we think -- number will be 2014. The Saints will have home games it's Atlanta Carolina Tampa Bay Green Bay Minnesota Baltimore Cincinnati and San Francisco. They would have -- games. And Atlanta Carolina Tampa Chicago Detroit. Cleveland Pittsburgh and Dallas and Kasey Kahne and does it I don't know question they say that dumb question but. You know the way your schedule sits up Bobby. And you don't know because like coach Tom paints that you already know like this at the schedule but just the schedules based on last year not this year. But you know. Look at had a stretch there's going to be a street you know where okay come into this thing tomorrow maybe when he could be inclement weather. Divisional games with the league is like you go to -- is the last week of the season but the last couple weeks. Of the season last year we -- Carolina and Dow finished up with the Tampa. You know that's who had the last companies that's of the league is going to. But you gotta wonder which trick of the season Ellis relationship -- it was. What Pitt New England -- went -- Faulk who knew it was like a toast -- who had the Patriots. It was a stretch we look at because of winning games or they -- away from home on the traveled approximately. Thursday night -- -- week long week if that all plays into it you know what what his schedule comes out is Columbia's strict just got beat up. No it was more in November. And no as optimistic. Not being. We should -- beat the Patriots would beat him right but really when it started. We observed. It was November to him that -- some thick. Meeting that we at the cowboys'. The 49ers. At home. Yet -- glad Thailand Thursday night in Seattle that money so to me immediately if street and I don't I don't mean it well against the Eagles thought it won't be I -- and start them. So. You -- -- garbage galaxies -- you put a minute to a strip club that the Cowboys always going to be up 500. -- -- They're good -- it and I. I. Don't know big mediocre you know I think if you read -- as far as -- really -- do. It and I Garnett. Not that I -- is. That the public aren't Google -- well. No doubt going hated it but I don't go 798. In the ninth seven so they'll eat that's the -- doubles it detaining gained you've got to be objective. And you watch football right there was no not -- to like points but there is no more entertaining game in the Broncos at Dallas -- -- and -- -- it. And so no doubt I mean it out of this -- that but now we've made and we got called it's given them the way home and it it would normally it is like Tony Romo -- an awesome you know anyway you know so if they -- to put the whole season in the in -- games yet and you know he might be your best quarterback in. The that's why -- the number of Ireland the Cowboys. This somehow treat Tony Romo Tony Romo is atop. I think definitely I -- top sixteen quarterbacks starter to not politics and he's a Tennessee team and is someone argued that he is not the end zone yeah he got the numbers the thing about it. He's got a solid like as we made the team in radio whatever. Is is it be must see TV commodity that the aim at the -- man sells. Being Johnny fielding the quarterback. The Cowboys we have on this I'll write this it's not meant that a quarterback gonna Cowboys. And part of Vikings. Picking out if you're in a rebuilding mode like we talked about not talk to Marcus Spears the first that in April who Marcus in -- Anthony that government fallen. One now that they -- to the only SEC network. He basically with the thought that Dallas isn't a rebuilding mode so if you're any rebuilding mode and I don't think you -- that team is and how it is it's not a strong saint. Oh we Texas we got to wait to go without equipment and asked him to be here resident pro football that you could seal team that went in the playoffs. Plans to vote here you could see a team -- wanted to -- -- last year with a suitable -- want to thank you for a week or. However. If you think your rebuilding your boy you don't that you can't stand in that -- move by the in the making in Tampa Bay did announce today about it and I shot listed. On the seventh time and it goes on and yeah I mean I was sources at them they still looking. AMOCO. Right after that Bears at a young prospect in him yeah that that that's wide open. Competition and now. -- that you think that ties them for pinch. About like zero while. No you don't always gonna have you are Thomas academic they -- and -- a -- -- that you should know more about that -- me. Is that what you're saying well make up of the incidents that went okay but listen. If you look at like -- a team get the previous year right they've probably -- as they -- right there more to begin a -- now. They always gonna have the Kansas City cheese that they did yeah Tampa -- might be that team this year so what I'm saying and if you actually look at like oh we've -- it was supposed to beat him. That's more likely to happen. Not happen considering what you did. The previous year