WWL>Topics>>4-24 4:35pm Sports Talk: Saints Regular Season Schedule

4-24 4:35pm Sports Talk: Saints Regular Season Schedule

Apr 24, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk about the Saints 2014 regular season schedule and what it means for the black and gold.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk about the Kasey -- him by BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program will talk to our. If you see cohost a memo of -- sports teams Steve Cole will join us to give us his take on the -- 2014. NFL schedule and also it is take on the upcoming. NFL draft the Orlando Ledbetter will be with -- he's in the Atlanta journal constitution. As we go around that. Conference to talk about the schedules for the Panthers the Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a Cummings who cope with the book is for the Tampa Tribune will be with us in -- so he will be -- -- -- -- but the -- Panthers. Radio network and in all draft in the 7:8 o'clock hour as a visit with NFL analysts. Mike did -- 504260187203866889. 0870. RD numbers to get involved in Texas and 870 eights in the email as the big chief Debbie did you know dot com. The Saints have five prime time games on the regular season three on the road to at home. Which game will be the toughest -- can't -- vote online at WWL. Dot com at Dallas Sunday Night Football vs green basin and I football authors that I game against. Carolina that is the week or actually a handful of days after that Green Bay game. Ravens on Monday night and Chicago in early December over the middle of December of on a Monday night took issue vote online at W -- real. That come about via an interesting we talk about some. Notes is -- you start to look around the National Football League. Interesting in the last three years the Saints. Have hosted more non primetime Thursday gains assuming none Thursday primetime games in the of the team. That is five. They've hosted. Seven primetime. Games and only two have been on the road. So that is maybe beat feet for the black and gold in with a five you know at home. The only two while on the go on the road world and losses and you look at other things as far as the schedule is concerned. We talked about break it down the black and gold. -- are again facing a good slew of quarterbacks Bobby when you start talking about an October. You're playing. Matt Stafford over -- his place when he plays a lot better and Rodgers here. Cam Newton -- captain. Andy Dalton. Joseph Flacco. Ben Roethlisberger. Cam Newton. Jay Cutler. And Matt Ryan all in consecutive weeks by the -- that's a pretty good school quarterbacks -- -- faces in Millwood is its seventh taken weeks that. Yet now you know I think it definitely. The stands to reason I don't think the thing to go undefeated at home again. I mean I'd be a great feat considering his stamina bagels were aren't seeded who you think it'll in the regular stated you think demise of the whole month and a low and to the percentages right I mean -- I don't look at the -- primetime games at home being the toughest to read it or not there to meet. Is still going to be the forty -- in and that that's November 9 at noon. I mean because you look the -- -- That critical called Colin that was Oklahoma Drew Brees guided that wasn't a penalty. Right and we don't win the game but we still won it but I like coach and as a whole I'd better playing -- as a school in the superdome than having to go out there. Very similar to where Seattle's it. A right now. When I look at the home in the -- schedule in theory are miracle which -- saying this. That he take -- home feel. And that's considered outstanding if you go six into. Now it if you. Away from home and on the till I get to double digit win judges go 500. BO Ford Ford type team now. I'm looking at the saint right now and I'm just speculating. And the ego and how I came eleven win season. I think. 701 in a moment of four and four on the road when a look at which direction. You know they can go back and forth and and I think. I think he'd be an unbelievable accomplish they would get to thirteen wins. I think. Eleven a more realistic -- that and and possibly maybe twelve. And just looking at the -- just it all that to happen. Any scenario when I've broken it down I think we've got to get off -- great start I don't think I know right considering -- at this schedule and that after a bye week and starting with at Detroit in that explosive off has been particularly. I don't mean to date is October 26. When you look at that until November to sixteen that's all twelve teams Packers Carolina 49ers. A Bengals and I'm not even counting that they've never been the Ravens -- they got him here on Monday night have a Beagle I'd Pittsburgh and Carolina at home. No it just goes on and on. It's almost like playoff scenarios thrown until October and nineteenth. In -- -- Tampa Bay on December the 28. Now I think. Before a bye week if you look that five game stretch. Worst case and -- -- this Nathan Ford one I think they have a great opportunity before -- to even be. Five and oh. In the first two games are