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Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening and welcome to our show it is just a perfect evening in April it was a great afternoon and evening for Wednesday at the square. The first weekend of Jazz Fest is coming up this weekend and it appears as if the weather's going to be sensational for that. As to just get out and enjoy your distance whether if you have a dog this is a great -- to -- -- dog if you don't have a dollar pretend you have a dog and go outside and and walked the dog or go watch your kids are way if you want your wife for -- or your your husband just it's a great evening to to get out. Will talk we'll talk about the saints' schedule which has just been released on your target -- heard the argument that on non sports talk earlier today. -- talk about the new State's schedule also the governor of Georgia. Has signed into law a bill. That allows people to carry guns with them. Anywhere. Bars. Nightclubs. Restaurants. Government buildings. Is this a good idea. Also tonight we'll talk about -- Francis who told the woman. That she can take communion. The woman was refused communion by a priest in a local church. Because she is married to a divorced man. And because she was married marrying a divorced man she could get married in the church. They opted for a civil ceremony. And of the priest in her parish refusing European Union. The Pope actually called her on the phone and responded to a letter. Said it's OK for divorce days. To accept communion. This. Is sending shockwaves. To the Catholic world we'll talk about that's on the show tonight and your -- every W a party general opinion poll tonight. Should divorced Catholics or people minority to a divorced person be able to receive communion. If your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we've attracted -- throughout our show tonight. It's time for tonight's topic today to the topic things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on -- VW well number eight. Petition demanding the deportation pop star Justin Bieber has attracted enough signatures to be considered by the White House. However the White -- issued a response that they're really not going to comment on this at this point. This is a petition that comes from we the people. And the attack gathered 273960. Signatures I think the petition has to have at least a 100000 signatures. Four to reach the White House and get the attention of the administration. So this has reached the White House and I've got to go over twice as many years as needed this follows the arrest of Justin Bieber in Miami Beach. For drag racing do you -- and resisting arrest. He also -- particulars on potter had -- -- -- pot was involved in there in some way you know as far as I know Justin Bieber hasn't been convicted of anything. His behavior does seem to be a little wild recently. But then I think about that who I think about. A lot of rock bands that we grew up with. And they were wild and crazy. Side there are a lot of people of America who are wild and crazy should we deport. Everybody who is kind of wild and crazy I mean I'd. There are some people in in America. Who probably need to be kicked out of this country before. Justin Bieber. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Dynasty star Lisa Robertson. Said that she was sexually abused by her family she by having members she said that recently. And she's sick she's written a book on the book is titled the women of duck commander. Well now she says that six other family members have come forward saying they were sexually abused. What kind of family justice. This is the -- dynasty fame. Now. If they're exacerbating. Any of this at all. If they're exaggerating any of this for publicity shame on them. But if this is a family that is supposed to have such solid Christian roots and why are all these people molesting people. -- it's. It's tragic when that happens. And and Lisa Robertson wrote in her book that she was sexually. Abuse by a family member from H ages seven to fourteen. Seven year that's a long time. And now six other family members of the -- dynasty family. Say. That they also. Have been abused. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Three year old boys and a ten year old girl caught stealing marijuana on an elementary school campus. In Colorado. Colorado is a state where you know -- legalize the recreational use upon and everybody's looking for reasons to say oh it's not working it's terrible horrible -- recently I read an article that in the state of Nebraska they're complaining. Because a lot of people in Nebraska are going over to Colorado. And getting marijuana and coming back to Nebraska. And they're having a problem are finding room for everybody whose arrest. Well don't be stupid if you cross the state line you realize that your in another state and that's you know clearly your fault and I don't think Nebraska issued. Be complaining about that Colorado are you just you know do your job and a summary breaks a law you arrest him so that he said these. Fourteen year old it's three boys and a girl caught selling marijuana when an elementary school campus. In