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4-23 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints 2014 Schedule

Apr 23, 2014|

Deke and Bobby break down the New Orleans Saints 2014 regular season schedule.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right and welcome back to sports talk he is the case you can embodied there. I'm Deke Bellavia and the NFL saints' schedule is out as we told you going to the top of the hours that -- only nfl.com a few minutes. Before seven. So we -- Haywood did so with my. What do mostly -- he can't you are like thirty point these. We'll kind of visual. He's he did I didn't see it boy I'd hate reading glasses but can you see that yeah okay all right that was we we here in ninety go to Zurich classic at this -- to a Mason -- -- before we get this -- you do. Three of the first five games on the road through the first two. We have spot now for five prime time games won't this season and the retain some districts in November. And had a decent book way to saint could very well see another game that is split still without further do little bit to locate gaining. Week one the Saints play at Atlanta. At noon and we too well Cleveland at -- to Gainesville on the road at Atlanta at Cleveland nowhere to defeat two or two ago. Now. Let's -- -- play Cleveland in September yeah in December right so I think or two ago and look at that that rough stretch. If they get to 1112 wins. I'm a it would have bye week in they eke out again at the right time him week six. That -- I'd be feared that the plane. If -- not undefeated of Florida one. I think you made no way Atlanta Cleveland Minnesota. And in that Dallas over got to be -- -- going all right have a veto over the our guys haven't been home yet nobody should be five and oh. Because -- how hard this kid is gonna get right so on let's go out. It's cool idea in the first game of the season is at Atlanta new wins second game is at Cleveland win you come home for the season home Oprah. September 21 then get a win keeps the Buick you do that now. Did you have the first of five prime time regular season games Sunday Night Football. At Dallas that loss Saturday night at it's why I think they gave those significant a couple of it's at in night football it why are we going to be its -- gonna get it done. It's Sunday Night Football -- Dallas you know you don't have medals that night football at Dallas. They hammered it can't. Night out without -- -- -- that -- it was -- it Dallas won 4217. If you are properly at that yet got -- that equipment that at bat right there. Advance. No I'm recovered it we -- -- that's a bit of it they act ballot. Dallas I'll tell -- Sunday night. We get at least they'll aspired at that that. As a candidate they ought to this. Dallas that that's the digital wondered as the -- like that done it well news or no lights on its prime time prime time though that that they'll look at that who have OK so it's week four so we Fargo -- that before and a week five we come home to play to the camping out values at -- at this does that happen. Policy -- well. I -- takes an early we're gonna -- -- what -- -- the media here one of the things when you look at the schedule you look at me when you play a team that the basically what are some Thursday night game -- week. -- -- we -- you play a coed team and hot -- team you play Tampa and home early you can come into camp and lingered a year which from what does that. Definitely your idea that your faith Noah you know -- may have over an -- it's -- going to be dealing with the heat index. And -- that and that would be a bad time to be playing at Tampa right come October the fifth but I'll tell you play him at home. The guy I think we got a great opportunity. To be five and -- those that say about five and 040 we gotta be. It's for looking so week six is the bye week which would be October the twelve. Now we we've looked at the saints' schedule we have a broken down like the division accurately predict -- right now from weeks seven. The week fifteen. You'd be hard pressed the -- -- pushed rich it with the Saints and that's a lot out of I think this will be the first time we had a three game homestand in which don't pay -- I have three straight home games in November. But listen from October 19. Two Monday night he's in the fifteenth is the district. October 19 Sunday noon at Detroit. And. And that the big as Lugo game -- game -- at the -- -- -- -- that that Pakula I don't we got a hold Rob Ryan Davidson is Roland Wright because that could be a shootout type game in. They went out. Getting it that he DTL right now. That's why you old Bulls is to talk about the stretch you have to be toward one right at five and -- -- -- tough these gains are going to be. But it that I Detroit yet that's that's that's. That I don't know it. You have -- strict where you really suit division stance. Three by Al teams all play out teams in a row and it seemed at least two years removed from winning the Super Bowl. October 26 on and I football against the Green Bay Packers in the bill I got -- because Reynolds Thursday night. On a shot week at Carolina. Seven point practical. I would think that -- the golfers laws that -- -- and this is a very tough export company. Sunday November 9. Do kick off but if San Francisco that's what the blacks and Indians in that area so one of these. Ex Tampa regained could be the next day like about the 49ers matchup like community -- Right