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4-24 8:15am Tommy, moving back in with the parents

Apr 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Andrea Bonior, a family & relationship therapist and author of "The Friendship Fix," about the stresses of living with multiple generations of family

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When -- go to doctor on Korea. Buying -- now randomized psychologist and author of the friendship -- -- about that dynamic in doctor Andrea want to take that tells -- I guess jump right in on some of the the dynamics that are at play here when either younger. Kids move in with their parents with girlfriends or wives or their kids or may be older people fifty to 64 movement with their parents who were really. Alter the morning in the. Good morning I'm great thank you take us through all of this and give us all of the solutions and I'm perfect -- Yeah so tricky to get dinged you really need field and apparently it's what it's saying it can really -- -- -- -- is something that is not going to be acceptable or instant OPEC. Some of their job there -- need to -- acting like their territory. You know a little bit of time but it got to be the picnic. What are you usually should work toward a solution how long it's gonna be for a hundred three and -- -- being in that situation. The trend that she brought about baby boomers needing package your appearance. That had so many here in New England situation. These baby boomers might also should be getting into that -- situation and that sort of big. You know and OK I'm going. -- -- here -- that you can -- and saying that it might be a lot in here are well and actually really tricky because again expectations. Need QB spoke out it can be really you've -- that light maybe bring your kids act. Out or looking -- in that jury by your mother. -- And an -- This is the outlook and didn't going to -- In charge of all -- -- don't -- how well -- -- you are accurate ever because dementia or health issues. -- your older adults and it. And you know we hear is the Howard there is really really touchy situation Alan Graham. And some more touchy situations where Julian address when we come back from traffic and and that is a KC got a seven year old parent fifty year old person moves back to fifty year old person's not -- but -- wanna bring somebody you know for loan company. And and parents it doesn't go their moral code at all or maybe got a fifty year old daughter that moves in. And heard siblings are fine and successful and then you're saying it's dubious and beyond -- thing but. Then I wanna do that it is only use it as a hotel basically and it does siblings that are due and on -- -- and on around. Wind up taking care of the parent anyway -- address solid doctor nine year old we come back right. Thank you so much a 23 timely -- for that it's terrible problem. I Tommy Tucker talking about different generations moving in fifty to 64 year olds that trend moving in with their parents and Texans in that they think a lot of the reason for that is because. People over extend themselves and little -- they can afford and doctor Andrea bond years -- psychologist and author of the friendship takes and -- you know as so many different concerns here we when he -- among generations different generations of the same family get together I'm sure there's some old unfinished business from a when they were actually children. Things from. All all away from who who'd he get to invite over to the house who pays for the food who cooks who cleans. And even what you watch on TV so he would get all this together and get about it a plea -- You are. Up and -- -- enabling it for sibling rivalry. It. And it. -- Windy situations come back with somebody -- act because. One sibling than somebody out in April. And that freer. One thing that they're getting -- innings and -- be an elderly parents and other current and but you know I think -- Internet her. Relationship. Might need to change things might need to do you renegotiated. And old package might -- that you need -- -- You know it could be either Ali and certain pattern here. And brother couldn't get anywhere and whatever it maybe it would permit the -- stopped here. This new situation here we live together for thirty years we're gonna need for new rules the jury and the -- in the still that we need to find it anyway. And we're going to be able. Maybe somebody. Maybe you ego after the little experience. And you. -- the -- itself. Multi generational. Call can be won and culture. They and that really really out there and I -- -- in the game. It could use. It the wrong way and opt in and we get into. That and it -- that -- sort of -- ball. It's gonna get even more complicated if something happens to mom or dad or both who's surviving parents because then whoever's living an -- for free suddenly that's. The estate that they're living man and the housing and any bigger to become part of the as stated as part of the deceased person's. Belongings and you might have brother and sister tell in the other brother I delivered a -- how she got to move out or charging him ran and then. To make it even more complicated you might have in laws behind the scenes and while he's still on for a new way to let him do that and then the whole thing just goes up like a mushroom cloud. Yeah financial. Parliament but clay actually in the end here last year and argued it. It happened several times Warren and that is quote -- -- -- lacked and here at the appearance like. The parents have -- and all of a sudden the day I learned that it might opt out now. -- -- Here in the past ten years I have a little bit more at stake here that it really does need to be -- -- -- people queen -- it comfortable to talk about. It. And -- it is uncomfortable. Out and stuff but at the same time. Here are born in. Four and then you know it can order it their final which. Is or is certainly getting in and manipulating that situation. They every time doctor Andrea buying your I guess he wrote the friendship fix and I'm presuming that -- different outlook. And again.

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