WWL>Topics>>04-23 11pm Scoot, Catholic Communion and divorced people

04-23 11pm Scoot, Catholic Communion and divorced people

Apr 24, 2014|

Should the Catholic Church allow divorced people to accept communion and/or how do you feel about Pope Francis wanting to step up annulment proceedures?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a very he's very comfortable. April evening in. Well Wednesday evening in April I guess that's the best -- is it really fairly comfortable outside. It looks as if the weather's going to be great for the first weekend of Jazz Fest. And you can win tickets by listening to Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning at 840 and garlic tomorrow afternoon at 1240. 840 with Tommy Tucker 1240 with Garland Robinette be listening for your chance to call into WWL. And we tickets to. Jazz Fest here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight should divorced Catholics are people married to a divorced person be able to receive communion. Give -- your opinion by going to WW real dot com this will be a huge story tomorrow on much talked about story a Pope Francis. And has told a woman who was told that she's living in sin by her local priest. That she was welcome to take holy communion. Even though she's married to a divorced man. And was married in a civil ceremony outside of the church she wrote Pope Francis a letter. Andy actually called her on the phone which -- I've read that he occasionally Dutch. The woman was told by her priest that every time she went home she was going back to living in sand. She's been married to this guy for nineteen years and has two daughters. And -- Francis apparently told the woman that living in sin. With a divorced man. It does not mean that you should not take communion. You like Pope Francis. And does this change your mind about communion. If you wanna join our show with a comment tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- said he Texas State 78 -- Also we're talking about Louisiana does the legislature make the state look moral or. More chronic and we'll talk more about that in just a moment. Also tonight we've been talking about a kkk group. It is responding to a series of break into your neighborhood in Pennsylvania. And they're forming neighborhood watch group. They're sending out flyers that read you can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is -- And the client is asking that if you have trouble in your neighborhood you can call the 24 hour -- line. And the do the imperial wizard of the planet president of this this chapter frank our Kona. Said the kkk neighborhood watch group is just like any other neighborhood program. It's not targeting any specific ethnicity. We will we would report anything we -- to law enforcement we don't hate people we're organization who looks out for our race. We believe in racial separation god created each species. After its kind and saw that was good it. Well. I could be mistaken because I don't have the the biological. Nomenclature of the animal kingdom and funding. But would all all people black white whatever would we all be part of the same species. Anderson a grand Mr. President the -- said that the Klan has just been misunderstood for years. I would think that any group that has. The motivation. And the agenda of the -- I don't think that they should be doing a neighborhood watch group and you know I was kind of thinking about the issue you know how young generations try to change things. I wonder if there are young -- Klan guys -- and girls she'd be younger generations are getting in the client. Our market that try to set up their own fashion you know in my get away from the the white sheets. You know me back in the sixties where they're tied ice sheets the -- Our young maybe they would -- get into something a little bit different than Justin and I you know every and generation likes to rebel I wonder if that's the case with the -- Opera -- would Stefan -- on WWL. Doctor. Thanks. The -- -- activity. Oh separation of church and state bank and a they're preparing to thank -- in a bureau or go and there. But. Cannot thank like -- before oh well. It out of the country on our merchant police. I really do believe that it was meant to stay that way and think that separation -- comes and you're free to practice what you want -- -- go to Bali law so. But I don't really see on it and the state actually. Kicking and religion. Are really hurting everywhere it it's occurred foundational beliefs there. I don't really see where a problem comment which leads -- -- Well what christianity but there. Well liked it that was actually the religion that was picked up on the -- Our data on it will they work they were let's say they were Christians but did they come here to start a Christian nation or did they come here to started nation where you're free from religious persecution. Well you well. Talk about two different thank you have -- The first people back here to a number united -- or North America that they war. They want on our outlook on the follows the people start at the United States of America and that is where christianity Bible really. Took off and end. I don't but we're but it was always my interpretation then it's. Did more important than any thing one is the idea of being free for malicious persecution. Which would have invited anybody to have any religious beliefs that in this country. -- and and it still. That's still -- you know. There's some not disagreeing that's that's true but you can -- so. A basis for your. The religious belief for your archery. That -- an early you know much more -- thank. The minority getting what they want and a majority. In -- you know a country that is. The most are first generation. There's not stopping anyone other religion from practicing that. You know he's saying. Our author and school or collapsed in your problem you know shot it at this those are the that would you know equally which. -- just say the majority. To go. But I don't know Stefan I mean I think there's great precedent in this country with the bill of rights and individuals have rights and majority. Doesn't rule in this country when it comes to violation of individual rights. Do the majority can't get together and pass a law. That's declared unconstitutional and I think that's one of the big battles with with same sex marriage. There was a time in this country when the majority would've ruled the blacks should not be given equal rights and even if the majority felt that way. The constitution allows individuals to to have rights. So even though we have maybe a majority of of Christians it doesn't mean that our state theoretically should endorse christianity. Four which side and it did you know on players got to go back to. That's more than one. They are our protect your docket for our -- a bit different but it which kind of seem like they were actually shutting out. Took a -- occur in Concord and like citadel bank it was ever attention to. Persecute someone -- or not. Incorrect and or you know you want to practice now and it was and within the law that you are arming people. You know that that you -- pure. I elect and I can understand that that that point of view but I I also think it's important to realize that that what's in the Bible. Is something that goes along with any civilized nation. So we could argue that this nation was based on the word of god. Or break it all at the argument could also be made that. The word of god as its interpreted by people is -- is something that surely part of any civilized organ or Italy which. You're -- you're looking at. You know what the civilized nations China's Communist to get people and kids sweatshops working or they'll make. You know our shoes that -- -- I. Think you could say a lot but you communism obviously. But not very. Like well -- -- I was like that we don't hurt our patient trying to inviting the other side. Let's let's talk about let's talk about Japan but let's talk about people in Japan and and civil society in Japan and the error. Word may not be the word of god did we understand in this country but yet there are things in there. Society that reflect the ten commandments and what our Bible. Wearing a Mets and that's great may not I happened to be first and not believe that that is. You want religion but I do believe that people. Different religious believes are condemned it -- steps other glory epic. -- your results. You know occur we have morals from barks at. Like you said you'd at least think -- huddle do you think you are are people who were not raised Christian you think they're condemned. -- can I think they're advocates like they weren't taught. You're good person your current urgent topic did you listen to your conscience and it's not. You know been completely. Mets opened like a -- thank -- -- most people of conscience that you folic not should be a good first and but it got. Note that. Whether you're great Jewish you know Muslim or. But I do believe in a Smart thing as a person you know when when it comes back to her. As she's gone to establish a one religion Herbert won so don't these are cities that though. Well there's this Jews of Israel came back in areas that we were at the millennium the thousand years -- -- was RA arbor so little. These discussions anymore but by it's. You know christianity. She doesn't mean we want anything to anyone -- just you know it's. Archery and brought -- personality. And there's something about don't like to participate this this up. You know where a Muslim units -- and you Julia -- and a. I I understand -- I would basically agree with that seven I'm glad -- called -- show and I -- realistic here's a text that reads the majority can't control the government and create laws that are unconstitutional. The government gets their power from the majority. And we can make laws as we see fit. What is congress. If we don't give -- power a bunch of men in suits with a lot of money. Doesn't it frighten you that some people don't understand civics. The majority. Cannot create laws. That are unconstitutional. Because the Supreme Court interprets those rules. And declares -- -- constitutional. So it's wrong to -- to the majority. Can create paused it. Are discriminatory. And -- that's one of the things it just really bothers me about this legislative session. Louisiana and made national news this week. Win a law a bill. It would become law would have removed from the books. The sodomy law. Which is unconstitutional. States passed laws making sodomy. Which is defined as a natural sex. And constitute a illegal. And the Supreme Court in 2003 the case was Lawrence vs state of Texas ruled that any laws banning sodomy -- aren't constitutional so. The majority and it doesn't make those decisions are from New Orleans Danny -- WL. And me and -- a bit and it. Keep an idea of the -- where tensions. -- ball coach is in trouble and freedom from. Religion. Yeah I heard about that story are I just I just saw the headlines I haven't gotten into their ideas so I'm not