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4-24 7:45am Tommy, NFL draft

Apr 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Greg Gabriel, a writer for NationalFootballPost.com and a former scout of over 25 years with three different teams, about the NFL draft and scouting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about the NFL schedule released yesterday the saints' schedule released. Primetime games Broncos are playing five in prime time witches. I think the maximum memory in place or talk about I'll announce on talk about the scouting process and how do you know when you're looking at a player that this guy's gonna make it or not Greg Gabriel joins us right now we're happy to have him. Writer for national football post dot com. Fordham a former NFL scout for the bills the bears and the giants where he worked with Sean -- good morning Greg. Could you. Thanks for taking the time with this. I guess before we get to you know that this draft coming up in the saints. The end and also the process Tommy about your thoughts on the on this schedule released yesterday both of the primetime games saint senator. Well you know I have a look at I was. Hockey -- list actor Chicago Blackhawks went over to Amanda looked at that -- Yes you can portrait. And -- that I looked at the same schedule believe the opposite bill many papers in the first two on the road would say it is unconscionable. In and night. But we you know. Starting -- by having your first to a drug -- that started doing them trio of the first four on the road and then at the back into the schedule. Two of the last career on the road so. You know they must've as somebody up or is that well that's the couple at the schedule. You know Greg there have been rumors that effect. That the NFL may not been very happy with the saints couple years ago when they had what we referred to as the trouble that's -- And so yeah early November 30 plane at. Pittsburgh outside could be cold then. December 15 is a Monday night game at Chicago. Cold in Chicago that time yet I don't think nine times gonna help and and even on November 16. At the Bengals could be pretty chilly Dan and I don't think the saints have really distinguish themselves a team that plays well in cold weather. Well now an event in its you know that Chicago game and December 15. Last year there was a game here in Chicago. Late -- like I think that the wind chill was about minus fifteen. The main temperatures reflect temperature was below zero and you know that's that's tough for anybody playing -- themselves over the north. Well along those lines -- when it comes of the the evaluating process with when you look at that prospecting college and you know does deeply because we always have a conversation about Drew -- here does he play well until -- went to produce -- think -- know how. How exactly does this whole thing begin with you trying to determine if a guy is gonna make it in the NFL and AA is good enough -- go into the NFL and and secondly is he gonna make it once he's there. Lot I think whom we get those conversations about a power. I'd like to hear some of always being curious about it is there's a lot on the line. I think you know you can you've got to the scouting process and -- -- again I mean obviously you're looking for traits but then insane that. You know each team has their own. Well what looked like you read it -- well I mean you know that you have a profile sub for -- -- every position. That teams in other words does the saints you know in the offensive and defensive schemes that they play. They're looking forward certain types of players play those positions those same guys might that -- -- In the defense played in Chicago that might not be fit in the defense they played him in Denver so every team. Has the role profiles written about that and the scouts are going on the road and they're looking for. Those particular types of players. You know guys to come in. Be comfortable with in the scheme. And perform well the schemes so obviously that area height weight speed again at the regular measurable. They have to have strong football character. They have to you know. Passion for the game one of the great players and they've got a -- dominating ability -- college. I would think at some point though it's not all object of that. A lot of subjectivity comes into it and sometimes you put yourself on line saying you know what I know it looks like it's -- but I'm telling you B is our guy. Well and end it can be the case of a lot of times. You know that gut feeling -- You'd do you know before you make -- pick. Threat that you. Research on these players does that mean it's not one person's opinion that might be reports also done. Five or six different people. Have looked at the players in -- area scout. He has the report then you're gonna ever cross checked out to college director. And then you're gonna bring in the general manager of these position coach the coordinator. Maybe the head coach. And everybody has an opinion there haven't discussed that players and if everybody feels strongly about where that he can help your team in the big -- guy's gonna draft. Tell me about this year's draft duties eagle on early who do you see the saints pick and then. Are there any people at their -- -- like the -- Are openly but he had a -- like the play is you know so to speak -- there's a lot