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Apr 24, 2014|

Dave talks about who should play Barbie and Ken, rape or consensual? And a new Ronald McDonald

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this 24 of April 2014. -- -- eighty. Before Friday may be the first to issue a happy Friday eat -- -- Ewing viewers. This -- all the case now from a legal standpoint. Primary relationship standpoint from a political standpoint. From somebody different standpoint. Is very entry. And raises so many questions that I don't know. That we necessarily have answers to and he got I think that's probably a good assessment I mean on its surface. It seems simple. He says. She liked it rough she liked to play what they call rape fantasies. That they had done this bondage. Sex play many times before lots of tying up and that it was her 49 birthday. And apparently as a birthday present he says. He handcuffed her tighter rope to the handcuffs and tied it to the ceiling. And played apparently sex slave scenario. Then once -- Releases her she says he chases her down the hall and raped her in another room. He says that was part of the fantasy. Part of the game they were playing that they've played many times before. She says it's -- he says it was. Sex play yeah. And I don't know how -- jury. Will determine. Who is. Side to believe. And how to role in this when you talk with our legal experts and and what do -- Well. It's you know it obviously is the first thing that comes to you it's it's the classic he said she said situation. And that's probably how it's gonna go down. Before a jury. The trial might have to be moved out of Saint Bernard because of over publicity -- -- usual case. -- of course the parish president April is currently in the parish president has been involved -- politics for a long time he knows. So many people in Saint Bernard which are relatively small perish if you're. The tight -- little community when you get down to -- and they find a judge and the jury who. Can fairly hear this case so what if they move it where does it go and go oh -- how might that impact while one theory one assumes they moved it to -- and he. Little corner of north Louisiana. That might be you know in the Bible Belt if you will little more conservative out there and edit your last open to exactly sex play in bondage ghastly kind of things maybe and a panel up -- -- they don't wanna hear about. So -- you with thing maybe that goes against. But does -- go against both -- -- if they really did it participate in this kind of sex play rape fantasy. Bondage. Activity in the past. Who it is the jury like last because of that this is a difficult case either way the grand injury. Decided yesterday that -- for all the the president of saint Bernard parish should be tried. For illegally touching his wife's genitals that it's sexual battery yet it is you'll battery their choice of a number reader from ways ago and they did not find enough evidence. That he should go to trial for rape. Or forcing. Her to participate. In sexual intercourse which could bring you know obviously. Very -- Jail sentence on conviction -- does wonders here at the grand jury hears this case. Here's all the evidence we just discussed in more that were not even aware of yet. Because it hasn't been made public and by the way mrs. -- as shared all of her side of the story very publicly that's why we are openly discussing. And alleged victim of the sex crime we don't normally do that mine -- but he has volunteered. Her side of the story. But if the grand jury could not find that there was even enough evidence to have a trial on rape charges. Just on the lesser charge of sexual battery which is the unwanted touching no one's -- What is a jury gonna do with this case what does this -- to Peralta -- political future does he go to prison Desi. Have any political standing laughed after this -- Garrett -- yeah we play out rape fantasies in bondage games all the time sure. Oh and don't forget the other little addendum to a story there a bitter divorce. Well that really. Started after it out but as they got that and gone through yet -- this is a very ugly filings in the civil agencies. Man oh man. Can't make this stuff thank you David we'll talk in about fifteen minutes -- first news here on WWL am -- and dot com if you're on the jury what do you do with this case. The grand jury found enough evidence to say there should be a trial that he touched there. Genitals when she didn't want him but they did not find there was enough evidence that he should go to trial. For breaking her. Wage. They both admitted they had sexual intercourse she says it was against her will he says it was consensual and part of a quote rape fantasy. So many questions -- few answers I can answer this what's the weather going to be like we'll find out after this and Steve Geller is in with sports coming up. Here on this jury what you do on folks text me at 8787 he based on what we know now. Is Dave brawl that the president of saint Bernard parish guilty of sexual battery. I guess we can't try on raped and he's not been indicted for that. Strange case and five point Dave -- in the early edition of WWL first and is in your forecast. In warm and maybe a little mud here today with those south southwest winds were so expectancy highs around 82. And then tonight dropping into the sixties with some -- late night -- Friday and Saturday looking nice but warm again 83 for a -- both days and look for 10% rain chance each afternoon. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologists Clark tell. Some fog visibility quarter mile Belle chase also fog reported in Gonzales and home mom right now it is clear and 65 at the international airport in Canada slide out cloudy. And 57 degrees and gave -- thank you so much for joining us on this Friday eve for the early edition of WWL first news. One person to access -- 87870. Dealing with Dave for all -- and his wife she says she was raped he says it was a rape fantasy and that they played these bondage games all the time. One person text and it's seventy eights and aces I think they should both be locked up. We now know the same schedule. When will they play and where I live prime time games with details on that and much more. We say good morning and happy day before Friday's Steve Geller -- house majority of the day before Friday means we're almost there the day before jazz -- warm weather no rain. I'm not complain. Feeling good and we should the NFL schedule was finally released and the saints have five games in prime time WWL's Bobby -- -- fast start is vital for the blocking gold. If they want a shot at earning the coveted number one seed in the post season that we're gonna get to 1112 wins I'll look at -- -- five week -- -- -- I think you gotta get that the right time weeks six ID you're disappointed every not undefeated a foregone. You can view the saints' schedule by going to WW well dot com. An NBA playoff action LeBron James scored 32 points to lead the Miami Heat past the Charlotte Bobcats. What do one to 97482. Nothing lead in the NBA's Eastern Conference quarterfinals. Dallas tied up there's series at a game apiece by blowing out disbursed 113 in 92 in San Antonio. And look up from what LaMarcus Aldridge and the trail blazers after score 46 points in game one. Aldridge dropped 43 on the rockets in Portland won twelve to 105 triumph at Houston. Please or point guard Damien Lewis says that old bridge was simply lights out. -- we really care our -- once again when. You know they've played really well I couldn't get it going a lot of guys didn't shots he just cares non playoff MVP again. After becoming the only LSU player other than Shaquille O'Neal to block a hundred shots in the season. Jordan Mickey has decided to remain with the tigers at least one more year. He says the feedback he's received from the MBA is that he needs to get bigger stronger and faster before turning pro. And they say if you're not cheating you're not trying -- well in the Boston Red Sox 521 win over the New York Yankees pitcher Michael brigade of the Yankees was rejected in the second inning. After umpires found a foreign substance on his neck. Just thirteen days after TV cameras you'll get a brown -- on the lower part of his -- on his pitching hand during a 41 win over Boston. Today have four on sports talk -- two weeks away from draft night. Who would you select with the number one pick and if the saints what position your top priority that your early morning look at sports and I'm Steve. -- and there's really still pitchers in Major League Baseball that tried to throw spit balls essentially an eight used to be that it would hesitate to -- on the ball -- make it a little. Wobbly and off balance right to the database you're saying that this guy was violating the brown who rule. Well apparently in the first an earlier contest against the Red Sox the cameras caught him with it looked like pine -- has pomp and the and that can happen to us from on the bat. Well he was never really cold out out out on it and you could use that as a pitcher to get a better grip on the baseball. Will this time around. And you can clearly see from the they have the highlights everywhere now he's got it on his neck. And it's like glistening you can -- and it's not just sway the umpire and listening foreign substance right is that the Red Sox say something this time the young goes out. Texas glove at first then proceeds to -- the -- Gary and immediately after touches it. -- -- Just yet you know you're out of the game signal because it could -- get ten game suspension now those say oh you're not cheating you're not trying as they not trying to be a jerk not trying to be a -- a better. Yeah there -- that ninety stronger words and I can't or on the radio because c'mon guys if not cheating you're not trying. It played by the rules and win right if you're cheating then you're you're a loser in my book because if he can't win based on your ability to go home. Well apparently a lot of announcers were just saying he was stupid for having -- so blatantly on his neck and apparently that this is pretty common in baseball. That pictures are are loading the baseball more we frequently that we face. So forget just PE these may also have foreign substances involved during the games it. Around two and four in next substances great. America's pastime thank you Steve and talk about football when you -- can we get to backing and twenty and it's more sports on -- withstand that you from the saints' schedule. Brutal three games out of four on the road to start. And then to that could be frigid cold one more in Chicago. -- reaction to the schedule coming up in 25 minutes your forecast right after this. Five point seven Sampras take a look at your forecast an Eyewitness News forecasts on. On this Thursday a mix of -- clouds and warming up quickly by early afternoon weren't low eighties there were expected to -- south southwesterly breeze today. Any and tonight expecting a southwest wind is lows dropping into the sixties we are going to see a little bit of late night fall there by early tomorrow morning. Friday for the first day of Jazz Fest looks great 83 and only 10% -- chance don't forget that sun screen and hat and Saturday will keep that 10% rain chance -- highs in the low to mid eighties. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist far back. The fog on both sides likes to body those some places that most places not so much otherwise we have clear skies as we started today with temperatures in the sixties. Coming up the latest in the news traffic weather sports saints' schedule and more on the Ralston case turned himself in today by 37 Dave at the early edition of WWL first news it's April it's the 24 its 2014. It's the day before Friday happy Friday eve to you and -- We've been taken people's text messages and 8787 asked if you were on the jury. For the upcoming trial of saint Bernard parish president David Peralta who turns himself in. To authorities today we expect that it is in his attorney will go to the courthouse after 9 o'clock this morning. You'll surrendered to authorities to answer to charges of sexual battery and how would you vote if you were on the jury where you have. David brought the saying it was my wife's 49 birthday. We enjoyed playing rape fantasies in the bedroom. We were into bondage we did this stuff all the time so -- handcuffed right tighter drop. We played a sex slave game we played eight chase you down the hall game and a rape fantasy. And that's what we did. This was a birth -- current forever. On the other side you have her saying I did not consent to this like he says it was not consensual I wanted it to stop. She goes to the hospital right after this alleged consensual sex. And the -- the medical report. That has been made public man says quote she was -- very hard after looking at markings on her body says there was evidence that she was grabbed very hard by the back. Of the -- Details her saying that her husband around her and forced her to commit sex acts and then chased her and raped her. So you have two completely different stories here one thing it was a game we are playing we did this all the time -- thing I didn't want it. I told him to stop and he didn't. The grand jury could not find enough evidence to try him on rape charges. Only to try him on unwanted touching effort genitals which is known as sexual battery one person text means that simply. I was on -- -- Out and -- a mental hospital this case which means things off. As does some pretty good. Really doesn't and the thing that's so amazing about this whole thing. You're not only do you have a public official present perish. But. There's almost nothing that it's being kept under wraps its all out there based they've both given detailed -- ask about it they've both given details. Filings in the civil case the divorce that has grown out of this and yes there's not much we don't know. But I'm sure there's more will find out we don't know we don't know but I'm sure there's more to come speaking of things that are coming. I was fascinated by a headline that Sony Pictures and -- and parks. Are going to be producing a live action. Barbie movie for the first time. Barbie is going to come to life on the big screen party hired the producers. And the writers for this movie and there's no story and hasn't been written people who are behind what a girl wanted man in black three hear amongst those. That are involved in this and I just got to thank him. It's not going to be a cartoon to -- is -- out exactly. I would but I thought maybe it might be one of those rate animations say a mighty you know while now allied actions that have an actress got to select embargo will be. -- That is one of the most iconic roles that you could ever play. Well don't forget Karen well sure. But did you -- that have been around for generation after generation after generation. Who would you put anyone leap to mind immediately. That you think would make -- good Barbie. I'm Jenny McCarthy maybe she's been back in Japan one of those yap yap shows on television Lady Gaga now. That merely just doesn't nearly have now. The Barbie look of the Barbary look yacht -- do they keep the classic Barbie look you know you've always heard that a Barbie where human -- she'd be. Built in such a way that be impossible for her to actually look that Airways -- be waitress on her -- would be way too big. Not a and a handle all that going to be tough to think about thank you David -- talking about twenty minutes -- first news here on WW -- is suggestions that dates navigate them. Who should play Barbie and who should play and you magic and give anyone in mind very quickly. I can't yet know about. Now I'm -- -- who gets the dream thank -- it. Oh god let's go live and direct the eyewitnesses forecast and it's. -- more than this meteorologist Laura but down how are up eighth the day before -- -- and happy Friday he thinks. Well thank you put it barbies. I -- parties you still got than any of your barbies I had in my parents house that you another on the back. All of us didn't partly that and given away and I know it's been fun way to train at the half on the maybe there were at while they're not terrorists a pact that probably outward and things that are important to you or something to do you have the convertible that you have the dream here's the deal I did you hear that. -- -- I just had died dolls and clothes and -- -- them up everything at at the Ken doll but I did that had any any accessories and I don't think -- knew I was missing out -- -- -- in the commercials for the