WWL>Topics>>4-24-14 11:10am Garland: on Louisiana's fiscal outlook

4-24-14 11:10am Garland: on Louisiana's fiscal outlook

Apr 24, 2014|

Garland talks about the financial challenges facing Louisiana's next governor with state treasurer John Kennedy, attorney C.B. Forgotston, and political analyst Elliott Stonecipher.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Over the regular -- there's our. -- web site yesterday. You reported. Legislators up in Baton Rouge Google under -- at least a few of them with governor general. Basically over the budget. Emissions how strongly. They got aggravated. Warren who's quoted as saying that. General administration. Is backing legislators. -- through quarter by failing to protect sleep dollars. And that legislators to do and we've been pushed in then said. Oprah wasn't too ugly. Clinton went. Discovers kicked the can down the road until their breached a dead in London and also said. The next governor is going to inherit a financial -- -- -- -- This concerned a health bill born nine proposed constitutional amendment. To restrict use to the coastal protection and frustration on. And how he chose -- -- Purdue and a show today. All and wetlands and do we have the money to save ourselves the for the -- ago. And here we have a bill concerning -- and in this website -- says it's an omen for. General administration is proposing. This year. To put that to one million dollars in one time dollars in to the -- -- and and then take -- the same amount. What point five billion dollar proposed state spending plan. And probably have this all convoluted so we always go to -- expert and expert in this on beaches state treasurer Joseph and and the John welcome to -- or appreciated to aggregate. Absolutely a good morning -- to the proprietors and Greg rubles a little. -- Act -- -- via the coast restoration issue we -- anything else. In the -- one money goes. Through Schrager. The governor is proposing to collect it -- one billion dollar. The -- and expect to get out. And it -- operating expenses. That violates article seven section of our constitution. What we were we proposed but not occur to them there all week. We're proposing a -- -- double -- -- -- be done and that's what was before the commit. Where did the 51 million -- prone that he. Put in terms of the -- upon. -- Some other apple when he was amnesty money. Vote. On. -- When you have -- money you know usually operate answers. Use it for one time expenditure spot -- coach but respiration like -- broad. I. Apparently universe bill. And the problem is legislated as office just. Put out -- report that sort of pissed off but it's like the Khyber but offers they're they're on parts. Our patent. War in the budget that might dislike debate for next year which starts our war. There's man under 82 point. Failure. Kabul -- billion dollars. One -- money it is believed you right operate. Since. And what that means is that this -- next year. We will have to. An additional billion dollars. They have a continuation budget are we will cut the budget -- pitchers. It'll be perfect big -- The year is it legal to spin. -- in order and indeed two million dollars. And one time money. Not in my opinion about the -- but unless somebody Chapman has it in court. But it continued doing it. That -- the governors wrote this is like not at all. But in the past the legislature about what but it will go all this year. Are not I don't know yet. All right lipstick jumpers -- would come back talk and John Kennedy. And one of the questions about god come and if these reports are correct. And the governor is gonna put 51 million dollars -- to the big coastal restoration fund and then take it out and put new nugget in two via. General budget. I've been told him and tell them again and off the record and -- on the record by. A congressman's and he is in Washington it's anymore and -- we send them and you guys with a -- building bureau of the close to Bruce from relation. We're attracting and making sure that what you spend on -- have been a big promise. To put coastal restoration money in to coach roach -- and analogue to couldn't be -- one of my questions is. Does this -- that insurance at -- only gonna use money designated. -- certain purpose. Along those parameters. Of W negates W a immoral five to -- at. Was -- to Roy John Kennedy our state treasurer and the reason is. All of some of the -- A cell and I am so it's a little legislature. At colonel leaning towards accounting tricks by governor Jindal would administration. What they're claiming is that jungle. Want to put 51 million dollars in one time dollars into the coach upon the gold support and that is there. To save us from the -- taken over. And then take out the same amount. For the point five billion dollar proposed -- -- plan John would that go into the general -- -- if he does like. Yes it will be spent -- general expenses. It's not the only couple. Or triple. Money set aside for the New -- convictions. Tourism is our odd ball in the -- -- out there. That this budget. Take -- million dollars on the convention center. And and the administration promises bill that we know that some -- the idea that with bill bill saw and what. Is -- well well. It all comes. It penetration will change a little like despite. Ottawa -- that promise is going to be enforced but the eight million hours that we take a convention center will bridge the beat their next year. No we're drug did -- miracles on the governor's chief butchered by mr. achieved thanks to his roots we we've called to lead in the -- of -- -- to get a break and you come on. And -- she was quoted as saying. The administration is not reducing the coastal bond. Since it's always been always will be a priority to did you and administration protector coastline. The -- remains hole. The policy allowed Jindal to maintain investments. Higher educated in health care infrastructure. Without raising taxes on the museum of bring that. Well first it. It unconstitutional. But it. The constitution that matter to -- it's a little engine was to go to help taxpayers will work like your money more Austria. And we're putting it out for extra -- -- We're doing a good. But the next -- and a -- is a little disingenuous and what people. Trust public. I also you on cost to our server section of the decision is is very clear. Use awkward cart. Revenues -- right on -- expenses. And why does this. Well. As. An election. Quote it you have looked at should. -- They're the ones that -- holding the bat well as their their budget and cut. In general bought about sixty -- -- and Al were doing. But it. -- Education which is impossible. Of this study. -- all it would. -- -- a strange question admittedly. Eight. I've been reading bug covering this talking about -- legislature different governors senators congressmen -- Mueller slid towards. For almost 2000 years. Yeah and and I constantly -- well the kicking the can down the road boy you know of the deficit just growing bigger not execute carried -- to but the budget. Just getting bigger and bigger more taxing more and always -- on the job sooner or later that chickens who come home to room. There -- -- it's not going to come home to roots and this is just what we do in. We intermittently get a couple of entities it's operable we just -- -- -- truck. Oh win column roots but let's. All the optics. Or -- -- -- Aldridge. Why it happening but I like opera. There's been. Perhaps -- let it eat at eight year. Public -- and are more bored or what got into the governor what are your -- Com. There's also a trend. Circuit or other very much we. -- -- -- -- Legislature. For example that pension obligations. We talked about it or eight billion -- -- Reason that that -- -- of BRO. Pension. Probably -- the party they'll use for this out. Let it happen over night. His call because as well as. Well legislate or. -- a year problem ball. What other a government despite it more like part is another example that debate debate will be. -- restaurant. We have talked for ever. Our -- But it constantly being pushed all of the money -- out real player so. -- Outlook legislature. Exit this year oh so what will. You. The governor for adamant that this worry -- or it would require legislature. It straight no out sophomore so. You know but that would will be majority. Did depends -- in the of this money no load shalom and oh yeah depart. Of our coast and -- from the feds and I've been a we Richard everybody. In congress that we or asking. For anywhere from fifty -- -- hundred billion dollars to help this side of the ball we we're gonna use on the coach. And we are scheduled to -- hopefully. Substantial money from BP and from the battle battle -- from the BP match. It did the money up about it yet of course the fact that there at stake out -- what about -- current. Walter -- opera that Columbia River front -- who were real -- -- it would expert systems. It could be opposite somebody wants to bring out or -- but it's the only -- it -- -- agents. Do there's just gamble on general expenses that we know what you need money will do so it doesn't help spur short. He you know we've we've been in numbers -- we can -- -- Warren in the next hour. -- -- be Euro -- lawsuit against old companies that give monitor helped push saved the coastline and whatever. Erin and I've been told by a liberal or your friends and conservative warrior prince the bought the legislature trying to do and is is the goal win and reversal law after it's already bin. -- imports retro actively. Change a law breaches they say it unconstitutional. You're telling me leave the pulling out of it to one million dollars on the -- fund is unconstitutional. Why isn't the -- Fact that governors and legislators. Live by different rule that if we -- the yellow light we got to pay. But they can break the constitution. Would no repercussions. It well is that -- that -- that our army our issue well. Remember that. Our only unconstitutional. It someone -- And DP would spring courts -- you -- -- what the legislature it was unconstitutional. So legislature acts saying -- he always does this particular which are recovered which is and just what the constitution. And not borrow. And it -- somebody challenges. And I am honored and out power to handle on all -- least -- day. It's. I'm an