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Apr 23, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: Pope Francis has shaken the world of Catholics by telling a woman who is married to a divorced man that she is welcome to take communion! Should divorced Catholics, who have not had their previous marriages annulled, be invited to take communion? PLUS: Is this legislative session making Louisiana look moral or moronic? A bill that would prohibit employers from discriminating against gay employees has been pulled. An unconstitutional sodomy law remains on the books. And, a bill reducing penalties for pot possession was rejected. Geniuses or Idiots?

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A sync schedule is out for 2014. The saints opened this season in Atlanta against the falcons September the seventh that is a Sunday noon game. I like that the saints are gonna have to prepare for road game against the falcons as the opening game. The saints had so much trouble last year on the road and they have not always been a great road team. I think preparing for a road game is a season Oprah I think it's going to be every positive thing for the saints. I like the schedule and we get the full schedule on our website at WWL to account a one highlight is the saints play to prime time games in October. Four days apart. October the 26. In Green Day now and in New Orleans. And then October 30 at Carolina so at least it's not like a long cross country flights to be from New Orleans to. To Charlotte. But four days apart those games are and the saints have Beers and a number of prime time games we've got them the full story and a full schedule on our website. A deputy fuel to count a tonight we're talking about Georgia governor Nathan Deal -- Republican who signed a bill into law that will allow people to carry guns. Everywhere. Bars. Nightclubs schools government buildings. Everywhere you think that's a good idea. And also responding to a series of break -- in -- neighborhood the Ku Klux Klan is forming a neighborhood watch group in Pennsylvania. The traditionalist American nights of the kkk. Passing out flyers that read. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake and the -- says if you're having trouble in your neighborhood you can contact the 24 hour planned line. Is there anything that could possibly go wrong -- this this idea. You which you want the plan to be patrolling your neighborhood. Seems to me that they have somewhat of an agenda and I can't imagine that the -- Would treat every suspects the same -- I'm not in the client so I don't know firsthand but based on what I know about the -- and it does seem like they would be. A fair and balanced if you wanna join our surely wouldn't comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers it's every Saturday also Pope Francis has done it again caused -- lot of talk telling a woman who wrote him letters he actually called her. She was denied communion and her her local parish in Argentina. And -- Francis called her and said that even though the -- living in -- And she's married to a divorced man was not married in the church. That she is welcome to take communion. Should divorced Catholics. Or Catholics married to divorced people should they be allowed to take communion -- -- -- -- -- pretty -- opinion poll. Right down 90% say yes and 10% say no you can give us your opinion by. Going to our web site WW real dot com. Also tonight discuss blog is titled is Louisiana moral or moron. And this this is about a couple of the bills that I think. Taint the image of Louisiana. That have been dealt with in this legislative session still going on in Baton Rouge. You can readable launcher with -- it's on our website at WW dot com and we'll be talking about that are on the show. When you think about some of the deals that have been. Dealt -- earth summit in polls some have been projected but he picked up some of these bills. Do you think this makes the state because this news goes out everywhere. In the same way that we talk about things on this show that take place -- other state legislatures. Other talk show host and the news media cover stories about what happens in Louisiana. And Louisiana made national news this week when the legislature refused to pass a bill that would have removed the unconstitutional. Law. It bans sodomy. From our books. It's unconstitutional. That's not even disputed it's unconstitutional. And it's still on our books. So a lot of people were laughing at Louisiana because event. So it's always in a moral or moronic our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Texas a 77 -- culture just a moment a wanna share this sent text with you the text reads I haven't been baptized. But I by effort to site today. I -- shall consider the Catholic religion because of this new Pope he is the best thing that's happened to religion. In many years. And here is sent another text that reads it seems to me that this Pope is trying to remind us of the lessons that Jesus taught us. Those lessons -- that god for kids. And he understands that nobody is perfect if we seek God's forgiveness his love and strive to seek. His. Just jumped around for Dillon Texas in two and strive to seek his heart that she will truly