to a totally familiar with the story. Yeah he just he's been -- blatant. The church you don't bring him into the church -- thing -- could have what you -- -- control and out. You know your agent mark and I just want to albeit in an ideal. Now I looked into that in May be -- talk about that tomorrow night -- if I'm not familiar with -- story you don't get to it too are too deeply into it but I did I did see that there was some controversy with the Clinton. Danny I'm I'm glad -- -- thanks for listening from Biloxi Felix year on WWL. In I was on about. That being with. -- rather try to make it the state -- A distinctive state like the each candidate with so many problems. That cartilage -- -- -- should have been in news. That they they do have other things to do the question is will they do those things and and and what's the motivation regularly and we talked about this when this bill was first introduced today it was rejected -- I think that's twice by the legislature but the idea that. A bill that would make the Bible the official state book of Louisiana the idea that this came from an elected official I think is somewhat of an embarrassment. And I don't understand the motivation because it cannot be. It it it it cannot be believe that this is gonna somehow make people more religious. It. Work that there is a good thing anyway I know I. Don't think it's a good thing but it bit. The motivation is it's a subtle way to. Force. A christianity and there are some people who were very very dedicated to forcing christianity. And yeah I'm a Christian I'm a Catholic I've. I don't think I forced my relation we have an open discussion on the show about a lot of different things and I'm open about my religion but. I'm I'm very tolerant of other religions and it just forcing this issue of the of the Bible being the state book was it to me. A way of a pushing christianity of kind of forcing christianity on people. Pandering for votes that's a lot of religious people in this state. But -- but those religious people need to be Smart enough to realize that. What they're asking the state to do is it is a dangerous precedent. -- and it's a terrible idea terrible it is that is teaching creationism in science data on science budget that. That's not -- and -- it. A Little League either her or her children's -- -- quote got that going on there. A Felix a political show and thanks hosting on the Gulf Coast tonight. If you wanna join -- show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. XX number is 87870. Here's an update on our -- if you -- -- general opinion poll tonight should divorced Catholics are people married to a divorced person be able to receive holy communion. 82%. Say yes. Only 18% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot com. Discussion of coming right back and behavioral another story it's gonna be big guy on the news channels senate tomorrow and on talk radio said Georgia governor Nathan Deal Republican signed a bill into law. That allows people to carry guns everywhere you're -- you can bring a gun into a bar and nightclub the school. Government building everywhere do you think that is. A good idea a from Mississippi Terry you're on WW -- good evening. Period. Black strongly disagree was certainly your interpretation. Separation of church. Greatness would -- mistakes schools. School workers or -- clear settlement. Called the straight to -- You know remained poised to turn out to be pretty I think it would what was -- in order to hurt you or -- school in your private private schools -- all of us. -- predominately Catholic. Predominantly have. -- viewed them problems. I know what went to scribble. Sale pledge of allegiance to look like your morning in the in the -- used -- all morning prayer in the you know what you know what. A bunch of school. Nobody years ago does schoolteachers they're not one problem. Did he go more -- You know and so being in the -- these people -- old. Jokes you know prayers. Lately it's his -- You know in so challenge to school. Teachers and I have a lot of praise or teachers or they're not one problem. Discipline in the question question okay so -- -- -- Maybe we hear anything your battle while back it was going pretty good. And we'll try to get around legal you know the -- separation of church street the government took go screw. And -- -- a prime example. What the government does -- -- personal and government problem in the weeks ago actually it is. -- -- -- -- -- receiver open stances on court. Terry I understand this a -- this -- making. There there are certainly problems in our schools I've I've talked about this before -- the blog about it. There was a lot going on in this country before or during Andrews shortly after the Supreme Court ruled that schools can not lead prayers. I personally don't believe that that was the the flash point in time to cause change there was a lot of stuff going on in this country at the time that. Indicated that our society was going through some some major changes. And I also don't believe that if you put. Prayer in schools I don't think that's gonna change the people who are gonna commit these crimes anyway I realize it is easy to draw this conclusion that. Well -- these things are happening now and we don't have prayer. Then if we had prayer these things would go away. It means something. You know efforts to share. Well. -- that schools Asia development Koreans could. Speak -- -- produces about senator. You know he talked about you know you can have a -- You can towards