Greeley Colorado that is the end that's the town on the theory a Colorado State University. It's in in I guess north -- north of Denver north central Colorado. They apparently. Got got the marijuana. From their parents and grandparents. No charges have been filed against the grants -- parents and grandparents -- vicious. This is a classic case of okay look pot is legal in the same way that alcohol is legal. In Colorado. You have to be responsible with. And if your kids get ahold of it. Then it might be your fault because you didn't do enough to keep the kids from getting to -- I mean I know kids are very adventurous kids will get to their parents stash. Whether it's pot or. Or alcohol. And it happens all the time it doesn't mean that it's right it doesn't mean that it's good. But I don't think it's unfair to blame the new law in Colorado for this happening. Parents need to be responsible with. Though the legal marijuana that they're buying and and holding in their homes. And if you're not responsible nobody can blame the -- for that you have to blame yourself and and think about it the parents and grandparents purchased the pot that apparently these. It's got a hold -- if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we talk about tonight our number is 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87870. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Georgia governor Nathan Deal Republican has signed a bill into law. That allows gun owners to carry guns. Everywhere. -- Nightclubs. Government buildings anywhere you can you can carry -- The governor said people who follow the rules can protect themselves and their families from people who don't follow the rules. He said the Second Amendment should never be an afterthought. It should preside at the forefront of our minds. The National Rifle Association not surprisingly praised. This -- in this new law. And claims that it's the most comprehensive pro gun reform legislation introduced. In recent state history. They described it as a historic victory for the Second Amendment. In fact this also means that they can carry. Guns into schools and churches. As well. Not that you should be you're gonna charge but I guess if year of the mentality that you need to have a gun everywhere and then again she might wanna take you gone to church as well. I don't I don't think this is a good idea. Everybody has a right to carry a -- -- just don't think it's a good idea for people to have guns everywhere I've been in enough dollars. I've been in enough nightclubs. To know that sometimes people get out of control. And the idea of more guns in bars and nightclubs I don't think that's I don't think it's voice even if you can legally carry a gun but there are those who. Are such purist. When it comes to the Second Amendment that they believe every American should be able to have a gun. Everywhere. Now there are a few stipulations -- at least when he won. And get a gun permit in Georgia you you can't have been in the middle institution ever treated for mental illness and within the last five years. So I'm sure -- people who even disagree with that. Thinking that maybe everybody should be able to have a -- I I I disagree with that I hope everything works out fine. I we don't be surprised if this continues to spread around the country. -- this is something that a lot of people of Louisiana were totally support and that is -- we've talked about her on the show carrying a gun with you everywhere. Is it really necessary. If you wanna join Russia relied on numbers 2601870. Stoll freed 866889. -- seventy at a text number. He's a 77. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. We talked earlier for Angela today it was so one of the things we talked about I want to continue the conversation tonight. The kkk in Pennsylvania is passing out fliers offering to set up neighborhood watch groups in your neighborhood. If there's a crime problem. Which you like the kkk to be patrolling your neighborhood. The kkk was responding to a series of break ins in a neighborhood. And they're forming a neighborhood watch group the traditionalist American knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Is passing out a -- that reads you can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is a way. And the client is asking that if you have trouble in your neighborhood you can contact the 24 hour planned line. Nice to know that as a Tony for our -- line that you think the person answering the phone is sitting there and in a white sheet. Are today may be taken I wonder it would do they have. I guess they do I'm I'm trying to picture -- and I know they have I holes cut out today of a mouth hole cut out because that they didn't -- she'd ordered BP cut -- kind of muffled. Odd the Pennsylvania chapter of the kkk is behind the flyers and the idea of forming these neighborhood watch groups. If the kkk -- to watch group. I -- there where their sheets mean would you would they Wear there sheets on patrol. But he is where that it no formal occasion I don't know medical and never. The klan's imperial wizard and president frank. It's not targeting any specific ethnicity. He said we want to report