be called. A child of god. Mark your techs are coming up from New Orleans stance you're on the Scotia -- WWL. -- you. Show your great format and appreciate it. -- talk about the decline and would be able to watch. And go your batteries are you there. That thing. I don't know you know that would be an interesting thing to what to look into. Because you know -- -- certain to be OK you know they would control. If they would base situation can be. Interpreted. Where -- -- well walked on you know role for. You don't think happened that. Could get up in the court equity at prep. -- It could happen now regret that. Decline could be saying -- you know we. Look at -- like. Popular improve our image. How can we go their way -- -- street protester. Made him look at trying to produce something. The work they wave back and productive. America is maybe the -- trying to percent. Kinder gentler image. I I just find it very hard to believe that anybody with the mentality of somebody -- in the client. And and every anybody's free to be a decline in your free to have that opinion your your free to have those views. But I just can't imagine somebody like that could convince anybody that they're going to be. Fair and objective when it comes to suspects in a neighbor. Yeah I mean yeah you're right -- -- right you know all the time inevitable look at that you know shoot the Democrats were socially you really got -- There are so. The capital guitar. -- of political and thanks for listening to -- showing night. From punch a tiller -- -- on WW real good evening grows. -- -- -- We have a radical mater and the thought. I think he's listening to -- -- -- the in this age who is saying well in -- itself. Judge which one were supposed to judge people. I agree this is this Pope to me so far has been amazing and I can only. -- can only envision that things are are gonna become even more amazing and the longer he. Rules as -- as pulpit and in order there's so many people were questioning this poll but when the Pope says something that they like in the past to sell the pope's infallible. -- hope whatever the Pope says goes now of people challenging this idiot can't have it both ways you can't say the Pope is infallible in one way. And then a new Pope comes along and says something and well I don't know the post let's say in the right thing. What a lot what are you believe -- lost so many people from the cat but church because they work. That would not move. In a row inmate also -- the church right now I don't. Think the Catholic Church should change. Too conveniently bring people back. To the congregation for monetary purposes but I don't however I think that the church needs to update some of its doctrine. Some of its its rules when it comes thing. And it's a manmade laws that you. You can't take your thoughts about the take communion if you're remarried and haven't had your first marriage annulled. High that people make mistakes. And not the real problem among mom and asked many years ago -- -- -- to be let it money. Did good and for the church and of course it would change are capable. Well I would've had the money to have an annulment when I had to force my son's mom after thirteen years. But I would I never even considered an annulment because they knew god knew the marriage took place and I had no regrets the marriage. It's it it didn't last past thirteen years it's still a sand. Thing that happened to in my life but he did it happen and you know without placing blame it happened. -- -- -- I just a moral -- I was so you know I was so thrilled with my son and I was so thrilled with our marriage that I would never regret that attitude to try to wipe it out on paper as I was just silly. Well if I may look at it incorrectly. But it will say as such an early he's bringing me back close at the church but I tried to live my life thanking. How would Jesus Christ react to keep walking near the net. Well think about how many times in the Bible Jesus shocked people. By siding with sinners. Of course. And ignorant. Of the bank. Now I didn't wanna comment how many ways can you say Iran. Well there's only one word ironic but there's a lot of crazy. You are you looking for. A political or a -- names. I'm just thinking about the state. I -- don't think our people know what the state has progressed over the last forty years and that the it's -- that. Worst problem that we. Well that that the city of New Orleans has changed a lot and the post-Katrina build up. Continues and there are a lot of new people coming to the city and the state a lot of new businesses coming here. But yet our legislature still acts like we're. A backward state they were living in some kind of political and social vacuum. And -- that does senator or whatever it was from my entry port. Bush says yeah -- city OK. If I'm real some of the things that that they say. The one thing was about the dogs. A lot of the dark you don't wanna see it get injured wanna eat a lot of the trucked in to someone else. And the laws. That got immediately it. No there actually a dozen their Louisiana arias is -- Louisiana's one of twelve states that still has sodomy laws on the books. But it it to be it's embarrassing because sodomy is not. Is not gay sex it refers to. Unnatural sex and who defines a natural sex and technically. Heterosexuals participate in the same thing that they -- criticizing homosexuals for participating in in terms of activity and there's no need to get more. I'm graphic -- that I -- all about it's all about right to privacy -- I enjoyed our conversation thanks solicit listing in the story several world. All right if your -- stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment -- on our -- numbers 26 -- -- one -- seventy. