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4-24 5:20pm Sports Talk: Atlanta Falcons

Apr 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Atlanta Journal Constitution Falcons Reporter D. Orlando Ledbetter about the Falcons upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk he is the Kasey -- embody a bad I'm Deke Bellavia operated jaguar Pena told the Saints have five prime time games three on the road into his home. Which will be the toughest cancer vote online at WWL. Dot com and you can print out your saints' schedule it debuted a bureau. Dot com as well and I don't the game. -- coming up. It is Jazz fans -- -- things -- we want to seeing you there. You hero all sorts of great music Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen Santana Robert Plant public enemy trombone Charlie Robin picks so many more. And you can win tickets. You can win tickets this the time it took tomorrow morning at 840 and down to do tomorrow afternoon at 1240. Right here on WW real. It would take a look at these schedules in the you know it's it's so far in advance and -- you know one thing we know about disparities in FC south. You just don't know there's always a team that kind of comes around it maybe didn't do good the year before it turns around doing good this year but. -- you look at the way of Falcons start off beat. -- on the dog the first game this season and they'll be another dog on the road at the schedule make it in duty immediate favorite hole in the wall there at Cincinnati. Our ballclub they did lose a game at home last year. Hoop and -- it -- -- big -- to an 02 start. Well again. That. It's a bird. In great years in. -- fan. They moved mark. You know start out which are viable in bush -- in that. Game -- down in making your round training camp -- You know them. -- there were -- -- Now day look NN what coach Smith in his comments. He said it once his team to make major improvements on the line of scrimmage at the saint -- Annie Annie is Rose reading a quote he said them for the most part the problems -- heard about lack of strength and size of both sides of the line. The offense ranked last in rushing. I'm Matt Ryan was sacked a career high 44 times that you -- defensively. And then can you get on the field on third down what they rank last in third down efficiency. -- in the -- against the run. And had a third fewest sacks in. He says -- because on the head coach I got to take the blame and when you look at those numbers guess his. You would think -- Falcons is by being at the bottom they have to improve or should. Well I mean you know that went out and you know god knew -- now ordered it to. Pot -- I actually helped anchor a little bit better against the Catherine and tree and it did that my attack them back there. Good tackler back there might help you that you know corners and they signed tight Jack. But yet they have area that we improved. Or level that it deep (%expletive) in a big thing about playing this. Our child wouldn't. Vote in -- and there. Told the character that only eight that were out of Germany. Injury and can work out yet so their -- major problem. Now. 5050 -- holes of 46. The 43 regular season advantage at all times series -- you look at the Saints. Have won twelve of sixteen meetings saints' Sean Payton and Drew Brees has been at the Helm. And then you look also at that ties and look at the series sweeps 58 years. Your -- period at the Saints have swept the Falcons the author blank that that he put -- looks at those numbers this he put it that maybe. Which green edges out coach a coach Smith and how much pressure's not as old coach Smith. This season to maybe turn if I was in a playoff team. The -- that there have been and matchup. Liked the idea there would be okay that are leading. When. Throughout the way it would be 2000. Let them that cured. And it looked like K leader who waited -- -- -- straight -- time and settlement could be today. -- mother and -- close game though where in the sheer stroke. But now. And to answer your track record at. We've been that. I'm here and that -- in in the of them that. You know. The union. Have line in this league have been able to. Win and they've done so why haven't continuity. In our top. It prepared me correctional -- is this year. It is you know it's not turn around at the -- who is years. This is just a blip on the radar. OK. But you know brilliant work in that thirteen or twelve Ian. Yeah I'd be too pressured the problem. Yeah 88 you don't believe. -- -- in a category one of the better quarterbacks in. I just they -- man has quarterback plays too good for them not to be -- another knock has been all mad that okay what does it done in the post season. But to have been a problem and a regular season that's what they get -- will be a lot better this year. Well I mean -- You know that. Record with. Them the power I think -- Cut open my feelings got it in my hair and diamond. Replacement aren't up -- -- You know -- you don't cut cut you know in the -- -- you know I would now. On that there is any. They admit it goes to replace him. Is that kind of caught up to him now like it's the player hurt you know you're correct. Well and you hit somebody in the open up oh were you in Jackson need to. Protection -- You know quite frankly admit that my arm. And you know change their about -- -- and opted out there. Now they Orlando would you look at I guess the weapons. How four pitches at that they can media have a guide naked. Contribute -- what we all know with Toni and Dallas did the tide in position but it. I asked -- right now -- remained a top receivers Julio Jones is Devlin and number but where do you put Roddy White. And as far as in his career right now being that weapon for Matt Ryan along with a tidy position. Are you look at match you were a couple got that slow order. You know -- round showed late in many okay. You know has some mop. Gets let the Yankees they're totally. The number two at this point in the game. So you know it's probably that he's got to be your -- -- very that that has not seen that -- in the they got. You know -- period Johnson Burma and it. An you know Matt Ryan -- there and there at the start you know epic comeback with. You know tour wide with Julio Roddy. Burnett there and Jerry does is that you know oh flat you know that could help make up for some of the for totally. Get him so well. DC to Oakland the Falcons eight DC and then a journal constitution do you go on to the I'm in INC tree Rollins and dominate against bush and all those guys take on the paces. I'm. -- that -- back yeah yeah. Hit the boards -- take. Bill. Yeah -- -- -- that if you failed to do is -- one of these next two but they do they might poses a seven game. Yeah -- -- Mean back in what he did it there Aaron the very. And then getting three. 100 -- can throw it weird here it's their game in Atlanta. That the big boat. The I'm on there being get. Out and that's where I would put up violent threats here and did rated. With look at it today -- probably let that stop with the book trade up to that chapter can try to -- He's DR Orlando Ledbetter -- thank you so much that time a daughter game the night. All right all right. All right takes you to take him out when we talk about what we talked to. That you realize that was that a thousand yard receiver in. You know that at that it presently Perez before yes but I mean I didn't realize -- -- thousand. WW and his time is 532 down the first things go to Jim Hansen.