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Apr 23, 2014|

: Pope Francis has shaken the world of Catholics by telling a woman who is married to a divorced man that she is welcome to take communion! Should divorced Catholics, who have not had their previous marriages annulled, be invited to take communion?

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-- dynasty star Linda Robertson says since she was sexually abused him by a family member between the ages of seven and fourteen. As she wrote about that in her book the women of duck commander. Now she comes forward and says that six other members of her family. Are saying that they were sexually abused. I'm thinking this is supposed to be a good Christian family I mean I guess they change because what we -- a family business. Here's our daily to your pretty general opinion poll tonight. Pope Francis and shook up the Catholic and religious world again earlier today. When he called the woman she had written of the Pope letter. And she was complaining. Or she she was kind of in a dilemma she -- to know what to do because the of the local priest. Told that since she's married to a divorced man she's living in sin. And every time she goes home she's living in sent. And he refused to give her communion. She wrote -- Francis. And apparently he sometimes calls people only picked up the phone and called her. And told her that even though she's married to a to Forstmann and got married outside of the church. If she is welcome to except. Holy communion. Should get divorced Catholics. Or people married to a divorced person be able to receive communion. That's or Debbie WR project dropping people give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And we're talking about that on the show tonight a lot of people are divorced him premiere meet me. -- are not going to communion because they didn't have their racial marriage you know. I got an expert on an ailment. And I got so I got a couple of text saying it's about the sacrament of marriage and it doesn't it doesn't do anything and in terms of -- the kids. But -- but what the word annulment. Just kind of wipes out the marriage and -- -- personally that was not something that I ever considered. And I'm not suggesting anybody follow in my footsteps. But that's that's something that I. Ever considered after after being divorced. And I think that there's a suggestion that god doesn't know it happened if you have it annulled and god knows it happened and in. So -- totally regret something that. That happened in the eyes of god as one of the things are talking about -- if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- every text is a 778. And we also been talking about the Louisiana legislature and the scotus blog tonight is titled is Louisiana moral or. More ironic. And this is based on some of the actions of the state legislature. The state legislatures quite often define the mentality of -- state. And there have been some bills. That have been accepted there have been some bills that have been rejected. That some people seem to think make our state look rather ironic. The -- bloggers are turning our website at WW real dot com and yearly to agree or disagree you can read it -- others also. You can never give us your comments at the end of it here's a comment. And at the end of the vodka at W real dot com I live in Louisiana and I have been outraged daily. By hearing about all of the bills that pass or fail to pass. It further. On the ignorance bigotry and -- behavior. That this state is so well known for I am truly. Ashamed. To be part of this state. And there are other comments as well and you can even comment on the comments it's a WWL dot com for frank with him Hiram -- bureau and to -- -- you well. It does. First supplement. Pocket and -- him a while back it and from Portland. Page and she was stalemated. She used to work with here mentally and -- -- are part that's so. You tell -- that I do remember lesions there. To go about the -- paper -- Other than your own car so -- -- what I what I want and are now. It was a in underground. -- truck all the you're concerned -- the job. Now 00 yeah but it appears there's double reason why tie him down a -- Yeah yeah -- -- annual and I think he's very watcher. I can have a package. Circling my truck and he will sit there are so great men -- and look at that he would -- -- either -- But. I was in Seattle. Well technically. And go out there for a -- announced it and -- appropriate for court back in the red light there was sort of a -- the war on a corner. And it -- Boudreau has that about six were paltry. In my dog what is absolutely. You know he did not like that sheet and up for sure you don't come out of the bag that -- he was where you know when the light turned green -- -- -- quick just to go back into the truck. Saying. From that point -- I put at least. In general identities. It has -- -- -- at all you can even put a problem on edges the -- just in case is filed. Tyrant you know Doris you know animals if they admit people as well as animals does sometimes we react on our instincts and and and we don't think and you know -- and does jump out of a pickup truck in traffic. Out there danger that that poses to two other -- You you might try to miss the dog if the dog ate it lived. Yeah you might try to missed the dog and and hit somebody else and the killing somebody. Exactly how would think our problem is because -- and you know slit her whatever and it just a statement he has -- five result in extreme well turn it. It doesn't seem telling Warren. That one certain. You know that in. You know almost forty years old -- involved and an advertisement -- in the community about. Or five years ago. And that one instance are real. You know -- On a dog that that it makes its -- in -- war. And it's a whole different story that would think I'll direct it that it would include but in June 06 -- you know. Well. Also I would think it it it's just not