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. A text number is 87870. Here's a Texan Reid says marriage is supposed to be until death do you part. So I disagree with the Pope. But yet somewhere and all of this. People make mistakes. And people are fallible so you have a decision to make whether or not. You're gonna forgive people or hold them to the mistake that they made and I thought that if you held people to their sins that you were held to yours is there something in the Bible about that. I got a text here about the -- kkk doing a neighborhood watch group hello what about having hells angels -- security. We'll talk about that and more of your calls and text coming up next. I'm screwed it's a very comfortable Wednesday nights in April and we'll be right back on DaVita Q well this a story about a -- Francis -- telling a Catholic woman who is married to a divorced man it was not married in the church that she's free to go to holy communion. And this is going to be a huge. Story tomorrow throughout the media. I'm -- -- us on this Wednesday night we're talking about among other things the kkk and offering to form -- neighborhood watch group in. An area of Pennsylvania where there has been a series of break eons and then we're getting number of text about that here's a Texas as he stewed about the kkk. Kinda like hells angels providing security for your pop festival. And there were seven there was a motorcycle organization I don't know skewering gang. Motorcycle organization known as the galloping -- -- the galloping goose. The galloping must've been galloping -- Or something. The galloping -- And they were hired. This motorcycle. -- and called gang. Was hired to do security at celebration of life the big pop festival in them -- Louisiana. And the a point -- -- parish festival. As only the banks of the -- up like they were hired to do security. Well they were so many problems with them harassing people that they got fired. But I don't even know if they left right away and liberally it was a lot of turmoil there -- just think there's some of the problem with asking. The kkk to organize. And neighborhood watch group also we're talking about the state of Louisiana and things have gone on in the legislature during this legislative session which does continuing -- -- Do these actions by the legislature in these bills that are being considered. Does this -- Louisiana look moral or. Moron. Bush -- city representative for Jeff Thompson was one of those who disagreed with. Bill. Pants. Would require everybody to have their dogs. Secure. Restrained in some way in the back of a pickup truck. And he disagreed with him as saying that hunters in his area northern Louisiana. Have no choice but to use interstates when they go with their dogs. And I wonder if anybody else has called him on this because I don't think that's true. You don't have to use the interstates that you get from one place to another without going on the interstate. -- understate the convenience. And choice. And if you go on the interstate and you should have followed the rules and it just doesn't seem like it's that difficult to restrain your dog in the back and the potential of a dog jumping out of the back of -- A moving vehicle. And that the threat that that poses to other vehicles. As seems to me that that's something legitimate to talk about and any. Defensive having dogs loose in the back of a pickup truck. I don't I don't think gets. I don't think it's based on common sense if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. And a Texas 877. I'm more of your okay here's a tech series to galloping goose yet I don't know whether it was -- -- goose but it was aboard recycled gain organization in -- world as it was hired to do this. This was in 1971 hard to do the security at a celebration of life big music festival. On the banks of the chapel life. And it -- turned out to be not such a good idea on Delco a year and a VW good evening. -- -- -- -- -- They Meredith look -- the -- beer you know. And had been. Taught to -- two chapters. Twelve matter. Obviously it you know -- talk about applaud for -- whereas there are certain and it -- sort of punditry. Let me and -- incredibly him trio. AV CUW. You an opportunity. To be on church. Big Sam do you feel -- if you do. This is is -- -- Communion. To but it looked like repeat it and you could communion. You know it didn't. The -- educate the community munition. Good to. Me about me. Commuted you know but you -- tournament's number one. Put out about. Him you know woke. -- support these claims he talks about. Go to given opera quality she almost Celtics sample -- Adult -- -- this new Pope. You feel good to me freedom to make I mean like we're you know we don't trade sanction -- And even the crazy things. Even the