anything we seek to law enforcement. We don't hate people. We -- an organization who looks out for our race we believe in racial separation. God created each species after its kind. And saw that was good. He says we're nonviolent law abiding citizens. Are all white and all Christian. And we've been misunderstood. For years. Not really sure the mentality of the plan is doing. Really that misunderstood. And I wanna go back to this statement about god creating each species. After its kinds and god said that was good. More -- all human beings part of the homo sapiens species. Mean I don't have -- the total biological. Nomenclature the animal kingdom in front me but aren't we all members of the same species which would be. Homo sapiens. So again I -- I don't know that that was really a very intelligent to comment to make I don't think any group a personally. With an agenda. I should be patrolling neighborhoods. And -- do you honestly think that he Klan member. Woods. Equally assess. A black suspect. And a white suspect. -- what if there was a suspect wearing. Star David. Pointer but the -- the. The fear in the treatment of every. Every suspect. I would question that. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It's -- for 2014. We open up the season September 7 in Atlanta against the falcons. That's a noon kick off -- time. The first two games are on the road. September 14 we play Cleveland in Cleveland another new game and our first home game is September 21 against the Minnesota Vikings at noon. In the dome that we played Dallas in Dallas. As an 830 game on September 28. And then October 5 we play Tampa Bay. So one of the first five games. We only have to. Home games. And for a team that was really struggling on the road last year our team is going to be put to the test very early in the season. So we'll talk about their 2014. Schedule tonight on the on the -- -- two home games Sunday and Monday night against Green Bay and Baltimore and then three away games Sunday Monday and Thursday night at Dallas Carolina. And Chicago. So what do you think of the schedule -- ago when is -- a tough one how many wins do you think you'll see this year. Do you think the saints will pass the test. Of being on the road. The first five games aren't on the road three times if you gonna join Russia to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. At a text number is 878 senate and we have the that the full story and the saints' schedule right now it's on our web sites and every WL dot com. Number -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The state legislature making Louisiana look moral or moron. And that's Cisco blog tonight is Louisiana moral or erotic and this this deals with some of the recent activity in the legislature. There were some of the old nets would have less in the penalties for pot possession that was rejected. And making Louisiana among the distinguish states that have very stiff penalties for even simple possession of marijuana. Another bill before the legislature that would prohibit employers from discriminating against gay employees. That was pulled from consideration. After the projected. Vote was it wouldn't pass. And then Louisiana made national news this week when the legislature refused to pass a bill that would have removed the unconstitutional law that bans sodomy from the books. And even though the bill that would have made the Bible the official state book even though that was rejected. The fact that the idea came from an elected official in Louisiana I think is an embarrassment. You might totally disagree with me you might think that Louisiana is heading in the right direction. A you can read this -- blog give us your comments and share with your friends it's on our website at WWL. Dot com is Louisiana moral or. -- and we'll talk about that on the show also reported a part of this conversation I think is the is that the bill requiring dogs to be restrained in the beds of pickup trucks it passed the house floor 53 to 34 so now goes to the senate. And a bush -- city represented Jeff Thompson is opposed to it and he says putters in his area has no choice. But to use interstates when going out with their dogs. Is that true. -- you have to use an interstate. To get from point a to point -- Ortiz using the interstate a convenient choice. Yet that you can get anywhere without going on the interstate I mean it might be inconvenient but I thought you could go anywhere in this country. Without getting on an interstate. Because there were roads connecting out everything before the interest rates correct. So could you get from one place to another in the bush your city Shreveport Munro rust and in that whole area of north we can you get where you wanna go without going on the interstate. And then if you get on the interstate. When the sites wanting to joining 49 in in that part of the state if you get on the interstate and you simply follow the rules. I just don't think that it protecting your dog in the back of pickup truck is relieved that difficult. It's not as if we're asking for you to give up playing a lot. I mean I would I would think that if you really care to butcher your dog piece of the to scare the dog it doesn't happen that often but it does happen where dogs. Jump out I'm always nervous when I'm around a truck where their dogs loose in the back. So restraining dogs just seems to be a basic public safety issue. And yet somebody's defending it saying hunters have to use the interstate with their dogs. I joked I don't know if that's true but again you can correct me if I'm wrong. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top things. -- Francis and began. Shaking the world of Catholics this time telling a woman who is married to a divorced man. That she is welcome to take communion. And this brings up the question should divorced Catholics. He allowed to. Take communion even if they haven't had their previous marriages annulled -- this does go against Catholic teaching up to this point. On the -- Francis received a letter from a woman in Argentina. And her local priest refused to give her communion which which communion. Because she was living in sand in his opinion. As she is married to a man who's divorced she has two children by the way her current husband and she'd been together for nineteen years. On she said the priest told her every time she went home. She was going back. To living in -- And a pulp. Who is my understanding is infallible. The Pope told the woman living in sin with a divorced man that she is free to take hold communion and that is a complete departure. From Catholic teaching. Are you divorced. Are you -- Do you take communion in the Catholic Church. If you have been divorced and remarried and you have not been taking communion. Does this change your mind. Will this open up the possibility that more people start going to communion and feel less judged by the church because of what Pope Francis said. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. It's seventy and a text numbers 87870. And here's our WWL party -- opinion polls should divorced Catholics are people married to a divorced person. Be allowed to receive communion. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- Cisco show live from New Orleans on a very beautiful Wednesday night. And we'll be right back. Under the WL welcome back to our show on this Wednesday night against very very comfortable outside of get a chance so given excuse to get out there. And it really should be against the law to drive around on a night like tonight if you have a convertible -- you have a moon roof if you don't open the moon roof. Are the -- for you to call a time you temperature top -- it really should be legal to drive around without the top down the sunroof open on a night like tonight. It's Louisiana moral or moron. Based on what the legislature is doing that's hard to be WL -- said the school blog tonight at WW dot com. Also talking about them the show also you've just joined us on the sync schedule is out for 2014. We open the season September 7 in Atlanta and it's a new game. -- that we play Cleveland at Cleveland the next day and I next week September 14 and then we played Minnesota at home so. First two games -- away the first home game is September 21 against the vikings. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And out of the first five games says two of the games so our home three or away I like the saints because of the difficulty that they've had. On the road especially last year I I like the saints' opening the season against the falcons in Atlanta. I like if you wanna comment on the same schedules one thing we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601878. Tool free 866889087. Or -- amber is 8787. Also we're talking about the the Pope today telling a woman who is living in sand. That it's okay for her to go to communion. And her local priest refused to giver communion because she was married to a divorced man and they were married in a civil ceremony outside of the church. And Paul Francis said you are free to go to holy communion. Does this change your mind about communion to join our -- to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- seventy. A text his attorneys have to get your text here in just moments from bush Louisiana Kenya on WW -- good evening. And it. Let the Catholics. Are at it and it will. You know in the Bible it judge you got guidelines. You can carry the -- About. It now I'll read it. What happens is that your spouse -- engine. And that -- -- been urged all. OC I think that's the teacher in guys' -- And I -- I think it's I think it's personally as a Catholic I think it's wrong for the church to discourage people from going to communion. If they're divorced. And remarried and they did not have their original marriage you know. Well I don't answer that Catholic will you walk it in order yeah they agree. But it just simply stay at somebody -- Seattle actually and actually it hasn't -- But isn't it an insult is an insult I always thought after my first marriage period ended. I it was thought it was an insult to guide to go to the process of paying to have on a piece of paper. The church say the marriage. Didn't really exist because god knows that exist if you believe in god you have to know that he remembers he's not a racing it. That's common -- way to