asking that much I mean this is not like asking somebody to give up their first born. Restraining -- dog I have a truck and a pet carrier or restrain the -- some way that it just doesn't seem like it's that unreasonable request. -- about -- -- -- -- is fond of Lugar and inspect it. That the wind but it I've got belief short enough. Or all you can do is put his head over the sound of the and put his notebook and we embarked and its different -- you'll where every well you know. -- Mumbai -- to show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series said he Texas they 77 here's a -- reads. My ex wife -- on me and got pregnant with another man's child I divorced her so -- marry. Will my new -- the committing a sin. Well I'm obviously I can't speak for the Catholic Church so that's not for me to answer Brian -- on this crucial and to be WL. Do about comment on your -- and I went with more ironic because. You know popped it could get elected to be pretty experienced. Addressing issues and community of people there. And the fact that they with a politician at that -- office think crafted a proposal to make the Bible state booked as blue Obama. That it can't believe that means. You know at least for. My disappointment this Spain continue to grow but he politicians. I mean it's -- un delete and. And state politicians not only here in Louisiana but in every state across this great land state politicians are notorious. For crafting the legislation proposing legislation. That is not based on common sense. It's is not based on law and it quite often defies the constitution it's just simple ignorance. And what. Well it really is disappointing. Its people voted for clown -- the. Yeah I and that's and that's and when they get in office they try to respond to. The voters that put him in office by doing these stupid things so really you kinda have to look at the representatives as a reflection of the people who put him in office. And it's just. The attic and Brennan little on the. Logical to show thanks for listening. Also tonight we're talking about governor of Georgia Nathan Deal Republican. Signed a bill into law that allow gun owners to carry guns everywhere. -- -- clubs. Schools. Government buildings. Everywhere. You think that's a good idea. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601872. All free 866. 8890 point 78. 7870. What Pope Francis said today is going to be major major news saw all over the media it tomorrow. A divorced woman told by Paul Francis that she is welcome to go to holy communion she's married to a divorce I think she's divorced very to a divorce man they have two kids together have been together for nineteen years she was refuse communion. And the pope's -- she can go to holy communion. Does that change your mind about the church and communion and what do you think about the Pope also the sync schedule is up for 2014 we've got -- on our website at WW elder icon. And we'll be right back with more discussion should divorced Catholics or people married to a divorced person be able to receive communion what's the controversy -- -- Francis said. -- to this woman that even though she's married to a divorced man. I was told by her local priest he could not take communion he called her told her she is welcome to take holy communion. As a WWL party general opinion poll 89%. Say yes divorced Catholics and people married to a divorced -- divorced person should be allowed to receive communion. And only 11% say no they shouldn't give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com from New Orleans Janice -- -- WL. Yes how -- see me give you. Can't set said that the tournament say it again. My relationship is with god it's not but the power. It's not that the Catholic check. I would. That it Catholic I went to capitol. -- get a hit one time. They can't take communion. I ended up in the little box and talk to the man on the other -- I. And -- got a confession first. Ali keep me. And then they tell you. -- -- you can have a convenient I mean you can you can get to convenience but you've got to get take. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything we do -- he's. Hot. He no -- lines he knows not and if I did something that I think maybe doesn't make you happy and I am sorry. Guys. And keep it like it my best friend I've talked in the program that's -- constantly can't -- -- -- my mother taught. And I just hope that I'm not a day that Giuliani at -- and I'm -- that. God and I talked to him and I asked him to please meet my needs in my husband needs and to take care my husband. And I don't think that I have to belong to an organization. In the church and anything but. Personally I mean it was a nondenominational church. -- -- like the new deal like the new Pope. I don't know if you think about it and I don't like for instance. And he can get it to happen. Now it's my understanding that the way to the job is to get done. And you can thank him that you have that's the truth that Europeans and you'd have to believe that he died particulate. What what if nobody's ever taught that. That's an excellent question because. I don't think about the Bible said it but I don't believe that the Bible is public addiction. And according to what the Bible that's the way out. I hit the puppet making it up a little bit that he got a lot like I said I don't down to the power. I don't can't hit him I I don't like him on my life I don't let any organization in my life. I want my life and I -- my good and I try to be a good site I help people and I can't. I -- -- I need them I'm not like somebody buying it can be really can't let that. And felt they can only think of themselves they wouldn't pick out if you want to -- out. How he had some people would give anything to -- -- like -- got beat by a lot of. I -- it certainly has. Greek public money into that can -- say that you know. And that's in the colony within itself on me and I if I can help somebody that you have to say that