right -- and you don't. Can make mistakes and do stupid dumb things so we -- -- And we. Know we need you to do all work now. Doubtful of him ultimately this UK take communion I don't think people -- orders for -- after her. -- -- -- -- Well she she did she tried to go to communion and that the priest in her local parish at the church refused to give her communion so she wrote the Pope when he called her and said. Hey you can go to communion it's okay. -- well out whether. That Ku band. You know -- These are eager to break apart the part. In Mexico yeah -- -- got under my belt of the macro commands and at that time county Utah will be located were completed. And cabinet backed candidate. -- -- Herbert -- did it ever concern you that he might jump out of the back. One time -- the country and himself. Yeah if you don't Pataki proud about -- and do this year. Well he might not have that choice. -- -- It will not to police. Policy. Or what do you know what if there was a blowout and a car next year that scared the dog -- a dog that would ordinarily jump out of the truck would jump out of the truck it if it was scared. What if what are your dogs all like this really cute will groom French Poodle just kind of strutting down the street. Well. -- You might double partner. Delta. Now you know it all out now to new trial Monday -- on the public record with a two weeks ago we -- Butler -- And I'll do it don't approach -- -- -- -- an adult. So it does happen. -- Delco I appreciate you calling and thank you for listening to WWL a ninety if you enjoyed this week your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. And a text number. There's a 77. Here's a text saying it's the galloping goose so that was -- name of the motorcycle group hells angels were higher for Mardi Gras one year they did a great job. I don't remember that you know they bring in a lot of different law enforcement and and hell's angels were used I think it would stock and hell's angels might also have been used. At two the Altamont. Rock concert with a Rolling Stones were somebody was stabbed to death while Mick Jagger on the stones. Were performing on stage here's a text discuss it just got just landed at the airport. Got in my -- to hear you say that a Catholic woman married to divorced man can receive communion I'm going through this now please explain. But this story. I saw this late today I did Angela show earlier today in congress really eager to get on the -- tonight to talk about their spoke Francis is really shaken up the Catholic world. By telling this says this woman who's married to a divorce man that she is -- welcome to take communion. And this is a big departure from Catholic teaching. -- she's from Argentina and and the Pope who is known to do this occasionally which I didn't know he sometimes actually calls people. She wrote him a letter saying that the depletion her local parish refuse to -- communion. And the -- in her parish told her that every time she went home. She was going back to living in sin because she -- -- to a previously divorced man. They've been together for nineteen years. And have two teenage two teenage daughters. And -- Francis called terror and said you are free to go to communion. -- the priest told her she was violating the church rules by taking communion. So I wonder if this priest gets a reprimand from I would think it's written up by the Pope. Mean -- -- get written up by HR. I wonder if he had actually is gonna get written up by the by the -- for forgiveness. He reportedly told -- that a divorcee who takes communion is not doing anything wrong. So if you have stayed away from communion because. You're divorced and remarried and didn't have your marginal. Is this something that you're gonna consider now doing. Going back to communion. And what's your reaction to -- Francis. To join Russia right with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy a Texas a 77. -- here's a text -- I think the Texas referring. To hells angels being higher for The Rolling Stones in the late sixties early seventies to provide security at Altamont. Music festival near San Francisco. Someone wanna -- extent yes. That was. That was quite a moment to -- the band didn't stop and there's actual video I think they were playing a gimme shelter. And won the popular stones song and somebody is actually stabbed to death. In the crowd close to the front of the stage now if if that happened at a concert today. If some young people went to a concert and somebody was killed at a concert. What do you think my generation. The establishment. Would be saying about a young generation today. Oh my god this generation ought to control they're telling people -- -- well. Our generation which part of generation. I've had people like that it. Stabbing somebody in a crowd. Late sixties early seventy's I forget which it was in this. This text doesn't know which it easy to but it was late for some reason I wanna say it was 1960 by I I could be wrong. Maybe was seven what does it matter late sixties early seventies. Somebody was stabbed -- -- Rolling Stones concert. Now I'm not saying that we should go well cable we did it's it's okay to do it today of course is allocated to. The what bothers me about my generation quite often. Is