look at it actually -- you know. So long term you get -- people beleaguered director. You know -- religion it is. That. It is as bad. -- People leaving the Catholic Church the church. In -- people at a rapid pretty. Which translates into money. So that it will now -- -- you know people people and bring in. Well I really liked this new Pope and I have from the very very beginning and he continues to impress mechanically to call the show have agreed -- Opera homer Roy you're on the -- showing every WL. There -- totally good like. On call about those registered there and do you like is opening up on the road against Atlanta. -- but it gets up but it all right speed that we you know we had a -- are still well without. Paradigm it is. That it. Two games and old. Ford is not art art Tolbert schedule regrettably -- the fact that Caremark. Would let it. Four days yeah knocked it right there on October 26 to play Green Day. And and that's going to be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and then -- later October 30 even Halloween we played Carolina at Carolina. That will be brought to it didn't government come back out -- I play at San Francisco and to put it out. I agree you know not being that. That's will be like -- -- -- them eat or proper schedule. And that's what ultimately start. When I look at the teams the saints are playing and again if you haven't seen this we've got to run our website at WW real dot com I like to schedule like I think -- at their and there are obviously some. Games that are close to each other there than in any game in the NFL could be considered a tough game. But I really -- this schedule I think the saints have a chance to do really really well this year in the cause of the way they played on the road last year I like the idea that they're gonna be getting ready for road game from the first game of the season. You are. I'd like that schedule I'd just don't Arctic what I don't like is the way it was put together. Well there are all you know I remember I don't remember specifically games that they were a couple times last year when there was a quick turn around and they've got a real quick turnaround when it comes to Green Bay. And Carolina in October. I blame let's call it you have a great evening and thanks for listening to WWL. At night if you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688908. -- text number. Is a 7870. -- the -- like tonight is titled is Louisiana moral or moron. Based on what the Louisiana legislature has done. State legislatures defined the mentality of state and there are few issues before the legislature in this session. But they've dealt with that I think it begs this question to be asked is Louisiana moral or -- You can the reader to W dot com it's your comment surely others here's. Here's a text that read so how about mind your own business. Forcing owners to -- a dog. But allowing anal sex. How can we mind our own business. Well I'm opposed to a moral ban. On personal sexual activity. Based on right to privacy. Since there are some people who -- too ignorant to take care of their dogs. And sometimes you need to force owners to do the right thing. And I don't think there's any problem we're having dog owners. Had their dogs restrained in some way. In the back of the pickup truck. A commander bill high eighty year -- the WL. I didn't -- there and I'm good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm Catholic Beverly Purdue with great at playing quite how the Ramapo except try -- part. -- Of young children. How accurate he me. And I -- married Mary Catholic. Then the -- My grandmother's funeral. Remember in -- hearing. That tree. Then. There you are Catholic. The -- There he does it demagoguery it -- -- -- and and -- my account. And he said. -- -- -- you guard cap and that you cannot receive communion. We want to pray for you that one day would come through art cable act want. That was it and at a funeral yet aren't as -- appropriate. Ordinary and an end very judgmental. And. That -- point. Are you went. -- the standard he went and I'm -- What baffles me -- -- Catholic Church panel and it rainfall would be because. I. Practice at what they say on my right and what an accurate background you know. I did totally cut around the parent. -- -- the light of the war everywhere in the content but. What are -- I totally I totally agree and I I think this -- rates I hope this gives people. The the personal strength. To go to feel free if it's within their hearts and minds. Have to feel free to go back to communion and I I have a feeling that this is gonna convince a lot of people that wait a minute I'm I'm divorced. I am remarried I didn't have my marriage annulled you know people make mistakes and and I I thought god was a forgiving god so you make a mistake -- of work to try to do the right thing you get married again. And what you're not allowed to go to communion. And Paul Francis told this woman that she is she is welcome and free to go to communion and I think this is gonna shake up a lot of Catholics in a very positive way. Absolutely. Hillary. I went in and I compared to -- in the -- and there was I can ask the lord. Independently I'm not and I