now I'm currently that extra days so I take care is the part of the second game in November November 16 Sunday at home at noon against the Cincinnati bagel and I think that's very tough opponent that because they have been dominant animal they're good defense and their regular season but I like we got him it's -- so I it. Will win that game. Three straight games both of these teams in the NFC north Cincinnati 1116 at home -- Monday Night Football November 24. -- -- -- You look at the Ravens though it's better than not in -- -- Again I've only team also that like that it will fly on the wall -- -- motivational speech as the only teams on Drew Brees does not defeated pride that the Ravens and they come at the superdome. On Monday night so again. Those couple pulled it getting them in that -- It was like I said earlier this that'd be what this trade restrictions you both new and you know you give him at home Massa does that mean now I'm not put up and look at the rest of the team right there. But from a team especially a playoff team. Meet the Green -- Cameron San Francisco Cincinnati. Baltimore and in the following Sunday you go to Pittsburgh on a short week. You go to Pittsburgh -- by the death of the Canada is that you know and a nod and -- also and -- only about me you come home plate talent -- new Himalayas -- -- -- game -- -- Who played in the night in the in the fifth the fifth prime time game. That's going to be a wreck. Going to close points for saint franchise that with a forty. And -- that it might be still going to be three in Israel at Chicago's twelfth at Chicago on right now I don't like -- chances Monday Night Football. That's Monday piece of a fifty did you come home on Sunday December 21 to play Atlantic at noon. You in the regular season in week seventeen. At the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so highlighting the in the Saints it was the first two games of the season. All on the road at noon against Atlanta. At new looking at Cleveland. Through the first five games all on the road with two games and at home but Minnesota is a hole open up the thing on Sunday September 21 at noon. -- you make Tampa the first week of October go to through the first. Game of the season that are at home the first of five prime time games at the New Orleans Saints at Dallas Sunday Night Football September 28. The next prime time game is Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers in the dome. October 26. A prime -- game follows that Thursday night October 30 at Carolina on a Thursday night. The next two weeks -- that'll be out here at the going to -- these -- going to be attractive attractive game possibly next Sunday. November 9 and new kick off against San Francisco. Sunday. November 16 at new kick off a game at Cincinnati. And then Monday night. A 730 kicked off against Baltimore a three game home -- San Francisco Cincinnati. Baltimore bottled by trip at Pittsburgh that that stretches Bobby -- when you think about the last two seasons. It brought back in it it two years removed from being the number one seed in the NFL. A Detroit team that we play to play out to two years ago from week seven the week sixty. -- a Green Bay team that won their division a year ago. A Carolina team that won their division a year ago a San Francisco team that's been -- three straight NFC championship game. A Cincinnati team to want you have seen all last year a Baltimore team ones who -- two years ago at Pittsburgh. Carolina game and. Chicago followed by an antique if you excellent that's with the regular breakdowns in basically a month that whatever department lately right. Does that stretch where Utah member that he would talk before topping out what was the toasters that he said Obama yeah well November appear -- -- -- again this year because Al's starting October 26 green Bay's home. But look at whatever department lately that -- down at Carolina. You know for a united them -- and at Cincinnati. It is builds off -- our fans -- Of everything it -- right now and it has allowed me that if -- about. I would say of of all the games. At home the Green Bay when the defense really thought about right now prime time Green Bay. That's have been a moment right -- municipal. Nine an error rock is memories that mean I'm -- you know like that sort match up and the if you can have -- to you -- think -- and number. If you just look at these. You know starting -- agree via October 20 stitches look at these November gains. On the -- -- You got the 49ers November tonight when you got 49ers November 9. -- you got that the Eagles November 16 you know that you guys. Baltimore the Ravens -- November 24 Shawn Green and Drew Brees. Hasn't beaten. So and in. November. What about all political that I get an event that Bears his. It isn't that right there. 