but like oval with the saint right now. OK now. I don't know what's been a car but I can tell you if you play the Steelers. In you all college save baseball we've debt will re at right now and the Steelers know we going to be Pittsburgh now of the Pittsburgh. I don't know could not only Pittsburgh was as bad as their wreck. I think I think at the great things haven't Ravens -- -- Tuberville. Coached green I think yeah absolutely immature reason chip on their shoulder. Look at different challenges. -- it -- Drew Brees has never beaten the Baltimore Ravens I think they'll wanna beat him. And by having him in the superdome I think that's a great opportunity. To overtake you rate when you look at. Like now we get the Lions. It very similar. That we -- instructed the team with the backs line is OK cover. You know how we took care of business on in the superdome. I think Beckett via shootout legal to Detroit you know I think it matters where you play team. And who you play and I Rockets are you I'm expecting -- to be the point niners at home. Now we were going that's -- sisco I think we got to be a little lucky to beat them out there. So when -- when I'm breaking down. Oh and I'll look at this can you do win that game or not win that game or it's a toss up. Like like I still say even his bag. As the Falcons are right it's hard to say I did not -- -- it that -- that we get this week. Now anyone know what we went over their last game we play them that was a tight game but that's I'm saying that you still as the when you bring it down. And you look at the losses you get. You know 45 losses or six plus whatever. That that you -- can't split. The rivalry between -- -- has become in my practicing as of late. On look -- within division -- might be a team like Carolina. Who become much better Carolina has gotten. So -- when you when you break it down and look at it you play in the play in the AFC north. The NFC north like right now where we play in the Vikings. I don't care if you play the Vikings in Minnesota. Bothering you on his -- the world we should lose to them. Now you -- last year against the Jets Rai are the -- then it happened. So but but that's a game I break down benefit -- that see that all of a Clinton win. -- -- its football everybody's getting paid. But that's I think a lot to and and it does change like you say a year to year. Could you look what Andy Reid it would be -- right and it different that he meet with them. I think Lovie Smith got to make a big difference which Tampa -- I would agree with what they went four games in. That that it that there's no way I think -- -- -- Miller is dark horses have a great opportunity maybe it to be -- season. Look up they started this season and the -- involved that way at New York is that yet. And then look. Had a great drive at the and he gave us the win over there all of those things come in the play. But I I think we look at all the team compared to the -- that we are still. A double digit winning team and if we're not and you gotta be disappointed got to be extremely disappointed -- it because. When we're at right now in support I've won them yeah yeah. That good what -- schedule released about eighteen minutes away. And I think there's going to float around now and -- -- I am hearing is that the Saints will open the season own row. And against Atlanta. Well that -- like in Michael Bates and early he eats me in his press compliment the beam him up here I don't want to open on the road -- everywhere -- and you know where -- and ultimately why. We're -- -- almost at -- because. That Falcons are not lately swagger confidence. -- at at and know now what we're used to be okay but that's sort of say in. The haven't developed any -- to swagger but this season. At this -- you don't think like it tomorrows tomorrow is the only day you Ethan hey we're aware common there and I company -- ticket also competent. In depth if you win. I like that we played in the first game and I think in that. I -- -- I'm Trevor. Play and then. Mean navy captain if fifth or sixth game and maybe have a little comic alien you know winning. No kick it down about it does feel down right now -- See if you remember on the schedule be released the Saints will pay that he had five prime time game four prime time game to watch the game five because the team was -- So we'll see. I want to schedule comes out at the sites are in prime time as many times as they were a year ago. At the full schedule is coming up there about fifteen minutes -- word is a floating around now. The Saints will open the season and on in the -- week this season. We'll get put together the schedule coming up it's -- champion here on WW. Minutes away from the Saints get early Theo on that you don't BO radio getting your input the Saints have won eleven or more games -- regular season for the last five years. How many games do you think this ankle when Andre Agassi in 2014. Now given that this was bitterly about ten minutes. Well learning at this