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4-24 5:35pm Sports Talk: Tampa Buccaneers

Apr 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Roy Cummings, who covers the Buccaneers for the Tampa Tribune about the Buccaneers upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back we've taken a look at the Atlanta Falcons that would take it on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bears schedule. Roy Cummings -- now the Tampa Tribune to talk about. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can do it and Roy -- a ballclub that brings a lot of interest intrigue because. They get a guy that's got a lot of respect in a lot of success in head coach Lovie Smith Bears Samir -- the organization and when you look at the way. That Tampa Bay opens up on eighteen it's coming off of the season when they only want a handful of games a lesson that fourth. It gonna say well it's can be tough. But it is off. For Tampa Bay is messy new laws can point out to them you open W divisional chance. Carolina then a very good Saint Louis team that it brings in new defense to gang great Williams. In three straight road games at Atlanta at Pittsburgh at New Orleans. And they come home and he played Baltimore. So boy you go to you go to find out I don't know I don't see all found out early because. You go -- to those games -- and not be that bad of a ballclub that's a tough stripped. Yeah it is a stretch but I think the good news about it is the tenth day anyway is that. The first two were called yet there is so difficult opponent but. In order but he stopped you know sell its it's really not that different it's not unity week anywhere. Except maybe when you go to Cleveland but it's a tough stretch no matter what and I think the fact they have two games on the start it's an opportunity to get their feet wet. I think it's something in place. A lot you know develop -- routine. In terms of prepared for game things like that the they -- -- -- -- Before -- on the road and street -- soul and also get to the end old. One against Portland which you know it that it was well they can not. You know if -- can surprise some people in the league BP in the next era. You know give or take one or two and then maybe -- -- the chances that onion -- they -- -- like some the next hole I actually -- that the the schedule works out kind of -- that they've rules for the. And -- Roy you know just playing the percentages. Look at Tampa Bay against the Saints in that -- how the gains have been hard fought and -- time's going down two alarm. But you look at the Saints right now they've had a five game winning streak against Tampa Bay and and that's the saints' longest current winning feat against any opponent so to say at least they've had their number. But but have an -- at times has been Drew Brees and what he's done. To overtake and the babe it just by those percentages and now I think when Lovie Smith brings to the table. That would not be surprising if if I think saint it to have a -- with split. I could see that I think the ought to yeah you're right that they've had a hard time competing at Saints last couple years. The thing that I would you Wear -- -- you know Drew Brees -- That knack of finding those windows net Tampa two scheme you know back that -- would Morse was. Was run the team any before that obviously when they were playing in the Tampa two club. But Tuesday but he better league by -- those those windows -- scheme. That Drew Brees is -- You know you'd say they split -- right. But the same time that the potential also there were the only team still trying to figure out where that it. You know in the Buccaneers the -- could the -- -- -- -- that. Certainly not got that first for easily so well see what happens but. At all but that's one of the reasons is that that -- by an Oakland note that in the captain -- exporting them. Now Roy obviously looking at for the stability at quarterback you bring him account for the Bears you get an outstanding job for Chicago when Jay Cutler was down. What are the rumors -- speculation. All hours this rumored that. All of a sudden interest at Tampa Bay and John Damon Hill and the quarterback position what did you take them. That's purely rumors -- That your that the guys that doubted. Maybe it's or somewhere on the church solid. In his opinion that you can't believe anything anybody oh yeah inside or outside an organization. -- strapped at this time a year. Sport you do believe that you've got to you know look at it with some hesitancy in you know that there -- real strong possibility. That they're also in two minutes smokescreen in your life. That particular situation. I believe the Buccaneers at number seven if there's accord perspective they think you're absolutely. A guy -- Is it that they'll buy into long term our franchise a quarterback. I think it would take it. -- they -- they think. Joining -- -- -- I don't know on dated somebody else. Maybe they think they can do -- the another court correctly. That the thing that I have a problem is I don't see it that much of a bit. Because while joining until media shortly operative if -- culturally that we appeal shortly. And their animal in the lip of the Buccaneers. Quarterback is not top. And I understand yeah quarterback. Oh but they're going to be courier or more quarterback next year that are available that may even better in the -- -- this year. I just don't know if the player fits that need is the New York it's the greatest need at this point. I'm not saying that it can't happen but he Ebert you know it's possible that the Bucs could pick -- they'll -- Like gut tells me that -- need to greater though wide receiver open line. Tight end and the defense like this point that I don't know quarterback uses the position that they need to -- With the seventh overall selection side because if you that they need to fill and get a lot more out of the long term. Because we all know. Quarterback to go off we lie and usually too high in the draft and a usually call yet so -- because he people's jobs not such games. Roy how can folks -- you on Twitter. And I are coming to be able like Twitter handle and also. Keep -- that or final Leo or what we do link through on Twitter. That got at -- coming medial. Rod coming -- was the Buccaneers for the Tampa Tribune -- like always a pleasure thank you so much for the time.