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4-24 6:20pm Sports Talk: Carolina Panthers

Apr 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to the Voice of the Panthers Mick Mixson about the Panthers upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back he's the case -- came in -- BA -- I'm -- Deke Bellavia they are the defending NFC south champion. Carolina Panthers and the Carolina Panthers twelve and four years ago earning the number two seed. In the National Football League offers Ottawa command the ball as the Panthers make makes in and make. Over the course of time a lot of things have become exciting including the schedule release of the National Football League. Are your thoughts when you look at the Carolina Panthers schedule. I think it's fair it's good to be on which he got appreciate shop column in the misty -- herself and Bob did you say you. Makes me start thinking about football in your voices but still not that the schedule was pretty ballot the the Panthers opened at Tampa day. -- bring back memories of two years ago for their defense Carolina opened the Tampa Bay had a good out of Florida a week early because the Democratic National Convention was in Charlotte. And the Panthers -- this day coming Carolina was just chemically inert on that day for the -- will be eager to start off. This season a little bit better. I guess its fans are looking into it the same quick turnaround at their fans are October 26. To October 30 that will be a stretch for both ball clubs don't you think. Yeah yeah -- we we were taught we were talking. Make you know you can look at everybody's schedule you can kind of point out to -- -- among peaks and valleys in one thing -- two things stick out to the Saints have Bob and guys that. From the week before we play the Packers which is the nineteenth there's a stretch of quarterbacks at hand is. You know we look at that as franchise tag yet franchise type quarterback Aaron Rodgers -- Stanford Cam Newton twice Matt Ryan Jay Cutler. Joseph Flacco Andy Dalton Colin cap an -- in the end as -- as the straight stated. That Sunday. Two Thursday is always -- that Sunday night game against the Packers and you turnaround -- a show all week which could be discharged Sunday night. But as it was Monday -- Thursday but Sunday night to Thursday that's always difficult. -- Oden and is there any. Chance we can get Drew Brees to retire speaking of great quarterbacks -- personally contribute to his retirement party at Foley would be complicit. Now now -- off everywhere for a lot of us don't -- the sun sentinel and everything that he did not make. Speaking of quarterbacks and look at it. You know Carolina's quarterback that being canned you know what do you think as far as two part question. Held status you'd think he's greater role -- come training camp. Or is it more into pre season now Augustin. And I was reading a quote by Maurice said he plans to take more ownership. But the challenge to be this team's leader in -- being given to me on my plate and to be a leader. Me and go where it what is your take on him as far as the maturity -- worries that considering -- a lot of new faces QB throwing to. No -- body at a press conference canned there on Tuesday in the stadium looking equally and -- will also talked to the press corps. He Cam Newton has never been. I mean never been better than he was that day he looked to cheer. He looked older in the face now mean you can see it is his boyish looks are starting to -- in just a little. And -- sounds like a football player that was almost the opposite if he was reading off of a script. That was prepared for an about it that the front office and he wasn't of course but. He he he was funny he was self deprecating but he was very seriously talk about the leadership mantle. -- feel as though he he does where. Other question about his ankle. I think cam if he can -- all up and do it over again it would have been cut -- -- -- but I think he thought that he wasn't. That -- -- that the European -- he thought he could just played -- be used to play with pain in the ankle ever since is awkward date. And I think maybe he probably waited a little longer he's not going to be ready to fully go until competitors go to training camp in late July. Now Emeka boy you know when I break it down a look at it like I don't know the -- two and one the Panthers would want to -- them splitting. And you look that -- Albion the series Japan does lead the C east wanted to eighteenth so as being kind of a 5050 yard deal. But my outlook -- Carolina to be. Is the way they structured. That's letting you know they gonna have a great opportunity let's say the next. Last season or two or three seasons to come because that are front -- -- seven. You know that when you look at how their structured. And -- coach Rivera. I'm really adding Roman -- to the mix no probably. Be bullets at him again after Drew Brees I am in the box and nodding covered -- -- the -- -- exploit him but it -- say is like because even though. The uncertain at wide receiver and they gonna be offensively. -- examples at San Francisco what do you UN ten and nine. That dead they gonna have a chance just as their front seven is so good on defense to get that 1011 win season you were in Euro. Exactly that's the same thing have been trying to spread out the same gospel have been trying to spread appear on the little rubber chicken circuit the rotary clubs the stage for -- one club and such is that. Is don't panic just because Steve Smith has gone for further to be at Steve Smith someone else had to retire someone else that we get traded someone else said AJ out. I went door to open the NFL it's potatoes a door has just recently come close. The -- really probably don't need a true number one receiver. I think I mean it. You guys have had a front row seat and needed every that the against meet Kevin Anderson -- Colston and -- group that -- de -- receiver work that they benefit greatly. By combining their talent. Commingling their skills with a player award and every generation if -- if that player like Drew Brees. I think candidate the Panthers will be fine like he said not that great defense. And and just with having just been serviceable wide receiver they're patient they should be OK I think I think the Panthers. Feel as though back to back winning seasons could be in the offing for the first time in franchise history. Now make it and you -- opinion. Who do you think. Is the bottom dweller are and I'm like. You know between the Falcons and obviously Tampa Bay yeah I'd just like blood on the Lovie Smith and I think the stability is gonna bring there. That and I'm not sure about. The problems and all of hasn't been with some line that that's where I I question. Where there rat but what what is your take it -- in Atlanta when you look in the and is in -- season. The great collection -- -- our division is so. So bloody it's like that schoolyard where there's there's bullies. Everywhere not just one believe got to worry about every year there's a different. -- somebody else's is is one particular large money take your gym bag and beat you up from the old school. Hop -- -- -- blitz you all the Lovie Smith thing I think that he he combines in a very very effective way. Be -- equal players coach with the with the disciplinarian. Technique that the great leader all I think that the taught. She had been in Tampa Bay -- Greinke out and tried to two run will still be there. Only maybe even more effectively. Running now. I think it's interesting that that coach Smith -- -- came in note and said that Mike -- and it was not going to be. They're starting quarterback I think he'll be fascinated to see they're they're the only team and that's our division. That seems to be in -- state of flux at the triggerman positions like get out -- handicap them by the Atlanta in New Orleans and Carolina. -- that it didn't. It makes any as the voice of the Carolina Panthers on the best in the business make it is always a pleasure thank you so much for Utah. Our big -- using it in there and -- he got -- me more questions. A lot of opt out our McCallum always hug and they are -- -- -- game and man he's an all night long he's he's dissected it. It's gay duo from he's our -- MMM and five and who they might lose to him he's. Every angle makes -- IRO meg this is one of my favorite times of the year because them. I gonna have football you know a year around but when that schedule comes out like to speculate. And amusing about it round I'm not that work at the Vegas but I'm not too -- -- -- light meal. I don't know I don't know about alleged in my own mind gave me a that's about it make always a pleasure thank you so much. The joy you guys -- treasures account is when he can't you guys -- thank you very much.