this idea that there's judgment of a young generation today. Without even recognizing. That we did kind of the same things when we were you know it doesn't make him right but let's not let's not judging young generation is if we didn't do these things. Because we did this stuff -- and we were wild and outrageous. And we did drugs and we drank underage. So let's not make it seem as if all while this young generation today they're doing things that we would have never done. And this is why I continue to refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because I don't always agree with my generation. Now here's a text a partnership with their dogs in kennels and -- the kennel down dog should not be loose in the back of the truck. Not safe not good. And yet. This representative from north Louisiana bush for city representative Jeff Thompson was one of the 34 lawmakers that voted against the bill saying that putters in his area. Have no choice but to use the interstates were going out -- dogs. And I have yet to have anybody correct me tell me that are wrong. I believe you can get ten point a from point a to point B without going on the interstate. Might not be as convenient but I believe you still can't. -- for battery Michael you're on the -- showing every WL. Eight -- and the but it taught what Bill Archer -- And the thought they were playing at the peak of the double and there and -- made it out there at that were happening at every every play that. Dumping trade but the audience couldn't figure out what -- -- -- great -- Have been very tumultuous time probably. You get out but what would that it was a it was a guy argued that the Pope Eric got. And -- it keeps it up arguably suspect you saw the video it makes it to you about their. And it bishop and I -- -- on and a security system apartment yeah obligation happening -- stat that's what happened. It was a horrific event that it -- character of the company. Again you know that's not good -- If something bad like that happened today it's not good but my generation tends to be very judgmental of young generations as if they're generation didn't do. Yeah the same kinds of things into the represented wild rebellious behavior which you know we we did. Circle me yet but a lot of the year the -- you would expect it -- -- but it is Iraq at the ballot. Makes it. So. But what torture tactic -- -- like but still some people -- so quick. Michael and logical -- thanks for listening to WWL. I hear is attacks. That. Says if the Pope is listening to the show. At all. I have to say the WWL radio signal is extremely strong if it reaches all the way to Rome. One no we understand that the Pope is actually listening on his here's his phone. And put Kabila if we don't our signal doesn't have to get -- you listen on line -- east I think the Pope has -- an app but WW lap cornerstone. This is the song apparently the stones are playing with somebody was stabbed in the crowd at that concert at Altamont California and in either until late sixties or early seventies. If you wanna join our show tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. -- having. In a text number is 87870. Cisco -- tonight is titled is Louisiana moral war -- And this is based on some of the stuff going on in the legislature you can read -- to share with others and finisher comments it's on our website at WW real dot com. This is the -- show and we'll be right back like for New Orleans under the WL I welcome back joy show here's. A text that read -- contrary to popular belief. The stones were playing under my thumb this song -- -- sympathy for the double when a -- was stabbed to death at the concert. And -- all kinds of rock history coming up on our show tonight. I here's a Texan Reid -- as a divorced Catholic this -- ruled directly affects you have you stayed away for communion. Meaning in my sailor from communion. If so are you going to start back and if you have tried to take communion as a divorced Catholic have you ever been denied communion. No I've never been denied communion. And apparently some people know what I look like I'm very open with my opinions on the -- And I do go to communion and I've never been. Denied communion. And I don't expect that to happen I'm not exactly sure how I would react. Should that happen. But I would also. Think that anybody who would judge me for taking communion need to take a look in the -- And investigate their own conscious. Because. You might not agree with everything the church agrees with you might think you do what you might not really agree with having the church -- -- The church for example doesn't support the death penalty. So. That might be ruled that you don't agree with but he still go to communion. If you're gonna join Russia right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas a 77 here's a quick update on our WW property -- opinion poll. Should I divorced Catholics or people married to a divorced person be able to receive communion. 