on the road that it's always tough. But. A look at the Vikings -- we gonna take care of in this open the season and this scenario dig at Atlanta at Cleveland. -- Dallas. They gonna have wanted to scenarios like -- -- lose this game we should of one they gain. The ball and bounce always had a talent come. And at four wins to one loss is the one that thing has been really impressive. Is that if you look at the month of November. And and in closing out. The month of November since 2009. Beat the Saints are seventeen and three. That's unbelievable when you talk about December of football but you look at November how crucial that is. Are you trying to send it home who's in the twelfth pitcher who's not and the Saints are seventeen and three since 2009 in the month of November. And big a lot of a lot of like meaningful games and I mean by meaningful. Teams that are are perceived on the perception is that they gonna be in the hunt playoffs. And a lot of -- games we got in the superdome. That's why like solitaire is a lot. To maybe get to eleven or twelve wins simply because those games in the superdome. Vs having to go and travel on the road. Now you look at clothes and other regular season away from home for the first time. There's been a first time since 2009 December 20 that Tampa Bay. You know we used at that time playing in the superdome it. That that's gonna be a game on the road that's gonna be a game -- flipping the -- I think yet haven't exactly this last night. That would look at the lateral. When the Saints are legit like contenders like -- are now and I'll look at the NFC south and a look at Tampa -- the Falcons. And Carolina. Two -- three I'll always. Put them splitting. And now one of them sweeping -- this year I'm going -- Biggest lowly Carolina split with have a babe -- the Falcons. And -- -- Tampa -- gonna maybe -- 2014. But getting on the quarterback play the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs I think. That -- going to be impressive. And so that's why I have the Saints medium October to a fifth at home but even still. Yeah I haven't even if you lose to them on December 28. To close out the season. Still have. Eleven wins. So I mean that that could be of the way more meaningful game could consider when you playing for playoff seeding maybe possibly that number one seed. But the whole slate I don't know. As if I ever seen a better as a as a blade on the Sean Payton. The teams that come in the town the most boring game maybe it might be the very first one but is never boring because it's you opening the season. And that's the Minnesota Vikings right that you got division opponent Tampa Bay. The -- got Aaron Rodgers and the Packers come to town. The 49ers. The bagels that that their defense is about it they'll knock us -- but as good as again isn't -- like a set on Monday night. I think the things you're ready to roll like our chances of playing the Ravens coach Payton and Drew Brees has never beaten the Ravens I don't like to be playing -- Monday night. They can -- Carolina and a division game then the Falcons. Boy if you can if you shared tickets when a friend. You know you take okay you got four home games -- -- for. Well the month a -- -- goal. Boy look at these that this four game stretch at home. -- when you look at this Green Bay Sam at sisco Cincinnati in Baltimore all on Monday night. Then and -- three straight home games November 9 afternoon which 24. That's that's a very impressive slate for the superdome in -- Mercedes-Benz superdome for the fans to go but. The guiding when all's said and done to have five prime prime time games. I think so one of those games in the back in. And now when does it start to flags game as they've been in November after Thanksgiving menacing. But it I Agassi. One that's a new kickoff of the Steelers bounced back. Did that at Pittsburgh that might be Sunday Night Football against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. I get -- home December 7 that's a new kickoff. That Beckett via flags game even the last 2 December 21 when he tennis like. A very strong for report that five possibilities of the Saints. I think your opponent double B the ticket figure things when it comes around whether or not they. Move him to play instead -- at twelve noon kickoff. -- primetime match Obama's and then I would deflects it. He is the case he came in Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia operated jaguar -- about the Saints have five primetime games 30 on the road to -- home. Which do you think of those prime time games will be the toughest adult again later in the Al give it co word. In the 1000 dollar nation wide vacationing -- contest here on WW yeah. And welcome back. Rehashing yet -- chance to digest it. The saints' schedule and now -- -- and when people go around in the star break and it down and you look at it their logistically and would team's travel and so forward don't look around our division today is Carolina as you look on the back in there. They're a handful of games this season sets up a better for the two teams that won in two of the division. Compared