dream house and -- I -- I think that I don't remember. Even. That my daughters sent the airplane enough about the dream house are caught all of that that's what I -- know accepts the mics picked -- I think that's why are lighter story that we had academic clothing to make room in the process right for -- -- and -- prize dugout and on the yet. My big -- is one dramatic just gonna collapse -- -- all those speeds up there Marty's barbies. GI Joseph and everything -- of them in the attic right -- do you have anyone in mind that would be green person lake canned or Barbie. I now you said. I have because like you said it means he's not. They just translate to a real person because it which is just impossible cameo Dominican ago that I don't know maybe it's somebody we or -- we don't even know yet you know maybe they're someone undiscovered out there that. Could be partly. It's a heck of a role to try to fill. I worry about that -- and right now you gotta fill the role of mr. meteorologist tells of going to do. Back to the low eighties later today at partly cloudy skies the course after. Some of the fog that lets out appeared a few -- this morning so warm again a little odd year with those little eighties. And still looks good heading -- this past weekend. As of today really the only Brohm is a few places have some -- welcome -- A little mud here and we're headed for eighties and then the rest of the week into the weekend pretty much the same. Yes 10% -- -- kind of for the weekend and right now Oakland loaded it eighties Friday Saturday Sunday OK so no ninety's but no -- -- -- And canning you may result say that port open here click the ads that just makes me think about -- -- Well we problem where we can go after this one and a -- indeed hey have you missed Ronald McDonald lately but it didn't even notice they'll be pretty been pretty much taken -- -- McDonald's advertising hazard. So many accusations that they were targeting kids and trying to make kids fat. They kind of called how to not McDonald's. Recently but he -- that he went and at the end and then again now he's not there in the stores they remodeled all the stores and on him and -- -- he's coming back. McDonald's has announced that Ronald McDonald is coming back but he's not going to be wearing the same baggy yellows out of bed now. Yeah is going to be wearing yellow cargo pants and a red white striped shirt. Like a rugby shirt. Like where's all that. I have yet now. Robert McDonnell is going to take an active role on social media channels of Ronald going to be tweeting and take himself when he was younger Democrat and gangster ramming it FaceBook game. See how this how does a wonderful like up backlash you know from when the new. Outdated and -- people are going to be upset about you know how panel Doug and have the red hair and I guess the -- on what about the the excuse that the game win -- anywhere has pictures with cargo pants. Striped shirt yet to be -- clown get up. And these are things we don't know that will ponder. As we also -- who should be part -- who should be and. Must be at you know how to -- its popular little easier tip to pick out because -- just need. Kind of your standard good looking man with. You know coiffed hair and you know standard good looking at great -- but I'm just -- he does not quite as unreasonable. To find it as -- -- barbies. That's going to be hard I think. -- isn't it as maybe you should get the it is coming out that maybe Angelina and Brad could play -- -- -- -- BS I can see that Tami Anderson maybe as -- someone else well me me. EP. We've got some ideas thank you Laura at the important. -- -- -- live and direct Eyewitness News forecast Margaret text messages coming up right after this we'll talk more about the same schedule it's out it's on our website at WWL dot com it's Steve gallery reaction to it right after. It's a great text messages and 87870. Paris Hilton one person says should play Barbie. And Jessica Simpson Kate -- -- More about dollars and number one. The government band Perry should play barbies as a text message today that needs to mean I was at Paris Hilton Kristen Bell and Jessica Simpson. And Channing Tatum is Kansas another one about Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio says another mortgage text messages coming up after sports here on WWL. The same client where and when we got all that information with details and reaction we say good morning and happy Friday to Steve Geller. Good morning everyone and happy days before Friday the NFL unveiled the 2014 schedule and the saints open the season with three of their first four games on the road. That doesn't concern WW was Bobby ate there one bit though -- -- campaign has high expectations for the black and gold. As they head into their bye week in week six. Atlanta Cleveland Minnesota. And in that Dallas. -- got to be portal going all right haven't they over the bridge -- home nobody should be five and go. Because how hard this kid is gonna get. To look over the entire -- schedule just go to WWL dot com slash Houston you have a problem. The trailblazers now only two nothing lead in their opening series of the NBA playoffs beating the rockets won twelve to 105. Blazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge scored 43 points along with eight rebounds and three blocks he says that adjusting to Houston's defense fueled his big night. Amaze ourselves. I thought hey you know played great. Dallas and San Antonio and outside of the game apiece in the NBA's Western Conference quarterfinals after