optimist but many. Testified last week on the bill and try to explain why what we're doing is unconstitutional. But that's all. Up to each con con law it should all go in at all -- It's the -- -- the daddy it's not obliged like -- the boat but this legislature has many legislatures in the past. It is it is -- Substantially influenced by other that your -- ago. John don't tell anybody -- I'm gonna have a confidentially. -- did you and I hand. So that we can keep it -- and that would -- that -- and we know there can be no -- effects and we can just people and -- in the case. When knocked it on my family but -- are always. -- we didn't vote in the world when you know. But I do it real real people do it as. Or is one wide of the board of political positions open about it. There is some Swedes up -- give -- the rest opens though jobs that is so much real good. Are covered right about governor bill big celebrity. I've read. All of this -- and it's as legislators. Bent. Over June gold bugs are born there are -- graveyard. About. One of them said. They're not protecting -- dollars that the robbers not these administration. In the an added. Yeah -- -- wasn't too ugly. And then there and then we go public at the kid on the road and Drew Brees did that in. Told him he -- met with the governor they just -- little. What they're talking about is some can be viewed describing as in the it's governor agent who's now proposed. This year would -- one billion dollars 1000 dollars. Into the quote supply and inaudible on that can save themselves from the movement golf reaches -- let it. And Andy's got taken out. The same amount. And put it back into the general fund. For the five billion dollar. Proposed budget's spending and and saying -- and considered for -- that. But I got through people and ordered -- public and be true. A lead -- cyber dialogue from political and oh welcomed the show. Stevie forgot soon dirty do were prolonged from the legislature to watch CB well. Well thank column happy to be known. With a no other person. That doesn't have an -- -- -- know -- some time when star. In the movement. Listening beyond nor -- it together -- -- at that. Can dog me like that. All right I know this can't be true right and you wouldn't put it to. Close -- relief and bond. In particular in this -- and time the -- -- -- Well. I was -- the early and you don't get a practice can't that you had John Kennedy -- I'm gonna say is it that the problem is way bigger fifty sat me you need -- -- he -- -- drama. Filled with water and then practiced -- -- on the side of the problem. What happened to people -- Could refill it. You know it is it is absolutely amazing to -- 20 and we're -- years and Al -- legislature and -- governor. Do. And I am still Miami's every time I hear legislators. Say the things Garland which you have just very correctly. That they say. And they point all this at the governor. Would make complete. Just a boy I'd guess that -- tale about how government works what the three branches do. I mean they are literally as if not it was no better. Saying that the job day. Has somehow been wrecked. The governor now they're correcting the job. There's not a good guy in this conversation. Among all the folks that are responsible for what's going on here. And where it's going to be funny until about a year from now on and the governors can start companies and view in the legislature is gonna realize that when. He or she gets there. Animal that they be so much it is but I think it's closer to a billion. That a new governor is gonna have to sign. And I don't know how we do. All right coming right back to regular quick break to -- talked imports they would lose a -- -- Well all of those ordered were done about coastal restoration reports. Governor general. Putting 51 million dollars in the -- a restriction on. Then taken the same amount to put in the 25 billion dollar proposed sleep in Poland and the general fund. -- -- -- forgot some with me tell you soon -- could be used said that -- -- one million is kind of a drop in the bucket over what real numbers are. It's whining and be in. Would be facing the next government and I love that youthful optimism -- Let let let me say they have to let them let them let fail and break into reality here. You know we have that now a company. Two they the that figure is really to be in plus. And and that's because we have today. Well having now and -- net eighty million dollar short ball in Bobby Jindal last budget. Four -- 26 fiscal 2016 fiscal year plus state treasurer. John Kennedy's says that we oh. The various bonds that we are one to have money to balance the budget the last six years at -- -- dollars. So where where where. That next governor will be facing at least to be in now. Now let me concurrence. -- Elliott said. This is not the governors do. He can't vote -- single corporation's video. Or to bar is single dollar this is the resolve legislation the most the lost the mayor's. Taken -- that capital because they can't see themselves standing right back and -- Doing everything. But let me let me do you know overall picture of what the legislators have since Bobby Jindal