89% say yes and 11% say no -- your opinion by going to W of google.com on the door short Tony you're on the -- -- good evening. Hey good teams do value goods and -- who. Little bit under the under my -- song let I think maybe it was a documentary that was entitled. Sympathy for the delegates to the outcome thanks. And then. I don't know what -- -- you know it just it just occurred to me that I believe that documentary was called gimme shelter. And -- somebody can correct me if I'm wrong. Okay interesting but anyway go. When I -- about. It is strictly from memory to things like this must have been in the mid mid to early seven. That there was a police strike in New -- around -- to a time. And there was this rumor. That they hells angels were coming to town. That you're -- remember that. I really honestly -- I don't have a memory of. Well but ultimately it would happen and I don't know that that the full details that it but the state police met the hell's angels. At the it was in Lake Charles at the border on site and and they turned them away and that was never came back -- -- -- didn't on the money. Well now. Yeah I -- -- exercising the hell's angels were -- No noting that they did not come -- would turn away at the border by the state police. Well that's a nice. What -- they probably had a reputation that they. Pass. The -- I I would what the hell's angels that do security any more than I want the -- to do neighborhood watch in my neighborhood yet there right Tony going to Colin thanks listening to WW -- -- from Indiana rich welcome to our show. Are getting screwed up. The moment and the Catholic Church is a bit it's a joke quite cut it got there we were -- Catholic. I -- -- and got married in the church about 44 years ago. I. Thought he -- The -- married well well there were from. Opposite sides of the track. The -- lasted about a year and change. Op within four months. He's got a letter in the mail saying beaten being bell got Eric had been -- Courts it hurt bad -- -- dead yet and I expect checkbook. That's a common story. It's it's it's a common story that money will make that process. Go a lot more smoothly richer and I'm I'm going to call. You have to investigate your own personal -- your own used to investigate your own soul you have to figure out what you wanna do. For me it's more about me and guiding and analysts are doubtful the church wants me to have this marriage annulled. I would -- always quite content to after. Being divorced I was quite content going to. A going to communion and died I still went to this day I'm considered just like everybody else and I'm I'm far from perfect. If you wanna join ushered item numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890878. And our text number is 87870. Here's a Texan Reid said the church is not -- I do what I think is best not what the church cents. I hear is. A -- reads another Mardi Gras or rumor. Slaton and sold out of ice picks I'm sure there are a lot of rumors and urban myths. -- -- -- Hi this is the skirt showing a beautiful Wednesday night's very comfortable outside we'll be right back and -- hero as you have a dog gets agreed -- to go walk your dog if you don't have a dog just -- Virginia have a dog and go walk around outside here's a Texan Reid says the kkk saw what happened to trade on -- And now they won an excuse to kill black people and get away with murder easily. And they're trying to restore at the national race war. Another thing we're talking about a man I was sort of at this early yesterday -- -- for Angela. -- responding to a series of break -- in our neighborhoods a kkk. Group in a Pennsylvania are forming a neighborhood watch group. You think the client should be a neighborhood watch group from Gulfport Nate -- WL. Yeah -- are -- initial appreciate it and and inspect McCall thinks the song. Mark Martin my first was our spam on -- on -- straight. You know it appeal. When people go to church state days. They go to command with each other on christianity and -- there were partners are Warner spear -- doubles. But. When you start take in the market and put that money into a corporate and stay claim. That they represent the same religion you're sit in the -- And taken and treated for your -- their morality their region and you don't have a clue where that money problems -- not and and and you're told wired goes and makes you feel good -- And you get our border were the negative side though. -- -- You know now we got bad news I don't break any religion should go to bed I am a -- -- blog entry sand. A lot of people actually you know we usually talk Bob -- great well. You're not convict the man. That was our first band and counterfeit money at a store. When the person that took the money from him had a opportunity to look at over. And -- -- it was acre no judge in this country would you pick the bar higher standard -- but able. Sit and hand their money. Toward corporations are people that they have never met. That's where does it strains spirituality. And these people want to every week and air light and all winners these. Just party and knows preached a world. Now a person. Has no vision has no influence on an alert that care free. How can you tell them they're not born trip ever hell would they believe him yes naked armed and Blackberry will legal people that are true man is better yet. I made I don't -- it. I've got to get to a net I've got to get to a news break I really appreciate you calling in thanks for listening to our show ignites this is Cisco show and we'll be back right after the news.