Monta Ellis contributed 21 points in the mavericks won thirteen to 990 to blow out over the spurs. The Miami Heat holding two nothing lead in the series against Charlotte after beating the bobcats 101 and -- said. Jordan Mickey has decided to remain at LSU for at least one more year. He became the only tiger other than Shaquille O'Neal to -- 100 shots in -- season but says he needs to get bigger stronger and faster before turning pro. And the New York Yankees starter -- Michael brigade it was rejected in the second inning of last night's. 521 loss in Boston after umpires found eight foreign substance on his neck. The incidents come thirteen days after the right hander Pat Brown -- on the lower part of his palm of his pitching hand during a 41 win over Boston. They have four on sports talk were two weeks away from the NFL draft. Who would you select the number one pick and if you're the saints what position your top priority I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. 552 -- gone Ron Amadon with you on your radio on this Friday eve what do you think about the schedule now you've seen at the saints on the road for three out of four of the first games five primetime games including going from a Sunday night right to a Thursday night. In general -- like the schedule. Might do I think you know it's every year it's gonna be difficult but of all the games. At home I think to have some. Tough competitors that they have to face like San Francisco and decline in the Dow and it right and ran and then giving go on the road and interesting matchup Monday night against Baltimore. That's the only team. That Drew Brees and Sean Payton have never beat the Baltimore Ravens beat thirty other teams they've never beaten right and -- the 31 and last team to be at that. -- on the road to Chicago on -- a and that's another chilly game as well I -- -- game in Chicago. Never easy to simmer again -- easy to play. Air man did they get the full schedules at WWL. Dot com wait what's lists. And I'm amazed at how many people -- texting me at -- 77 with a -- institutions like ten and Barbie in the upcoming live action Barbie movie. I vote for dying Katy -- here blogs and putting her in the role they've got no one said that yet they were stuck with Steve again at fifteen minutes more sports here at WW well other text messages Kate opted not to get one tip. Angelina Jolie would make the perfect part because another text message Paulina Gretzky for Barbie Margot Robbie -- Dolly -- twenty years ago. That's another text message today that the mortgage texting your forecast politically Barbie and can't after the aggregate -- text messages today 7870 who should play Barbie in the upcoming live action Barbie movie that's been announced one person says Kelly rip us. Okay and then barring can't it be the host of the talk show the doctors. Other presenters Angelina and Brad get on another Pam Anderson. The president you need to Google Russian Barbie does a girl on Russian model yourself after Barbie someone else's name as. Valor -- -- Luke yet nobody in the Ukraine. As a model who's had -- self surgically altered to look like the real life Barbie who knows that -- half should be Barbie. And knows that Jennifer Lawrence as Barbie Bradley Cooper is can. And then there's this one I think Matt Ryan should play Barbie. -- -- -- Pretty funny forecast expected mix of sun and clouds for this Thursday with warm temperatures again into the afternoon 82 today. And only dropping into the sixties tonight of course with some patchy late night followed. Then for tomorrow the first day of Jazz Fest looks great at 10% chance for stray shower otherwise sunny and warm high -- 83. And Saturday will keep that 10% chance with low to mid eighties from the eyewitness to news forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- -- Some fog out there one person that is very bad in Thibodeau quarter mile and Belle chase also reported in Gonzales and Almonte. Otherwise clear skies tatters 65. Clearing a -- -- in Slidell actually cloudy and 57 degrees now with 93% relative humidity -- -- nick human ninety Barbie and other. Scarlett Johansson and Grimes Chris -- were. That kind of busy planned superiors in the vendors Justin Timberlake is Dan -- suggested that. A text message today that -- them that Laura -- they'll play the party Jeff Gordon is Kendra and Britney is part being can. Bobby gave there as RB the -- -- address now -- thank you and attack masters a Renee Zellweger and Channing Tatum says another. People are just kind of silly Danny DeVito and Oprah then dumping -- Tom Brady should play Kansas and other text messages -- seventieth avenue. Frankly my dear I don't give a damn place Barbie thank you for your important dates but gates and he. Justin Timberlake is another one of those. Betty White for Barbie in Samuel Jackson has canned. What did you. I Carrie Underwood should would make an amazing Barbie and she could say Brittany Snow and others go to answered -- swift is Marty stack up front for ten. -- my -- if you see him at the MTV movie awards when he took off features that this didn't even look real. So chiseled. With. Some. The another's snack after on there. Another person does they are real people Charlie's -- on his party. Now that Taylor Swift Ryan Reynolds for cans so people it's amazing the things to get people excited Jennifer Aniston yeah. That's another text message and it's Saturday. Thank you for all of here and -- -- wonderful day before Friday.

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