WWL>Topics>>4-24-14 12:10pm Garland: on Louisiana's budget mess

4-24-14 12:10pm Garland: on Louisiana's budget mess

Apr 24, 2014|

Garland talks about Louisiana's budget mess with author John Barry and Fishman Haygood lead counsel Jim Swanson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The second half -- of the show were going to be thinking about it and all other government watchdog. And -- about being able to -- lawsuit and another government watched. Says governor jungles of and so -- lawsuit against 97 oil companies there -- We'll reversed reforms intended to deep political side is and professional. And let it be different in new war. And remember correctly to -- -- complains about being -- The very least every incompetent. In the big push -- to cope. To review of the board for fools wounds in and regulations. And where is to get things done that brokers receive. John Barry was on the board and surplus -- to. -- is on the board and his his term expired in the governor did not put him back on board of -- number of people don't know that opened on prop -- terribly involved in the lawsuit so. We want to talk -- won't talk to the bureau and church just an update on what's happening out room. It. Well. Are allowed their people on it and how good sport is that we sat at the paths currently American society that -- -- year. Well one of the people like what the chief engineer or child born 16100 miles away these. There's. Walker most of these storms are -- the world and in vs North Carolina. It I mean -- with people who were experts doubt courses. All -- lol calm though Google later. It also the only unsigned. That they get a particular. Quote distinguished lecturer and quotas and actually cap on it. These people. Extraordinary. And when we were not political. One and in the sense that. Nothing and did the impact on -- -- what you do. Political impact. We regret the vote in non political. Science we were not supposed to let political outside political influences. Affect what decisions -- Reality. Because. Oh lead in politics. It was not possible for elected officials at least nobody got. To go forward. -- industry. Or that -- To do what they agreed to do what the war requires them to do that's all war. Is we want them to comply with their agreements. They comply with state law. You know so. That freedom. Is now being threatened are independents and independent board out Brett. Periods -- bill. -- senator Bradley. Who -- seven and number. Which would allow that order to remove members as a board and make it like a border state. And one of the key elements. Of the sport independence. With the back. Its members could not be equally yanked off the board as they did something a politician like. And frankly your -- people willing to work -- flies in from North Carolina California. If they're subjected. To the political. -- win. Leaving -- -- their sport cricket responsibility bird cherry point. We saw our responsibility. Protecting people. -- -- we -- because that compelled. A trial war. In order for the master plan projects. And protect people. All right Morgan take a break or target and John -- ago also can be -- and Jim Swanson. -- lead counsel. From an ignorant and all in the lawsuit against oil companies. And get a little bit more of an update what's happening in the legislature's. They would double dubbed Leo brigade seventy and one applied to -- it. Welcome back of were we're getting ready to talk to no big government watchdog. The says governor jungles efforts to eliminate lawsuit against -- he -- little companies we were Burris reforms intended to deep politicized. -- active troops in the New Orleans area. Our Deborah -- -- -- opinion poll we ask every day it will governor Jindal by global oil companies and communities. At more risk for letting it be three ports and a Busey at some yeah. We have. John -- or whether it's one of the leaders of this throw votes in June 12 and lead -- with -- and gentlemen I'd assume words senator heavily one of those. During the the football for governor Jindal on the plate against the lawsuit. Amid some changes from what he's trying to do what the. Garland the main change that he made was to delete. There was some language in the bill that said that the governor could fire. Board members if they've violated public policy but it didn't define what public policy wasn't. Think it would've amounted to. Giving him the ability to move to fire anybody at any time for. Any any reason. That languages deleted from the bill but. It it was replaced with language talking about. Fiduciary duty and violation of law which are similarly undefined so. I think that the law does exactly what it did did before it gives the governor free pass to. To tinker with the board at anytime for any reason. I just got through talking to John Kennedy's seat treasuries talking about. Governor putting it to one million dollars into the coastal restoration. Poland in the in pulling it out there in the general fund for this year's this school budget. And then him not being around when it comes doomed to put that money back. A whole audience to -- to veteran assembled we talk about when thing. The oil companies bio -- golden ball. Then we're simply asking them to help those paper something. That if we don't fund money from 84. We won't lived here in the -- itself Louisiana. That's not an exaggeration. As the. Now that's certainly not an exaggeration the the maps that are contained on the CPR web site. -- that. In the absence of very aggressive. Measures to augment the post that many of the coastal communities are not -- -- best. India fifty years. And that's you know that that's really indisputable. The question -- the -- Portland Portland's going to be. A community that. That is gonna have to be happy to to a very significant degree. Greater than it is now -- levees need to be armored. And it's very questionable whether that kind of system could stand up. Against. -- -- a major emerging. Right currently world would be almost. And the airports would be able. And it and threw it to make sure people understand. The governor has got a lot of applause for the the coastal restoration plan. What the Telesis we need. Fifty to 100 billion dollars every year. In order to implement the plan and unless we go up from around. The hundred billion dollars sector. We don't add anything at all we just want to say even a -- bumper. To not have to move now. I'd -- you meant you meant Tuesday -- 5000. Year. That Mexico will. Over the next fifty years right so let's just say yeah it's a lower number than a billion dollars a year. I'm looking at that -- numbers. A year. 2003. Yeah 2000 that -- 668. -- Your 2016500. -- bill. Next year 451. Where you don't be anywhere near a billion for the first three years. Where were counting on acting