1234. In five weeks the Saints already districts. From the end of October to the end of November in five weeks they are all prime time. Three time against Green Bay at Carolina and -- -- Baltimore. And when you -- Pittsburgh man I would be surprised an extra by the get one of those will be -- San Francisco's at today in Pittsburgh or even that Carolina game. One of those can be -- it used to be a record number of of games in the regular season site to be a problem I don't five last year -- scheduled. -- -- -- -- Five schedule right now the way the schedule sets up and I hit it and it just one team now. The deflects it is about the best matchup that's why we were in there you know -- to Carolina. If that would have been a year ago Bobby. It would have been on now it would feel like the reason why the Saints to Carolina us get in prime time the issue was with they've both with solid a year ago. Right right you know that that's kinda exciting lay out the -- the skated with the flex it picks up. And that's a that's a huge advantage all the Sunday Night Football is they picked up okay what wall who who thought that you know such -- -- -- will be. It -- you if it's Kansas it. A Yugo right eagle went in X amount of games the thought that you know so that was a team that got beat you just don't know how -- -- -- Night I was crazy when you look at the candidate as a season. And candidate could be this year's version. Of the Kansas City Chiefs walk here on them now but Carolina is already very they would NFC south. Right I've come up from from double -- spot talking about now. Elevated beat Jack last year right in all of assigned. You closed out the season last game this season at Tampa. It is the lawyers that you gotta win that haven't been an animal in theaters. -- it went on they got talent in the end they it just went out there. That thing Q would you look anybody other audience Seattle and the good thing if you play San Francisco courtroom number. Toward the end of the season a year ago with Seattle kind of they had district when he when he lost at San Francisco. And he got down I got shot at home by Arizona. There was this rich in a real possibility if the Saints could has been built into the number one seed. At San Francisco won the wins. And not Seattle because we -- the tiebreak against San Francisco right so what what is good about haven't pissed off the schedule is that going to to a season. You don't know. But you'll be faced up against some of the teams. They look like will be the contending teams in the other NFC division while -- a -- a they'll hit you hit as the first tiebreak with him in here. You look district that schedule it. You know we know -- we're gonna play the opponent and kind of speculating. Based Sean Payton being back in. Well we're able to do last season that. Eleven New Orleans. Would be considered a great season last year we put the numbers in. Yeah I have a say Vegas don't have to think though it is okay so let's say at eleven wins in those numbers would be out tonight -- -- They get to eleven wins the better start out Portland a five you know I would think that I look at it -- schedule. Before the -- And where you plain and where you're playing them and I guess and I'm optimistic now while we waited all. When he got the lights at the Packers and the 49ers haven't become the superdome. That's still even -- you first two games on the road. They gave the Saints have vetted out in the round we know you're going to see yet as the should be. Two ago and at -- they have two week five. That if we're not undefeated if we get a get a possible. 1112 wins to be benevolent seat you almost have to be. At least for one and not five and. Again highlight the New Orleans Saints 2014 scheduled it's up online it to -- WO -- counts -- I don't think we'll open up Sunday September 7. At Atlanta at -- the first two games on the road. You play at Atlanta in the following exactly. The Saints have three of their first five games away from the Mercedes-Benz superdome the first home game is in week three. That have a point person -- it off of it's Minnesota. In off five primetime games at the Saints have -- to the regular season. They play the first one Sunday September 28 at Dallas on Sunday night. The next prime time games and midnight October 26 against green based on the night in the Mercedes superdome on a show all week Thursday night. October 30 at Carolina 725. Monday night. November 24 against the Baltimore Ravens Monday Night Football birthday he's superdome. And Guillen on Monday night December 15 at the Chicago Bears and -- at that point out after the bye week on week seven. The week sixteen. Maybe it's not restricted team pains and this is all predicated on the toughness that is predicated on with the team it the year prior is not a given that the -- going to be that good year this year. Green Bay won the NFC north a year ago. Carolina won the NFC south a year ago it was a two UC San Francisco has been -- three straight NFC championship game. Cincinnati won the NFC AFC north a year ago Baltimore won a Super Bowl into all of two years ago. At Pittsburg. Vs Carolina at Chicago so in that stretch they all four. Prime time game. Game. Six weeks seven weeks and the possibility of one of those other San Francisco. Cincinnati. Pittsburgh. Carolina who knows about it. What does this night and Atlanta -- NFC south. Deck to deck of the athlete gain one of those games that restricts the zombie -- but I think it's is that is that it's not how probability. That this thing to have six. Primetime game that is almost half of their schedule in prime time sacramental -- -- -- back -- the back in the day. We talk about when you think that will be in front then it now you have probably have six of sixteen. Games in prime that is the base. Was so it's almost two full. That's a sign and then not only did networks love the -- this on the team entertaining. Went on the Sean Payton. The that -- -- -- that dominated that we did this team win -- a prime time so. From -- and age of respective -- you like this things -- a prime time because