separation of church state in Vietnam when your currencies -- and our trucks. -- -- -- -- -- There's so you know belief in separation of church and state records -- the support shouldn't. The statement of the church what to do -- they'll tell people what to do news talk about the Supreme Court. Or public relations the Supreme Court vehicle in -- -- Indians as the biggest control. Of the Supreme Court. They changed the being in poor decisions. Well I would -- I would agree with that I am just not in favor of using the government to. Two in force. -- pass laws that enforce. Specific moral beliefs. How outrage -- there but I'll aren't -- 100% -- but I I do not agree with the governments -- at a high school football game. The UK go adult here as a rebel oh here or what religion is -- -- -- -- -- incredible global public. Sidewalks while harming people and so what we got people should schools public use it well columnist who's here on the -- -- -- street. All the -- Really -- by workers Greenland are hurt somebody. Well I totally agree with you -- I don't think people should be offended by prayers I don't think people should be offended by Christian. A symbols in public but when I say that I also don't think that those things are going to change people. Who are already evil who are already bad I don't think those things are gonna suddenly make the world a better place it really comes down to individuals. And more about what's taught in the home. Not what's taught at school and quite often people look to the school to raise their children. We you know what your 1000% right -- 1000%. Right. Which you know we -- six education be -- my home for long term it's really got a pretty good shape it -- Got more teenage pregnancies -- never I mean. Now actually teenage pregnancies are are down. Abortion. No I'm not you know not to I don't know teenage pregnancy is is to -- Are you put the statement it is so I mean he people you'll meet people it may be or perhaps are -- -- -- 2000. In sport this is 2014 Arab world the other. HEX and bullied so Mike -- she'd drink about corruption would be great Britain's got great. 2014. I mean they're seniors -- is feisty Peter. -- -- He did it Kyoto University education. Abated quite used to take six education's school teacher or they don't you know that. But that's -- that should but should that be the school's responsibility. I'm -- -- should be very tight is the pure stroke which is batteries are being students at the school. Can pass out condoms. It's cool indicate that you careers they can take you down and have an abortion and not give your parents. We begin an -- you have to beat -- and helpful. Think ENT six educations who -- Well I don't agree with some of the things that you you talked about even knows some of that is reality I don't think that passing out condoms in school is. It is gonna cause people to have sex. Hopefully it took prevents as some people from getting pregnant or ordered -- -- TDs but. You know I mean it's not that hard to get a content if if if you if you need a -- you should be responsible enough not look at the school to get it. All of this all of this comes down to personal responsibility. It -- curious. Bet that and I'll agree 100% which -- -- -- the praise that stay home health care Ernie is not one saint. Was to combat guilt and that woman got up there -- about it. All. -- not get pregnant when. You remember there. I'm not sure we -- -- it was a woman appears in birth control should be read a week. Data out there shouldn't latent in about our problems and are so you know but -- do -- do -- but -- -- And I'll I'll call everybody argues that everybody should be able get a -- But network Koreans are in no -- -- the same -- from me. You ever buys responsibility of -- board -- council. Quite able to grade makes you know ready you know that -- -- you rate -- -- -- urged. Terry and I I I I agree with much of what you're saying it's very complicated problem there it's. It. Has been building for for decades and we are where we are now. I think the -- lowest common denominator of what's wrong with this country is the lack. Of teaching personal responsibility. Always somebody -- to somebody gets pregnant it's because of a music video is because of TV it's because of loose morals and sit com. It's about the person it's about her -- cigarette. Terry I've got to move on I enjoyed our conversation thanks for listing. I'll get to a more of your text here in just a moment from a railroad Tory Euro on the -- -- -- WL. Chase who thanks to cannot call so compelled to call -- And I think the misconception. That we there are. Thing normal ordained minister. And in the Baptist Church. Wrong but I would -- being sued in America. Will now surrounded -- -- Christian nation. -- think it's very important. -- that's my interpretation of history it was more about where yeah. But it is more about escaping. Any kind of religious persecution. -- but it wouldn't that America was not charmed and as a Christian nation. And I would much where as a minister. I would much rather -- home and a willing and open. In some future shuts down I'm -- Because then it's not going to yield the results are agreed with something you suitors earlier which was -- So that's something along the lines. If you if you if you try and Aaron -- it's not gonna make them. More religious should put up applause every now and then and it's not going to be answered so call crime -- everything. Actually there we are in the change short easy answers. A