became governor in 2000 and Kathleen Blanco governor Kathleen Blanco left the state a one point one billion dollar Serb force. That has been turned into a two billion dollar shortfall. Does that mean since since this. They legislators. Came in in 2008. Is still there and Bobby Jindal have turned our state is. It is the deficits. Does it. -- -- matter -- The report one B and now that that's big the big -- Elliott has been about five years ago you said -- regarding your your -- since then what problem that -- watching Baton Rouge and new Hampton. Other encourages. Were running out of money on the federal side and more more than you push the cause sound right now -- all that toppled by. The mayor went to the legislature to give new taxing district for the -- -- -- don't -- -- money. Three billion dollars for broken water pipes in the senate. 73 million a year just to pay our share of the new flood protection. Fifty to a hundred billion to restore the area of this can keep us from being destroyed. And these these guys and girls and governor and -- just keep rock and roll in this is that capitalism work. Well it's what we're trying to make war and you're exactly right we're running at a -- it has taken. Fits all and -- remember the federal government got -- any taste of what this is gonna look like with something called sequestration. In which we actually ended in a few categories for a brief moment in -- In less money and we had spent the year before in the federal government you would have thought DC was collapse. It's gonna get worse they're. All over again. It is certainly. He year. And that means our local governments are just now getting around to exist as we get the same thing going on entry port that you have going on in new war. And let's remember. The real backdrop here for is more critical than most places in America. Contrary all of -- -- call baloney from governor Jindal and Stephen Moore today its efforts that were. Louisiana is not expand. We don't have the chain to here. Of riding that lifts all boats. I think that in the energy sector. We probably will -- in the short term some very real economic vibrancy if you will of the federal government I mean I think we're gonna get. New money. Basically from the energy complex. Some of -- is gonna affect -- positively because of construction jobs especially in the petrochemical Alley over the next few years. They are emperor. Louisiana is not growing. Sell our footprint does not explain. We have to come up with two or three billion dollars for government from those of us who are here now -- war. We have to cut services. In a way into a degree. That no one living in -- has overseen much less experienced. It's a -- and John can do so move the legislature the governor is basically said normally. And you're convention center -- you think fifty -- but. We're gonna give the bacteria. I know I know I'm not going to be governor anymore soon. -- legislators won't be your bullet trust us it's okay. Why why do legislators. Goal long -- this or they. Threatened to on other projects that they crossed the national law and with the governor. Yes today. They this group of legislators unlike mania that pursuing reforms that the group that came in because of term limits. Believe that the only thing they should they have to do to get reelected. Is bring home the bank. And it makes no difference how much that they can cost if they bring that little sidewalk -- boat ramp home. And they will get reelected they lacked the institutional knowledge to know that that is totally unnecessary. And that they can just tell what governor -- But. They'd -- built and that therefore you know it it's like people ask me all the -- can you know. It what do you do when people threatening us -- well. I've never let them do that because I've finished. Well that's what happened. Date they have allowed Jindal to threaten them they have caved in and then he knows it's not a matter if they can be intimidated. But what the pricing. All right -- -- who -- you call because on live true you know and very confident tool entrepreneur rule. Primarily were in -- and sports here and pencils were not really interested in this -- -- So if John and I and you to form a -- sports industry on -- kicking it. This could be really big and we could do -- chosen on on interesting thing. Well and we can get money from -- any. Economic developed. A oops I mean come on Saturday though that none of that could compete with the professionals we have actually. Your -- in that -- we have created amateur. Leaks that we can play it. Well I'll come up with something else and I'll call you go in regular -- always good talking to you have a good day out yeah. All right double rubbed open the -- WAM and 53 yeah. All you're. Against an ID seven oil company is will reverse reformed intended to deep politicized. Libby districts in new war. Well think about -- more or you got come that you got questions -- call to execute or 187. Told creates exit statin island zeroed somebody and don't debt. At about twelve boarding human give way yeah pair of tickets to Jazz Fest valued at a 170. Stay would just go to Libya.