the somebody I get it and and sometimes -- -- -- too much. And then that got me you know I think I'm not too sure about the time that I -- that I can get educated that everybody in the relationship with god. And repeated. And -- you know the Pope is someday -- and the challenges that it's an organization. Janice I'm I'm pledge occult specialist -- I like -- Francis I think he used on some really an amazing things in one. The thirteen months that he has now been Pope. And -- by the way god knows what you're gonna do before you do it if you if you believe the Bible somewhere in the -- I think somewhere around the 130s. There's something in there about to god knows exactly what you gonna do before you do it here's a Texas based high school daughter nursing gig in Apache county ballot in Apache country. Zelda the southwest. Is it wrong for me to be proud to be from New Orleans. But not so much regarding Louisiana. Enjoy listening. As usual you -- a citizen Texas tech's number is 87 B 870 and from Guerrero might cure now on the -- show good evening Mike. Do right now I'm good sort of focal Novo. Oh another. I'm here. Because it will these columns -- -- On the picnic now and get involved in every area and one welcoming. Equities. -- -- -- Never -- me a lot. People in the movie it went quite popular the when it was not possible but you -- the when -- -- the example. Obama and you took -- from Obama about -- -- broker. You know. Involvement though because. -- -- quite open yet it. Good movies where. One lucky. You can. -- -- -- of the book is loud and none of it pick it. Yeah that would. And it is people know about -- -- what -- all back in the what would quite it would be. Very well yeah. Mike I think that's a really important point you have to try to understand the Bible in the context of the social and political times in which it was written. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gave mode in command -- all. About credit they had the enemy and well well written up. My outlook in the man it was looked at what -- -- them -- you're wrong. And I don't not simple but if you look. Not but again certain that it certainly on the back that up -- -- oh. Yeah if you and if you you can probably figure out how all of them fit into that the ten commandments in one way or another. The damage and it won't make it very happy no matter and if people want Chris -- with them but these are that would be good. My outfit called back then we'll move on because you know you you people. Well and you know we were we were all reminded dim view if you went to church. On Palm Sunday in mind and Good Friday we were all reminded. That it was that it's the congregation that says crucify him crucify him. And there are. I think there are people today who think that they would instantly recognize Christ but yet they're sitting in a congregation. As part of the of the group that said. Crucify him. I and and that's the way it was there were a lot of people who didn't recognize price for for really what Mike I enjoyed our conversation and I'm glad you listen to WWL. At night. The -- 2014 schedule is out -- we open up against Atlanta in Atlanta. We have five primetime games two home games Sunday and Monday night against Green Bay and Baltimore. Three away games Sunday Monday and Thursday nights in Dallas. Carolina. And Chicago. So previous schedule is that a good when hasn't toughened how many engine that we're gonna yet. I love this sketch and highlight that the saints have to prepare for the first game of the season to season opener. A road game. That might make them a little tougher on the road this season I'd Nate here on this crucial under the WL. Eight spirit that particular call your like the replied that a guy who exit it was a shame. For me to vote for quote unquote a call old. What sport the bill to make the Bible -- official book of the state. All. Like that guy he's ever read the entire Bible I'm mark 48 years old not bragging. But I read the Bible -- covered cover. And that's -- from Iraq. Solid commitment to did not look what you want to do on a basis and be in this culture. Is. Completely pay award got in if you study history. For -- lip of and you'll find that this Cotchery. Is big boy in the word of god the Bible so what you really Beijing is steady beat com. Are being the evil in war that. Someone made the Bible -- official state book that spoke to be. Oh. I just can't understand that may be may I would like to answer any questions because you seem to be on his side. I am like oh -- I don't think -- the the state I don't think any state shared should sanction the Bible as an official booked on the state of Alabama. Has an official state Bible. And as the Bible that was used to square area and I Jefferson Davis as the president of the confederate states. And 1861 or whenever that whenever it happen remember -- next year they have an official state Bible. But to have an official state book as the Bible is is it or what is it is it. It's and it's a government endorsement of christianity. It's a government and every one of our forefathers endorsed. They endorse Jesus Christ if you don't know. Haven't read they're well. Why can't we endorsement how can. An endorsement that no fly our well we can't endorse a creator created the power in the pelican. Out to be honest with -- I think a lot of the official states designations are are meaningless. That's because you believe it overpowering federal government. It's not it's not that's not what you well know the state is part of the United States. A state is a part of the United States to a certain limitation of course it's called the -- amendment. And whatever. Donate you and I are gonna disagree I'm I'm glad -- the bill didn't make it through I think it's it's ludicrous and ended -- making the Bible the official state book is not going to change anything. In terms of religion in this -- No it's not what it will do its every person that disagree -- what it they'll