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WWL>Topics>>4-24 7:15am Tommy, NFL schedule release

4-24 7:15am Tommy, NFL schedule release

Apr 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, a senior writer & NFL insider for the Sports Xchange, about how the Saints schedule shapes up

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- giveaway tonight at midnight a Clark judge joins us right now senior writer and NFL insider for the sports exchange take Clark you Dylan. Are now on our yep well and you would go from fall the winners spring and we just like keep in touch with you Clark. I'm. Gonna tell me about the yeah I guess before we go to the saints about your thoughts on the NFL schedule is released yesterday TV. Lineup etc. Well yeah I mean I think it would say finances it is that it went and jumped on this decision that the topic is -- Egypt and debate on last year's. Schedule last year he felt -- -- -- -- developed every year. Lot of the teams that were bad last year will be pretty good this year and you look at a year ago assignment and I think would -- -- -- it would be easy market Carolina would be he's Smart Internap to be that way. And I nevertheless. There are the marquee game can look at that our camp met tonight. Especially. Brady vs Manny and -- Maine's sixty means you cannot get a better gain net and it seemed like every year we get these two. An elderly because one to 38 of the 37 and not to be around much longer. But courtesy and -- -- -- and that the matchup is terrific yet because if that's the best two teams. Opinion he's the best two teams overall so I look at those games you know under other -- at Washington on Jacksonville and back to Philadelphia. That'll be brutal but that was that Terrell Owens went back to Philadelphia and it was it was awful lot in the atmosphere which charge people work. -- injured he's that's what happens when. You get guys going back to Philadelphia who went to start the Eagles and then you get you know a game like and the Carolina Baltimore. Appreciate that intensity that the so many years we've talked about Belinda well the people and get from the field there are those built -- that they execute it can't miss but others. I think it people look at -- Oakland got a brutal schedule no matter what is based on electors itself cannot. They're not going anywhere so you can get there despite the sum up electors. Results but I think a lot of it's sort of -- because we're broad based on what happened with the team led to an effect remarkably different. Went to be tough to be optimistic -- if you're an Oakland and a -- hours. 2002. But it look at that schedule means that that nine games against playoff teams and seven of their last eight games against playoff game. You know their opponents have a winning percentage of nearly 60% at the carpet around so they're not that the bad he's got a brutal schedule. That company can put in the last place again. Thursday night football game every week. This year -- this season do you think it. I increases the risk for injury calypso product adding. Now I absolutely and in both cases I think the answers yet but then -- the prolonged time. And -- my displeasure at several years ago Roger Goodell we didn't want to hear about expedite. My point -- if you -- -- Thursday night game. He's so concerned about safety. What did you do we keep coming -- -- -- because they get some time direct before the game to get time for rest after the game and colleges do with the UN pac twelve. I don't know what the -- can't and the -- back when -- ethnic questions let me tell me that. A format had been worked up by somebody union at the department. Based attempting game schedule we can do that -- that would bias but they're not human -- I do know how difficult it is for. Go to to get ready for the nineteenth and so we know the impact it has on planes to take to talk about it. How about the same schedule look at that it now and the way it plays out with a home and away games and we knew the opponents before over the know when and how. Any thoughts on that. Yeah I mean I -- from the first -- -- it looks like -- better than last year and probably is that last year. Evil we may fourteenth when he recognized that the the second half but the schedule is tough and you think it back well it was very difficult game. And I'd start with integrated in Green Bay and we've been in the -- out. Did you gotta go to Carolina Thursday night we just talked about certificate that the top -- round. For any team but it's going to -- different divisions have been against Tampa to go to Cincinnati Baltimore beat. That difficult but you go outside and we thirteen week fifteen game thirteen to fifteen. At Pittsburgh and then at Chicago that the public cold weather game -- it Chicago game Monday night. That would be difficult to you and I talked last year about how tough it is for them to win on the road outside in the cold weather especially so. I think that the perked up the schedule it is. He is good for them. But do we even know we need to start its first four games on the -- -- -- winnable games in new game down in Minnesota should -- that but the second half. I think it's going to be difficult that set expect it to be in the playoffs again but it could be tougher for the second. Clark appreciate -- time I really do instead it's RT I had a good summer and talked in off. --

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