boldly where we're counting on. Surrendered to land route through to bring Cindy additional royalties. So the thinking behind -- we know what caused. And we do not see that money in -- do. No doubt. Again billboard file -- to on the master plan. People that were interfering with the master plan. Were trying to date for the match. And we of course hope. That. Our action would precipitate a solution for the entire state for the entire coast -- -- You know. Differences legislation. That we been talking about it's going to be voted -- sooners could be -- Almost. -- will. A little bureau losers would call senator I admire in senator Larry Theo tell them why. Store chain and fall and the whole independents and every way. A lot of four. And if you support the lawsuit which was elbows senators that you support the walks. And again when you -- John. Brick reports. I think for a lot of people your your -- grocery you -- and kids who you -- job at supplies -- in -- But the morning you heard that we don't that. Your going to eat it if we get -- -- year. Some kind of we've got to be -- no longer breed some very quickly tell me apart rule I think. This game -- where it's viva Louisiana coast rose for -- protection authorities now are raised some of the breed directly from. The website basically said as the soon three continue. Oil and gas became prominent economic drivers critical resources. Ross and our nation. And they crisscrossed south Louisiana with canal and pipeline unfortunately. In the process the coastal marshes world loss. Disaster relief all read that natural hydrology. Of the region. Proposal include bear with me -- -- dredging has been one of the most dramatic spectrum wetland -- Regional ration in laws in addition to directly destroying. More options. And goes on and explaining now. That. Item on the web side I think has been pulled off that. Yes sometime after the lawsuit was filed the language says it. I think it was about two weeks after the lawsuit was filed that language disappeared from the from the TP RA web site. All right here's another one is sort of under a bill crow. And this Tuesday regulation mineral exploration production Charlotte Shelby cleared -- vegetative. Detoxify. And and restored his nearest product of global two of their original condition upon termination of operations for the Maktoum and practical. Couple of things that are shouldn't Bradley said the make all. The regulations. And -- permits or not at all. Percy -- second thing he's said was. You couldn't or in the first place you'd try to put that much back in the canals is just like each cushion out and stay -- what are your response to those -- Well I think that it's very clear that the regulations and the the permits are able law. Their. There are I mean obviously the regulations are state laws that that. The deal companies were aware of -- that those laws have been on the books for thirty years and they were obligated to follow those laws. There are laws going all the way back to eighteen that dodges to meet people they did that govern this area code so to say that there. The laws have changed or that the oil companies aren't aware of the laws that is really. Not correct. And the second thing I would I would say. Regarding the question about. -- maintaining these canals is that there is there are very detailed comprehensive regulations. In in the Louisiana regulations that govern exactly what needs to be done. And those regulations are are feasible. And there are part of the permit requirements. So to say that event certainly in some areas now. That have been converted to open water it would be very difficult to refill. But if if state oil companies have done what they were supposed to do at the time they were supposed to do it it was all very practical. And very possible. And he and they applaud you will know on. Tool bowl when the -- on ending the governments in order to get to work. Every year. All right -- -- mindless action and starting Yahoo! Google so. Joseph owned or June -- -- particular -- -- break past the oil company people and -- and coal companies. You have what is 101020. Miles and miles of pipeline. In the in the marches. And it's. Pardon. And in line in there. So it's just on us having the round come out from under its. They have billions and billions of dollars investment. Of Nazis the benefit of intrigue of. That -- absolutely see the benefit of the city and participated in the street participated in. -- master plan that support the master plan does want you to -- I don't want to pay for I find -- extraordinary because it is literally in the air shall enter. I mean for example it's the master plan calls for close to five billion dollars. Essentially protect port which now. It would be a lot cheaper you know everybody who lives near ten million dollars I'll vote. The reasons. That's in the master and his because it's sir it protects the infrastructure. Of the oil ministry so you would think at the very least the industry would be well. And that's meant to protect around infrastructure. But they saying there about the law they May -- -- in the political process in Louisiana. And that they can get taxpayers. To take the step up. My real concern is not so much that taxpayers. What papered my real concern is that no. Sports it's not going to act on. And the result will be everybody's we. But stopped when -- -- that that's. If you think that. The federal government has come and pick up the -- dreamy particularly Latin people. In congress recognized. That the industry. Why ability. Didn't need legal obligation so why should taxpayers. Yeah it is the lead -- in an attempt to call I -- try to collect. From somebody why able programs in new promise. Isn't required by law exit that sells it why should the extra -- you know that. Legislation. Incorporating it in Louisiana back up. Absolutely amazing. John -- once again how to listeners have if there are concerned about is who do they call. Well senator David I admire and senator McConnell air. You know I would say to back you know number one on the ball in the pan -- and emphasize all independent. On the what protection or preserve bat in number to let the courts decide. The industry says that they have defenses. And that they should be because of XY yeah well there's about what the -- support. And most of that. Let the courts decide in support the full independence -- in the country right now follow. From saint Bernard parish and -- do. Others in the legislature will be -- Not next week but the week later. Out civil law community. Which. Bodes. And critically. Operate perhaps calls represented. Would be useful so. Jones and -- I appreciated call will continue to do this until we reach a conclusion at great. Governor a bill Bill Gates -- area more revived the real film company right.