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4-24 9:10am Tommy, teaching kids financial literacy

Apr 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Gail Perry-Mason, an author and financial coach, about how to teach smart money habits to your kids

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Psychic Gail Perry Mason now -- -- -- she's an author and financial coach but nobody's going to be listening to anything else unless I start with this. How did you get the name Perry Mason. I'm sorry to do that but I know everybody's got -- the. I know let's clear the air. -- -- Hi Mary and the cap and. When this man -- the pledged indeed you realize your name is going to be Perry Mason yet again. Because protecting Ali detect the make it app app went before you knew it was going to be permanent. It was at running through your mind line is that I -- and be Perry Mason isn't it. Nine husband's name is on Hamilton beavers now. But you see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have been in years you know a lot a lot of time -- of the agency out of the eerie behavior young lady every -- -- -- -- and. On YouTube. An adult enough to remember but it you remember. I'm let me ask you about this thing with kids and you know I have a seventeen year old opens up and wonder about is in my prepared her for life because the deal we have is -- -- -- she's -- up for the summertime. If you know you get the grades you study. And I'll take care of the rest of it but I've always tried did you know -- how much things cost an idea how to do this idea that if you wanna have a candlelight style. Is there the rule book when it comes and answer each each family and each in different. Each is different but do you think that -- Read it and right let me usable -- generation why did agencies be the object like a white again in the car. You don't want to have to pay rent -- -- He is needed to become the money because. So they look at it like that and weekend. We're using a culture and been patient. Under the tree and more money -- You really think that the the incident title. Then they talk to go to school and that I think sometimes we -- he brings and actually. Of course all. Children would be better than -- But that means a better credit score has more knowledge have more. -- opportunities to get access to opportunities. -- to make money and that means that means it does that mean driving my car didn't mean that everything that I I'd I'd -- every. Yeah I think it's -- -- a lot tailback candidate we're here or apple or black beard for a you know today. At a delicate -- -- publicity and everything. And is constantly upgrade in their body has at the latest answer the most recent bad and I'm just -- in here when it comes to. Did teach in a child that you know this causes much that cost that much -- to put yourself in a position like -- saint learned if you wanted to and it. Keep your credit -- the scoring strong you don't just gone by whatever you want and manages to gives you get a credit card offer and mail it doesn't mean that you can afford to run it to its limit. How do you draw the line between that. And kids knowing that there isn't a money tree in the backyard but yet you know don't stay the night Lorena -- to be homeless either. I think they need -- into work but do you think they need to be aware. Different bills now let. I did when my kids and fourteen how old pilot one pick over the cable bill. Wanted -- doubtful they'll Heatley paid by checking account. They ended up managing a -- target fourteenth so they. I would give them -- outlook statement punishment eating and he did. So that -- about cable the the layout and channels. Figure out the back out on the bill that he ended up actually managing they'll. But the problem now I need to call bright -- AT&T where I need to get the pac ten. -- a great idea even when it comes never heard of that before but even when it comes electricity to your many electric bill now. If you can save money to go around turning lights off instead of leading every conceivable electrical. Appliances hang on in the house you get to keep and I think that's a wonderful idea. And -- being too is they put one in the washing machine wanting in the dry air. They picked the longest hours we never had the opportunity that they'll have. They put Monday in a washing machine or the dryer if you're lucky. Is sometimes they think there's a place for everything and everything has its place. And it places the floor. That's. I need to be rewarded. On things they do in life you know I -- money camp for children. And do what I did was I did in the pay -- for eighteen years an -- can't -- And actually -- they had to about one of the fire fighter game I did the media to pay health care. They care you know buy papers and it actually -- -- -- car. Everything about into the week at the most money after managing a budget running -- actually to. -- -- he would. -- kid and -- or disability. After being part of it looked by Tuesday. I sold all the kids on each day. And he'd like it not that much money. I've been seeing it. Selling the car and turning in part by -- that car up to much money ensured that much money and here at the twelve year high note. -- realizing -- so I think we need to start teaching him at the two young age that -- actually truly believe. To parents -- caught up in and you know maybe I'm guilty here it's not about me but some parents might have a similar experience where. I think I grow up -- and I was actually working time I was thirteen catch in a bust ago so -- he's donuts which is a local bakery -- to have here. And I don't want my kid had to go through that -- to parents sometimes over correct and and insulate