to the Saints last handful again. As they ended the and they have a tougher start. Because things do not have a tough start and I mean everything it's NFL game bright but the perception. You look at their first five games compared. Two win October 26 onward October November December. I mean it's in his CD Carolinas the C schedule from September. To the middle of October. Or our win is their by game I could tell -- -- Carolina -- saint. Now the league is steadily working Carolina's favor and I think this might be the toughest primetime game to about a short week you play in the Packers. And I think about that on a Sunday night on NBC at home October 26 -- got to travel. -- Carolina on that Thursday night game and as you know there weren't not at that. That's really. I put in laws there for the Saints it is. I mean you -- an equally -- have a dome all they get away at sixteen and know you try to be that objective right and considering. That's sandwiched between Green Bay in the 49ers. That that would be within a short week. And now who knows who's gonna happen but I think that's going to be tough slanting to -- as the top his prime time game. Because the way the schedule falls -- at Carolina Thursday night. -- the first five games foe Carolina on -- -- today next in the next few segments on the program would take a look at the Tampa schedule Carolina schedule and the -- falcons' schedule they open up a at. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers they come home and host the alliance. Follow by hosting the Steelers they go to Baltimore come home and host the -- is that at the Bengals at the Packers. And any host Seattle and the Saints. Now you look on the back in their last handful of games of Bobby. Although -- those three -- -- road at Minnesota and New Orleans. Back to back home game against Tampa and -- and the Cleveland followed by -- game. At Atlanta so when you look at him know from a toughness standpoint. They have the Steelers at home they have the Seahawks at home. And they have those are the tough ones that it that are at home and the Bears are at home they do travel Carolina does. To the Baltimore Ravens but that's earlier in the year so you're not faced away oh yeah when is that and they have a at the yes. The it's I would see as the schedule tonight and they are playing their first place schedule because they wanted to do right now but it does things the timing maybe more payroll to Carolina. In the things. They did show -- the history of the Falcons and I think it's truly unbelievable how close has been. Overall you look at the regular season all time series. Slight advantage to the Falcons 46 wins. 46 of 43. Wins for the Saints but whatever department lately this is on the Sean Payton Drew Brees jones' one. Twelve with a sixteen meetings so twelve of sixteen games since 2006. And they've also had series -- five and eight years. -- -- a period. Now that you gotta go way back I get -- this I was part of his game. The two clubs -- when the season against each other we all know last year for the first time since 1986. I can remember. Is on that Saints team in 86 we got waxed by the Falcons. Dallas and coach largest killed us and Hammond and training camp like we are ready had played the whole season. Before even started. And now they came -- superdome and had beaten us and then if you look on the road as far as opening the season will be the first time the Saints have started their season in Atlanta. He got to go back in 1981. You know bum Phillips days so -- a lot of history downward Atlanta and it is just unbelievable from a psychological standpoint in the momentum -- at a high UN. As long as you wind you look at that I will be able to believable play can go either way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd never know whatever goes thousand direction that's why you always wanna get off to a great start as far as momentum and swagger and confidence. You know no matter how much experience you have on the team solo. It will be interested to see. The gate you hope you don't have because junk yard coming out the gate high expectations. That you don't have what are those -- like how in the world that we lose that and and I'm saying. That's sitting where Atlantic Cleveland -- right now even though it's on the road ago we still are we should start out two and no we just never know -- you hope. And is probably be one game like that over you know look back on this season. Whether home far away I'm more likely I'm being in it being on the road. Is that if we're playing a series against the Jets at the Rams like Ichiro we we beat them. A -- bests of four out of seven but that one game the Saints took away open. And I just saying like we try to figure it out there might be one of those games that we're better within just take care of it is that they. Steve Colin -- us mixed levied abilities -- for 31 time the first news we'll go to Jim hands. And welcome back operated at -- info Saints have prime prime time games on the regular season schedule. Three homers two to three on the road to at home which will be the