they've. Live up to the challenge now. They just for the break it down the schedule I think at the midway point. Look at it we're not five and oh -- at least Portland I think at the eight games will be six in two. -- 62. And I look at. Not Billy what's gonna occur -- were not undefeated the first five games -- one. And then they say we are five and oh at Detroit that the call went our laws. I think will lose like Carolina will be the Packers at home and so I think after eight games -- will be -- to. Which I think would be. A pretty promising. We try to get to 1112 wins if you are 82 it at at that. Regarding the -- 82. You got Saint Francis and Baltimore all at home. Well you'd and it goes back to go back and Lukas -- -- it's and a lot a year ago the Saints on -- 51. And you look you go while. You say levity if you'd you'd look at it from OK where your you say. You're limited -- -- right now. But what he's not -- final -- I don't know I think would be you know if battle had a six game with him left in his -- might be a twelve or thirteen win at sees. -- thirty win team. However when you look at this -- -- all going to be news if you start out like you say five and one that you finished eleventh I mean Hewitt six at Fordham restrict. With the -- weighted schedule sets up. From October 19. Through December 21 you have to take that I'll go to bed out that it pedestrians. From October 26. Through December 15 if is mean as -- that is -- Yet no be that fly I guess then again. Considering who you're playing on the road and at home -- your opponent. That the first Vikings for the by. That you almost have to be undefeated if not undefeated in these you know 41. And now. Speak -- we're ready to go to break is nominated go to break -- for all right that's -- -- -- them a little bit Q did you know together over there want to comment I guess I'd rather have the Spurs -- have the first eight gains got -- -- -- to -- -- on the break so that we could you pitched an attack yet. That was always a big crowd and hear Desert Classic and writes that language in April you stay focused you know you -- -- to -- on the game on his schedule that I go on schedule and. -- right we'll come back in the case anybody got the ability -- this -- sports are part of UW. And welcome back again and you'll thanks 2000 at fourteen NFL schedule was -- -- Light that you get you Rio confidence. We're gonna hear what coach Sean Payton had to say I didn't Zurich classic early -- in the pool report results the gala. Take it out for us it's about five minutes and had it for you. At the index break again how like this -- -- they opened the season on the road at Atlanta on Sunday September 7. That's it -- kick off they stay on the road in week two at Cleveland. Knew the Saints have five primetime games in the regular season Sunday September 28 at Dallas Sunday Night Football. Monday night does -- Sunday night October 26 at home that don't against Green Bay Thursday night November. -- at night October 30 at Carolina. Monday night. November 24 against Baltimore. Monday night decent fifteenth against the Chicago Bears in. Chicago highlighting some of the notes the Saints have a brutal stretch from weeks of the week sixteen. At Detroit at home looking at Green Bay at Carolina. San Francisco Cincinnati and Baltimore three straight home games. Three out of five weeks the Saints will be in prime time. And at Pittsburgh Sunday. November 30 followed by a home game decent facility -- Carolina. At Chicago Monday Night Football season with fifteen. Vs Atlanta December 21 -- in the regular season at Tampa Bay about it now talking what you think about. Between weeks eight in week sixteen. They've -- that are not scheduled to be in prime time San Francisco Cincinnati Pittsburgh Carolina and Atlanta. We think there's a high probability that one of those would be switched to a flex schedule in prime. -- that -- we are you to Sean Payton -- -- can't it always comes up with his own fault but. Now how many games that you think the Saints will win you can vote on my -- if you attack them. -- -- And maybe the closing your -- schedule came out I've thought eleven wins would be a great season and I'm gonna conduct. State Tibet. And big look at it I think if they are gonna get to that tournament obviously I'll look at the schedule I think -- have to get off their great start. Looking at their first five games. I think -- Almost to keep that momentum Rolen could -- in the schedule they got to be. 41 if not five and oh. And I haven't met the midway point this season. Going six and two. I think before the bye week they do have a slew of Bobby could have won there. And if not if you are five and I think it's going to be a toss of game at Detroit could be a shoot out. And then I think you beat the Packers at home then I Carolina. Simply because -- Carolina is that I think it is split with them. That's not -- the 62. Look at it Sam it is going to know we got him at home I think that's going to be also a tossup. Because I think the 49ers so are that good even -- out all about Smith. They're great press pass rusher and the problems they've had in the offseason I think the 49ers to a restructured. Looking at Cincinnati Baltimore and home but he Beckett -- wins the kind of a toss of gains become look at that. Assemblage -- at home. And that Pittsburgh. Kind of flip of the coin and then. I have at Chicago. Playing in December inclement weather. I'm just look at probably