too much it's you know I don't you -- -- from the time -- thirteen I give you a chance tonight in Hammond and is that sometimes not the best bringing in new for the kids. I think it's not the best thing if you look at like you and I belt and start working actor in east. Or did daycare center. I tried to help parents out. To do different things and this I think more hungry at that time and we balance. Going to school we balance working Wii balance different things and -- The -- a little bit more I need to responsibility. And that's why try to teach it might hit it entrepreneurship skills late -- a teacher test whether -- -- Taking pictures. Not -- gram -- but they're taking -- -- the real camera. And downloading and keenly different web site I packed outdoor picnic at the whole lot I meet the money or they want and she's. I think you know right ninety latter and see if he could get them for free but being a pastor. I -- -- it could actually teach my kids. And -- that money can't how to actually. Make money for being that they want to become a pastor and not always just a consumer with our money. So as I do it. There. And I just as if the light seems to come on once a team gets a paycheck. I don't get and definitely. -- -- money that they -- and that many expected more. Just don't come easy it -- ability to think Obama did go to work and they come on the pretty funny -- You know that they tell respected matches if Steagall and by that they have a -- by. And their own money probably issues -- -- -- about it because -- your money. One thing you know I probably went through -- -- and is that there's a fine line between incentive. And if you work you get rewarded and just being beaten the ground so much where the more you try the more you get behind and then eventually just in a way you this you decide just to have fun it's instead -- even worried about the serious responsibilities so. Is it the old thing even when it comes you kids about a hand up and not a hand out and you work for this and I'll match it's so they -- they have an eye toward the future and what they can accomplish as opposed to -- I just said you just feel acute as hopeless they I'll never get out of this so how do you handle all that. Teacher can't play like they're they're having -- -- for a personal moral and how we treat public look. I won't match that amount that you put -- -- actors -- apparently deferred -- delayed gratification like we've -- and our -- retirement -- But I really think -- -- -- cheap dollar for dollar if you need it. Yeah I'll met -- but he but the IE eighty -- on experience. They don't really understand the call the cable bill and figure out how to handle it is that my parents. They get excited and actually do it. So basically what you budget okay sort of budget 250 for cable. If you get a deal and nobody can live with for 200 -- give you the extra fifty that kind of thing. Anything else along those lines outside lands a brilliant idea that you can share with a as a parent should be doing. I think it Oliver -- Actually put -- sepia and money whatever money we give them. They should -- port and they should know how much money they spend hours everyday. I think they should all though it's agreed -- continent that have I love this what happened in the background is actually track how much lately. And act at the free app I think that the one thing that they need to do. -- -- in the need to figure out. Did you pick up their passionate at the age. It's one and it is one great web site it's not practical money -- -- pop. It's kind of like a financial football game but that you -- interest in sport packages than about money. I've talked to bankers before that that said they've had surgeons in there they've had brilliant computer programmers brilliant legal minds. And how to do -- done -- is subject book on how to carry a balance down or even. A debit card keep track all of that so I guess we're kinda lacking when it comes to just financial common sense. We need to learn. That. I think it's never too young tiller and actually looked that bad practically -- in Columbus, Ohio. I'm going to -- tickets. How to write a check how to balance being -- their debit card how did it. I'm doing it this weekend and -- age like nine. AT and teaching -- -- -- and actually do play and Monday if Friday. There -- spot the contract every dollar that they. They know how much money the can't even if they spend money for a whole year and -- really wanted to beat the dollars and cents. All pretty -- all children should do it and it make it to -- the weekend they need. HR every and we need the jar and and -- -- need to -- changing -- -- with -- but they've changed in -- change your credit to the deal I. I once broken -- war. I cabinet drawer because so much change it was -- Beat. Back and I'm talking about an IE re title. Everything should have kids should be deposit everyday if you make more deposits than withdrawals. And that way out in evidence negative but I mean I have a jar and have a life -- -- but living in but it -- freedom everyday. And it didn't. What's the most you've ever gotten in cash -- for a change -- -- -- Rob. Believe me about four -- -- How -- when you're twelve mile nicer awareness thirteen. I get 26750. Units on I was doing well and -- 400 dollars -- -- -- Years but what. Day. Over a. Over technical. And the other I would advise -- don't don't put in the -- -- it 267 dollars -- 350 is worth the damage. Probably not the best deal commitment -- I appreciate your time I really deep and wonderful -- now become back on. But he gets it had hit but he is BI a year BI yes. The great west ticket -- and Italy. It.

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