of sensitive issues -- -- you have to address those issues that's done privately. And you know internally. In your draft meetings leading after the draft you're gonna talk about certain players issues that they've made. Related to character and then you're gonna either read like that player decide that it's taken more you're gonna say you know what we can deal with this probably know what it is doing them. It will take them. But obviously you know the top part of the draft number one and -- one group thinks. The quarterbacks are gonna go as high as a lot of addressed next to. I think there as a whole are overrated I'm not saying they're bad guys who should go first round I don't see him as potential. Franchise type quarterback -- guys should go in the top ten. You know maybe illegal in the middle of the later part of the first from but I there's better football players in the top ten pick guys like -- Big tackle of Robinson Bob -- One man -- these are all great football players. Sammy Watkins. And in the adult players are deserving of top tens status for the quarter that -- got a it was that question mark and he's got a hole somewhere and then those types of players who want to take. -- the top ten meant getting now at the bottom end of the round. With the saints are -- and a lot of people at the saints probably go home for defense that that part of the draft. That's what they may well be looking at. You know you get some guys that could be. Played ball up and down and be edge rushers in -- also dropped a little in the coverage. You get called the -- from Missouri before from all over. To Marcus Lawrence from Boise State all these guys are really productive pass rushers. Kind of cleaner type size would -- from the 250 to 260 pound type guys. If they wanted to go to the offensive tackle a -- you could be looking at a player like Tony Richardson from -- Tennessee's players who want jolt from. Alabama Morgan Moses from Virginia where he could be looking at a corner. Bradley Roby from Ohio State. Jason -- from TCU. If you could put us in that room I just like you know if if you are dead set on guide me and you think this is the guy this is a guy that can make a difference and and and put us over the top turbulence it and and the GM the coach you want agrees with you when disagrees with yet I guess it varies from team to team would generally speaking who. Who makes the who makes the final call one. The final call was generally didn't beat me there's one person. With an epic and it's -- organization that has control the roster. And he's usually the guys that makes final call he could be the general manager could be head coach -- as that designation. But ultimately in the guys to -- yet felt the person who is that. Control. Is the most powerful man in the organization. I don't know it is substantial organization you know I don't -- -- on. But it's obviously want ultimately tip of the power to make that. The final decision but generally speaking those decisions are made -- drafted me and -- immediately after drafting issues. Present yourself with scenarios and you're looking into play here in media player be available here. Also there was some -- which we can take life and legacy and to make that decision addressed. But he -- -- -- is and always adhered to or does some time. As you talk about gut feelings like OK it's it's round it's round it's not an honor and you know what let's let's do it let's go with the Jacobson. Conversations. Taking place days before the -- OK so they don't they don't change it on draft and they went. It's just the the only thing that that's gonna screw Rio so to speak -- draft is that all of a sudden. You don't. I'll play that you had no idea -- was there going to be there. That you anticipated report pockets of the round here player that you thought was going to be. Taken in the teens. And all of a sudden you're getting down into the middle twenties and that your pick him. He's still here in the baseball. There's going to be some discussion what you're gonna see that -- dropping. -- long before you -- yet ten minutes to make your pick in the first round so its. If you might have 45 minutes fifty ministers discussed there -- a lot of times because he hasn't been involved in the pre draft discussion. You're just -- The goal line and go where your plan was in your panelists. To take a certain player in the in the first round from a grouping of probably three or four players -- Follow that plan into the second round where you're gonna have another grouping of players that you anticipate it being there they're always going to draft with a plan to address certain situations and well. Brad we're about thirty seconds away from him as they get by -- but it would like to ask when it comes of profiles as you mentioned each team hasn't. Does a head coach Steve that the GM the offense and defense of coordinator. Generally the -- is tropical what they -- also going to be yeah you know on defense obviously the defense coordinator position coach. Will will drop appalled by what are looking at -- defense effect of those -- outside linebacker. Whatever and then and the scouts have a general idea of what to look for only -- -- well. Greg I appreciate your time it's been a fascinating conversation I'll become back on this lead. Well thank you look at it.

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