Beckett be where we could potentially -- on the dog. Obviously right then that as a loss and now this that the interest in. Because a look at it if we 62 at the beginning I have missed five -- three on the back candidacies the last eight games. And therefore that would be an eleven to five type season. Now I think he could come down to -- We could be twelve and 40. Going into the last game of the season at Tampa Bay. But we'll lose the mother the -- -- -- to -- -- and it and it will be all beat by now -- immigrated to do well listen. Where where now. If we beat Tampa Bay -- all four of eleven and five right at them in the last season the -- deeper -- -- the thing about it. The significant and that team air -- -- in Atlanta games. Oh Tampa Bay vehicle -- -- I -- Tuesday -- we have you know we beat we beat Atlanta beat Atlanta. And we all okay going to be maybe that it is so so we are right now you basically -- -- game -- eleven or eleven he cities it's hard -- sweeping right. But at the -- know what I do is artist of Atlanta. But that's why our habits. Sweeping -- Carolina. OK I'll uttered at 302. Outta three divisions the quality face -- Eagles play. It to three advantage in the real I think we'll beat the Falcons -- and I think with Carolina and split with amity. That's not saying we gonna be -- Levin. Going to be eleven or -- like that last game at Tampa. December 28. So I went to a division and Pickett via. But -- Galaxy. Right are we know it could take twelve game might be thirteen wins. It goes but that's my keen to eleven at five and if -- compete at Tampa Bay I think we could be. Well. For. He's the -- -- by the -- in the entire saints' schedule is on line at WWL. Dot com this thing to open up the season at Atlanta. On Sunday September and I knew they play at Cleveland the following week. At -- the home opener is against Minnesota Sunday September 21 the first the five primetime regular season games is so basic to between eight. At -- that that's primetime game this Sunday October 26 against Green Bay followed by a shot week a Thursday night game. At Carolina. -- a tough three game home stretch in San Francisco Cincinnati and a Monday Night Football game against Baltimore. Bottles a road trip at Pittsburgh in November. He's ever had the Saints against Carolina in the dome at noon. At Chicago Monday Night Football the following week at home gates in Atlanta -- on the road against Tampa. They get -- look at it this stretch to me. This is when. That's that is the meat at the meat of the schedule even when I look at starting at Green Bay October to 26. Until November 16. So these are all significant. Playoff teams. Who have -- not advance the amongst events right so you got greens get home I Carolina. -- just go to home and that being as -- home. And look at -- debate that the that's how they're structured that's. A stretch. Right here I've got to -- -- Okay so the green you agree may have had error risers and I they. This is that you out this is tough you know with this is that that the coveted. You called active meet. Yet to meet their real -- I'm looking Green Bay. I Carolina's San Francisco at home with Cincinnati home. Now like you said Baltimore looking at -- for -- winning it's horrible coincidence that a problem by what every department lately and lately these teams. Like Cincinnati. I'm glad we got to the superdome as they -- hear the game. At Cincinnati but through phases. -- -- -- -- -- In the -- calls at all. A cars in Kosovo -- it will cost Obama well. Immediately. No way don't they gonna Carson Palmer right now -- -- about win cause Obama painted deal with the Cardinals. With the big. Oh yeah it or is at stake and 06 -- I rather -- Andy -- now in that time we faced him within the well it -- the thing is like anti dog it's a matter -- you know lie both the yes. But virtually a year we want to you know like the third highest touchdown passes last year who. Andy Dalton offers Peyton Manning. Seconds breathe and -- dome there in Poland and you know you -- -- year ago. C'mon did it was a game at home. On the this if you -- -- about starting. Quarterbacks. It's like Tony Romo would you elaborate that normally nobody and we don't you do it LB Andy Dalton. It debate -- don't want him did that they'd be lining them up that there is at least to a handful of teams that would take an adult now. Like it would take Tony Romo. There's not enough starting quarterbacks around. I think -- just like our environment. -- yeah but you know what it and and they're not say he's easily wrapped up about a week he's rattled now you got that yet and -- through rehab I Tuberville rattled and I don't think Brees gets out of everything about it that is the pin high you match up. By the heat about the -- -- in the heat it's agreed that the debate -- we bring in the woods and it's. Drew Brees Nike and I think that would take a break come -- annual coach Sean Pate had was out here at the Zurich classic he's Bobby -- -- the entire saints' schedule is at. I'll website WWL outcome. And welcome back -- books are written Zurich classic saints' schedule is up online at WW dot com have let this get to the Saints opened up an Atlanta on Sunday September night at noon the first two games on the road games at. Atlanta at Cleveland five primetime game the Saints will be in. In the regular season the -- everything's epic that he'd get you out dot com or today before he teed off Saints coach Sean Payton talked