felt like I was beginning and get the picture here at the -- Think that can't say yet it is so absolutely -- and I bought him and letting them. Eighty I'm glad to call the show and thanks for listening to WW well at night -- Francis tells. A divorced woman or woman marriage were divorced and remarried. That you can go to communion. Even after the priest in her and Parrish. Told she couldn't take communion until she's living in -- I think it's a great step forward for the Catholic Church. If you wanna join us with your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601870. Told -- 86688. -- nearly seven in a text numbers 87070. In a bunch a text to get two or more of your calls are next. Under the WL I say scheduled for 2014 is out we opened the season in Atlanta against the falcons September 7 are first pro game is -- against Minnesota in the Mercedes-Benz superdome September the 21. Do you like the schedule we've got to -- our website at WW dot com. -- from gentility Anthony welcome to the Schuylkill. Hello Anthony. I would check back infineon just a moment go to -- a date here on every WL. Geithner good. I hope I wanna -- real issue. The church them all of raised Catholic religion more allies went to Catholic high schools. Even -- college. Shall not always -- Bob. There's a few things in the cabbage or sugar did you finish you witnessed the the moment always bothered him -- -- Taught mr. hope that -- me that would. Normally people in America -- -- Ingesting lead most of that was four someone Warner do you join the -- that today that matter become -- But I had a -- -- someone who's grown man whose mother had grandchildren and she ended up getting matter though and acumen -- And you know it's great people decide to. Become a priest or -- Even if that's the case an annulment would suggest that it's wiped out and if it took place in the eyes of god god knows it happened. I totally agree and make sure that the moment is. -- the Joker. Who border as well and so now borne out of wedlock. Well and and having a sign and that marriage there was no way even considered prisoners and -- first of it was ridiculous because god knows it happened at table -- What would that. Say about him and called it a little and well I could never regret being married to my son's mom for for. I'm divorced has also you know I have two great children. -- for that -- and -- I want to quote. Bible verses to you're -- I know but it -- definitely. Hold sheltered more optional or wrong slower than children from. I don't. I don't like to believe that because it's not the Childress decision. I I totally agree it's I don't think that's why this whole issue always bothered him. I'm glad to callers showed -- Netflix listening to WL indict. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight should divorced Catholics are people married to a divorced person be able to receive communion. 88% say yes. And 12% -- saying now. And I got a text here trying to explain to me that I'm in the minority. Now line and only thinks or not according to this particular poll. If you're divorced and remarried and you didn't have your first -- original do you go to communion and you OK with that and if you haven't been going to communion now -- -- Francis has told this woman. Who is married to a divorced man and to get married in the church. She is she is free to take holy communion does this change your mind about going to communion. Are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text. Is a -- seventy we're coming right back I'd be up Pope Pope France's -- once again guys shocked the very in the Catholic world in the religious world by telling a woman who's married to a divorced and that it's okay for her to go to communion. After her priest refused to -- communion. From ended militarily you're on the Scotia on WL. A pleasure to talk to your questions your intelligence and thank you. Approachable. Issue Obama out reformers in completing our a woman. Receiving communion when I was a child my mother -- -- -- for different people. My fault it was a non Catholic my mother which. She's which consoles that she could not receive communion. -- That being married to a divorced mayor and seeing reports now actually my father went to World War II veteran had. And Kurdish -- air and water being very very sure outlaw. Basically when -- -- well. Let the -- world out there -- shot so appropriate sure no way should it receive communion watched. But that delivers -- sure there. And that marriage -- basically and cherished leverage our sister that marriage era -- there were low power couple. -- -- Certain person you worked before -- an. Object. So the only way Margaret Kirk received the shot actually got older let's because they were not sleeping in certain and not -- -- -- -- -- There -- got to get to a news break and I really appreciate you sharing a story Lewis and thanks for thanks for calling. But if the marriage was annulled the that would be in defiance of the Catholic. Doctrine right and so pulled Francis is telling a woman who's married or divorced man she was an -- and a church. You are free to go to holy communion will continue this conversation right after the news.