literary I totally government are -- I wouldn't be wouldn't it be nice if just putting up the ten commandments. On public property would be nice if that would change the world. I mean if that was -- was beaten in the army we go to working. Does that that that answers -- the like new widgets chairing with the last -- It's not -- players -- know members who -- not will that be chart out and their parents are parting with their kids. Exactly far and if you don't teach your kids at home. Then a prayer in school is not gonna change then it hit I don't wouldn't look -- to -- -- super. But it's it's gonna -- quite worked its gonna require works from church. Another -- works from terrorists struck the -- work from the community we ought to bodies. And the only one accord but we wanna say well let's just make the Bible. That's eight. Of Louisiana like that's gonna that we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the there and do. In the -- symbolic. Understand that and it. -- murderer -- one of the problems is if something like that happens people are going to have that sigh of relief. And they're gonna actually think that they've done something about the problem without ever really solving the problem were really addressing really issues. We have we have real. -- to do on the ground -- For all of the preaching and teaching -- -- would probably move during in the communities -- which such an equal and he was always. Doing it to work that -- -- that matters to work to do as a community. -- we can you know widgets -- numerical models are trying to. Had a responsibility to the next person. Which -- on that does street looked nothing to do. What harm you know downtown an -- in New Orleans and in the eastern and that in the they can't do. Being accountable holding people accountable ordering the system accountable. And hold ourselves accountable. That's a little war. That we art teaching were trying to hole. -- I agree with you and I appreciate you would take -- time to assure your thoughts with us. -- from Algiers show on this crucial WWL. Are there are serious all -- Erupted what do you think about the schedule yet what do you think. -- think -- Good opening and I don't know. -- that the saints have were so bad on the road last season and they've not traditionally been a great road team in recent years. -- like that they have to prepare for the first game to be on the road I think that might. Might set a precedent for the team this of the season idol I liked it the big game being on the road. Mean first and only the first well the first in -- it out of the first out of the first five games the only two home games. Right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be I think because people browns should get one wanted to compete no ball -- -- 11. LDQ. You know I think. A little bit too -- you know at all to be. In school. We're. -- -- honestly about the guns you're on drawn. Torture lol I don't think I'll. Are -- law and apply it -- -- in Connecticut would probably capital anything. It would it and then and people who want everybody to be armed. It really are not. Looking at situations and with common sense because everybody being armed is not gonna stop a whole lot of things from happening. I don't -- could hopefully it doesn't but it could lead to some problems but there are -- there there are some people in this country who are so. Dedicated. And I support the Second Amendment and gun rights. But there are some people who -- so dedicated the Second Amendment that it's the year honest belief that everybody should be armed and I just I think we've learned that there are some people who simply shouldn't have guns. Yeah not to. You know that well let those stupid this what is it won't go to school board. That high school students can go to school armed. I'm sorry you're just breaking your no. No the -- Georgie you have to be 21 never gone and in most cases -- when your high school John magical -- and actually state. The full -- scheduled for 2014. Is on our website right now take a look at it. It's at WW real dot com and that's one of the things atomic Tucker we'll talk about tomorrow morning at WWL first news. -- -- And we're coming back and -- WL -- the actions of a state legislature that defined the mentality of a state and there have been a few issues in the Louisiana legislative session going on now in Baton Rouge. I think have raised the question is Louisiana moral or more run. A bill that would have less in the penalties for pot possession was rejected. Which makes Louisiana among the states with the distinction of having some of the stiffest penalties even when it comes to simple possession of marijuana. Another deal would have promoted under the bill would have prohibited. In players. From discriminating against gay employees that was pulled from consideration because the projected lack of votes for passage. Louisiana made national news this week in the legislature refused to pass a bill that would remove the unconstitutional. Law that bans sodomy from our books. And even though the bill that would have made the Bible the official state book which rejected the fact that the idea came from an elected official. Is an embarrassment. -- Louisiana is a wonderful state with a great diverse culture. Uniquely historic traditions. And citizens have a right to be proud of the states. But we're also part of the United States of America and we can't live in political isolation. There's so much going on in the city following Katrina and continues