to the media. Get out here it's good to see the weather been cooperative and yeah I don't know if you were -- went out here also hurt so she's gotten hurt so far. That money India's players I don't know what's first -- again that I played in. In a year. So we felt like you're getting your Doug Miller. Ramirez is this your -- and only thing he's listened storied team in the whole room the that was important but so we're looking forward to -- did you guys have a full staff -- their full team meeting whenever out of we -- -- basically we just of the calendar that we just talked about. Okay here's here's the next three months. Schedule was announced. And then once it's confirmation of when you're playing a team like Saint Louis and you count fifteen days back and you can get an idea when that. It's going to be. Friday his is my. The information we've got to try to be that. First game on the road. And and technically they wanted to portray him would be good Thursday. I can do today. Second last week of July. So. Apparently it's important to schedule together in the -- that you can look backwards. You can training camp. Virginia Tech here training camp schedule. Final cut down. And having. We find out -- your success so -- Didn't schedule and what -- you guys I think it's always been hum. You're always excited yeah you can't control anything really I think you look away to beat your prime time games travel. I don't think we have West Coast trips to look at it. Catch cold weather means you'll be Pittsburgh Cleveland or Chicago you look at -- your own division. We've played Tampa early you can be. -- -- But more than you look at -- but you know Thursday night just -- going on the road those things logistically and outside of that. So what you can control but. Those things. And you just credit -- tomorrow and largely thought and I think this first year. I think it's beneficial to us I think it's more stressful for the player because I think. Players and there's more teams won't work outs they're there but pulled a little bit more than maybe normal yeah assessment is this -- -- it's just you know I really I think it's important that. In the early stages of all this is the player. Normally when -- come to the facility that elected him to lift -- And conditioning and I -- hurt so much time for football. Texas and knows all of the fans are really. Just occurred before the way it looks you know we have -- new nutrition have very okay. A lot of different elements are going to just being really good shape and that's the main arguments is Jimmy yeah it's on the players he's -- pretty normal. Everything the first week was. Pretty much -- start. I'm a year like out how -- how many days you get to just relax. Twelve yards to travel back and forth to Dallas weekends hum. You always during the week you spent most titles -- with your schedule with your team so -- -- like -- is an exception where you're you're going through now. Then again normally this day would be the day before the draft who -- more -- so yeah. We still have some time. It was an average players tonight and check this definitely comes up pretty pretty European background conversation. You disregard -- well this is schedules are now with regards to just -- losses and you play and it's so much. That takes place during the course of the year with -- vs teams that. Get better some teams don't do as well injuries. Com. Bookie you're trying to focus on things you really had zero control over and -- you look at it logistics you look at your. Your. Opening game but we've -- twice at home so I would expect this opening game. To be possibly on the road and you have to go through there yeah yard option as well yeah you hit your options Kim and what about more. It's still this we've got time do all of that and so there's. And we decided. Permanently. With that and I know we made the transition Campbell is pretty common with the new -- yeah. Yeah except that -- flexibility. It's coach Sean Payton addressing the media following -- before he's a round of golf in Haiti Canada found thought the Saints. A regular season schedule is out five primetime game the first two games all of the road at Atlanta it. Well the -- You know -- you do on row on the road you know that they'll -- not its ability to take care of business. At home and always seen very. You know you go 62 at home split on the road you go 500. I think the Saints have an opportunity to do even better than that. I think their cars to road games. Very winnable and I'd be a great start if all of -- -- Yet inflated home -- and you are ready to an oh so. I'm excited about. This season in and now you know awesome fans you get tickets that you try to shared -- tickets -- let him. All of those Obama's Saints fans that think it's how long has come November. The Australian public bills November old. Vick will dig deeper into this scheduled tomorrow for 48 PM we'll also look at our divisional opponents can't do it had National Football League lay out. It's no point in being exit for the week game in sports including the Zurich classic makes them with a tomahawk and everybody here. At Zurich classic in Beckett studio team handle on the news. And of course. Allison who -- Andrea the ability is there anything can name Bobby eight rating on it I think Keating called alligator sausage. Where pool boy here. At the pro -- is excellent and think they care and the food was awesome. Really all that night people.