toughest games to vote online at WWL. Dot com. And over get LSU baseball coming up tomorrow evening 630 air time a seven campers it's a three game series as the Tigers. Take on. The Tennessee. Volunteer. Team counting down to be. LHU draft on tomorrow's programs in the -- draft. But tomorrow's program would take a look at the LSU offensive -- and which ones who have the best breakout season and the best overall career. And tonight from 78 all things NFL. Mike did to you will be with us as we continue -- toward the -- and -- -- two weeks that from the -- about it will be game set phobia primetime -- round. Yet the end of some players that are getting antsy and you know wish it was all over. Guessing as they get enough few more opportunities maybe to impress a team to draft them. Yeah a year ago due time we will get ready get ready and could be day one that's that's I'm telling so it's. I think you might end of keeping an Indy. You know like this in here and -- going back it is scheduling look at that. At Cleveland and they come I'm correct on this. I think Dallas coach -- first win as a head coach -- I Cleveland we talked about last night Bryant Young haven't three Celtics had that game it was neat typical high scoring. The Saints office like we used to -- as of late with Drew Brees in the helmets on Peyton. But the Browns overall I had the Saints them they lead the -- the six season series. Twelve before about. If you about opening up at Atlanta and I Cleveland as the first time things have gone on the role for the first two contests. Since 2007. And obviously I was includes paying those second season. After the U reporter went in in FC championship game loss but the the Bears in the Vikings the first. A home game on September 21. But now when every department lately the Saints have been on the winning end of the last three meetings with the Vikings well remember. That big tree in NFC championship games in the saint. To the suitable was obviously against -- form and it was like they won three in a row against them and then -- hole -- Dallas. September 28. I'm expecting another -- -- been the -- gonna put on the Cowboys another one and considering. On December 10 2006 and who dat nation was formed at Dallas you know -- we won 42 -- seventeen about can recollect that game. But the Saints have won so all you cowboy fans -- Louisiana on the West Bank -- wherever you know -- the closet. But the Saints have won eight of the last nine meetings against the Dallas Cowboys in three straight contest. In their 2013. Eating well or remember that. It was a saints' plane did you go team who now with the plane ride the Saints beat the Cowboys 49 to seventeen and its and the IOC view Putin had to -- -- advance the nationally televised contest. That's when the Saints set an NFL single game record. 41 -- -- not thirty. 41 downs NFL single game record -- had a franchise record. 625. Total net yards not 525. Which is ridiculous. 625. Total net yards with the Cowboys even played defense. ID so that that's I'm looking forward to that. Because I like that tell you on the Sean Payton who dat nation. The foundation was laid at Dallas on a Sunday night game and asked for re going to be a September to -- nice and united in Dallas. 260187866889087. The ease the number to get involved in Bobby. At a New Orleans Saints and now there's this break it down also to schedules earlier and Alice and arrested. Are we talking about advantages and disadvantages. They they were talking about ranked Clark who was -- almost even now the Washington Redskins. They were looking at. His current team. What is the Washington Redskins schedule. And they got into the schedule of his former team the Pittsburgh Steelers and I heard it -- the panels say that in between October and November. Pittsburgh only travel 850. Mile. Today everything bases than their backyard and I mean Hanson. You'd think about it and the best traveler university -- travel in those that really traveling again banking -- -- that you could travel and hadn't won one for a now I don't think. In any when he got the short trip is that we -- the -- do it and and as they need to even though it is a short trip. I don't think mister Rooney. And is making this it was take a -- No it you know and you don't have an imminent ESPN thing where they were they would do and who the best teams they had the Steelers in the foreign arms right right -- -- -- -- -- was so embarrassing to both -- home for the power game and ESP opened the great teams that easy to have a no they would they would be a fine. Yeah but but that makes it everything that's why I think in theory. It can't work authority are definitely even against year. Because it doesn't matter home or away that being the Miami Dolphins. Are as Seattle Seahawks. When you traveling. You travel. You look at the Jaguars. Even though that's AFC team and on the same division with the Dolphins. There and AFC south of the dollars and -- c.'s prime candidate at the NFC team. And and you look what what's around Seattle what was the closest San Francisco. And gamers ANC's silly when you talk a lot