have to answer to that god of the Bible. And that's whether the goal is the that's it that's your opinion whether the book is the state book or not. It's an opinion either -- -- can't go higher order book Bible is true because think. You know location on me going. I mean we can -- the Bible -- it's just continues here one quote it's short on 1717. You could read and write letters. -- been true high water huge tourist who wrote that in the Bible. It's a girl who wrote the Bible. I used -- over. Lot here -- -- and it doesn't answer the question okwu Bible who actually wrote a pot well OK. Okay that the. Make a good luck with your life I appreciate you calling her show me -- certainly entitled to your opinion are gonna change your mind. I appreciate that you know and when people like -- saved it that everything in this country is based on the word of god. It could be. That the work of god. Is congruent. With everything that should be part of the civilized society. I don't know that our forefathers. Accepted Jesus Christ in the way that some Christians except Jesus Christ. I know that this country was started I guess this is up for interpretation. I guess this country was started in my opinion. By people who came here seeking. Freedom from persecution. Now they may have been Christians. But their goal wasn't to set up a Christian nation from what I remember history it was more about setting up a country. Where people could be free to exercise. Their religion. That -- supersedes. Christianity. And I find it interesting that the Bible is not solely Christian and yet. Christians of the points to promote the Bible and freaked out if the Bible is an except it. Jews don't. Worry about that so much in other religions don't worry about debt. So much. I would never tell you what to believe in your personal life believe what you -- believe. But be reasonable enough to understand. That men. Wrote the -- Guided by god. Man wrote the Bible. And the Bible wasn't written while Christ was a life. The Bible was written many years after Christ died and these stories were were passed a -- -- from Covington frank here on the VW well. -- go to the cards right. And it's actually an important group. Truly committed. That type of guy he's or too slow to -- that currently. Are. -- -- -- They used to edit and then we. People can take the Bible in DC so case from from the first person to emerge spend a lot. So okay religious fanatics that are not stupid and that's their problem and we didn't eat it wanted -- problem you know. Now he can. Crack it -- you know and so. Well I doubt that and he's entitled to his opinion and his beliefs by. I had to think that everything has to be exactly the way he thinks I am I thinking may be surprised at the end of his life it's just my yeah my feeling. You think you didn't guard with power to just part of being a jerk but I know you can't do that which you wouldn't just. And I -- a village called. I'm from Pascagoula Wayne your Honda VW well. -- -- -- -- -- Just recently with the pro LaMont was -- Preparers -- we. And you know it amazes me how -- he did all out and I complex so. The -- never -- and law ought to make the Bible. People. The Bible. In the apple told the like quarter could be useful in that particular well. Well what they would try to -- at -- by. But that no -- they were declaring it a state book now I know that they're talking about a specific Bible you're right about that so in some ways it's similar to what happened in the state of Alabama. If they had word of the legislation to. Declare an official state Bible that would be different and declaring this Bible an official state book. Is it hard for me to believe that this is what our heartbeat -- -- -- It shouldn't day. But anyway that that that Pollard said about that can be detected. On the Robertson -- all all all on the girl that that was. Well no -- global network why. You know I don't have the family tree in front -- -- event -- dynasty I believe it's probably it's one of the lights Lisa Robertson morneau one of the wives. What benefit happened between seven and fourteen. She wanted to have bought the Robertson's. Children are particularly well that's happened -- corporate. And her family members -- well that's that's a good point. And she has six other six other family members have come forward to say that general Elena when she says six other family members that would be interesting to note is she talking about her family or is she talking about Don -- front. Cockpit recorder now -- -- find out what really the duplicate from seven to fourteen sure -- married. You know that's that's right. I appreciate you calling thanks was -- I wonder should -- she refers to the family I got the impression she was referring to the -- dynasty family. But maybe not I would like to find out about it. I hear is attacks -- the breeds and I don't think Nate understands separation of church and state but some people don't. And and I. I I think there's also some wisdom in understanding that. The word of god it. The ten commandments. Our basic rules for -- civilized society. So any civilized society would have the same rules. If if if you took the ten commandments. And went to. Japan. You would find a lot of of of what the Japanese people respect. You would find that in the ten commandments. It's not that they there's societies based on the ten commandments are based on the word of our god. But it is that the word of god is congruent with the things that we following a civil society. If you wanna join our show without you comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And our checks Amber's late 77 here's a -- agrees it was amended the bill was amended to declare all bibles as the state book. And then that's something that's not necessary. I love the Bible but it it shouldn't be declared a state book. Scott blog tonight is titled is Louisiana moral or moronic and we're gonna talk more about that when we come back if you wanna read the blog it's on our website at WW real dot com and give us your comments. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll should divorced Catholics of people married to a divorced person -- -- able to receive communion. 87% say yes 13% say no give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com we are thrilled to have Angela -- part of our radio family here at WW -- she's got some interesting and great stuff coming up on her show tomorrow. High at 1 o'clock shall talk about whether or not mayor Mitch Landrieu and new Orleans police chief Ronald surpassed. I'd get power to hire fire promote the -- And set -- should they have that power. Also shall talk about. -- successfully co parent after divorce. And for everybody who's involved in divorce with tickets please listen to show because this is really vital vital information. And it's really about doing what's best for the kids. And then at 3 o'clock Angeles open book is -- going to be with an entrepreneur or who took a simple step and turned it into a successful worldwide business. It's 45 years later. This person took traditional jazz classes and more fit into dancing for fitness and fun. -- size is now. How's the world and America and -- around the world. There are 32000. Classes that are -- weekly. Don't miss inspiring story with Angela she goes one on one with the CEO and founder. On Angela an open mind here into the if you well. Offer rhetoric Choi welcome to the scoots you know. I can tell. -- what. Trying to agree -- -- in the fact that. No state should be endorsing any religious document. And spiritual it. -- There are our state country in the world that aren't -- basically at least you have or. Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia. And we can all agree he's not the land treat anyway. I am glad you brought that up because it's really interesting that in theory. People in this country generally oppose. Religious. Oriented governments they want secular governments when it comes to. Governments of other countries but when it comes to this country they don't want a secular government I think even when it comes to. The same sex marriage issue which is to me is a lot bigger than same sex marriage it's asking the government to. A pass laws that deal with moral values. -- I would agree that it's like your interpretation of what is moral. While -- but that's that's always going to be up for interpretation and I would suggest that we're. We're all sinners you know I didn't mean to -- sorted to that discussion but. When it comes to many issues -- is an attempt and I think the the deal that would have declared. The Bible. The state book of Louisiana. There are attempts to. Have the government supports. Christianity. And in theory. I think that's wrong. Mean I would agree. To the nation that there are out Asia but certainly we at -- -- -- -- I think year you know he were we were -- by for Christian. The Spanish French English and all day war predominantly Christian. It's what I paid they were they I agree with that but I don't think the mission was to form a Christian nation it's always been my eye candy it was it was to form. A nation that was are gonna allow. Freedom from persecution when it came to religious beliefs regardless of of religion. Just call -- the bill I mean I mean I just didn't like. Where he would go -- which. You know I agree with you that the Bible was written by it and collect the story. That I mean you know same argument can be it for the tore. Between argument can be made birdie on a lot and you know they're all all. -- supporters. Awed anymore correct or that anymore wrong then that support them. Troy it's it's it's really an interesting debate I appreciate you calling the show. If you're on -- stay with us I'm -- -- -- right back with them more of your calls and I've got him more text to get to. And I hear is attacks that breeds. Die a word is truth Jesus -- believe the Bible is true or believe Jesus lies and that is from Nate the coloring or just a few moments ago. If you wanna join our short right on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Tex is a 7817. Will be right back under the WL heavy actions of the state legislature so far made Louisiana look moral or more ironic more on that coming up in the next hour. For Amanda's Bill Allen you're on the -- showed good evening. And I. And there. Nomination. Outward where. Are. That -- Bible. Our guys. -- Old guys are if you are Catholic. No law review at guard and honestly I don't know what bundling them home -- part of allergic. Thought I don't. Arching. -- loss in. Banking giant hand check -- the charge. Could. It -- OK. My Bible then it grew. -- area and calm the whole war thing here. In art and English. And emerging. China and an average. Life at. And the proxy -- -- And Edward -- -- -- and we've made. Okay. -- half hour. Ago. They're way out. All Bible. Throw a ball. Now. Even among them. Though there are a lot of a lot of a lot of -- -- -- Al -- -- gonna have to get a break here real soon but I appreciate you calling are showing and and thanks for your insight. -- the sync schedule is out the saints open the season on the road against the falcons in Atlanta September the seventh. Noon kickoff Tommy talk talk about that and a lot more tomorrow morning and WL. For Texas -- got time for real fast comment for a -- to news. American divorcee she's got it back at 47 on the child that marriage. And our other note but slightly more talks about the status -- -- Know that my mom you know that now we're mechanized. I got divorced. And they talked about who want to know everything else is usually see you all about -- in the soccer hall watched sizes of the -- And -- -- -- -- as the ex communicate me. They thought they can that you. Powered I've got to get Tuesday's break -- I'm -- -- I'm glad you called the show we're coming right back with more of your calls if -- -- stay with us. I'm -- live from New Orleans on Wednesday night's.