to to grow with bill today. And we're getting new people coming to the state and in this city and and all that's good in new businesses coming here. But this idea that we live in this. This. Prudish past. I think is is is saying it. I -- the state I've lived in great states all around the country and I'm from here I'm back home and I love being back home I've come to appreciate the state even more. And there's a lot of beauty here but we shouldn't be totally living in the past. And -- The idea that we have a law on the books that's totally unconstitutional. Why isn't even that year. And yet some people support that is if somehow that's what we need to make this state moral. -- blog tonight is titled is Louisiana moral warmer chronic it's on our website at WWL dot com the saints have really one tough one tough. Well. Every game is considered tough in the NFL but they've got really wine. One tough -- games. October the 26. The saints play Green Bay at Green Day. It's a prime time game. Four days later October 30 they play Carolina or no wait I'm sorry they play Green Bay in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. October 26 the saints play the Packers. In the deal. A prime time game. Four days later October 30 they travel to Carolina and play the Panthers in Carolina. Another prime -- game and the states are opening the season against the falcons in Atlanta I like it protest ago Fred you're under the WL. Are. You Leo that was under. It'll have a -- floundered last year and cute it joke well the big unit and get them in Latin. And -- you know in the -- that we and with. The majority of you on the and we come from. I would like yeah -- all -- yeah. -- gains in double. Would choose. Like about -- -- gain and now. That we do a little better there. Power play Pittsburg. In Pittsburgh place it was in Pitt toward November 30 you know that could be on that could be a very very cold game. I like they said I like that teams are playing I think we've got a really good shot at having her great great season. I do. Ballmer. Year old. A waste well -- actually issues. So so many injuries and portion or audio it to. You know last year you know these. Of in the third in the -- -- Girl now that it's it's true last year was on a Goodyear on the road I I like after. The season we had last year on the -- I like the saints preparing for the season opener. -- on the road I think it's going to be good friend and logical to show thanks listing in Pascagoula. David -- and -- of you well. You know that include. I'm an adequate should and then they're. Our our -- indeed -- of. That's one point and that the net and the constitutional problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Russia and that. And then I'll -- Bruno. Says -- about operation probably say. That's true but it's on in the constitution. -- so I'm kind of a national -- Election -- he won -- specialist -- -- -- bad today as the content related to our statement. I am not sure it. I'm not agree with two with a do and it would shut down with the with the Bible. Are -- -- vote because it -- well like that whoever it just before it would matter. Connecticut state spoke about it not gonna -- and people morals. Oh -- here on one point. David I agree I'm glad you called the show I'm up against a break and gotta get to a break here the idea that. The Bible being officially declared. By a legislature. The state -- the idea that that is gonna manifest. Change. In society I think it's absurd. And I think it's just one those peripheral attempts. To try to. Yet the government to endorse christianity. As it takes they -- I've agreed with some disagree with others but overall probably one of your best shows ever appreciate that. We're right back with more it's the -- show. -- from New Orleans on Wednesday nights on WWL a once again though new Pope Pope Francis who is have been in this position for I guess about a thirteen months now just little over a year. I he once again has shaken up -- world of religion and Catholics in particular by telling a woman who is married to a divorced man. Even though the priest in her parish denied her communion. He called her and told her that she is free. To receive holy communion. Here's -- WB you appreciate opinion poll tonight should divorced Catholics of people married to a divorced person be able to receive communion. 82% say yes only 18% say no and that has been our -- and you'll pretty general opinion poll tonight. If our system of government and America has taught us anything it's taught us that we cannot. Legislate morality. And yet state represented seem prone to ignore the law and arguably the constitution in their attempts to uphold specific religious and moral beliefs. Issues that deal with the equality. Or a sensible reassessment of marijuana in American society. Supersede the State's morals and should be addressed. With respect to the law and the constitution. I'm sure those who oppose same sex marriage would love to find a place in the constitution that would make it unconstitutional. Yet it is the constitution. And the supreme court's interpretation of the constitution. And actually support things like same sex marriage. One -- John -- studio producer Jack Harris also in the other studio. A -- blog tonight is titled is Louisiana moral or moronic and you can read venture with -- others it's such running on our website at WW failed to account. We -- back with a -- show tomorrow night at midnight have a great evening. I'm -- as always love -- New Orleans.