that's why it's so tough. When you have to go out there two win at Seattle that and plus you throw in the crowd and everything -- they love football. Seattle almost like deep south country. How they appreciate American football. And then looking at I found -- when I would had to travel about not big that's why I mean. The black (%expletive) when he went to Indianapolis the Colts beat him him Andrew Luck and and and stuff so that's why I'm vacant. That makes all the difference in the world we get Seattle and have been in the come way down to New Orleans. Now like our chances a lot. Butler on the flip side we have to go very you've got to give them. I found interesting about -- opening week in the era. They put the Packers. And they put the Seahawks. Where they could have put the Bronco and the Seahawks I don't -- -- man c'mon did you get embarrassed again now like coming contaminated or odds of him going out days taken of the beat down on various time. Especially out there. Now they that'll be in imitate that will be extremely impressive and still keep him at the top of the mile affair Rodgers goes to Seattle. And has a great -- c'mon I obviously don't know I'd say at best even if you don't have a great game day they are one of the places. That if you go in and you come away with a win -- yet it's impressive the exact same thing here -- you know if you come into the dome when you do win. -- how Brazilian if it's about winning that's the most important thing. Yeah that that that's why if you look. The Saints were able to do in the superdome and and how dominant. The only game I'd say in you know you gotta have some lug our calls of breaks go UA's in the 49ers game it's now. You know at a price who called -- win and our favor. But I've been in that. Boy you look at I don't care who's coming at the superdome you'll like our chances a lot especially the rob Bryan and his swagger and defense. And I think steal at a high level we are offensively. Yet to remember. We don't have to crush people you know you get cut fastball that fans and if you look like when the Dolphins with three no they come -- now we've put about Wilbon on them right -- Cardinals look the Cardinals like playing games the cars would even in the game against the Saints. The bottom -- today where the -- 38 to 21 they are 3817. RUN to one to seventeen a win to win. So I think we just got to. Not always be the best of the best -- that we -- it's it's a balance like you see what you have with Seattle total team effort. That that that's critical where'd they gonna come that a dome. The politics at times it became the superdome and we won the game because about defense -- I -- not that. I didn't see it is so many times on the team could stop us eight -- agent trying -- when you come to the superdome against the Saints I -- to keep -- drew reason that often this is. What's -- -- did you know. And welcome back there's always something new at the website at WW dot com holdings criminal court was evacuated. Police investigate. Suspected suspicious package was not a momma. Post seven -- -- president. Posted 20000 dollar bond and he was released from Paris prison we have that story. The 2014 saints' schedule is out some draft previews check out -- goes with its dual position players quarterback running backs and receivers. Antibody -- begins to break down at the offensive line looking at the center position all of that is up at WWL. Dot com well tonight Bobby we have some more games in the NBA we -- being used here. Golden State. Will be at home. And going back to last night. How impressive have the Portland trailblazers banned by being in their first two and then now when you look at the way things have -- Mean I don't know coming in the west and that was it may be in the more wide open that we are as they thought. San Antonio is fortunate to be doubtful to Dallas right on the coast is all top. Mean we talked to arm army are attempting yesterday's calamity kind of changes things up what coach call us change that the first two downs. But two games he's he's gotten better coaching. Well and he had said. A pity. You know the wind is -- well. -- I guess impressed he's been calling coach Popovich the coach centrum believe that was his call right and what -- I -- so vets they had telling them that -- just look what I did I do -- beat the coach of the century. -- you know the big he's probably one animals coach Carlisle are most underrated. Our coaches and probably. And having Mark Cuban realizes how value years and and and he is a difference maker that the Mavericks are very seldom gonna get out coach. The ignite you look LaMarcus Aldridge and I mean it is a 43. OK who's a better power far. If you look where he's at. Very few people in the history it is gain on -- -- beat he can shoot that well he's he's certainly an. He's he's certainly become one of them now -- got a yes continue to win and win the areas I -- series that is that the Rockets and trials of the yeah. Obviously all obviously. Indiana Atlanta Oklahoma City and Memphis and the club was a Golden State look at although the sports talk on WW.