WWL>Topics>>4-24-14 12:35pm Garland: on Jindal's levee board reforms

4-24-14 12:35pm Garland: on Jindal's levee board reforms

Apr 24, 2014|

Garland talks with BGR President/CEO Janet Howard about Governor Bobby Jindal's levee district reforms.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bro we're going to go along to a bottle every board -- it in the legislature. At -- would make changes or at least. Registered where it's important for in two potential changes the way levee board is Roland. Yes Syria think it was a bureau government search route and analysis. Of that bill with the situation. -- -- how were presidency Euro RB TR Jenna welcomed the short pretty cute to talk. -- -- -- -- So -- more -- absurd shields. A different other multiple bills in the legislature that relate to that book the suitability -- east has brought against. In various energy companies. Some of those directly relate to that in some are in -- -- that they purport to change the governance of the Levy boards that the kind of tactical. Biggio are dealing not at all to want to directly related losses we don't have any view on that. But we argue that the governance once they -- a couple of wanted him long term. Implications for the independence of those sports. I'd get one of at least 79. FB 79 was originally introduced as to change the way that. People -- point excellent report. Now you're called before Katrina the governor made the appointment Atlantic -- the governor has the ability to remove people at Wales so. That people were very beholden to him and we didn't and effort and not it can't people -- at the switch. There with a major change to camp give up a bit more independent and this was done by creating and nominating process. That uses experts. Hitting them. Experience requirements etc. And one of the things happen at any time nominating proposal. Process was proposed that would allow the governor to. Because repeatedly nominee. Bentley that was changed and what was that -- instead it was very simple prevention and it said. That the governor could remove. Elected board member. You know unilaterally. For a number of reasons that included and dereliction of duty. Failure attend meetings which were. Kind of against violations of law and public policy. We did so it was a big change at the fourth that the board could. Stated governor. We have someone is not a performing member he's not respecting his duties he's not attending meetings governor removed from the governor had to remove. That's quite different from saying that governor you can just come in and removed somebody on these grounds many of which are fake it last night that bill -- and it. Senator removed the reference to public policy. But there's still. Bit there's there's three prompted BGR -- -- this beast 79. One -- out -- for big round particularly public policy. Number two gave the governor unilateral power to do during the number three -- -- no process for some way to defend themselves. And governor said that you've been violating the law there's a process that some might say not let it. Senate that they changed one bit with the dressed as accurately the public policy and they added that they'd -- violations of law. Has to be in the performance that duty. But we still have the issue of the governor him in the -- unilateral ability to decide what I was stopped in to remove somebody and again without process. So these -- still kind of -- Rainier it's. Pretty independents and again because. Who wants to serve on the board especially experts -- coming in from from out of town. Where the government has so much discretion in doing -- in the. All right we've been -- basic understanding that speaker quick break come back. If you will lose to a couple more minutes have -- happy to come and ride back over. We're thinking about legislative action debate changed. The way people -- reported to and kept all up kept on the -- -- board that -- -- control large with protecting -- from being watched a wayward Janet Howard with the presidency you'll beat your -- roar of government little search and they've just finished. Say on this. Agenda think we're talking about send the -- celebrity non. If -- every correctly. The bill would permit the governor our board members of days in the governors who. Violated the law and that's in quotations. With the main board member gets his speeding ticket to her registration lapses -- -- could use that as a reason to get Bruno. And it last night language that would make clear that within in India and in the course of their duties. The question becomes what is it what is considered a violation. But state law in -- Day in and activity. They're in some allegations about violations of state offer in the way that the allotment. The loss it was operate in five out. Could be governor make that determination and then you know get rid of everybody that voted for it that's one question that's -- considering. What is the violation of duty. That's another kind of it's vague vague term as a said the public policy one which was extremely wide open is now gone and the current version. I want to mention to. Garland and another -- admit that that's sexy independent let me board which is SB 629. And that one says that the Levy boards which had been established in the local government tradition of the constitution. Would be moved over to. The executive branch -- what does that mean well among other things it might mean that the governor. Get the veto power. Two that is you know speaking earlier. Over the board members because there's case out there that says -- governor veto the governor. -- -- take in the play of power the governor but if the governor had that many forms. In in in that case you can't limited by. Did. You know -- depriving him of the so. You have one bill that would allow Vito nominees and then another one that -- go out there removal under certain circumstances. Both of these things that impact the independence of the ready ports if you call. It was a very important reform after Hurricane Katrina. To get away and -- crony appointment from at the state level. Happy experts here who were very focused on. The mission a political. And the though the blow in theory is if if the governor is who's given. More controlled who's got now or legislators. We're just not going to be able to have the professionals in the independents. That we've had in the path social. But I mean you have a problem here you're getting you know experts from you know across the United States is someplace that were willing to common here and serve as they have a question -- somebody. Note that they can be removed unilaterally for grounds that Tim may or may not these -- depending on the circumstances. You know it makes people less less willing to serve. You also have somebody that -- that is the executive branch you've got the governors there holding this sort of everybody's. Do you can but indirect pressure can be exerted even if you have a supposedly independent board. As your organization come to the conclusion be better just leave the board as is or you recommending image. So we're -- bright red we're not recommending any changes at this. And in the thing hillside evidence Cuba the public should hear. Now that they -- -- that that -- -- we're not involved in. What positions -- a lot about -- very important to keep track of these these these bills because everyone and it's within minutes. When we saw what happened between identity led these these -- reports are so critical it's not some minor agencies that your. You're dealing with it's something where we have problems because of the lack of professionalism. Someday and did the appointment to witness that were done by the deputy governor of the state of Louisiana. There was a concerted effort which addressed that 60000 people signed petitions. And citizen's land went up there and spot and it was changed in now. At least think -- have short memories figures later. There's movement to roll this back. June and has always appreciate what you do and appreciate the come on the show you -- -- Sure. All right are double of the Oprah did you -- opinion poll we have as you know. Will governor jungles. On top of oil companies put our communities at more risk for flooding. The answers you get votes is 79%. Yeah its. Governor right back governor BO brigade celebrity video mortal 53 -- Congratulations. To read to -- -- ego war bird tickets suggest defense valued -- -- 170 -- And don't forget go to our Deborah BO review -- -- period for noble way we and we've randomly select them like he wonders midnight Thursday. April 24 -- content rules apply. Epic bouncing from all of said -- ago. And you -- were talking there about via. Oil in Rio lawsuit filed by the year so peace and we in the Libby does for east. And the blow against companies told for a brief bit of talk of this lawsuit continues and the lawsuit continues. We're gonna run a lot of companies out of here and and although companies just like him come in. Where yesterday governor Jindal send out a news release he -- marathon petroleum announced progress towards potential. 2.2. Billion to two board by a billion dollar project. Right here in the museum. Aaron -- is next with the -- minds they would use of.