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WWL>Topics>>4-24 6:15am Tommy, Saints schedule relesase

4-24 6:15am Tommy, Saints schedule relesase

Apr 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL & college football analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints 2014 schedule and the 2014 NFL draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In 92 -- joins us right now Mike good morning. Good morning I'm busy busy time a year for you and we certainly appreciate you taking time tell us about the draft guide first. Well it's it's been out now 404 week. And disrupt -- -- it's the best draft that was -- 27 years. That standpoint all across the board in. All I know is that this it is would argue field football seems to be in the program. And it -- Smart look at the graph. Not someone else who's not would. The Packers will look at and state city or else it's my evaluation of players coming into this draft class and solely. It's combo will be would have been enough for 27 years to try to keep you the best insight. From my point of view all of those players. A lot of times though I'd be noticed. Players and he did a lot about it boldly. To an organization because probably 67 players in any draft class. The level party and they're gonna perform the same. Everybody you know it's circumstance and it. So Legos and knowing -- his schedule in men and and honey get the draft guide but. A day that goes in the old big conundrum to get the best player available or do you get the guy what is it that you need ranked. Well it's it's always that double fault and it's always the war. Did the last the biggest need that you have on a football team but -- -- free agency today and it to commute the world. There's always multiple needs for a team if not today. Tomorrow. And contracts are involved in. So you take into consideration for the site the obvious need to those that need. What I called the nuclear threat at wide receiver -- you need a starter. Cornerback. And they can -- -- some talent. Or bigger physical players at the linebacker position. So don't grease spot when you look at it come draft day. That tactic -- negative real early because those areas. Receiver cornerback linebacker certainly commit the play -- we talked about I mean Vietnamese. And possible need down. I waiting tenuous my point -- any questions comments you have 260187. Needle free 866. 89087. And Mike what he said just now you know makes me realize is complicated as the salary cap issue is. It's even more complicated because you drafting a year ahead -- the guy works out because you might have another guy. That's in his. We call it done to free agency -- -- Option year of the contract again. -- -- his contract that they do but not me in the book. I thought about what different people in the NFL scouts coaches people in the front office. And -- simply the best players or in the NFL the great thing is from -- it's well probably -- real candidate well. And well built on that. It's like that he can pick up so if you go to that person and you don't play and believe. How much -- didn't pepper forgot that particular -- Incredible it's like trying to hit a moving target target when you move and horseback on. Go -- as fast as you can with a handgun will be right Baghdad Tommy Tucker six when he three. More with -- to tell you right now that time pro at a traffic. Tommy Tucker Mike Gadgetell EA politicized and spent some time with -- -- NFL analyst draft expert. Mike before we forget and we'll probably talk to again after the news I'm sure we will tell me how you get them that the -- draft nine. Are they can go on to -- ireport.com. Might be true you had to come. And that forget the letters and the name again -- and so -- brought. And a -- report I'd. So before we get back to free agency and draft and middle rounds -- did take a look at the saints' schedule. -- what three out of five of the first games on the road. The bye week comes on October 6 against a little bit early -- you're thoughts and all that. One. Said the last night about you know. Haven't done it alone on the one -- look at is stripped of the schedule from a standpoint of playing top quarterbacks. In this schedule where it's a little bite me is right smack dab in the middle. You'd like Green Day in Iraq is the best quarterback you play all -- -- that you play an apple. On only nine. Well on the Sunday night only gains and that is flat Paula that this thing would be on the ball. Would be on the world October 30 against Carolina. And Cam Newton and that all them -- down the straight up not matched up very well against. Especially over the so you look at that deeply as Cincinnati Baltimore and in it where. That struck again with -- poured the schedule but at -- If you look at quarterbacks you Larry Rogers. And then you this year. Pittsburgh would be -- is really in quarterback. Communists get it is really -- -- the top gangs. You're playing apple. If you're talking about the Packers. 49ers. Sent me and Cold War we have not matched up well against. -- of the schedule if you can stay healthy. You got a it's change. They get back this global -- that you pat since 2000. Now again everybody's schedule the little meeting it. And where it becomes really well. But the -- it from that October 20 game against Green Day. And -- you should all basically. -- apple and Carolina. Martin know number. Is where it becomes proper but you -- that much articles gains pack hole. Where the -- have really been a common thing to look at his schedule. Economy -- you. Most of the time. It's a big time quarterback everybody in the plea has yet to ram. It. All on programs and projects. That got -- -- And you -- matchup well against them the other games walk slash comp rate and the -- regional -- Can't -- in the air -- in the last minute. I mean those two things all forty and the other beaches -- one thing. Bet it is with the tight pitcher. -- -- help. UK and yet we you'll be principally elsewhere I would because I think you've got a shot here. Then maybe there are no winds. And big let you all in New York Ter. Because I think San Francisco and Seattle and say look at all. Will not found that. Everybody in that division you've got to change. Hold you everything with that type schedule. While thank you might hang on we'll talk deal a -- when we come back about the saints and drafted that are likely to target. In the first round and in case you wondering before the saints take on the Panthers in that. Thursday night October 30 game short week for them because they will have played against the Packers at home. On non Sunday night Carolina that weekend will host Seattle. So registry information when we come back more with -- when you're from LT what are your predictions do you think the NFL treated the saints fairly. When it comes of the schedule and do you think like -- -- says -- -- schedule it. Kind of favors saints. Tommy Tucker right now time for -- WL first news and then we get it to the place.

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