like open season on the road at Atlanta. And -- -- and if that happens in the Georgia game. Well like I said before to break. I think we -- Atlanta at the right time. If you look at by the Falcons are at right now I think data Barry obviously disappointing season. I think coach Schmidt is is definitely all on the hot seat. And big look at what he said. You know he wants his team to make major improvement to the line of scrimmage and also we always talk about winning in the trenches. All of the units of line in. And he's basically saying the reason why new -- twelve. And he almost heard about lack of strain inside them both sides of line. The offense ranked last in rushing. And you know you have injuries and all that but you never used any excuse not -- -- think they won up front on the offensive line. Now if you look at it speak -- Matt Ryan he was sacked a career high 44 times. And I don't view him. As a guide and holds onto -- ball I think he knows away article the football. But I think all of that line. Was that a consistent last year profound thing you look at the fifth -- -- Ego what he'd do a third down -- -- -- off the field. The defense ranked outlasted third on -- pitches the second or worse against the run and at the third fewest sacks. And and Andy said it on the head coach Tom will be held accountable so -- said that's what is what we afford twelve we just think get it done on. On the line of scrimmage would offensively defensively. You look at a bit different. Changes that they made. In free agency signing guard John. As the -- They can I think a pronounced in their right indeed it's a lineman Tyson Jackson. Out of bella Stewart Paulus only. So they got guys that you heard of -- and -- that he trying to make a difference on them constantly. -- and as high say so -- SO ally Donnelly. -- -- -- -- I knew Nnamdi Asomugha. -- you're hurting this guy. It's Elia and Malia the last of the -- -- yeah. Yeah I know you heard him I heard him now about the guard John Asomugha. That's the first I heard him I'd -- them as the good is going to be who beat me if they're on it and the coaches given a recognition that kind of -- Well we'll have a schedule is coming up at about eight minutes we have floating around learn the Saints will open a season. And Atlanta the first week of the season at noon and kickoff and Bobby a year ago when the schedule came out the Saints were paid to be in for prime time games. Learning now to the Saints opponents in the 2015. Skid of fourteen schedule and remember at the halfway point. There is flexing that is available so you can pick thought it was -- the pick of the game. But it -- will be in five. Prime time games. In 2004 with those that without the -- scared us without the flicks does that flexible thought until the eighth week of the season -- we break it down the field they're playing well Craig can agree airplanes those Saints so we'll open up and Atlanta -- learning and they're gonna have 55. Prime time games. This -- sports -- listening to WW. And welcome back to sports talk during a break we host a talk with the nfl.com. What they have the entire schedule released. Of the National Football League the task at least the Seattle Seahawks will open the season at third tonight against the Green Bay Packers so we look at the New Orleans Saints. Bob and I able to jot down quickly during the break. -- -- will open up the season on Sunday September 7 against the Atlanta Falcons at noon if it is Saints will play the Cleveland Browns on the road and it new to the -- -- opened up all the -- things for them -- 06 bout with -- the first two games on the road -- -- Payton -- That was his first year so late and it ran it exactly remember. Don't it is because nfl.com -- the entire schedule up already so we are rolling with it is it is out there it's the saints' first home game with -- this week three against Minnesota that's a noon game. The first of five prime time games for the Saints in the regular season takes place on Sunday night. September 28 at the same way that Dallas Cowboys in week five the Saints. By entertaining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so if you look at it right in three of the first five games of Blanco. Well on the road they have about a week in week six at districts folks. He's got to be one of the toughest in football -- week seven is thankfully a -- game at Detroit comes after about week in week six. You know Thursday night football game November. That's in the November 26 Sunday night game against Green Bay in the -- the following there was about a shot we can go to Carolina at 7:25 PM. They come home and perhaps the toughest four game trip to the league this year Sunday 119 San Francisco at new. Sunday November 16 against Cincinnati at news. And then Monday Night Football against Baltimore on Monday November 24 the final games at -- the end of November. Vs Carolina the first week in these summit at Chicago vs Atlanta and at Tampa much more -- a moment on WW.